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NANTYMOEL KEWS AND NOTES. AN IXTEIiESTltfG PLLESEXTATION MEETIXG.— The Tywysogoes y Foel" branch of the Order of Ivorites met last Saturday night at the Court Coleman Hotel to show their appreciation of the services of Dr. Williams, Tynewydd, and Dr. Thomas, Nantymoel. in connection with their order. Mr. Lewis Griffith occupied the chair, assisted by Mr. George Thomas as vice-chairman. The meeting opened with a capital address from the chair, and during the evening the following gentlemen delirered addresses Messrs. George Thomas, Thomas Thomas (Treorky), William Thomas (secretary), John Howe, William Oakes, John Dorney, and songs were given by Messrs. Lewis Williams, Lewis Griffiths. William Williams, Taliesin Williams, and Georce Jones. The medical gentlemen were spoken very highly of, and the secretary and Mr. Howe declared that they knew of cases where members wanted the doctor to sign them on the club and were refused, thus saving the society from fraud. In one case a man pre- sented himself, and was apparently very ill. The doctor suspected the man was shamming, and after examining him told him that unless he went to work and worked for his life he would be a dead man. The presentation to Dr. Williams was made by Mr. John Allen, and to Dr. Thomas by Mr. Thomas Thomas (Llantrisant) of a very handsome silver tankard each. The gentlemen in replying said they were fully alive to the inter- ests of their order, and had some unpleasant things to do and say in connection with signing certifi- cates. All they wanted in return was a knowledge that the people of the place had confidence in them. We understand that the clubs in Nanty- moel, Newton, aud the Wyndham have on several occasions nia<de similar presoutatmis to these gentlemen, and we think they arc- fully earned. Now then, Tynewydd, are your cliU"s less grateful for the gratuitous work or' Dr. Thainas and Dr. Williams*' Wake up, uud show y*mr appreciation if it were <?nly a v«ue ol thanks. AN OJVD INHABITANT OF TRIIE VALLEY RE- TIUES,—Mr. Vaughan, the itgeiic for the Aber Colliery, is this week severing hiS connection with the company -atcer 2b years service, during which time he hua r*ss.ded ill th-w Ogmorc, ikiid is among iht; liixt comtra io the pi¿u:e. He wua formerly a member the Liandyto&wg Sohuol Board, but now for-some years he hivs acced as clerk to the Board. Mr. Vauglian is. a-shrewd rnisu of business, and has succeeded iu making his little pile. It was first said that he nvas leaving the place for Bridgend, but he has now decided to remain in the Valley, and is about building a house near Caedu Farm. CONVERSION FROM THE JEWISH FAITH.—A good joke is going the rounds in Nantymoel. It appears that one of- our hotel-keepers was walking up the side of the river in the company of a friend of his, who M'ef the Jewish faith. Suddenly the-latter disappeared, and a loud splash indicated that the waters • of the Ogmore had closed over .him. The hotel-keeper now claims him as a con- vert to Christianity, having been through the rite of baptism. lREFORM IN THE DWELLINGS OF WORKING MEN.—It is time that the Local Authority or the County Council, did something in reformiug the houses of a colliery district. Nothing is more necessary in a collier's. house than a bath-room, where tha daily bath may be taken in private, and not as now in the presence of anyone who may happen to be in the house at the time. Young, men lodgers take their bath on the hearth with possibly the. landlady and her daughters present. This unseemly custom must tell very detrimentally upon the morals of the working classes and destroys entirely that sweet modesty which should be a woman's distinctive.eharacteristic. The fitting up a bath-room would not mean a heavy expenditure, and all that is requi»?d is that the local authority shall demand it. THE FORTHCOMING COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTION. —The inhabitants of Nantymoel claim that since the canditate last tim0 was chosed from Tynewydd be should this time be selected from among them- selves. There is a rumour that the Ocean work- men intead asking the Wyndham colliers to a general, mass, meeting to select a candidate to re- present the to. Dr. Thomas is spoken of as a suit- .afele candidate, but he will come forward only in i. response to. a unanimous call from the workmen. .The Liberal.Association has not yet moved in the matter, waiting possibly to see how the wind I. blosvs. .A NEW .BOSTAL AJBKANGEMEXT FOR THE OFI-JFORE.—We. are pleased to be able to inform our readers that Nantymoel and Tynewydd will soon be Railway ;Sa:ting Offices (R.S.O.), and as the letters for theft^ places will be sorted while in the mqil.train, the. time taken at Bridgend to sort the letters will be ^ared. The morning mail after ithis.wiU never,ke late, and the bag will reach the placed 7. a.m. ft will then be possible to write to Cardiff, and receive an answer the same evening.