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BARRY A X I) C'ADOXTOX LOCAL BOARD. MEETING OF THE HEALTH COMMITTEE. A meeting1 of the Health Committee of the above Board was held at Cadoxton on Friday night last. Dr. O'Donnell in the chair. There were present besides, Dr. Treharne, Messrs. W. Thomas (Vere- screet), J. Barstow. Dr. Neale (medical officer), J. A. Hughes (clerk), J. C. Pardoe (surveyor), and W. Lsyshon (inspector of nuisances). After the minutes of the previous meeting had been discussed and confirmed, Dr. Neale read the inspector of nuisances' report. This showed that after a house-to-house visitation four nuisances had been found to exist in Richards-street, three Newland-street, five in Evans-street, four in Regent-street, seven in Lombard-street, eight in Brook-terrace, <Scc. The number had greatly diminished since last year. when nuisances existed in one out of every two houses visited. The number of nuisances inspected was 63 of these 57 had been complained about, and in 42 cases the inspector's orders had been complied with. It was mentioned that nuisances existed in Merthyr-street, Court-road, and Courtenay-road.— The Surveyor remarked that until the sewer was extended in Courtenay-road nothing could be done. —The Clerk said that in Thompson-street the syndicate refused to allow the Board to join the sewer, because the street isn't a public highway. The Barry Company were willing to proceed with the private improvements in Dock View-road if the syndicate would do their part of the work. The inspector's report went on to show that the scavenging of the district had been much im- proved. The sanitary condition of the two new cowsheds which he had inspected was satisfactory, and the utensils were clean. He had found the 12 bakehouses which he had seen satisfactory, and IS of them had been disinfected. Of the 28 ships lie had visited, he had to send notices of nuisances to five.—It was decided to extend the sewer along Court-road, to send out notices of nuisances to such owners as had not complied with the orders of the Board, and to call Mr. Forrest's attention to the serious nuisances that existed at the back of Main-street.—It was determined to place a gas lamp at the corner of Coign-terrace. —Dr. Treharne proposed, and Mr. W. Thomas seconded, and it was carried, that the Weston-road should be lighted as soon as practicable. A letter was read from Miss Leicester, complaining of the want of gaslamps and a footpath on the road leading to the Ship Hotel, Barry, which mode it dangerous for any of her staff to go out after flark,' It was decided to place lights there when lanterns were procured, and the question of the footpath was referred to the Public Works' Com- mittee.—Mr. Baratow's scheme that the Board should take all work into their own hands was also referred to the same committee.—The Clerk was requested, on the motion of Dr. O'Donnell, seconded by Mr. W. Thomas, to write to the engi- neer of the Gas Company to complain of the quality of the gas. and to prepare a report for the Board as to the manner in which the gas was tested in other towns. The following tenders for scavenging were read :—Cadoxton Thomas Paulett. £18 10s.; W. Osborne, £20: Rucklev. £ 22 Charles Eyles. JE29 10s.: F. Griffiths, 30 Ellis and Allen. £ 24. Barry Dock Charlea Eyles, £15; F. Griffiths. £15 10s: Ruckley. £16: Elli:andAllen,£18; Osborne. £20: Burton and Morgan. £ 30. Barry: Burton and Morgan, £ 12 F. Griffiths, £ 14 10s.; C. Eyles, £ 15. It was stated that the Board at present pay for scavenging Cadoxton, £ 24 10s.; Barry Dock, £ 24 and Barry £ 7.—Mr. Barstow. in proposing that Ruckley s tender for scavenging Cadoxton be accepted, said that Ruckley would take the manure out of the district.—Dr. Treharne seconded.—Mr. W. Thomas proposed that Paulet-t's tender be accepted, but this finding no seconder, the com- mittee accepted the former. For Barry Dock. Mr. Barstow proposed, Dr. Treharne seconded, and it was unanimously carried, that the tender of C. Eyles be accepted. For Barry. Dr. O'Donnell proposed, and Mr. Barstow seconded, that the tender of Mr. F. Griffiths be accepted.—Dr. Tre- harne proposed Burton and Morgan, but, as they had not furnished securities, the tender of the former was accepted. After a lengthened discussion it was decided to erect public urinals at the following places :—At the corner of the Common opposite the Royal Hotel, at the bottom of Yere-strbet, and near the Wenvoe Arms Hotel in Cadoxton one near the Police-station, and one near the Victoria Hotel in Holton and one at the junct;on of the Barry and Barry Dock roads in Barry. A letter was read from Mr. R. Evans, the general manager of the Barry Railway, asking for the Board's co-operation in clearing the refuse from the ships near the dock.—Mr. W. Thomas Will they allow our scavenging: cart to pass through the tollgate they are erecting- without paying —The Chairman The Board will, of course, charge the company for the work done.