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BOOTS FOR THE MILLION SHOES FOR ALL CLASSES i SLIPPERS; TO SUIT ALL W. H. HOCKING Be £ 3 to inform the Public generally that he has received his New Stock of Autumn & Winter Goods Which are Reliably Good, and will be Quoted at LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. REPAIRS.'NEATLY AND? CHEAPLY EXECUTED WITH PROMPT 'DESPATCH. NOTE AinraFes W. H. HOCKING, 3, CAROLINE-STREET, near Post Offlcc, 6J BRIDGEND. DMMYEff-PLACE REPRESHIEIT ROOMS, (Nea.r the New Bridge, BRIDGEND.) HOT JJIXNEES JJAILY. WELL-AIRED BEDS. HENRY BALL. [A CARD.] ALLAN J WATERS ARCHITECT & SURVEYOR. 136, NOLTON-STREET, BRIDGEND. Late ?.u Assistant-Surveyor of the v. Barry and Cadoxton Local Board. THE JpARMERS' SUPPLY STORES. THE SEASON'S GOODS. HAY PIKES (PARKE'S WARRANTED), ALL SIZES. HAY RAKES (NATURAL FORK). SHEEP SHEARS, BARLEY FORKS, SPARS (LONG AND SHORT). GALVANISED CORRUGATED SHEETS FOR ROOFING. vCHURNS, CHEESE PRESSES, AND VATS. MILK-PANS, MILKING BUCKETS, AND ALL DAIRY UTENSILS KEPT IN STOCK. CRAGOE AND BROWN, BRIDGEND. ¡ TEA. I s I I I II sBcTaaOylls UHed GEItHnY hCde T eiyascaB. looy EmnCtS, ehhT s aibnt fuarTt T, oEmEA amA ny Sd cHoaMmE n eOs TETsHVf'raEEonmR R d J. W. ROBERTS, I TEA MERCHANT, BRIDGEND. II EAGLE IMPLEMENT, SEED, AXD MANURE STORES. QOWBRIDGE. EJOHN begs to inform FARMERS AND OTHERS that he has a large lot of HOME- GROWN CLOVERS from the neighbourhocd of libawama and Penmark, imported ITALIAN RYE GRASS, splendid ALSYKE WHITE DUTCH TREFOIL, all of srood samples. Home-grown old sort SANFOIN. Growers' names given. Agent for Adam's Celebrated Manures. A LARGE STOCK OF SEASON S IMPLEMENTS. Ay Inspection INVITED. J. & C. SANIEY, JpAMILY QROCERS, JgRIDGEND. TEA IN TINS AT WHOLESALE PRICES. IMbs. of 1/4 Tea at 1/3 per lb. — 12/6 51b tin — 6/3 lOJbs. of 1/8 Tea at 1/6 per lb. — 15/- 5lb tin — 7/6 10lba 01. 2/- Tea at 1/10 per lb. — 18/4 Sib tin — 9/2 lOttra. of 2/4 Tea at 2/2 per lb. — 21/3 51b tin —10/10 lOIbs. of 2/8 Tea at 2/6 per lb. — 25/- 51b tin — 12/6 IMbe of 3/- Tea at 2/9 per lb. — 27/6 51b tin — 13/9 IOlba best 3/4 Tea at 3/- per lb. — 30/- 51b tin — 15/- CEYLON, 1/10 & 2/- PER LB. Carriage Paid for Cash. "JONES rpHOMAS & Co., UNDERTAKERS & COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS. EVERY REQUISITE FOR FUNERALS OF ALL CLASSES. The only Proprietors of Hearses, Sliellibiers, Ac. in the district. (HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK. 1 ¡ VERE-STREET, CADOXTON. BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, & DEATHS BIRTH. CRABB.—On^be ?Crd in-t. at No. 2. Sita^on-ierraca, Cador^on, Ise wile of Mr. J. C.abb, oeal merchant, of a son. MARRIAGES. HOWELLS—WALLIXGTON.—On the IStfh inst, at Coity Parish dhr":ch, Bild^end, Alfred Howells, ironmonger's r-cist. nt, B 'dgend, to If" A J.xla. Wallington, yowngest d: ughter, of Mr. LI. Welling- ton, Bridgend. .10HN-DA VIFS.-On the 24th inst.. at Gilead Inde- pendent Chape", Coity, by the Rev. W. Gilbert Kvans, paste, DaTid John, Hcol Spencer, Coity, to Miss Ann Davies, «i the came place.. PHILLIPS-LLEWELLYX. At Llanwonno Parish Chttreh, by the Vi*?,r. t\e Rev. Llewellyü Lloyd Davies, M.A.. assisted by the Rev. John Jame1, Ynysybwl, Thomas Ri"fcr."d PHlKps, architect. Pontymidd, to Annie, youngest daughter of David Llewellyn, of Darwonno, No cards. DEATH. JOKES.—On the 27th inst., at 21, Richard-street, Barry Dock, John Jones, labourer, aged 54 yea s. F. J. JJOOPER II: SON, CERTIFIED UNDERTAKERS AND COM PLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS. The Best and Cheapest in the District for all C'asses of Funeral Cars, Hearses, Shellibiera, Mourning Coaches, at Mayne, Hooper & Co., High-street, Barry; and at 30, Windsor-road, Ponarth. WHY DO YOU SUFFER? WHY DO YOU SUFFER? GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Containing something neeiletl by MEX who suffer from CoMs. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. Conta;"r.<5 sorcf^h'ug reeded by MEf who yofler from HEA.R. BLTX. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Contains something needed by WOJIEX who suffer from L.\SCOC"H. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. Contairs something needed by WoilEX who suffer f;om FLATULEXCK. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS- Contaim something' needed by CHILDREN who are NKUVOC.S or FRETFUL. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. Contains something needed by ClI [LDREX who suffer from WEAIC> £ .s. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Contains something needed by MEX who suffer from X Kr.VOUSN'KSS. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. Contains something needed by MEX who suffer from LIVER DISOKDERS. G-WILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Contains something needeil by WoilEX who suffer from CaE.T AFFECTIONS. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. CoutaiiH "omething needeil by WoMEX who suffer from iBRiTABifiiTY op TEMPER. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Contains something needed by CniLDREX who suffer from NEURALGIA. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. Contains something needed by ClIILDREX who are EXCITABLF. DO YOn SEED IT? DO YOU NEED IT? Read the following wonderful testimony of Pitiable Sufferings Relieved :— Hops Hall, Bethesda, Carnarvon shire. jS Sir,—I feel that I am under great personal &S obligations to you as the discoverer of the new wor.'d-renowned QUIXIXE BrTTERS. To it I ewe restoration of bodilv hcalth and strength GWILYM when all other reiredies and doctors had failed to give me any lasting benefit. Few t men have suffered more than I have done EVANS and ccrtainlv there can be but fe.v cases.whicl could be considered more hopeless than mine before I tried your invaluable remedy. I was y b JriN XJNil< compelled to be very careful as to what food I partook of. as nearly everything I ate gave PTTTFT? me ?rcafc P"in- My stomach was distended XiXvo y,*[ui i, which again pressed upon the other great organs of the .jixly, such as the FOR lnngs, Jiver. awl heart, upon the fjlllling, of whose functions proper bodily health, comfort, awl strength necessarily depend. INDIGES- SO great was this distension at times that I I often feared my heart would stop it3 bmtingo for eYer. I felt weak. dis- TION. spirited, and nervous. I feared to sneak a wonl in public, and I felt I might at any moment fall dead. Sly breathing was difficult, rapid, and weak. while sometimes my heart bmt SG loudly that people who sat in t'.ie same room with me could plainly hear it. § My life was a burden to me and a trouble and > anxiety to otliers. In this unhappy condition I was persuaded to try yourQriNIXE BITTERS, GWILYM though from my experience of other remedies which I hail tried in vain I hall verv little faith in this remedy. I tried a 2s. 9d.'bottle. EVANS' Before I had finished taking this I felt such a decided change for the better that I deter- _TT mined upon trying a larger bottle—4s. Ed. (j Li J. W IiN hi The benefit I received was so evident that I readily obtained another 4s. 6d. bottle, ..ii,h PTTTFT?? the most happy consequences. Now I fu.i Jpl -L 1 riXto strong and healthy—perfectly healthj—and have been sn frem that time until now— FOR stronger in r.:i*i? and body than I had been for years previously, and all that at a coii of only 11s. 9d. Since then I have recommended INIHG ES- it to dozens of others, and I have never yet seen anyone give it a fair trial without being _T benefitted by it and perfectly satisfied with it. HON. E. W. JOXES GWILnI EVANS' BITTERS. CAUTION. Above all, see that you get the right article, with the name "GwiLYX EVAXS" on Stamp Label, and Bottle, without which none ig genuine. Refuse all imitatiolB antl insist upon having NOTHING BUT GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Prices 2s. 3d Double Size, 4s. 6<1.; cases containing three 48. 6d. bottles at 12s. per easc. Sola by all Chemists. Agents in all parts of. the World. Equally suited for all climates. PROPRIETORS :— QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY (LIMITED), LLANEILLY, SOUTH WALES. THE GLOBE FURNISHING CO., 19 £ JUST0Y JJOUSE STREET, ARDIFF, THE MOST SUCCESSFUL FURNISHING HOUSE, THEIR GOODS RECEIVE UNIVERSAL APPROVAL. (THEY SELL AT EXTRAORDINARY LOW PRICES. If you are buying Furniture of any description, it will pay you to go to the Globe," as they make it their special aim to see that the goods they manufac- ture are soundly constructed and properly finished. JIf you purpose purchasing upon our System of EASY PAYMENTS, We guarantee that our Prices;, will be from 20 to 30 per cent. below those of ary Hire F Ornish" ng Housp. WE DO NOT CHARGE AXY FAXCY PRICES. If you wish to pay CASH, We allow you Special Large Discounts. The splendid success and continued increase in our business is a proof of the satisfaction we give. We have just completed considerable extensions and alterations to our premises, and we can now guarantee orders to be executed with promptitude Our terms for easy payments are the lowest m the trade. ALD GOODS DELIVERED FREE. THE GLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY, • CUSTOM JIJOUSE gTREET, QARFIFF.









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