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AOERSOFS WATERPROOF OLQTHING FOR THE WET SEASON. WATERPROOF COATS, WATERPROOF MANTLES, WATERPROOF LEGGINGS. INDIA RUBBER BOOTS AND OVERSHOES. ALSO OSLSKIN CLOTHING FOR ALL PURPOSED. Ple<ise Send for Catalog"vet-. Anderson, Anderson, and Anderson, T II E WATERPROOFERS, 8, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. [305 BOOTS AND SHOES. D. FARE, 1 & 2. MARKET BUILDINGS. BARRY. READY-MADE BOOTS. SHOES. AND SLIP- PERS ALWAYS KEPT IN STOCK. THE BEST QUALITY OF CHILDREN'S BOOTS AND NURSERIES IN THE DISTRICT. ALL KINDS OF HAND-SEWN BOOTS MADE TO ORDER ONLY BEST MATERIAL USED. THE ONLY SHOP WHERE REPAIRS ARE DONE WHILE YOU WAIT. A TRIAL SOLICITED. VICTORIA LINING K00MS, HOLTOX ROAD. BARRY DOCK. HOT DINNERS DAILY. Aooommodation for Visitors. W<dl-aired Beds. PROPRIETY—C. F, ROSSER. [1 L NAISII BROS., CABINET MAKERS, COMPLETE HOUSE FrTh- NISIT ERS. & BEDDING MANUFACTURERS. INSPECTION INVITED. QUEEN GT. ROCK HERB TO W N, T,,rms>—Cftsh. QARD1FP. TAYLOR & CO.. R.P.C. (Registered by the Worshipful Company of numbers. London), PRACTICAL PLUMBERS AND HOUSE DECORATORS, 113, HIGH-STREET, BARRY. er- ALL WORKS GUARANTEED. Estimates Given Free. A Trial Respectfully Solicited. Cheapest Place in Barry for Wall Papers. ALL KINDS OF GLASS CUT TO ORDER. N.B.—T. and CO. employ plumbers. [22 FOUND, Adjoining the Barry Dock Newat" OfSee, THE, CHEAPEST HOUSE FOR DRAPERY JL AND MILLINERY of every description. CADOXTON DRAPERY AND MILLINERY SUPPLY, MAIN STREET, CADOXTON. [40 J. S. DUPE, TOBACCONIST AND FANCY DEALER, i, ISLAND ROAD, & 121, HIGH STREET, BARRY. BRITISH AND FOREIGN OKJAIM. [42 EDG- AR FENNELL Fishmonger AND Fruiterer, 84, TAPE STREET, PONTYPRIDD, r TIJEGS to thank his numerous Customers for their kind Patronage in the past, and hopes by striot attention to business to lruerit their favours in the future. Lazenby's and all kinds of Tinnecl Eish. at the Lowest Prices. BEST QUALITY. ——— POTTED CPAM FRESH DAILY In tlb. cvad jib.'Pots. All Kinds of Frail in Season. PATRONISE THE TOWN YOU LIVE IN, AND DON'T FORGET THE ADDRESS '— EDGAE EMNELL 84, Taff-Street, PONTYPRIDD. MOVE OFTEX! MOVE OFTEN! j And before doing- so. please consult B s J. JONES, IN-to VANS OF ALL SIZES, To suit the Cottage as well as the PaLice. You can have your FupTnp i REMOVED To all parts of the Kingdom without any risk or trouble to the Owner. "From John O'Groat's to Lands End." j ESTIMATES FREE. tSJ?" A'rrfU- Init Ex'pcV u'Kfil _P(7r7iV/"x ,ltt 'Wt. Orders token art Messrs. JONES & Co., CORN MERCHANT. PENARTIL. And at The GOLDEN KEY GROCERY STORES. HOLTOX ROAD, BARRY DOGK. CHIEF OFFICE :— GOLDEX KEY, MAIX STREET, CADOXTON. -———— J. JONES, Proprietor of the NOTED TAFJI FURNITURE YAUS." j POXIES AXD TRAPS OX HIRE. HAULAGE DOXE. M. A. WILLL^ISI-CO., CADOXTON HOUSE, VERE STREET, i DRAPERS, MILLINERS, OUTFITTERS. &c. A LL goods at the lowest possible prioe in every /X Department. We make a Special Show in Men's READY MADE and to MEASURE. j We have over 500 patterns to select 'from all of the newest Goods and from the leading makers of the j World. TROUSERS to measure 7L to 21 TWEED SUITS 20'- to £ 5. We will send our representative to any part of f Glamorganshire OIl receipt of Post iC-ard. with a good assortment of Cloths. All Orders executed in Four days. M. A. WILLIAMS & Co.. P.S.—Welsh and English representatives— Customers, please state on Card. F154 DAVID JONKS & (1). Accountants, Auctioneers, House and Estate Agents, & Mortage Brokers. LANDED ESTATES. HOUSE AXD PROPERTY OF EVERY DESCRIPTION MANAGED Upon the most approved and Ne-.vos* System. AGENTS FOR THE MERTHYR AND DOWLAIS BUILDING SOCIETY. And the Leading FIRE. LIFE. ACCIDENTAL. PLATE-GLASS, & GUARANTEE OFFICES. 113, HIGH-STREET. BARRY. F. TAYLOR, -1. J ..1. STATIONER' AND NEWSAGENT. ORDERS TAKEN for LONDON AND PROVINCIAL NEWSPAPERS And All Magazines and Periodicals. IF YOU SUFFER MOM BILIOUSNESS, HEADACHES, INDIGESTION. OR LIVER COMPLAINT, TRY KERNICICS VEGETABLE PILLS. They are easy to swallow, being very small, re- quire no confinement indoors, strengthen the system, and have been tried by thousands, who pronounce them to be the BEST MEDICINE IN THE WORLD. KERNICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS strengthen the system, brace the nerves, and purify the blood, and are universally declared to be the best medicine ever discovered. They aro specially re- commended to females of all ages. Sold in 7.