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SHOOTING SEASON. SMOKELESS CARTRIDGES. 10s. per 100. GEEECH LOADING G L X S, From 70s. to £ 60. Our own make. FOOTBALL SEASON SEXD KOTC PJIICE LI^I- JERSEYS IN ALL COLOURS. rp pAOE AIV OoD AND Co., (Opposite the Castle) CARDIFF. Lewis' TextilefalYes (FOR AIR PUMPS). CHEAPEST AND MOST DURABLE IN THE MARKET. CURRIERS, LEATHER DRESSERS, AND MANUFACTURERS OF LEATHER AND COTTON BELTING, LEATHER HOSES. S:c.. PATENT PACKING. ASBESTOS, AND GENERAL ENGINE-ROOM STORED.. For further Particulars apply to the South Wales Rubber Co., 32, WEST BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF. [211 MONEY IMMEDIATELY LENT. J'ROM fl3 TO £ 5,000 AT LOWER INTEREST THAN OTHERS. TO Ladies aim Gentlemen,, Clergymen, Schoolmasters, Clerks, Officers. Gentlemen s Jkrvant-s, anl others in good situations, Banners, ^-I'deiiers. Carriers, Tradesmen, Cab Proprietors, ^topkeeptTS. Lodging-house Keepers. Private House- holders. and others, on their own security, without ^J'ldsroen. on Note of Hand alone; repayments ai- faijgcd to suit hoiio'.vers' own convenience all com- munications strictly private and confidential no genuine application refused, and honourable and straightforward actions guaranteed.—Intending bor- ders are invit-d, before applying elsewhere, to call 01 write to actual lender, MR. B. EDWARDS, 7, UNION-STREET, HEREFORD. Town or country: distance no object. Letteis im- mediately attended to. Established 1864. n w/~v/\ to be ADVANCED on MORTGAGE of (completed) Sho.)s in Cadoxton, 8a*ry Dock, and Barry.—Apply to Rogers it Rogers, ^icitors, 5, Vere-street, Cadoxton. [468 -f* A AAA divided into Sums of not less than ^OU UUU £ l,0Q0,to beadvaneed on Mortgage Applv, G. Alexander, Pejivbryn, Cardiff. MOONSEED BITTERS. ONLY CURE FOR CONSUMPTION. Marvellous Testimonials. Miraculous Cures. ONLY EFYæTUAl MEDICINE FOR Bronchitis, Hooping, qlld every otheT form of Cough; Paralysis, Epilepsy, Convulsions, Cramp, and Spasms; Oncers, and every other Skin and Blood Disuse; ASD IS TKE Safest and lost Certain %er and Indigestion Cure I on the Earth. At AGENTS:: r" W. R, HOFKINS. Pharmaceutical Chemist, Jjc ^igh-straet. Barrv, a,ud Vere-s i>*et. Cadoxtou- ,T- E. JOZIES, Christ. Hdltot-road, Barry Dock. Q I K 9d. and 4^ Gel per I-lotfle; or, ^st free, 3.«„ and 4s, Gd. from the Wholesale & R-etajJ Aa'tjnf-— I). AKffOTT, ^RMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, .(From Savory and Moore, Chemists to the Queen), S PONTYPRIDD. i i CLREAT BRYNHILL, MKRTH YRDO VAN. j LAND TO BE LET ,%ILDIN& PURPOSES. SDh to £ 7 an acre. in plots cf from 2 acres l tQ £ acaes. For conditio^* -ipp!y to W. DASHWOOD CAPLE, Architect and Surveyor, I 8, QUECU CARDIFF. Gadoxton Tlleatre, IDDESLEIMKEET. (Five Minutes' Walkjrom Cadoxton Station.) R < AI LLL,(ROR MR. JAMES ELPHINSTONE. 2S«lC £ « Mr,. C.J. WELCH. Monday, Nov. 23, 1891 WTTTTOTT FEAR OR FAVOUR ^ITHOLI V GREAT NOVELTY BIG srCCESS! SURE DRA i,Y A TREAT TO LOVERS OF MUSIC ASD-rux lft,a a 11 THE MUSICAL LAUNDRY, THE FUNNIEST AND MOST saVEL ACT IX THE WORLD. Introducing Music from everything connected with the Laundry, viz. :— Music from « Flat Irons. Music while IRONING Mu>io from Soap," Music from JIRO LI »», Music from -Washing Boards, MUSIC Lorn •< Clothes Pegs, Music from BROOMS, Music troin « Wash TUBS;' MUSIC from Soap Boxes, Music froii, Clothes," &c., &c., See. FRXXY THICKS GROTESQUE DAXCBS ..