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BRIDGEND POLICE COURT. SATURDAY.—Before Mr. R. W. Llewellyn ( hair- man). Colonel Franklen, Messrs. C. P. Davies, R. L. Knight, and Major D. R. David. APPOINTMENT OF ASSISTANT OVERSEER.—Mr. Powell (Messrs. Cuthbertson and Powell), Neath, appeared to uphold a confirmation of Mr. J. Mc Cann as assistant overseer for the parish of Mar- gam. The Bench confirmed the appointment. ALLEGED ASSAULT AT MARGAM.—George Jones, Richard-street, Aberavon. brake driver, was sum- moned for assaulting Rees David, of Court-y- Defaid, Margam, on the 10th October last.— Evidence was brought forward by defendant, and the case was ultimately dismissed, complainant being ordered to pay the costs, amounting to 30s. TRESPASSING ON THE RAILWAY. — Richard Taylor, living at Green Park-street, Aberavon, was summoned for trespassing on tt, Great West- ern Railway, at Port Talbot, on the 20th Septem- ber last. Mr. P. J. Carlyle (from the office of Messrs. Robertson and Co., Swansea) appeared for the complainant company. Evidence was given by Inspector Ihomas Bamford, and defendant was fined 30s., inclusive of costs. BREACH OF LOCAL BOARD BYE-LAWS.—Jona- than Maddox, builder, Pontycymmer, was charged with contravening bye-law 98 of the Ogmore and Garw Local Board by not giving reasonable notice of his house being occupied after its completion. —Mr. S. H. Stockwood appeared for the prosecu- tion as clerk to the Board, and Mr. T. J. Hughes defended.—Mr. Hughes, while admitting the of- fence. urged in mitigation that it was not fla- grantly done, owing to the scarcity of the houses in the district.—H. Dawkin Williams (surveyor to the Local Board) and Christopher John (inspector of nuisances) gave evidence.—Mr. Hughes called Elizabeth Jane Tong, who stated that she, being obliged to leave the International Company's houses at Blaengarw, applied to defendant for the house two months before its completion. He re- fused to grant it to her, but allowed her to remove there a week previous to its completion, she meanwhile living at Blaengarw with the people who moved into her former abode.—Cross-ex- amined. she did not remember any of the officers of the Board coming to the house before the pre- vious week.—Fined £2, including costs. ADJOURNED. — Francis Passmore and Sidney Bishop, of Nanthir Farm, lobourers, were charged with assaulting John Onions, colliery manager, Tynewvdd.—Mr. T. J. Hughes appeared for the de- fendant. and applied for the adjournment of the case to the following Saturday, which was allowed, costs to follow the issue of the case. A GO-AHEAD INDIVIDUAL.—John Owen, la- bourer, was brought up in custody charged with travelling on the Great Western Railway from Lawrence Hill, Bristol, to Bridgend on the pre- vious Wednesday, with intent to defraud.—Edward Lloyd, collector, gave evidence to finding defend- ant in the 12.15 without a ticket and without money.—In answer to the charge, defendant said he had told the inspector that he would pay at Tenby. where he said he was going. He expressed himself as being perfectly guilty of the charge.— Superintendent Thomas said he had only just been released from Bristol prison, where he was de- tained for travelling on the railway from London. —Prisoner was sent to Cardiff Gaol for sevea days.—Prisoner Can I do it at Swansea. please, instead of going back to Cardiff ? I want to go ahead.—He was removed below. THE CASE OF WINDOW BREAKING.—Amelia Vaughan (16) was again brought up summoned for breaking the windows of the shop of David Williams, stationer. Caroline-street, Bridgend. on the previous Tuesday, w'th intent to steal.—The evidence of Police-constables Benjamin James and Isaacs disclosed the fact that the girl had been several. times taken home by them when found wandering late at night in the streets.—The mother stated that the girl was perfectly incor- rigible.—The girl said she would not go home when asked.—The Chairman said the magistrates had decided upon treating defendant under the First Offenders' Act, and the case was adjourned until next Saturday. A SWANSEA SEAMAN IN TROUBLE.—A young man named W. George Harrison (21), describing himself as a cook, was charged with being drunk and using abusive language at the Bridgend Rail- way Station, on the previous Thursday.—Richard Lloyd, collector, gave evidence as to the offence.— Defendant in answer to the charge, said he had been a teetotaller for the past twelve years. He came to Bridgend to see some friends. and had four whiskies with them. He proceeded to the rail- way station to go back to Swansea, but was stopped by the officials. He promised to reform, if they would only look over this offence.—A fine of £ 1 including costs was imposed or in default seven days' imprisonment. THE MAESTEG WOUNDING CASE. — Edwin Stone, collier, Maesteg, was again brought up in custody charged with unlawfully and maliciously wounding Gomer Griffiths by deliberately thrusting an umbrella into his eye.—Police-constable Wil- liams said that defendant was not physically en- abled to be present, and a certificate was handed in to this effect. The injured man had undergone an operation the previous day, but he would in all probability be able to attend the following Satur- day, the case being adjourned until that time. A VICIOUS INEBRIATE.— Thomas D. Bevan, Blaengarw Hotel, brought a charge against Wm. Probert, collier, Blaengarw, for committing wilful damge and assaulting him on the previous Saturday night.—Complainant stated that between 10 and 11 o'clock on the night in question defendant, after creatinsr a disturbance in the taproom. of his licensed premises, swept the counter of the drinking I vessels thereon, and upon being taken outside de- liberately struck the complainant in the face -P.C. Hurford also assisted complainant to put defendant out.—For the wilful damage defendant had to pay e 1, and for the assault ordered to go tc gaol for ten days with hard labour. The Bench thought that publicans who tried to keep their houses properly must be protected from the drunken public.-This same man was subsequently fined 15s. for being drunk and disorderly on the highway. A CAUTION TO BOYS WITH FIREWORKS.—A young man, described as a haulier, named Thomas Dorrington, hailing from Tynewydd, was found by Police-constable Williams letting off fireworks on the highway on the 17th October.—The officer de- tailed the circumstances, and a fine of 10s., inclu- sive of costs, was imposed. CAUSING AN AFFRAY—William Humphrey and Stephen Daniell, both of Bridgend. were charged with being irunk and causing an affray in the public street by fighting with each other.—Police- sergeant Row gave evidence as to finding the defendants fighting with each other in Caroline- street at 11.30 the previous Saturday night.—The defendant Humphreys only appeared, and he was dictated to by the Chairman as to the seriousness of the offence, and bound over in the sum of A5 to be of good behaviour for the next three months and to pay costs.—Daniell is to come up for sen- tence next Saturday. MISCELLANEOUS.—A largo number of School Board attendance orders and drunkenness cases were heard and summarily dealt with.