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BARRY AND CADOXTON LOCAL BOARD. MEETING OF THE HEALTH COMMITTEE. The Barry and Cadoxton Local Board Health Committee met at the Local Board Offices, Vere- street, Cadoxton, on Friday evening last. There were present—Dr. O'Donnell (chairman), and Messrs. J. Barstow. W. Thomas (Sully). W. Thomas (Cadoxton). J. C. Pardoe (surveyor). J. A. Hughes (clerk), and A. E. Leyshon (inspector of nuisances). BIRTHS AND DEATHS. The Medical Officer reported that during the past month there had been in the district 66 births—viz., 36 males and 30 females, beincr a birth-rate of 588 per thousand per annum. Dur- ing the same period there were 18 deaths, being a death rate of 16 per thousand. Among the deaths the following had been causes :—Scarlet fevet, 1 diarrhoea, 1 whooping cough, 1. THE QUESTION OF ANALYSING FOOD. The Medical Officer suggested that the com- mittee should consider the question of the analysis of food in the district. The present method was far from satisfactory.—Mr. Barstow Will that include the analysis of the sweets sold in the shops f—The Medical Officer Yes, I think so.— Some of the sweets appear to contain red colour- ing something like paint, and only make children bad. — The Chairman What is the difficulty in regard to the present system I-The Medical Officer In the first place, the person who collects the sample must deliver it personally to the public analyst, who, in the case of this Board, resides at Swansea. It is very inconvenient to have to do this, and unless it is done frequently and regularly there is no benefit derived at al1.- The Clerk There is considerable doubt as to who is to take the samples. The County Council are undoubtedly one of the authorities in this district under the Food and Drugs Act, and the question is whether we can take samples as well. Mr. Morris, the clerk of the Penarth Local Board, says that at Penarth they don't take samples, but leave it to the county authorities and the police. I have taken some other advice, and it is to the effect that the Local Board should do it. The question is if we do so will the magistrates uphold us. and if they did not who was to stand the expenses ?—-The Chairman suggested that they should have a test case.—This was unanimously carried. A GRAVE CESSPOOL NUISANCE AT HOLTOX.— A LETTER FROM THE CORONER. The Medical Officer said he again desired to call the attention of the Committee to the cesspool nuisance near Gueret-street.— The Clerk read a letter from Mr. E. B. Reece, district coroner, in reference to the same question. Mr. E. B. Reece stated that he had just pre- sided at an inquest on the body of a little girl living at Gueret-staeet. and the medical evidence had shown that it was extremely probable that death had ensued from the great nuisance in the locality caused by the cesspool in question. He also said that the jury had spoken very strongly on the matter, and asked that steps should be taken to remedy the nuisance at once.—The Chair- man I think it ought to go forth that the Local Board are not to blame in this question. They have done their utmost on several occasions to get this cesspool removed. I ask the Surveyor" to explain the matter.—The Surveyor said that at the last meeting of the Public Works Committee he was instructed to interview some of the members of the Syndicate concerned. He saw Mr. Wood. Mr. Travis, and Mr. Forrest, and that morning he had received a letter giving the necessary consent. —Mr. Barstow said he had seen from the papers that the Board had been blamed in the matter. For the last twelve months the Local Bor.rd had been doing their utmost to induee the Syndicate to hand their sewer over in order to get the cesspool connected, but they had invariably repelled the overtures of the Board. He begged to move that the Chairman and the Clerk should write a letter to the public. clearing the Board, and showing where the onus of the fault lay.—Mr. W. Thomas (Cadox- ton) agreed with what had been said, but thought that if the reporters would take a note of the dis- cussion that would be sufficient.—The Clerk, in reply to members, said that if the Board had laid down a special sewer, it would have cost £500 at least, and would only have been useful for five or six months—until the neighbouring streets had been declared highways. The Board had applied to the Syndicate several months ago. and their answer was that at present they were not prepared to allow the Board to go there. They gave no reasons for thus refusing, and when the Board asked the Syndicate to name their terms, no terms were given.—Mr. W. Thomas (Cadoxton) Who was the correspondence with ?—The Clerk With Messrs. Pdehards and Gethin, who always acted until recently as their agents.