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AUCTION SALES. Mount Pleasant, Cadoxton. MR. WILLIAM THOMAS has been instructed to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, on WED- NESDAY. Nov. 4th, 1891. at the WENVOE ARMS HOTEL. Cadoxton. at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. all those Two very desirable Villas, situate in Cardiff-road. Cadoxton. now in the occu- pation of Mr. IùJC and Mr. 1 Sunny, at-the very low rent of 12s. per week each held under a lease of 99 years from the 1st day of May, 1889, at the annual ground rent of £5 each. Further particulars may be had of J. A. Hughes. Esq.. Solicitor, Cadoxton. or the Auctioneer, at his Offices. Vere-street, Cadoxton. [501 HOLTOI ROAD, CALOXm" SALE OF V rHY DESIRABLE YILLA AND COTTAGE PROPERTY. MR. WILLIAM THOMAS has been instructed by Mr. Cawsey to SELL by AUCTION, on WEDNESDAY, Nov. 4th. 1891. at the WEXVOE HOTEL. CADOXTON, at 3 o'clock in the after- noon, the undermentioned Substantial and Well- built Leasehold Properties. Lot L-All those Two very desirable VILLAS, situate on Weston Hill. now in the occupation of A. Willey. Esq.. and A. Roberts. E*q.. at a very low weekly rental of 12s. each. held under a lease of 998 years, at an annual ground rent of €3 10s. each. The above Yillas are splendidly situated, com- manding a fine view of the Bristol Channel and surrounding district. Lot 2.—All those TWO HOUSES. Nos. '9 and 10, Bassett-street, let to Mr. W. Jones, and another, at th? weekly rental of 7s. 6d. each, held under a lease or S9 yA" at the annual ground rent of £2 8s. each. Lot .11 those TWO HOUSES. Non. 11 and 12. Bassett-stroet, let to Mr. John "Fcwler and another at the weekly rental of 7s. 6d. each, held under a.lease of 99 years, at the annual ground rent or £28:3. eueh. For further particulars apply to the Auctioneer, at his offices, 57. Vere-street. Cadoxton. or to Mr. Cawsey, Rose Villa. Weston Hill. Cadoxtoh. [509 AUCTION MAUT. MAIN-STREET, CADOXTON. MR. A. A. WESTON has received instructions to SELL bv AUCTION, at the above Rooms, on FRIDAY, SATURDAY, and MONDAY, the 30th, 31st. insi.. and Nov. 2nd a Large Quantity of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Unredeemed Pledges, consisting of Clothing and Jewellerv. Sale to commence each evening at 7 p.m. [471 MR. A. Å. WESTON, AUCTIONEER. VALUER, & ESTATE AGENT, AUCTION MAILT, MAIN-STREET, CADOXTON. N.B.—HocsEHor.D FURNIT-RE and TRADES- MEN'S STOCKS Sold at the above Rooms Weekly on CViffimission. Goods intended for Friday's Sale should be sent in not later than Wednesday each week. [472 MR. W. L. PRICE, A "LCTIOXEER. IIOLTOX-ROAD, BARRY DOCK. AtTCTION SAT 7' CONDUCTED AT SALE- ROOMS OR PRIVATE RESIDENCES. STOCK SALES ARRANGED IN ANY PART OF THE DISTRICT. PATRONAGE RE.SPECTFL'LL SOLICITED. [304 PUBLIC NOTICES. BARRY AND CADOXTON LOCAL BOARD. THE above Board are prepared to RECEIVE JL PLANS for A Chapel to be Erected at the Cemetery, Near Merthyrdovan Church. The building to hold from 100 to 120 persons, and not to exceed £800. The successful architect will be entrusted with the carrying out of the work, and will be paid 7A per cent, on the contract price. He will have to pro- vide detailed plans, quantities, and specifications, and to superintend the work. The Board will provide a Clerk of the Works. A premium of £5 5s. Od. will be given to the Architect whose design is considered second best. Sealed plans, endorsed Plans of Chapel to be sent to me on or before the 16th day of November next. The Board do not bind themselves to accept any Plan. By order. SC7] J. ARTHUR HUGHES, Clerk. THE ANNUAL HEDG-ING AND DITCHING MATCH Will take place on BACK WAY FARM, PETERSTONE-SUPER-EL Y Ox 19th NOVEMBER, 1891. For Particulars