>KY.. Invented. Arranged, ana Performed by the Celebrated Continental Grotesques, tne FOUR WONDERFUL VENDOMES Britain and Ireland, German}. DENN.W.K, and France. Special Engagement of the Charming SISTERS IAYEAIB, The Eccentric Facial Comedian, from the Trivo:i and Trocadero. London, ME. W. H. DUDLEY The G-rand Comic Ballet, Tl}e Slioe laker ai\(l Baron. Starring Engagement for this eek only- 0 liss &aroe Maidstone, Serio-comic and Dancer. Messrs. Weston & Jefferson, Late of Livermore Brothers. Court Minstrels. Special Starring Engagement at a Great Cost, of England's Greatest Ventriloquist, MR. FRED KELMAR, The Greatest Ventriloquial Laughter-maker in the World. Acknowledged by the Press and Public to be one of the most complete masters of the Ventrilo- quial Art, See his Parlour Scene of Domestic Striie." See his Jolly Jokers.' Fun, Wit and Wisdom, no Vulgarity. Can onlv stav Six Niarhts. DON'T MISS "THIS TREAT. PRICES OF ADMISSIOX.—Stalls, 2s. (Half-price at 9) Chairs. Is. (Half-priceat it) Pit, M. (Half- price at S) Gallery, 4U. (-No Half-price). [4\11; -< TAYLEURE'S Great American Circus AND HIPPODROME NOW OPEN EVERY EVENING. MONDAY NEXT, NOVEMBER 23rd, Special Engagement, at a Great Cost, of the LION MONARCH AIDE 0 C LES, With his Wonderful Den of Performing LIONS. This Performance was th3 Rage of Paris last Winter Season, and was visited by over 1.000,000 People, and created the Greatest Possible Sensa- tion in the French Capital. GRAND PRODUCTION At an enormous expense of Captain ALF. DIEY'S Superb Scottish Historical Spectacle, entitled The Gathering of the Clans, In which 50 Cadoxton Children will appear. Also the Grand Double Company of 30 Star Artistes, which includes ZANLO and AUSTIN, Musical Celebrities, THB OLMAR TROUPE OF ACROBATS. ANO & INO, the Ariel Wonders. MR. R. YELDING, Mdlle. LOUISE, Ji&ckey Rider. The Fair Equestrienne. MR. JAMEL FURR, Character Rider. TEE BROTHERS WITCHELL. Ring Performers. GOLIATH. The SPRQ^GEST MAN ALIVE, assisted by SUSS EDITH MAY, t The i. raceful Lady Athlete. TFEF Immensely Funny CLOWNS. J FUXNY JINGO, .COMICAL SYDD, SIVA DO, HUB*T, TOBY. fcc. fcAY PERFORMANCE EVERY SATURDAY AT 2.30 DOORS OPEN AT 2 p.m. School Children Ts'^eiice each on Saturday Afternoon only. AVMISSIOX :—2s.. Id., M.. and 3d. NOVLICE.—Wednesday. 2(<ovember 25th. is set aside t.^r the Benefit of of t!h(<; Widows and Children of the "rhreo Men who were downed in the Barry Roads during the recent gstfe* Particulars see Window ?>ills. Hole Propf.V'tors and Director.J<Cr;EPH TAYLEURE Manager W, C. BUItKS ASK FOR THE gOUTH \y A LES CELEBRATED JAMS AND MARMALADES, j. — gOUTII "^TALES JAM AND MAR- MALADE COMPANY (LIMITED), CANTON, CARDIFF. Jotham & Sons, 26 & 27, ST. MART STREET, CARDIFF. JOTHAM & SOXS. Spring and Summer Clothing. JOTIIAM & S018. JOTHAM & SONS. The largest Stock JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. And best value ever JOTIIAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. Produced. JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. Separate Rooms on Ground Floor JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. For Juvenile Department. JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. Over 14,000, fourteen thousand square feet of JOTHAM & SONS. Show Rooms. -=- -c:c C :.