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FOOTBALL XOTES. [BY THE DRUID.] The chief match in Wales on Saturday last was, of course, the Cardiff v. Swansea encounter. Great interest was taken in this, the first meeting of the teams this season and a heavily-laden train took down a big crowd of supporters of the Black and blues." The result was certainly a great surprise to everybody, and was, as you all may guess, highly gratifying to the many sup- porters of The" All-whites." Cardiff, unfortunately, were without the bro- thers Escott and Sid Nicholls and Selwyn Biggs and Bowen were elected to fill" the vacancies. Swansea all round showed better form than Car- diff. and had it not been for the grand defence of Pearson and Ingledew. the score would have cer- tainly been more than four goals (18 points) to nil. On Saturday next Cardiff journey to Hudders- field to open a new ground there. I hear a great fuss is to be made of the Welshmen-I heartily hope a great slaughter of them will not be made at the same time but unless matters are managed much better than they were on Saturday last, the Cardiffiians need not expect a victory. I know from experience that Huddersfield are a hot lot on their own ground. Newport are certainly doinfe foine this sea- son. To defeat St. Helen's Rec's by 12 points to 5 is a performance to be proud of for the Rec's are one of the best teams in Lancashire. I re- member seeing them play a champion game ag-ainst one of tIE' crack Yorkshire clubs-Halifax, I think it was-at Se. Helens, about three years since. Penarth once again proved themselves superior to Llauellv, but. out of fairness to the lm- platers," I "must mention that they were short of two or three of their regular P^ers Dnrmg the first half nothing was scored: then Penarth applied the pressure, and notched a goal and a try. The whole of the Penarth backs played grandly; and LoYering and Rees showed excellent defence for Llanellv. The forwards were about equal in the light scrums, but Penarth held the advantage in the loose. On Saturday next Penarth have a trip to Exeter, where they play the team of that ilk. Unless the Sea-siders take down a strong team they will not be able to repeat their performance of a few weeks ago. as the Exeter men. I hear, are whipping up a powerful combination—quite different to that which did battle at Penarth a few weeks ago. The'Quins are evidently gaining their old form again, for they danced around that rising team Aberavon, to the tune of 10 points to nil. Nicholls and Hill, late of Somerset County, played grandly for Davies' lads. The match at Bridgend, although very one- sided. was not without some interest. Unfortu- nately, the home pack was weakened by the absence of several good men. but the backs put in heaps of good work, and to them belongs the credit of the victory. Poutvclown played a hard forward game, but showed poor combination behmd-lIl fact, only Bunstam appeared to. be of much service. B. Gregory was in rare form for Bridgend, and fairly eclipsed all his previous performances. His running and dodging were immensely enjoyed by Z, a fair crowd of spectators. The home halves also played well, especially when we remember that "they were playing behind a weak pacit. j Maritime ascended another step in the ladder of j fame by defeating Morris ton by o tries to ni Kever have the Yorkshire men shone to e er advantage all-round they were superior to their opponents. Sullivan, at half. was perhaps the best man on the field. He tackles well, and his pissing out was grand. r The forwards were about equal in the tight, but j Maritime did pretty well as they liked in the loose. So far, this season the Maritime team have not had a point scored against them. This speaks volumes for the tackling proclivities of their backs. ] "Se&th with a weak team. just managed to defeat Lampeter College by 1 try to nil. This is { the first victo- y of Dr. Pegge's brigade, and I trust will be the forerunner of a long list of wins. Noath have had as hard luck this season of any f u iteam I know of. Let us hope the tide has at last r 'turned, in their favour { Pontypridd received a visit from Splott Rovers J and victory rested with the home team by 21 go r to nil. I am pleased to note a great ^P^men j in the play of the Pontypridd team Smcc the ( Morris ton defeat, they have armour, attended so some of their weak point., < and now play a really good game. T mn-r however find a little fault with the play of one of'the halves. He seems to forget that it is his main duty to feed his three-quarters. txailery T)lav should alwavs be discountenanced, and genuine, unselffeh play should day. If a man sees one of his position to score than he is himself, out ^uiikljo the ball. To score tries should uot be the mam ambition of a man, but each player s her that he is practically a "wheel .n a and it that '• wheel" obstructs In* tellow ^eel- or tries to do the work of the whole lot, t machine must of necessity come to a full stop. it is with the" machinery" of a football