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GREAT REDUCTION. PURE BUTTERS CHEAPER THAN KYKH. I jptN'EST IRISH NEW GRASS UTTERS, PER 1 S. LB. T II E FIN EST Q Jj A L J T I E S AT TOWEST J) R I C ;& S Choicest Danish Buttes, PER IS. 1 D I. LB. — WE ARE THE LARGEST SSILLERS OF DANIS-If BUTTER IN, WALES. "K0TE {— OUR ONLY ADDRESS IS AS B].¡J:¡O\V ¡ David Jones & Co. (LIMITED), WHSTIIISM STORES 1 WHARTON-STREET, I CARDIFF. FURNISH ON OUR NEW HIRE SYSTEM. HOUSES OR APARTMENTS Completely Furnished on a New System A DOPTaD solely by f• -whereby all publicity, u exposure, and enqvstrit s usually made by other companies are dispense yith. WE HAVE IMMENSE STlJCK or HOUSEHOLD i FUKMTURE OF CHEAP ASTO SUPERIOR QUALITY. AH Goods sold on th*' Hire System'-at FfgA D Y IVf O N E t PRICES. 1 i WE MAKE NO EXTRA CIIA4?>E FOR CRt f)IT. ASIJ\ ALT; GOODS SEN? HOME IN A PIUVAÚ: TAN BSLEE OF CHARGE. t j No Stamp' 'or Agreement Charges i&ade no BiJ*'? of Sale everything private. Arra ^ements con?- J"" pleted without:delay, and being M.-aafacturers, WE GUARANTEE QUALITY, j And will undertake to supply Furniture, etc., At 10 per cent less than any price list issueff. by any firm in Cardiff. ELEYE5 SHOW ROOJfS. Call and inspect ^:r IMMENSE STOCK, and com- pare Prices before-purchasing elsewhere. we' E>rr?LY £6 WORTH-'FOR 28-. 0D. WEEKLY. £ 10 SVOatrH' ^.S" WEEKLY, OI W015TH F05?. WEEKLY. rt I <'> r> WOISTH FOil ^>S. WEELKY. And so on in prop«tros; Special terms for larger ? rnantities. > Xo objectiinabi-e agreements used. PLEASE XGSTE THE ADDRESS Soutb fate Furnishing Co.J 31, CASTLE STREET ;j (Oi paste the Ci'.stle), CARDIFF. I j CONVERSATION 0YEI(PARD OH the Harry between Mrs. ———— ami'Mr*. ———— MRS. S. Why go TO Cardiff for your Boots and Shoes when you get supplied better at Bishop's Noted Bftotr Shop, Holton-road, Barry Dock, and save about 25 per cent. on the cost ? Besides, you can always get them repaired pro- perly and promptly at a reasonable price. G. B. being a practical man, all work entrusted to his care will be done, OEj tile premises under his per- sonal supervision.. MRS. J. Does-lie- make Hand-sewn Boots to measure: MRS. S.: Yes r AND makes them cheaper and better than anyoa.e else in the district, once you give him a trial, and. you will never regret it. MRP. J. Does he keep much of a stock of Boots, Shoes, Slippers, &c., to select from 1 MRS. S. Yes. between two and three thousand pairs. Seafaring- men especially catered for. Terms strictly- Cash. No pystem of credit re- cognised. Small profits and quick returns is hie motto. Don't forge ts*the Address :— GR B 1 S H 0 P' PRACTICAL BOOTMAKER AND REPAIRER, HOEiTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK. [65 ESTABLISHED 1 840. SHOOTING SEASON. G-OTS GUNS GUNS ALL KINDS. ALL PRICES, LOUIS BARNETT & SON, PAWNBROKERS AND OUTFITTERS, MAIN-STREET, BARRY DOCK TOWN AMO AT 6 AXD 7. CAROLINE-STREET, 19, AND 49. BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF, Have always a Large Stock- at i MEN'S AND WOMEN'S CLOTHING, NEW AND SECOND HAND WATCHES, JSWELLERY, GUNS, BOOTS, BLANKETS,. SHEETS, QUILTS, &c:. At the Lowest Possible- Prices. SEAMEN'S ADVANCE NOTES CASITETX Most Money lent on all descriptions of Yalnable Property, at 4d. per £ per month WATERLOO HOUSE, j HIGH STREET, BARRY. STATIONERY OP EVERY DESCRIPTION. WELSH AND OTHER BOOKS IN STOCK. DRAPERY & FANCY GOODS WOOLS AND YARNS. TRY THE WATERLOO YARN. lA CARD.] ♦ MR. J. CLARK FAIRBAIRN, ARTIST, 65, VERB STREET. CADOXTON, THE BARRY TEADIJfG- COMPANY, LIMITED, TIIOMPSOX-STJi EE1\ BAliliY DOCK. Household Furniture and Ironmongery. v.A- 1') CHEAPEST AND BEST. BEDSTEADS AND BEDS. TABLES IND STANDS. SOFAS AND CHAIRS, KETTLES AND PANS, Hire Purchase. CORN SEEDS AND HAY. OATS AND MIXED COR:, FOR HORSED. POULTRY MIXTURE, GARDEN SEEDS. "Tee.. OCC. 3UILPIS& MATERIALS, COAL AXD IRON. J. RADCLIFFE HOLTO*N. NEAR VICTORIA HOTEL Fruit & Vegetables. Prims Potatoe? Sold fit lowest prioe«. All caters yvomply attended to A lge assc^meat of Prim* Cigars and<> kept on ;*an-d, Contsctiojiary of Hn^j upplied. Iior*r» and Bittf Seel* of « eecrlptWll.. T-J'R- ffi" Wnwive Orders. W. TOVNSI-VYI) SEWSAGEVr & stationer BAlJli* ROAT. 7 CABOXTI^ (PARRY.} CLEAN WASTE Tl-PEK at 10. per t' T. PEARCE7 a AIRDRESSEIL TO "MCCONIST & N~W-^ a AGENT. ::2, VERE STREET. CADOXTON. HAIR-BsrSHIXG F.rj- ZIIjiCHIXEKY.