anply to 503] W, PEES, Sec. PUBLIC NOTICES. WILLIAM IV. HOTEL. Return of the Messrs. Kinnersley and Palmer. RECEPTION MEETING will be held at the A above Hotel, on MONDAY, 2nd November, 1391, at 7.30 o'clock, when several influential gentlemen will be present to meet their old towns- men. and addresses will be given, interspersed wirh songs, &c., of which programmes are now being prepared. All friends are welcome. Admis- sion free. [499 BARRY CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH. On Friday Evening, NOV. 6TH. AT 7.30 P.M., REV. J. QSSIAI DAVIES, OF BOURNEMOUTH. FORMERLY TOLLISGTOX PAUK. LONDON, Will deliver his Popular Lecture, entitled— "DR. MOFFAT." TICKETS, Is. EACH. May be had of any of the Members. 5C2 Park Hall, Cardiff. SATURDAY POPULAR CONCERTS, SEASON 1891-2, NEXT CONCERT Saturday, November 7th, Ticket Looks for the Season now ready. J Ar.' aaht: Mr* CLARA XO YELL O DA VIES, Conduct')-: Mr. JACOB DAYIES. „ [481 Land on Brook's Farm, Cadoxton, TO LET For Garden and Agri- cultural Purposes. Applicants to send in their names to Messrs. SEWARD and THOMAS, Queen's. Chambers, Cardiff, who will appoint a day to meet them at €1- PEOPLE'S PAUK, PONTYPRIDD. —— j Two Days' Grand Sports, SATURDAY AND MONDAY, October 31st and November 2nd. 130 Yards Open Handicap. 5 Miles Open Bicycle Handicap. 2 Miles Open Bicycle Handicap. Half-mile Foot Race. 2 Miles Galloway Race. 2 Miles Trotting Race. Tng' of War (open to all). Boys' Foot Race. Splendid Bands, and a host of other Attractions. For Money Prizes, Tradesmen's Prizes. See., see future Advertisements. WANTED. LLANTWIT YARDRE SCHOOL BOARD.— WANTED immediately, for the Craig Board (Boys) School, Pontypridd, a Transfer PUPIL TEACHER, of The third or fourth year.—Apply to Mr. H. S. Davies, clerk, Town-hall Chambers, Ponty- pridd. [47 WANTED, smart, respectable YOUTH for I" Office.— Apply Frazer and Co., Ship Store Merchant?, Barry Dock. [ p46 INSURANCE ACTENTS WANTED, in Basry JL District; good terms to good men, with interest in books. Books vacant. — Apply, J. D. Davies. Superintendent, Holton-road, Cadoxton, Barry. [p43 OFFICES WANTED.—TWO ROOMS, suitable o OFFICES, wanted in Pontypridd.—State rent reonired, with particulars, to L. Lewis, Barry Dock Chambers, Cadoxton. [p33 OFFICE BOY. to run errands and ma>:e himself generally useful. An ply. with a specimen of handwriting, XIY., Star Office, Cadoxton. [fOO DO you want your FINQER BILLS, Handbills and Circulars conscientiously Distributed in town and country ?—Apply X. X. X., Star Office, Cadoxton. PONTYPRIDD.—WANTED, 250 BOYS to Sell p the "SOUTH WALKS STAR." Liberal Com- mission.—Apply, E. R. Evans, 10, Penuel-Square, Pontypridd. WRITERS WANTED at their homes, evenings good pay. — See the PEOPLE'S FlllESIDE JOURNAL. All Newsagents and Smith's Stalls. Id-; post free. 2!1.. from 51. Newman Street. London. W. TO LET. UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS (2 or3 rooms), oven grate, bath. gas, every convenience.—21. Newland-street, Holton, Barry Dock. [p45 TO be LET or SOLD, HILLSIDE YILLAS, JL Porthkerry-road, Barry, containing drawing and dining-rooms, kitchen, scullery, onthouses, five bed- rooms, bath-room, w.e., hot and cold water through- out. large garden front and back. Price £ 450.