=-= foolleij Herchants, flatters, Hosiers, and General Outfitters, 26 & 27, ST. MARY STREET, CARBTFF. Established 1838 (53 years.) I W. BUCKLEY AND CO., WHOLESALE & RETAIL CtEIERAL IROMOMERS, ADAUE AND COITY STREETS, BRIDGEND. RANGES. REGISTER GRATES, MARBLE AXD ENAMELLED MAXTLEPIECES, HURDLES, CONTINUOUS FEXCIXG, WIRE NETTING, &c. Sole Agent for Bridgend and District for Portway's Celebrated Tortoise Stoves for Heating Churches, Chapels, Schoolrooms, kc. Estimates Given for Supplying and Fitting Complete all kinds of Baths. Lavatories. Eiectric anci Pneumatic Bells also for Hot Water and General Smiths' Work. All Work Guaranteed. Competent Workmen for all Branches always on the Premises. CHAS. JENKINS & SOX, Timber, Deal, & Slate Merchants, %lim SAWING, PLANING, & MOULDING MILLS. A!»ert!iaw Blue Lias Works. E\a E. B 16 t BRIDGEND. All Kinds of Bricks, Drain Pipes, Paving, &c., in Stock. Estimates given for HOT BED FRAMES & GREENIIOUSES complete. "<- '=. ".(COOPER- SURREY CAR, NEW DESIGN. EASY, COMFORTABLE, AND STYLISH. FULLER BIRTILL AND COMPANY CARRIAGE BUILDERS, CARDIFF. TELEGRAMS—CARRIAGES, CARDIFF. Largest Stoek -Qf NEW AND SECOND-HAND CARRIAGES of every Description in the Principality. Estimates given for Repairs, free. Inspection Invited. Carriages taken in (Exchange, or Sold on Commission. Tin not in mortals to command success but we will do more, we will deserveit." LLOYD AND COMPANY, The Largest Distribute™ of MEN'S, YOUTHS', & BOYS' CLOTHING in the District, C'ESPECTFULLY INVITE AX INSPECTION OF THEIR IMMENSE STOCK OF FASHIONABLE CLOTHING, Made to Measure or Ready for Immediate Wear. Men's Suits. Complete, 12/6., 14/11. 16/9, 18,G, 19/11. 21/3. 25 27 6. 30' to 45; Men's Tweed and Caskmere 'Trousers. 3/11. 4111. 5'7 G. 8 6. to 15.11. Youths' Tweed Suit's, 7/6, 7/11. 8/3, 8,11. 10 o, 12/6, 14/8. 16/6, to 30, •Boys' Eton and Rugby Suite, 6 11. 7/11, 8/6, S3, 10/3, 11/3, 12/6, 13,11, to 19/5. $jf>ys' Sailor, Jersey, Brighton, and Norfolk Knicker Suits. 1/11, 2 6., 2/11. 3,3, 3 11, 4/6, 4in. 5/11, 6/9, 7/3, to 16,6 Men's, Youths", and Boys' Underclothing/of Every Description in Endless Variety, at Popular Prices. JJAT AND CAP DEPARTMENT. Include* Gentlemen's Flexible Felt Hats (Fashionable Shares), in Black. Brown. Drab, Slate, Tan, &c. at 1/6, 1/11, 2,3, 2,11. to 5,11. Men's and Boys' Fasey Tweeds, Cloth ajsd Velvet Cays, in Most Approved Shapes, 2 £ d., 4id., 6}(L, 81 d., to 3,13<1. 2 2 2 2 J £ ECHANICS' DEPARTMENT. Is Composed of "Tons of the Best and Most Reliable Makes in Cord and Mole Trousers. Cord and Mole Vests, .Duck, Drngaree, Drabette, Drill, audttgrge Jackets and Trousers, &c., &c. ONE TRIAL ? SUFFICIENT TO PROVE THE SUPERIORITY OF OUR CLOTHING; —- N NOTE THE ADDRESS— LLOYD & COMPANY, THE LEADING CLOTHIERS AND TAILORS, MAIN-STREET, CADOXTON. VICTORIA HOTEL, BARRY D OC K S, NEAR CARDIFF. GOOD ACCOMMODATION FOR CAPTAINS, kc. AS ORDINARY, 12.30 TO 1.33. Wines and Spirits of the Best Qur.litv. Cigars of the Choicest Brands.' GOOD STABLING. E. WILLIAMS, Proprietor. THE- WITCpLL HOTEL, I B.RHY-FOAD. II V J.E;L..I, CADOXTON. BILLIARDS. PRorniKToit ;—■ B. HODDINOTT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL WINE AND SPIRIT. ALE. AND PORTER MERCHANT. CONVEYANCES