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MR. A. A. WESTON, AUCTIONEER, VALUER, & ESTATE AGENT, AUCTION MART, MAIN-STREET, CADOXTON. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and TRADES- MEN'S STOCKS Soul at the above Rooms on Commission. Goods intended for Friday s Sale should be sent in not later than Wednesday each week. [472 MESS US. JOHN SAMUEL ó: CO., AUCTIONEERS, ESTATE -\GE\TS AND VALUERS. INSURANCE AGENTS AND MORTGAGE BROKERS. PEMBROKE CHAMBERS, HOLTON-ROAD. BARRY DOCK. [530 YEZ OYF.Z 'This is to <rive notice, that MR. WILLIAM MUNDAY. the original Cadoxton and District TOWN CRIER l;^ to give notice that he is open to DI^TrJBL IE all kinds of BILLS, and do the Town Crying on the Shortest Notice. Estimates forwarded No con- nection with any other. Note the address-29, Harvey-street, Cadoxton. God save the Queen." [506 LOST. OST Stolen ()1" Strayed, a Black and White lj SETTER PUP (bitchy about two months old. Information to i, Hunter-street, Cadoxton. [¡A3 WANTED. LI'ITTGEXTS WANTED, to form Clubs for wltir Clock,. Jewellery. Silver Plate Opeia Glasses. Musical Insts., Ac DEKT, week Terms, Catalogues, Ac. KENDAL 106. Cheapside, London. Gent's^ Siiver cess. Mention Paper. Ladies ["523 Levers 42s.. worth 70?. [523 "XXT VVTFD YOUNG GIRL, 16 years old, W for the Binding Department-Apply, Sta, Office, Vcre-street, Cadoxton. -m r \ppTFn COUPLE Require APARTMENTS krry -Moderate terms. -Apply, S., St«r Office, Cadoxton, L.m[*55 TTTivn^n in an Architect's Office, an Articled W PUPIL -Apply Bruton and Williams, Barry Dock Ch»SC»4,xt.m [p« 1 r- N'TED GENERAL SERVANT, aee 17 to W 20 country girl Referred—Apply, Mrs. Cutter, Vere-street, Cadoxton. s~\ VF rC R BOY, to run errands and make himself handwriting, XIV., Star Office, Cadoxton. Lf00__ Do Y011 wanT vour FINGER BILLS. HandbUjs jj and. Circulars conscientiously Dismbuted m town and eonntryP-Apply X. X. X., > < > Cadoxton. r?TTFRS W A.NTED at their homos, evenings IS mv-Sce the PEOPLE'S FIRESIDE AH' Newsagents and Smith's Stalls Id. 2d., from 59, Newman Street. London, W. TO LET. O >>e LET or SOLD, HILLSIDE VILLAS Portakerry-xoad, Barry, containing drawing and dining-rooms, kitchen, scullery, outhouses, five bed- rooms, bath-room, w.c.. hot and cold water through- out, large garden front and back. Price £450.-Apply Mr. Richards, senior, builder, Porthkerry-road, Barry. BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENTS inserted in the SOUTH WALES STAR, the most widely-read newspaper in South and Mid-Glamorgan, at compara- tively low terms, for periods ranging from three to twelve months. Q" LET. — COTTAGES in Arthur-street, Mount JL Plea-int. Cadoxton: painted and papered rhroughoul water laid on 7s. per week. J. A Hughes, Solicitor, Cadoxton. -TA-ROOMED VILLAS TO LET, at York-place, jU Birrv -Vpolv, Mr. E. Thomas. 85, Castleland- street, Barrv Dock," or Mr. R. L. Thomas, builder, Frankford Villa, on the spot. [p42 FOR SALE. TO BE SOLD. Cheat), a Plate-giass Front, air-tight Enclosure, with Fittings all complete, suitable i. Enclosure, with Fittings all complete, suitable for a watchmakcr, tobacconist, or a fancy business.— Apply 42, Commercial-street. Newport. [53 FVY -VND TRAP. Genuine. Dealers need not r apply-.—Address, Pattison, 7, Main-street, Cadox ton. 'U_ XTILLAb, TO BE LET or SOLD, 1. 