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BARRY AND CADOXTOX LOCAL BOARD. MONTHLY MEETIXG OF THE MEMBERS. The ordinary monthly meeting of the Barry and Cadoxton Local Board was held at the Local Board Offices, Vere-atreet, Cadoxton, on Tuesday after- noon. There were present Councillor J. C. Meggitt (chairman), General Lee, and Messrs. P. J. O'Donnell, G. Thomas, E. Treharne, W. Thomas (Sully), W. Thomas (Cadox- ton), J. Barstow. B. Lewis. J. J. {Williams, J. A. Hughes (clerk), J. C. Pardoe (surveyor), Dr. G. Neale (medical officer of health), A. E. Leyshon (inspector of nuisances), and C. Howe (collector). REPORT OF THE FINANCE COMMITTEE. General Lee, in moving the adoption of the report of the Finance Committe, said that although their balance at the bankers was not a very large one. matters would be very satis- factory soon, when the remainder of the outstand- ing rates were collected. In order to do away with a difficulty in reference to the overdraft the com- mittee proposed that a salary of ;£ 100 should be given the treasurer.—Dr. E. Treharne seconded the adoption of the report, which was unanimously agreed to. HOLTON AND COURT ROADS. Mr. George Thomas, in moving the adoption of the report of the Public Work*' Committee, said that. in company with Mr. Robinson and Mr. Barstow, he had gone over the Holton and Conrt- roads, as requested, to report on what work remained to be done, and as to when the Board were to take it over. They begged to submit a re- port, which Mr. Robinson and himself were pre- pared to sign. showing, what work they thought should be done. Mr. Love had presented them with a claim for damages and extras amounting to £842. He considered the claims very heavy, and it remained for the Board to deal with them. The report of the sub-com- mittee recommended that no further money should be paid to Mr. Love until the surveyor presented his final report, and the whole question had been settled.—Mr. Barstow expressed his dissent at the recommendations of Mr. Thomas, and pointed out the very great difficulties, the contractor had had to contend.—Mr. W. Thomas (Cadoxton), and Mr. B. Lewis followed in the same strain, the latter remarking1 that the roads made by Mr. Love were undoubtedly the best in the district.—After a long discussion, the whole matter was referred to the sub-committee to again report on, including the question of Mr. Love's claims. GENERAL LEE RAISES A PROTEST. General Lee. drawing attention to an item in the Public Works Committee's report authorising the Clerk to apply for permission to borrow over £600 for the construction of a certain thoroughfare. said he thought that such matters as that should at least come before the Finance Committee, as the latter committee had the finding of the money for the payment for such work.—The Chairman re- marked that the Public Works Committee only asked for permission to borrow the sum mentioned. When it came to the actual borrowing, after the consent had been obtained, of course the Finance Committee would have the matter before them. HEALTH COMMITTEE'S REPORT. The Health Committee recommended, among other matters, that the tender of Mr. Thomas Ruckley at £22 should be accepted for the scavenging of Cadoxton.—A letter was read from Mr. Osborne stating that if the Board would accept his tender (£20) he would be able to tip the night soil at Pencoedtre, Mr. Jenkin Jones having" given him the necessary permission. —Mr. W. Thomas (Cadoxton) moved that the tender of Mr. Paulatt at £ 18 10s. should be accepted, that being the lowest tender.—Dr. O'Donnell moved that the report of the committee should be adopted.—Mr. Barstow, in seconding, said that ever since Mr. Ruckley had done the scavenging of the district there was no complaint, as he took" the night soil right, out of the district to his market gardens near Dinas Powis.—There was no seconder to Mr. Thomas's resolution, con- sequently the report of the committee was adopted. THE DEPTH OF DRAINS IN BARRY-ROAD. Mr. B. Lewis wanted to know who was re- sponsible for the depth of the drain in Barry-road. lIe had a buiiding in course of erection, and in his line of business it was necessary to have a cellar. Messrs Seward and Thomas, who prepared his plans, allowed for a cellar with seven feet six inches bedroom, which was not too much. He had had excavations dug to that depth, but now he found that he could not drain a cellar of any greater depth than 5ft. Gin. It was a very great source of trouble, expense, and annoyance to him} and would probably be a source of annoyance to him as Ions? as he lived. Where the blame lay he did not know. They had a splendid drainage engineer, an excellent surveyor, and a clerk of works, and there they were now with a drain which was a disgrace to the district. (Hear, hear.)