—Apply Mr. Richards, senior, builder, Porthkerry-road, Barry. BUSINESS ANNOUNCEMENTS inserted in the JL) SOUTH WALES STAR, the most widely-read newspaper in South and Mid-Glamorgan, at compara- tively low terms, for periods ranging from three to twelve months. TO LET. — COTTAGES in Arthur-street, Mount JL Pleasant, Cadoxton; painted and papered throughout: water laid on 7s. per week. J. A Hughes, Solicitor, Cadoxton. -J A-ROOMED YILLAS TO LET, at York-place, XU Barry. Apply, Mr. E. Thomas, 85, Castleland- street. Barry Dock, or Mr. R. L. Thomas, builder, Frankford Yilla, on the spot. [p42 poR SALE FOR SALE 10 FAT PIGS, between 10 and 15 score JT weight each. — Apply, Evan Matthews, jun., Watertown Mill, Bridgend. [p39 PRINTING ORDERS of Every Description at JL the Office of this Paper. EDUCATIONAL. DAY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS HEBBLE HOUSE, CADOXTON, BARRY. Principal MISS BARSTOW. NEXT TERM COMMENCES OCTOBER 14, 1891. BARRY PREPARATORY SCHOOL, ATHER. STONE, WINDSOR-ROAD, PRINCIPAL :—MISS BURBIDGE, R.A.M., Assisted by thoroughly efficient Governesses. Thorough English. French. Music, and otner Accomplishments. Kindergarten Taught. Next Term will commence September 14,1891. BOARDING AID DAY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, RECTORY-ROAD, CADOXTON-BARRY. ———— PRINCIPAL MISS SMALL. Prospectus on application. A Class for Little Boys. FRENCH, Spanish, Italian, German, Private Tuition. Classes. Special Classes for Commercial Correspondence and Conversation. Candidates pre- pared for the Medical, Law, Civil Service, Excise and Customs Examinations Scholarships through the post Arithmetic, Book-keeping, Shorthand.—Mr. W Haines Public Translator, 25, Park-street, Cardiff. DRAWING AND PAIIITIUG- IN OIL & WATER COLOURS, PASTEL, &c. AB CALEDFRYN'S CLASSES meet on SATUR- DAYS, at the GRAIG SCHOOLS. PONTY PRIDD. at 10.30 a.m.. and at YNYSWE3 SCHOOLS. TREORKI, at 3 p.m.—For terms, appb to Ab Ca'edfryn. Artist, Pontypridd or, for Treork Section, to Mr. E. R. Jones, Yuyswen House. MlbS CALEDFR"iN (late of the Roval Acadenn of Music. London), is prepared to take PUPILS for the PIANOFORTE, VIOLIN, and ORGAN.- -Forterms, address to No. 1, Devon Yillas, Ponty- pridd. MUSIC MADE EASY.—Infallible, easy, practica.' i." method to play piano, harmonium, withoui knowledge of music no knowledge of keys required ■ Is.—Rev. WM. HUGHES, Oldbury. Birmingham. [473 SCHOOL ADVERTISEMENTS. — Prinoip^hTVf Private and other Schools will do well to adver- tise in the So-ith Wille.. Star, which circulates very largely in the South, East, West, and Rhondda Di- visions of Glamorganshire. Quotations for a series mav be had on application to the Manager, at the Office, Yere-street, Cadoxton, Barry, or of the local representatives. j MISCELLANEOUST^ PLOT;GHS, HORSEIIOES. HORSE GEARS. CHAFFOTJTTERS, CAKE BREAKERS. CARTS, WAGGONS. TROLLIES, TRAPS AND CARRIAGES of all kinds. Agents for the Bristol Wagon Works Company. Lists free. HIBBERT A SONS. 10 and 11. Castle-street, Cardiff. PEARCE & Co.. 61, QUEEN STREET. CAR- JT DIFF. Soft Band Trusses, Artificial L -'s Arms and Eyes, Leg Irons, Spine-supports, B< Elastic Stockings. I I) UPTLRES. HERNIA. How can it be civ •' 4j Consult ALLEX PEARCE. Private rooms. 13 THE PAHADE, CARDIFF. Home 10 to 4. OWEN'S HAIR DRESSING.—A S^DFKTFW Nourishing and Preserving the Hair. Renews the Hair in casts of Baldness. Stays the Falling Off. Restores the Hair to it.s Natural Colour. Produces luxuriant Whiskers and Moustaches. Sold in Bottles at 2, 8 and 1/- each by O WEN. 27, EDWARD-STBEET, QUEEX-STREET, CARDIFF: 151. Cardiff New Market Hali. Local Agents—J. Jones, Chemist, Holton-road, Barry Dock; W. R. Hopkins, Chemist, High-street, Barry W. R. Hopkins, Chemist, v erc-street, Cadoxton; W. H. Key, Chemist, Tan- street, Pontypridd, and all Chemists. ABERNETHY'S COMPOUND COUGH BALSAM.—A safe and effectual remedv for Eoughs, Colds, Difficult Breathing, and all complaints of Chest and Lungs.