2, and 3, V Park-crescent, Barry 3 rooms and bathroom, hot and cold water throughout. Lease 999 years- Apply, H. J. Money, Builder, Barry. [p50 PRINTING ORDERS of Every Description at JT the Office of this Paper. EDUCATIONAL. »-J-^ AY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS HEBBLE HOUSE, CADOXTON, BARRY. Principal MISS BARSTOW. BARRY PREPARATORY SCHOOL, ATHER- D STOXE, WINDSOR-ROAD. PRINCIPAL MISS BURBIDGE, R.A.M., -1 Assisted bv thoroughly efficient Governesses. Thorough English, French, Music, and other ° Accomplishments. Kindergarten Taught. "BOlftDIM AiTD DA.Y SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, •RECTORY-ROAD, CADOXTOX-BARRY. PRINCIPAL MISS SMALL. "Prospectus on application. A Coiss ior Little Boys. FRENCH, Spanish. Italian, Gorman, Private t' Tuition. Classes. Special Classes for Commercial ^Correspondence and Conversation. Candidates pre- pared for the Medical, Law, Civil Service, Excise am; 'Customs Examinations Scholarships through the post Arithmetic. Book-keeping,Shorthand. Mr. W Haines Public Translator, 25, Park-street, Cardiff. DRAWING AND PAINTI}TG IN OIL & WATEH COLOURS, PASTEL, &c. AB C \LEDFRYN"S CLASSES meet on SATlJR A DAYS, at the GRAIG SCHOOLS. PONTY PRIDD. at 10.30 a.m.. and at YN\S"WE> SCHOOLS. TREORKL at 3 p.m.—For terms, app)) to AB Caledi'ryn. Artist, Pontypndd; or, for Treorfc. Section, to Mr. E. R. Jones, Ynyswen House. MISS CALEDFRYN (late of the Royal Acadenn of'Mu«ic London), is prepared to take PUPILS for the PIANOFORTE, VIOLIN, and ORG \N —For terms, address to No. 1, Devon lllas, Ponty- pridd.. MUSIC MADE EASY.—Ir.fallible, easy, practical method to play piano, harmonium, wit.hou: knowledge of music; no knowledge of keys required Is.—Rev. WM. HUGHES, Oldbury, Birmingham. [473 QCHOOITADVKRTISEMENTS. — Principals of Private and other Schools will do well to adver- tise in the So»'h H'ah'* Star, which circulates very largely in the South. East, West, ar.d Rhondda Di- visions of Glamorganshire. Quotations for a series mav be had en application to the Manager at the Office, Vere-street, Cadoxton, Barry, or of the local representatives. E. W. SMALLDIUDGE, HAS A FEW VACANCIES FOR THE PIANOFORTE. Terms, apply 55, Castleland-street. Barry Dock FOR High-class Confectionery, Melton Mowbray Pies, Palethoipe's Sausages, Sweets, &c., GO TO PAGETT'S, 50, VERE STREET. (Next door to Mr. Hopkins'. Chemist.) CADOXTON. CLEANLINESS AND CIVILITY A SPECIALITY. Note the Address — 50, VERE-ST., CADOXTON. ALSOP, BROADMEAD, BRISTOL. c.c ==- c=-+- :3 ü t:S Of] .) g b B rh' ? h g" 8 c.> ;1 <12 0:> 0:> P. :zrT' Barry Agent: Mrs, G. Green, Beer Dealer. PALE WliU ALES. 1\ u P, I S T OL IX GALLON CASKS FROM 10D. PER GALLON. PORTER AND STOUT FROM Is. PER GALLON. CAEDIFF STORES: 9. WORKING-STREET. NEWPORT STORES: COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS. CHEPSTOW STORES: BEAUFORT-SQUARE Cacloxton Agents: South Wales Provision Stores. NOTICE. All communications for publication must be addressed. The Editor. THE SOUTH WALES STAR, Cadoxton. near Cardiff." and must reach the Editor not later than Thursday morning All communications must be written on one side of the paper only, and the full name and address of the writer must be enclosed, not necessarily for publication, but as a guarantee of good faith. All business communications must be sent to the Manager. Mr. H. MoitG-AX, Smith Walcx Star Offices, Vere-street, Cadoxton-Barry. The rate of Subscription to the SOUTH AT.ES STAR, posted to addresses within the United Kingdom, payable in advance, is as follows:— One Year 6s. Gil. Half-year 3s. 31 One Quarter Is. 8d.