—The Clerk pointed out that in Cardiff the Corporation do not do the scavenging on the dock properly, though they can prosecute for nuisances.—It was erentualiy de- cided to write to the company pointing out that they were outside the Local Board scavenging dis- trict, and asking them to take steps themselves to clear the refuse. A bill had been received from the Gas and Water Company for street watering at the rate of Is. 6d. per 1,000 gallons.—TTie clerk was instructed to write to point out to the secretary that accord- ing to tha contract only 8d. per 1,000 gallons could be charged. On the motion of Mr. W. Thomas, a return of the amount spent by the Board on the scavenging of streets during the last month was ordered to be printed in the minutes of the committee. A long discussioh followed on the times of lighting the gas lamps.—It was eventually decided, on the motion of Dr. O'Donnell, seconded by Dr. Treharne. that the lamps be put out five nights a months—during full moon—after midnight.—The Surveyor having complained of the breaking and extinguishing of lamps in the district, Dr. O'Donnell proposed, and W. Thomas seconded, and it was carried that a reward of £ 1 be offere 3 to any who would give such information as would lead to the conviction of offenders.—This was the principal business. MEETING OF THE FINANCE COMMITTEE. The Finance Committee of the Barry and Cadox- ton Local Board met on Monday afternoon, when "there were present—General Lee (chairman), Dr. Treharne, Mr. B. Lewis, and Mr. J. A. Hughes (clerk). The Treasurer, accompanied by an inspec- tor of the London and Provincial Bank, attended before the Board. The reporters at this point were asked to retire. When they were re-admitted, the accounts of the officials were gone through and found correct. The following bills were passed :— B. Bagley, cleaning chimneys, 9s. David Paulett, coal. £ 13 7s.: Barry Railways Company, gravel, £5 William Osborne, emptying soil pans, 10s.: Taylor and Co., notice boards, £. 1 13s. 6d.; Barry District Billposting Company, posting bills, 3s. 9d.: Waterlow and Co., stationery. 17s.; Knight and Co.. explosive forms, etc., 9s. 3d.: Smith Wabs Star, printing notices. 12s. 6d,; F. C. Milner, papers, 5s. 4d. W. R. Hopkins. soap, powder, icc., £3 18s. 6d. J. Parsons and Co.. jars, &c., £3 Is. 3d.; Lewis Evans, printing minutes, £10 7s.; O. Bray, sundries, :£ 1 2s.: Wm. Lewis, stationery, £11s. 6d.; Hudson and Kearns, sundries. £2 4s.; Morgan Brothers, sundry work, £6 Os. 10^d. Bristol Wagon Works Company. £3 6s. 6d. Barry and Cadoxton Gas and Water Company, water. £2 10s. 4d. gas, 13s. 3d.: Peter and Annie Davies, care- takers Infectious Diseases' Hospital. £. 1 5s. Sarah Jones, caretaker Local Board Offices, £ 2 2s.; Samuel Green, salary, clerk to inspector of nui- sances, :£ 2: Cardiff Union, rates, £ 3 12s. Oid.; Thomas Ruckley, scavenging, £39 4s. W. Glover and Sons, road-sweeping machines. £60 6s. Thos. Paulett, stones and hauling, £24 Os. 6d. Pile and Bass, repairing water hydrant, 5s. 6d.: Jenkin Brock, labour. £1 stone and hauling, A12 17s. John John, stone and hauling, £39 Is. 3d. E. J. Ince, street numbering. £ 7 2s. 2d. F. E. Aitken, balance due, 5s. 7d.: Smith Wales Daily Xeict, ad- vertisement. l1s,: Stuart's Granolithic Company, street repairing, £1 Is. 10d.: ditto, 18s. 6d. sur- veyor. wages for assistants, roadmen, etc.. £250 R. H. Charteris, wages and petty cash, :£ 12 17s. 8d. — The collector's accounts were ex- amined. and it was found that over £1,500 was outstanding from the last rate. — The Chairman urged that steps should be taken to collect this amount at once —The Chair- man called attention to the fact that the collector had a large! amount in hand which he had not banked.—The collector said he had been collecting up to the very minute before the meeting, and had not had time to bank it.—The Chairman, looking baek through the collector's books, pointed out that large balances had been in hand for several past meetings, and he thouarht it would be well for the collector to make his books up to two o'clock before the Finance Committee meetings, and to bank everything up to that time.—The Collector promised to do so.—It was stated that the sum of £3.000 was now due for private im- provements. — The Clerk, in drawing the attention of the committee to this, said that besides the je3,000 for private improvements, and £ 1.500 the balance of the rate, the sum of £200 or £300 for drainage work carried out by the Board, and which would have to be paid for by the owners of the property affected, remained to be paid. It was a question fJt the committee to consider whether it would not be wise to appoint special assistants to collect these amounts.—After some discussion, during which the collector stated that he did not require any special assistance, it was determined to pro- ceed as at present.—This being the principal business the committee rose.





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