—Prepared bv J. ABEKNETHY, Medical Hall, High-street. Cadoxton, Barry. j GREAT BARGAINS. T FOLLICK. PAWNBROKER AND JEWELLER,, CORNER OF Barry-road & lain-st., Cadoxton, Also 40 and 41, BRIDGE STREET, CARDIFF HAS FOE SALE THE TINDBB3IENTIONED BARGAINS :— Splendid Patterns GOLD ALBERT, French make. Splendid Design, cost £:2' 103; to. be- sold 20j a great Sacrifice 7 is. GOLD CURB ALBERT AND LOCKET, every Lunik Stamped, could not be Bought New Sbr- thre< times the price only 70s. LONG SILVER GUARD, Double Link, Fancy Pattern, orginally oost 303. Price atked' now only 12s 6d.. A Splendid Set of GOLD BROOCH AND EARRINGS, in case, Handsome Pattern, very- Neat anti Splendidly Finished, a Bargain, only 19s. A Large Assortmentof Gold Wedding Rings, Keepers, Dress Rings, amFSignet Risgsfor Sale, Silver Alberts (Ladies and Gents') in Variety. "Watches-of all Kind^ New and Second-hand Clothing always in Stock. NOTE OUR OLD-ESTABLISHED ADDRESSES:— FOLLICK, Corner of Barry-road and Main-street, CADOXTON. Also 40 and 41, Bridge street, Cardiff. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. B. Evans & Company Have just completed some Eaormous Purchases of HOUSEHOLD DRAPERY AND WINTER GOODS, COMPRISING Blankets, Sheets, Quilts, Rugs, Table Linen, Lace Curtains, Dress Materials, Shirtings, Telveteens, Plushes, Shawls, &c., AT EXTRAORDINARY Low PRICES* These Goods are all New, Sound, and Fashionable, and in order to encourage a quick Sale, they have been Marked at LOWER PRICES than EVER BEFORE QUOTED. B. E. & Co. feel confident that all who avail themselves of the advantages offered uill fully appreciate this opportunity. Patterns sent Free OIl Application. TEMPLE STREET, SWANSEA. OCTOBER, 1831. [252 1V. H. GIBBY, Q" High Street, BARRY, EUMISHIM AND GENERAL IRONMONGER, FESDERS, TnA VELT TXG TRUNKS FIr. IROXS. COAL VASES, GREA'l' LAMPS VARIETY. llEDSI'E. DS GRE..iT VARIETY. AXD BEDDIXG OF EVERY BEST LAMP OIL. DESCRIPTION. CARPENTERS' & JOINERS' TOOLS. SUPERIOR TABLE & POCKET CUTLERY. Sole Agent for the ALBO CARBON LIGHT. The Brighest, Steeliest, and Most Economical of Gaslights BENJAMIN LEWIS, G-EOOEE, BAKER AND PROVISION MERCHANT, PALMERSTOWK AND BARRY ROAD, CADOXTON-BARRY. Try our High-Class Provisions at Low Prices. SPECIALITIES IN TEAS GOOD FAMILY, Is. Gd.; SPLENDID BLEND, 2s. AND FINEST GOWN, 2s. GL Lewis's Bread is the bread of the day, Lewis's Bread defies competition, Lewises Bread is the best, people say Lewis's Bread withstands opposition Lewises Bread is the bread for the young, Lewis's Bread is both wholesome and pure, Lewises Bread for the weak and the strong Lewis's Bread will just suit you, I'm sure.' Lewis's Bread for the navvy is best, Lewis's Bread for workmen to carry, Lewis's Bread is the bread to digest; Lewis's Bread is known down in Barry Lewie's Bread for the Welsh Bard, Lewis's Bread has a very wide fame, Lewis's Bread for all men who work hard. Lewis's Bread bears B. Lewis's name. N.B.—Tea Meetings Supplied on Reasonable Terms. THE CADOXTON COACH AND WHEEL WORKS, ADJOINING BANK BUILDINGS, CADOXTON, BARRY. MR. A. R. LEWIS BEGS to call the attention of the public gener.illy that he is now prepared to EXECUTE ALL KINDS of CARRIAGES, TRAPS, &c„ In the most modern styles. ESTIMATES FREE. EXPERIENCED WORKMEN EMPLOYED. CARRIAGE PAINTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. GENERAL SMITHY AND REPAIRING WORK EXECUTED ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. TJ^- BEGS to refer the public to his most recent accomplishments for several of the leading GENTRY Williams, and A. Davies (Barry Hotel.) and tradesmen of the district, including Dr O'Donnelf -<Ir. J. J. Williams, B. E.Hoddinolt, The South Wales Open Stocfc Exchange Company, s STOCK & SHARE DEALEBS, MARKET BUILDINGS, CARDIFF. TELEGRA gS—" SCRIP, CARDIFF." I DEAL FREELY IN LOCAL STOCKS AND SHARES, AMERICAN, COLONIAL, & HOME RAILWAYS. FOREIGN BONDS, &c., For Speculation or Investment, on the Cover System" (and cha.rge no Brokerage on Speculative