^d., Is. Id., and 2s. 9d. Boxes. Sold by Chemists. &c.. or direct of KERNICK and SON. Wholesale Druggists, 12, New-street. Cardiff. GRIFFITHS. Be G. LIVER PILLS. Why do yon suirc-r from Indigestion; Why (to yen suffer from Bile Why do you suffer from Depression r»f Spirit*- ? Why do you suffer from Pains bo*w&en the Shoulder Blades, IVind in the Stomach, Nasty Taste in your Mouth. in the Horning, Constipation, Bilious Headaches. Loss of Appetite, and Nervous Aft.ectiom,? The whole of the above symptoms are caawd by a slnggUh and torpid liver, and as a very large number of adults suff er to & more or less extent from a sluggish liver, it necomesw the public generally a matter of great, r-ee-essity that we should know of sBiie medicine which, by removing the cause, will also remove the effects produced by a .slow or torpid liver. It. would be necessary that such a .medicine would have the power of gently stimulating the liver, opening its clogged passages, and promotii^ the secretion of heaithy bile All those properties arelto be found in GRIFFITHS' B. G. LIVER PILLS, w £ dch are prepared frois purely vegetable ingredients. "They wili gently reg thf: bowels. stimulate the liver,.strengthen the stom.a.ch,and give tone and vigour to the digesnre organs. The followipg is one of tiimerous Test:mr-mais that the Proprietor hxs received as to their efficacy from Mr. W. Williams, Boot Manufacturer, Griffiths Town PontypooI Dear Sir,—Having suffered from the effect of sluggish liver for many years with pains between the shoulder blades, bile. drowsiness, and indigestion, and having tried several doctors and w.^nr different kinds of medicine without avail. I was ai lasc persuaded to take soine of your B. G. LlVKli PILLS, and am happy tc say that they have done me more good than any- thing I have yt taken. I have had great pleasure iu recommending tnemto several of rny friends who have suffered from the sa:ie complaints, and they have found them to be almost invaluable.—I beg v remain, dear sir, yours sincerely, W. WILLI Ail^ On account of their mild, aperient, and rd meg*, j eSectual action, they are found to make a woiideii'tlly successful Family Pill. J | PRETAiiED OXLY BY B. GRIFFITHS. CTIKMIST EBIEGFSD AND PONTYCYMMER, GlAM. i Is. lib and 2s. 9d. per Box. If wm- Cneniist has not got them the Propriety will send them. Post Free, above for priccs. [94 K 1 T T S Pt. A P I D cU P, E PACKAGES (with MIXTURE, PILLS. and LOTION) 4s. 6d. Cures in a few days all DISCHARGES, dther Constitutional or Acquired. Kidney Troubles. Pains in the Back. CONTAINS NO MERCERY. "Jf^ O S T yiGOUR RESTORED BY KITT'S VITAL RESTORATIVE THE GREAT REMEDY for MENTAL and PHYSICAL DEPRESSION. Invaluableto the Single and Married. 4*. 6d. j The above can be obtained, post free, from KITT 4C CO., MEDICAL HALL 39, BUTE ST., CARDIFF. THE BARRY TRADING COMPANY, LDIITED, TPSOX-S TUEET. BARRY IXjCK. IHousehold Fui-isituiv i and Iroiiiuoiiu'ery. 9 7 CHEAPEST AND LEST. | BEDSTEADS AND BEDS. TABLES AND s VA.rcjjs SOFAS AND CHAIRS. KETTLES AND £.y Hire Purchase. ——— CORN SEEDS AND HAY. OATS AND MIXED CORN FOR HORSES. POULTRY MIXTURE. GARDEN SEEDS. >S:E.. ,1'. ——— "51 BUILDING MATERIALS. COAL AND IP^jv. T. J. HADCblFFE, HOLTOX. XEAR VICTORIA HOTEL. Fruit & Vegetables, Prime Potatoes, Sold at lowest prices. All orders promply attended to. A large assortment of prime Cigars and Tobacco kept on hand. Confectionery of ail Hnds upplied. Flowers and Bird Seeds of every description. 3) T. J. R. will be glad to receive Shirvpinir Onvr<. E.~J. "ROBERTS^ PLLTMBER. GASFTTTER. SI<; Y-\YXITr:i HOUSE-DECORATOR, occ.. 81. HIGH STREET. BARRY. Established .í2SJ. Thousands of Pieces rf Paper from 2d. per Piece and upwards nlways in Stock. Largest; Establishment for PAPER HANGINGS and GAS FITTINGS in the District. E-timates e'iven. 51 TTPEARCE~ .1\ HAIRDRESSER, TOBACCONIST & NEWS- AGENT. 12. VERE STREET. CADOXTOX. HAIP.-BKr.-H:F, KY MACHINF.TIV. "35