—The Chairman The whole thing has arisen from the dog-in-the- manger policy of the Syndicate.—Mr. W. Thomas (Cadoxton) Don't say Syndicate say Messrs. Richards f.nd Gethin.—Mr. Barstow There have been several letters from Messrs. Richards and Gethin refusing to comply with our requests.— The Clerk When we found that they would not give us terms we tried to go on with our private improvements, but Thompson-street was not a street in the meaning of the Act, so we had to try to get the consent of Messrs. Richards and Gethin. But that has just been received.—The Chairman remarked that there was some corres- pondence in the press blaming the board for the condition of Thompson-street, when, in fact, the same parties were to blame.—Mr. W. Thomas (Cadoxton) The board have done everything they could, but had been obstructed.—The Chairman We have had more trouble from this syndicate than from all the other syndicates in the district put together.—The discussion then concluded. MISCELLANEOUS. The Chairman again called the attention of the surveyor to the disgraceful condition of Robin's- lane. It was stated that the Public Works Com- mittee were dealing with the question. Samples were ordered to be taken of the water in three wells near Merthyrdovan. A letter was read from the secretary of the Barry and Cadoxton Gas and Water Company stating that the gas mains would be laid down Weston Hill as soon as possible. The Inspector of Nuisances gave the results of his further house to house inspection in the dis- trict. There werp 55 nuisances, 4!) of which had been abated.—The Chairman said there was a lot of commen t about the keeping of fowls. The in- spector was not adverse to the keeping of fowls if they were properly kept, but if they were kept so as to cause a nuisance they could not be permitted. —The Medical Officer They ought to be kept in a run fastened up. but ducks are a nuisance any- where.—The Chairman and Mr. Barstow agreed. The Inspector said that during the month he had inspected twenty shops in the district where food was for sale, and had found them clean and correct. It was reported that the scavenging had been carried out fairly satissactory during the month. As a result of the inspection of 31 vessels at Barry Dock by the inspector of nuisances, two nuisanccs were discovered and abated. The Inspector of Nuisances said that the water was being laid at Palmerstown, and that fifteen houses had already been connected with the main supply. The Surveyor, in reply to a member, said he intended on his own responsibility to put in hand the drainage of Merthyr-street, the following Mon- day, in order to speedily remedy the existing nuisance. Only one tender was received for the supply of inspector's uniform, viz., from Mr. G. Brockington, Barry Dock. Several samples of cloth were sub- mitted, and that at £4 15s. the suit was agreed upon. It was decided that the system of extinguishing the public lamps should remain as at present, it being found impossible to register the quantity of gas consumed by extinguishing alternate lamps at night. The Surveyor reported that forty additional lamp pillars were lighted in the district the previous Saturday. A NUISANCE XEAR CADOXTON COMMON. A letter was read from Mr. R. Forrest, in reply to a communication of the Board, stating- that if there was a nuisance in the Main-sireet back lane at Cadoxton Common, surely the Board had the power to deal with it. However, he would ask the local bailiff to see what could be done.—Mr. W. Thomas (to Mr. Barstow) You are the constable of the Common: I think we should proceed against you.-—-The Chairman I think it is a very great pity that the Common is being cut up as it is by builders' carts, &c.—Mr. Barstow agreed.— The Chairman New tracks are being continually made, and they will extend down to the station directly.—The Clerk was instructed to write to Mr. Morris, the steward to the manor, in reference to the matter. This was the principal business. MEETING OF THE FINANCE COMMITTEE. The Finance Committee of the Barry and Cadox- ton Local Board met at the Local Board Offices. Cadoxton, on Monday afternoon. General Lee presided, and there were present—Messrs. J. J. Williams, J. A. Hughes (clerk). J. C. Pardoe (sur- veyor), and C. Howe (collector). The following bills were passed :—Samuel Greene, salary as in- spector of nuisances' clerk, £ 2; F. Griffiths, scavenging Barry district, £. 