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BRIDGEND POLICE COURT. SATCRMV.Before Mr. R. W. Llewellyn (chair- man). M&ssiv. C. P. Davis, R. K. Prichard, and Colonel T'ra!ikl<su. APPLICATION,—Mr. Edward Powell (Messrs. CuthberfeMMa and Powell). Xeatli, appeared, before the bench and stated that they would remember, about three weeks ago, confirming the ^appoint- ment of Mr..I. McCatan as assistant overseer of the parish of Margaret, v.which appointment Jvc then appeared to -support. Subsequently, howov-er. the clerk found informality in the minutes, inasmuch a-^ they icWi not state the amount of salary at srMieh :he was appointed. Be ^(Mr. Powell) took iio exception to the ruling of the clerk, but now he proposed to tender oral evidence to them that sufficient,.notice had been gixm of the amount of -salary, to be fixed, with items res- •pecting his ds*Lie3,\¥vft&h were adopted rn ,§t \i he vestry at wiliich the appointment was -roadie. The amount of ssrtlazy sva-e £ 100.—The lie v. X P Villiamson, viear of ijlargam. and the Powell (eura+,e) gave.evidence, and the Clerk stated that the railing of.,A barrister (Mr. Arthur Ltfcv-is) had been ,-obtained. and if they thought that in effect the sanount salary was approved, the £ ad a right to .confirm :lhe appointment—31- wa-s-,1 hen confirmed. Tt*r-SPASSIXG m; tDBE i&tUTVAY.—John White, sinker of the Heart <<af Oak,Mlywith. Maesteg, was charge 1 with trespassing op ithc Great Western Raihv^ on the also refusing to to <iui when wara-acl. Lejvi-s Lewis, another sinker,as also charg^v .with the former o'.t'enee. —Mr. for, junior. o|Pj<sared'for the prosecution. and Ktate- that the" p!aee--svas,-y«-r.j dangerous. and, about tv\ ve months killed there, George J^i jison, a por^i;,«>^id "rjie saw det'endanc. walking ,%cross the roafi raea-r T.u'vith. Maesteg.; Defendant^ ".vho was intoaii<mted.became abusive and used 0,),£;8ne language. Hi;,w; ultimately { persuaded a policeman tfcijjO- anic^ubsequently returned wit; another waait. who hurried out to the defepSE^nt. Lewis.—Wiiorte p,û\t' expressed sorrow for the.-offence.—-Th« iRfsiich dismissed the charge of tre>p<i-s^ing after »-a«isdng. inasmuch as :e man wail, t^jak when waA"JD0^a^3 itined both .Hj' fendants £1 erx2i, including jissAVLT.—Oiwcji: Goss. of Cranr^g-rcsft Poaty- •O^fjiuner, summoiKjp David Jenkia^ collior. Llall- huw-ifen. for nd William @.M.s brftiight a si«i4'-&r charge agi^st Daniel J^fikims. Lewis ¡ Jenkiv' and AVilImm yrotman. Mr.. T.. JVJIaghe* appt.>H-d for the prosecution, whilst ;R. .Scale (Scale .and Dtviti) .^r^nded. Theyj? were .also cross-^Vv^imonses broiftgfe by Trotniar. aod ;^awis Jenkins against William Goss.—FroJS the .evi- dence. it ;fijppeared that w- Uile on the way ho^iw the broths Goss were assaulted firstly ijjr Daniel Jenkins, subsequejiitly by the other defen- dants. Thf'?.ault comylaii«.?l of by the firM' de-: fendants w.t-fc .after the}* wettt to Goss's hou&e to fetch the eo, belonging to Lewis Jenkins, which .1 they had takeaway as evid«?nc3 of the assaiilj,— The eross-smtmiG.nses were di.niiisi.ed. and each of the other def £ jj.dfrints were fined exclusive of costs. ANOTHER YIOLBXT IXERTJIAITE.—William Griffiths, collier, of jPejiprisk,Pencoed, tvas charged ¡ with being drunk and refusing to quit the King's Ileul Inn. Tynewydd.^—Police-sergeant Roberts ;-aid the man was like a madman."and threatened him.A fine of £ 3 was iiiHicte l. defendant having been several times before tiw, Court previously. Is MAUKIA(.B A FAIU'KE .'—Eliza Jones. 6. BJaengarw-road. Blaengarvv..appeared before the ccjirt to apply for peace sureties against her hus- band—E van Joncp. She stated that defendant, who had been drinking on the corning of the 10th just., came home s.;ld wanted lwmey, Because she rofused lie threw a pl'tte at her, 411d subse- quently .he sfti(\ he was going to work siv Iiys to buy a revolver to shoot her.-Xaomi Davies. a neighbour, bore out the testimony of Mrs. Jones, and defendant was bound over to keep the peace towards his wife for six months in the sum of X 20 and two sureties of .€10 each, and also ordered to pay costs. A FAMILY QUARREL.—Samuel Bradman. stoker, Oldcastle, Bridgend, applied for peace sureties against his brother. John B-idman. Mr. T. J. Hughes appeared for the complainant, but the de- fendant, being too intox'iied, the case was ad- journed for a week.—M;wy Catherine Badman summoned her husband, Samuel Badman, the man mentioned above, for assaulting her on the pre- vious Saturday night, about 10 o'clock. Mr. T. J. Hughes appeared for the defence, and after hear- ing°the evidence of complainant and P.C. James, the ease was adjourned for a week, SECOND COURT.—Owing to the importance and number of the cases set down for hearing, a second court was held in the magistrates' room, at which a great number of drunkenness cases were disposed of.


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