Transactions). By dealing with us anyone with small Capital, of £5 and upwards, can deal in £500 worth of Stock, and LIMIT THE RISK to the Amount Paid; and by following our advices large and quick profits can often be made or by joining our SYNDICATE—SHARES, £2 10S. each, with NO FURTHER LIABI- LITY, where the risk of losing is is REDUCED is a MINIMUM, and the money invested often DOUBLED in a WEEK. LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE PRICES RECEIVED HOURLY. ROOMS SET APART FOR THE USE OF CLIENTS, FOR READING, WRITING, &c. WRITE OR CALL FOR FULL PARTICULARS, BANKERS' REFERENCES, &c. N.B.—Straightforward treatment may be relied on. To participate in Next Week's Syndi- cate, Subscriptions should reach us not ( later than TUESDAY NEXT. It promises ( to be a GREAT SUCCESS, so do not miss it. < 1 < ALSOP, BROADNEAD, BRISTOL. J.) 0 S "a » s a 3 H_ jS !f o j.J.i C::>. Z tw W# to! 'i5. r:2 B 0- C1õ {.) <> -¡ a2 0:> 0':> p. Barry Agent: Nrs. 0. Greeni Beer Dealer. PALE #» ALES, .8p, 1 STOL' IN 41 GALLON CASKS FROM 10D. PER GALLON PORTER AND STOUT FROM Is. PER GALLON. CARDIFF STORES: 9. WORKING-STREET. NEWPORT STORES: COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS. CHEPSTOW Cadoxton Agents: South Wales Provision Stores. W. WATTS AND SON, SHIPPING AND FAMILY BUTCHERS, 4, MARKET BUILDINGS, BARRY. SHIPPING AND FAMILIES SUPPLIED ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. Q A 3) O X T O JT HOTEL, CADOXTON. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. FOR Terms, apply to the Manager, Mr. H. P. JL WARBURTON, who solicits the assistance of Twelve. Gentlemen to form an Elocution Class and Dramatic Club at the above premises. SPRING CLEANING SPRING CLEANING ISAAC THOMAS & CO., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL J BURNISHING & GENERAL IRONMONGERS, CUTLERS, OIL, PAINT & COLOUR MERCHANTS, VERE STREET, CADOXTON, BARRY DOCK. Agents for T. HARE'S WOOD STAINS, and PICKERING'S BRASS AND FURNITURE POLISH. If you Want a Good Piano, ORGAN, HARP, OR HARMONIUM, GO TO HOLLOWAY'S, 7, Main-street, Cadoxton, Agent for HEATH and SONS' CELEBRATED INSTRUMENTS, MUSIC BOJKg, & c, LESSONS GIVEN ON THE ABOVE INSTRUMENTS. Terms on a- ilication. SALT! SALT! RETAIL & WHOLESALE, OF C. J. THOMAS 4' Co., 92, HIGH-STREET, BARRY. E. O. EV.ANS, TRONM.ONGER, SHIP CHANDLER, CHINA, 1 EARTHEN WARE, AND GLASS MERCHANT. ADDRESSES Nos. 17 AND 60, MAIN-STREET, CADOXTON, AND AT BARRY DOCK. (Close to Shipping Office). J. THOMAS, (Formerly Foreman of the G.W.R. South Wales Harness Department), gADDLER, HARNESS & COLLAR MAKER, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY BOCK, (Opposite Central Police Station.) ALL ORDERS EXECUTED ON THESHORTEST NOT ICE. To Mothers Only. HAGON'S Rosemary Cleanser FOR Children's Ijair UTTERLY destroys Creepers, Nits, &c.—Not Poisonous or Greasy. Cleanses from all impurities, Used once a week, it is a certain pre- ventative to all Insect life. i 1 Makes Children's Hair Grow Beautiful, Glossy, Curly, Soft, and i Strong. J h i If you wish to have Beautiful Hair, if you r desire your little ones to have Clean and Whole- i some Heads of Hair, you must use HAGON'S CLEANSER. Do not hesitate! HAGON S CLEAN- i SER is certain in effect, perfectly harmless, and t pleasantly perfumed. 1 f SOLD BY AGENTS IN EVERY VILLAGE OF i SOUTH WALES. ] Price 6d. per Large Bottle Post Free for 1 9 Stamps. ———— a Sole Maker A. HAGON, 1 7 A MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, i 39, BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF. i SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. THE SOUTH WALES STAR is now Published every Thursday Afternoon. Correspondents 0 I, will oblige by sending- all Communications by Wednesday at latest.