7 5s. Thomas Ruck- ley, stone hauling, kc., £, 10 Os. lOd.; E. O. Gurnsey, lamp burners, cradles, &c., £41 2s. Sd. W. Thomas, Cadoxton, repairs, 17s. 6d.; Thomas Spittle, Newport, lamp pillars, £16 18s.: Thomas Piiulett, stones and haulage, £25 18s. 7d.; Barry and Cadoxton Gas and Water Company, gas for street lamps, £118 14s. 3d. ditto, cleaning and repairing lamps, £17 9s. 5d. J. Phillips and Co., sundries. £2 19s. 6d. John Jackson, crushed stone. :C.37 Barry Dock and Railways Company,. carriage of stone, £12 7s.; W. Richards and Son,. erecting fire escape, £21 Thomas Evans. sundry work. £8 5s. lid and gates, railings, ,c., £4 5s. Thomas Spittle, Newport, lamp pillars, See., £31 4s.; Jenkin Brock, stones, haulage, kc., £4 3s.; J.John, ditto, £12 8" ThomaR Paulett,. ditto, j610 4s. 6d.; Lewis Evans, printing. ,C8 6s. 3d,; David Jones, stones and hauling. £10 Is. 71d,; Irilliam Lewis, King's interest tables, 7s. 6d.; C. Eyles, scavenging. £22 18s. J. Shaw and Sons, papers, 3s.1d.; Rees Jones, printing 14s. 6d. Elias Ray, rent, £4 ISs. H. L. Jones, registrar, death returns, £ 1 4s. 8d. South 1 Vulr.s Sttir. advertising. .-&6 18s.; Jittrry Doch JSrwx, ditto, £6 18s.; South Widen Star, printing, 12s. 6d. W. Townsend, advertisements. £1; Barry District Billposting Company, 5s. Knight and Co.. sundry stationery. £24 5s. 8d.; Sarah Jones, caretaker, £ 2 2s. Waterlow Bros. and Layton, paper, 5s London and Provincial Bank, cheque stamps, :C1 13s. 6d.; Clerk, petty cash, £25; Collector, petty cash, £2; Surveyor, wages for roadmen, &c.. £ 21—Messrs. Amos and Gray, late scavengers of the Board, wrote to the Board in reference to a claim from Mr. W. Jones for trespass and damage by breaking a gate and depositing night-soil. The claim amounted to £ 7 10s.. which they thought was exorlitant. Mr. Gray appeared before thc Board, and expressed his willingness to pay £ 1. Mr. Jones, who had notice to attend, did not do so. and the committee passed Messrs. Gray and Anion's bill. — The accounts of the various officials were examined and found correct.—The collector's accounts showed that there was a sum of £ 83? outstanding on the rate. This amount included vacancies, possible appeals, &0. Deductions for the latter would probably amount to £400 odd. consequently a similar amount only was really outstanding. Notices for the collection of private improvements in five streets amounting to about £3,000 had been handed to him out of that sum he had collected £950. On the current rate the sum of jC 1.080 had been collected during the past month.—It was decided that the collector should increase his security bond from ;(: 500 to ;I;: 700.-lt was decided to recommend the Board that the meetings of the committee should be held on Tues- days in future, and that the public works com- mittee should be asked to meet the day previous. —The Clerk said he had received notice of objec- tion to the payment of private improvements from Dr. Milward, Mr. Thomas Starkey, and Mr. Hatfield. — There was also an objection from Messrs. Richard-; and Gethin on behalf of Mr. T. R Thompson, but it was understood that this had now been settled.—The usual legal steps were ordered to be taken unless the amounts were paid. —This was the principal business. PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE MEETING. The Public Works Committee of the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board held a meeting at the Board Offices, Cadoxton, on Tuesday evening last. There were present—Councillor J. C. Meggitt (chairman), Dr. P. J. O'Donnell, and Messrs. J. Robinson, J. Barstow, W. Thomas (auctioneer). C. R. Walker (drainage engineer), and J. Arthur Hughes (clerk). —A letter was read from Mr. Travis, representing the Thompson-street syndicate, stating that the syndicate could only be responsible for the private improvements fronting land not built upon.— After a long discussion it was decided to receive the consent of the owners of the property which has been erectcd in the street.—Communications from Mr. R. Forrest in reference to the granting of the necessary land in various pirts of the district for the purposes of roads improvements were read. and were to the following effect:—Cole- brooke-road, cannot undertake to get consent; Petcrsville-rcad, consent given an behalf of Lord Romilly footpath for Harbour-road, cannot get consent site for public offices, cannot yet obtain consent. It was stated that Mr. D. (J, Price, of Penarth, one of the owners of land required for the Peterswell-road improvement, had promised to consider the matter.—The following reports were made in reference to the progress of various Local Board contracts throughout the district.—W. R. Parker, Barry road improvement, contract time expired on the 14th inst. work not completed, and, at the present rate, will not be for another six weeks; penalty 15s. per day A. Elliott, private improvements contract, 10 out of 22 streets finished, the remain- ing three will be completed in about a month penalty £4 per day G. Sutter, Barry Dock, drain- age contract; work will be finished this week. The Clerk was deputed to write to Mr. Parker, asking him to hurry on with the Barry-road con- tract.