—Mr. W. Thomas said he took it that they should serve everyone alike. About a month or two ago there was a resolution passed in reference to the draining of some cellars of Mr. ttughes, at Barry Dock. that the drain should not be lowered, and no objection was made to that then on the part of members. He did not see why the Board should go to the expense of £200 or £300 in Barrv-road for the sake of one cellar. Mr. Lewis (excitedly) I don't ask for a penny. I am only showing how we stand before the public, and how members and non-members are put to annoyance. THE FLUSHING OF WATER CLOSETS. Dr. O'Donnall, in accordance with notice of motion, moved that the bye-law relating to water closets, and which laid it down that there should be a proper flushing system, should be enforced.— Mr. Barstow seconded.—Mr. G. Thomas said in Cardiff that wall not enforced in the case of cot- tages. Mr. W. Thomas proposed, as an amendment, that the bye-law should not be enforced. He thought it was a pity that people should be put to such expense for cottages.—Mr. J. J. Williams Seconded.—General Lee said the question was entirely a sanitary one. If. as a sanitary measure, it was good, he thought they, as a Board, should carry it out.—The Medical Officer, in reply to General Lee. said that water closets certainly ought to be flushed.—Dr. O'Donnell, in replying on the discussion, said the Board, as a sanitary authority, should not consider the question of expense at all, but should take into consideration the health of the community first, before the question of cost to individuals. — The voting then took place as follows :—For the resolution—Messrs. Meggitt, O'Donnell, W. Thomas (Sully"), Treharne, Lee, and Barstow (6) aerainst—Messrs. W. Thomas (Cadoxton). J. J. Williams. B. Lewis, and G. Thomas (4). Dr. O'Donnell's resolution was therefore carried. MISCELLANEOUS. An offer from Mr. David Jones for a piece of land on the Holton-road (frontage 140 feot) was referred to the Sites Committee for consideration. The Clerk said, in reference to the leasing of five acres of land in Barry-road, the matter was being carried through, In reference to the proposed cottage hospital, it Was reported that the chairman and General Lee had not vet been able to see Mr. R. Forrest and Mr. R. Evans (representing the Barry Company), as arranged, but the conference would take place shortly. A letter was read from the Barry Trades Council thanking the Board for the resolutions he had recently passed, and asking the Board to make public in future contracts when advertising for tenders, the concessions they had arrived at. —This was agreed to. The Clerk read a letter from the Local Govern. ment Board giving their consent to certain bye- laws. A number of explosive licences wpre granted. An application from Mr. C. Howe, the collector, for permission to transfer his guarantee (£500) from the Sickness and Accident Insurance Guaran. tee Society to the Local Board Guarantee Associa- tion was agreed to.—On the motion of Mr. G. Thomas, it was decided to refer to the Finance Committee the question of the amonnt of the collector's guarantee. Several contractors' bills were passed, including the followino- :—Jenkin Brock, £230; G. Rutter. £400: and W. R. Parker, £150.. A letter was read from Mr. C. Walker in refer- ence to the drainage, stating that he was not pre- pared at present to consent to the payment of £500 of the retention money to Mr. Parker on account of his contract. The next business being to consider the report of the Free Libraries Committee in reference to Technical Instruction, the Clerk asked that this might stand over in order that he might report on the levying of a penny rate as suggested. Dr. O'Donnell called the Board's attention to the condition of Robin's-lane, especially as a result of the recent floods. The lane was well nigh impass- able, and was in a shocking state. He moved that the surveyor should report OD the matter.—Mr. G. Thomas seconded, and it was agreed to. In reference to the proposed acquiring of Cadox- ton Common, the Clerk said he had written to Mr. Forrest and Mr. Morris, and the latter was about laying the matter before the Lady of the Manor. With regard to the Government inquiry the following day several members promised to attend, Opposition being expected. At the request of Air. B. Lewu, the surveyor promised to report on the condition of the road to Cadoxton Moors. THE PROPOSED PUBLIC PARK FOR HOLTON. General Lee gave notice to move at the next meeting that the Board should make application under the Public Health Act for a loan to pur- chase land from the Wenvoe Castle Estate trustees near the Holton Board Schools, for the purposes of a public recreation ground for Barry Dock.-This was all the business.




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