team. A. Morgan, A. Llewellyn, B. Lewis, A. Lewis, and Watkin deserve special mention^ but 11 y seemed a little off-colour. Perhaps he is" saving" himself for the fight at Penygraig. ?jy lieutenant at Pontypridd "quite expects to lee Penygraig defeated." Well, I must confess that f do not. For one thing, Moses Jenkins lads will be at home and. again, they will always fight hard for the premiership of the Rhondda. No doubt, it will be a good contest, and the result will be-well, perhaps slightly in favour of Peny- graig. Barry received a visit from Tondu, but the visi- tors were poorly represented. During the first half nothing of a substantial nature was scored but during the second half Barry crossed the rubicon three times. The homesters played with good com- Wtion, their passing at times being very good indeed. I am told that Xeedcroft, Panniers, and Jones were the pick of the home lot. Barry and Cadoxton District defeated Cardiff Hangers by two tries to nil. A heavy ground told against accurate play, still A. Lewis. R. Lewis, and Richards showed good form. I hope next season the various clubs in the district will unite, and form one good organisation. There is really material" enough to support two or three clubs. Cogan journeyed to Bristol, and there defeated Rnowle Park by 13 points to nil. Mr. Hall's boys are certainly doing splendid work this seoson. Not a point scored against us yet," sings the in- defatigable Hall, and may your song remain so for long time says—I do not sing yours i-ruly, The Druid. SEASON 1891-92. Results up to and including October 24th, 1891, of the inter-club matches between first-class Welsh teams :— r* cf' « 5^ a m < SS ft E-i fe: y, £ SAME or CLUB! G* O G 2 5 J 3 2 & Ss4 O 1 Newport 3 2 0 1 5 83 2/Swansea 4 0 6 75 (Penarth 4 3 1 0 6 75 3 CardiS j 4 2 1 1 [j 62 4 4 2 2 0 4 50 5 'Quins 1 0 ° 6 Peavifraig .1 2 0 U 7 Neath .J 4 0 4 0 BARRY V. TOXDU. The above club played a match on the Buttrill s Field, Barry, last Saturday, before a large number of spectators, the home side winning by 3 tries and 2 minors to 1 minor. Tondu, who bad won each match they had previously played this season, were, unfortunately, poorly represented, among the absentees from the regular team being T. Rees (captain), H. Thomas, J. Hopkins, R. Williams, D. Grogan, and John Jones. Although defeated, the visitors played up pluckily, and had they been 2tronger in the front contingent, would have made ft muck better show. As it was, the Barry forwards, playing well together, had the best of the serums, and were as happily conspicuous in the loose play. They were well seconded by their backs. In the first half the game was fairly even, at any rate no point of importance was scored. In the second half, however, splendid tries were secured by Panniers, Medcroft, and W. James. The place kicking was very unsuccessful. The Tondu men complain of the rough play of the Barry men, and our representative heard it stated that after the return had been played at Tondu no more fixtures will be arranged with them. The following were the teams- Barry :—Back, W. M. Cuttris; three-quarter backs, A. J. Medcroft. J. Rees, J. Jones, and T. Sanders half-backs, J. Davies and F. John for- wards. Panniers. Murphy. Evans, Williams, Beck, Phillips, James.' and Attwell. Tondu :-Back, E. Lloyd three-quarters, T. Jones, J. Murphy. T. Stafford, and E. Sullivan forwards, J. H. Wil- liams. Wm. Rees, T. Power, J. Thomas, T. Carey, Charles Mahoney, W. Thomas, and Tarr umpire, Mr. E. Hopkins referee, Mr. T. Rees, Tondu. I I A +=» PI o rO O h a P T I 2 ;z A" ?> ? I £ >2 A" ?> ? I £ >2 C3 TJ a u St $<« V V. O 4J 3 2 g P4 O SO UJJOJ pOAOJcIun poAioqs SJOUTN^J G !••• ^OIJ^SIQ- IFJJTTFJIS.IOSU'B'JI JJIPANQ *A QOU^GIQ/.UUJR OUVflS PO^S3!JUOO-1]D^\ I X I MU.TQ „ y „ 04U3J 'A V Slt'jSiaaj UOS'GOS siqq. possoio uaaq ^OU ouimnSoo; z Z IU>3OQ| ifcSoo -A JUT; OIMOUM RjaXiqcI jiiiisn PU3A3S SUUTUI BJO^ISI^1 g — AJJISQ npuoj,-A .URBO RAAOJ POAO.IDMI POAIOQS PPI.ID^^UO.PL '— — G PPUDJFYUOJJ SJOAO-JJ ^O]DG 'A PPUD^^NOJ pajoos uoijoutoijj pun sjoqoi^j; 2 ojBpioqy oyupu.is j -A oaisp.ioqy BJOUUIAV OQ(> JOJ ouous QVUNY; PUB I £ 5[PU-Y[, J JFEPUNQRI Jftp-^D "A H^U^N UOS123S SIQ-J Q^AJST JOJ JCJC T,IIA X Q^AN JO'^DUA-rr -A FI^JC E^URNG OQQ. JOJ H0Ji PO-TOID SPIPJ PUN sp.TBM.PG! g stptAi?Q '!}$"'EJOUJT'JJ ^,I<IDA\OJ^R -A SJJIAU'Q; ^5; J|OAI paAiqd SIPUQ •COSM'.A'LP; £ u V „ VASTRUM^; y ^A«NT>A\Y-A "NON uotmjisuu'ef) uosuos snj* popoiop uaoq 40a »A«q orni^Hi — 8 oraW.N?JIJ: UINST.UOW -A snit}U«w SJ3UUIAV JOJ IJ8AV po^CJD OOTJC7 put' 'A.ISIUJI 'iCjoSa.): puaSpujj J UM0I0JFYIU>RT -A puoSputr sjjuui J}ip.n.'0 oq? ui poavoddv-o.i spimq ppj JUioaos! 1 gig u y jjip^O 'A y J+ipA'cO jwS v^podcUup sjlOTpi^rJ g T sinu^ :uoASJoqy -a sum?) po^uassjdaj A'unj'40U j j q^jnuaj Anouinrr -a mjtma t| uos'cas siq'), pa^nojap uooq <}ou ^.lodAiajvj] — ITS qaodAva^j s ooy s uaiorr *A ajochueKr uosxiae BIQQ YIPJBQ 30 ^UAJYP NOSUUMG •'•••••*••■•" JFIPA^Q-A NASUVAVG J ',T. 'n 'J. 'f) I -1-1- 'XSMIVOV •NO.ii •Mravrcsra 'JISTNXIAV -SKVEII •aaoos L



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