LET OX HIRE. ROYAL HOTEL, CORNER OF BARRY-ROAD AND MAIN-STREET, C ADOXTOX-JUXTA-B AR R Y. FA::UIL Y AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL. CENTRAL, AND PLEASANTLY SITUATED. GOOD STABLING. J. J. WILLIAMS, PROPRIETOR. WILLIAM THE FOURTH I HOTEL (The Old-Established House), CADOXTON-J U XTA-BARRY (Near the Railway Station). GOOD STABLING. Teas and llefreshmeiitx of all hinds on the Shortest Not lee. SPACIOUS ROOM FOR PARTIES. PROPRIETOR :—J M c G I L L. M.U.O. & R.A.O. OLD POST TNA BONVILSTONE. THE FAVOURITE POSTING HOUSE BETWEEN" BETWEEX CARDIFF AND COWDRIDGE. EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATION. DINNERS TEAS ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. WINES and CIGARS of the Choicest Brands. L. ROBERTS, Proprietor. GLOBE INN, LLANTWIT-M AJ OR, NOW UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. WINES AND SPIRITS OF THE BEiiT QUALITY. CIGARS OF THE CHOICEST BRAA D. THE NOTED LLANTWIT BEER. PICXTC PARTIES CATERED FOR ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. GOOD STABLING. T. SMITH, PROPRIETOR. JONES'S JOINING AND REFRESHMENT ROOMS, 99, IIIGH-STREET, BARRY. WELL-AIRED BEDS. HOT DINNERS DAILY FROM 2 to 12. BARRY DOCK REFRESHMENT ROOMS. (Open Day and Night.) I NEAR No. 12 TIP, BARRY DOCK. j CROFT SMITHY MOORS, I CADOXTON. MOST CONVENIENT AND LARGEST SHOEING FORGE IN THE DISTRICT. SUPERINTENDED BY A CERTIFICATED FARRIER. W. SAUNDERS, PROPRIETOR. Manufacturer of Brands Name, and Tnde Mark P-lnch 3'5, i'c. OVERCOATS 8 OVERCOATS! e a e t t t OVERCOATS Por lert. For Youths. Por Boys. ESOPJOU8 STOCK' OF NEW ^GOODSr "NEWEST STYLES. leu's Chesterfield Overcoats, Black and Colored, 15/11. u, (..J 0, u v, t; I U, u v: 0, .1.. I U j." v o. 18/6, 21/6, 25/6, 29/9, Qf;/r, !L<)/- Lt. 49/8. leu's Gaped Overcoats, with and without Sleeves, 29/9. Special. leu's Winter Covert Coats,, in all the newest Shades, 21/6, 25/6, 29/9, 35/8, 42/ 45. Boys' Caped Overcoats, 3/11,5/11, 7/11, 8/11,11,11, ,r¡'11 18 11. 15 11. 17/11. Boys' Kavy Reefers, special line,, L. J 11 Youths' Caped Overcoats, from 10/6. ¡ d"i' r¡ U. t ä i ¿"L Masters & Company, V ¿ U to' 29 and 30, St. Mary Street, ) 292. Bute Street, >CARDlJ: r. 1, St. John's Square (Corner of Queen St.),j W E N V 0 E A R M 8 II OTEL, OPPOSITE CADOXTOX RAILWAY STATION. CADOXTON, FAMILY lira COllEROIAL HOTEL. id EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATION FOR TRAVELLERS AND VISITORS, GOOD STABLING, ,yc. Proprietor TIE-NRY Chappell. BARRY ISLAND-The place to spend a happy day. BARRY ISLAND-Nature's own handiwork. THE MARINE HOTEL. PROPRIETOR W. DUNSCOMBE. BEAUTIFULLY SITUATED. AND THE PLACE FOR PICNICS. Sac. DELIGHTFUL LAND AND SEA VIEWS. EVERY CONVENIENCE. MODERATE CHARGES. BARRY ISLAND-Easy access by roacl and rail. BARRY ISLAND-The prettiest & most healtful resort THE SHIP HOTEL, B ARRY, FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL. FIVE MINUTES1 WALK FROM BARRY RAILWAY STATION. -i" -=- ? w HAVING BEEN ENTIRELY REBUILT IS NOW OPENED FOTl VISITORS. SPECIAL TERMS FOR PRIVATE APARTMENTS FOR CAPTAIMS AND FAMILIES A. M. I EICESTER, Proprietress. H. H. CARTER, Collar, Saddle, and Harness-makers, Hose and Mill Band Manufacturers, 71, MAIN-STREET. The Cheapest Harness Repairing iDepot in the District. ALL ORDERS NEATLY AND PROMPTLY EXF.CUTLu. I -r-J