—It was reported that owing to the nuisance caused by the Gueret-street cesspool, the surveyor had on his own responsibility commissioned Mr. Rutter to proceed with the construction of the sewer at the schedule price, in order to do away with the nuisance.—The committee approved of the action of the surveyor.—After a long dis- cussion it was decided, on the motion, of Mr. J. Barstow. seconded by Mr. John Robinson, to re- commend the Board to proceed with the widening and improving of the roadway from near the Witchill Hotel, Cadoxton. up to near the cemetery, and from near Mr. Lowdon's house, Barry, to Beggar's Well-lnnf\—A letter was read from the secretary of the Barry Company refusing to give the necessary land between Holton-road and East- street, Barry.—It was stated that it was a public road at tne spot, consequently the company had no option in the matter.—It was reported that the tender of Mr. B. T. Pomeroy, Barry-road, Cadox- ton, was the lowest for the most suitable tree- guards, and it was decided to recommend the Board to purchase them from him.—On the re- commendation of the surveyor, it was decided to take over several thoroughfares and lanes at Barry. — A letter was read from Mr. John Robinson 1'1' fencing near his house at Barry, and asking that the Board should re-place as good a fencing as was in existence prior to the road diversion.—It was decided ts instruct the surveyor to report on the matter.—The following plans were submitted and passed :—Seven shops at Thompson-street, Barry Dock, for Mr. Syden- ham: printing works at Vere-strcet. Cadoxton, for Mr. L wis Lewis; 3 shops in Thompson- sfreet for Mr. H. Smith; 1 cottage in Harvey- street, Cadoxton, for Mr. Edward Hughes 3 shops in Barry Dock-road for Messrs. Jenkins and Arnold 26 houses at Vale-street, Barrv. for Messrs. Vambery and Sons 46 houses at Salisbury- road for Messrs. A. M'Dermott and others 1 house in Newland-street, Barry Dock, for Mr. Edward Phillips estate plan for three new streets at Barry for the Wenvoe Castle Estate an amended plan of streets in Cadoxton for Mr. E. O. Preston 19 houses in Preston-street for Mr. E. O. Preston. A plan for 20 houses in Edward-street, Cadoxton, was disapproved, because it did not con- form with the Board's bye-laws.—Mr. C. R. Walker made a report on the condition of the Cadoxton drainage scheme of Mr. W. R. Parker, the discus- sion being a private one.—With reference to the Barry Harbour scheme, Mr. Walker stated that it had been found impossible to comply with the requirements of the Barry Company's engineer, as there was more mud in the harbour than had been anticipated. It was the intention of the com- pany to have a very considerable bank, and it was feared it would displace the sewers. He was now considering an alternative route, and plans had been sent to the Barry Company's secretary. The following letter had been received :—" The sewer as proposed by you would be carried for some dis- tance along the slope of the proposed embank- ment, therefore the directors cannot agree to the scheme."—The Chairman That means that the plans which we have approved have not received the sanctfon of the directors, and therefore other plans will have to be prepared, and a fresh line of sewer selected, at increased expense.—Mr. Walker promised to get the plans ready by the next meet- ing of the committee.—An application was received from Mr. R. Pardoe, one of the surveyor's assistants, for an increase of salary, but the matter was deferred for ilv; present.—A recommendation of the Finance Committee to alter the day of meeting was considered, but it was decided to let things remain as at present until the end of the year.—Letters were read from Dr. Milward and the Rev. G. LI. Williams complaining that the Board had taken certain land for road improvements at Holton-road without per- mission. — The Surveyor was instructed to report on the matter.—The Surveyor was also in- structed to report on a complaint made by Mr. W. Adamson in reference to the condition of some street paving.—An application from Mrs. Prismich to bo allowed to keep a coffee-stall at the bridge near Cadoxton Station was granted subject to the Surveyor being satisfied that no obstruction was caused.—Mr. Meggitt and Mr. Barstow were deputed to visit the two fields near the Buttrills. offered for sale by Mr. David Jones for allotment purposes, and report to the committee.—Mr. Robinson reported that Mr. George Thomas and himself had gone over the Holton-road with M r, David Love, the contractor. They had made him an offer in settlement of all claims against the Board which Mr. Love said he was not prepared to accept, and he had asked them to further consider his claims. That was how the matter stood.—This was the chief business transacted.