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JAM ES PR ICE, r- -0;/ "U > c r* f I z < < => < t ..J < m > > ::> -I o :< v.v. The Modern Bakery and Restaurant, Regent-street alld Ifolton-road, k BARRY_DOCK. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BAKER, PASTRY- COOK AND CONFECTIONER. PURVEYOR TO THE PRINCIPAL HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS THROUGHOUT THE DISTRICT. BREAKFAST ROLLS. FRENCH ROLLS. DINNER COBS. VIENNA BREAD. DIGESTIVE BREAD. JEWS' BREAD. SANDWICH LOAVES (all sizes), And a host of other Specialities Daily. PRICE S A 1 PORK AND VEAL AND HAMPIES An Ordinary daily at One. Private Sitting and Bedrooms. Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Chops, and Steaks it all times. Finest Hungarian. English, and American Flour, Wholesale and Retail, at prices which cannot be beaten (for Cash). delivered at a few minutes' notice. Always a Large Stock of leading millers only to select from. I do not buy low-priced Flours. Huntley and Palmer's Biscuits—a great variety. Pattison's (the best) Swects-a large stock. Cad- bury's Chocolate Goods—a varied assortment. Agent (either Buying or Commission), whole- sale only for fresh farm butter, new-laid eggs, home-cured hams and bacon, poultry of all kinds, kc.. kc., kc. (A CARD.) MB. J. A. OWEN ARCHITECT AND SURVEYOR, 5, VERE STREET, (Opposite the Local Board Office,) C A D 0 X T 0 N, BARRY. SPECIAL SHOW IX AUTUMN AND vVINTER G-OOBB. DRESS STUFFS FROM 2}D. PER YARD. BLANKETS FROM 4s. 11D. THE PAIR. SHEETING FROM 5$D. PER YARD. FLANNELS FROM U'D. PER YARD. THE LARGEST STOCK IN THE NEIGHBOUR- HOOD TO CHOOSE FROM. OWEN MCCANN & CO., LONDON HOUSE, HOLTON-ROAD. W H. GOULD, IRON AND BRASS FOUNDERS, BARRY FOUNDRY, (BetAveen No. 4 and 5 Tips.) BARRY DOCK. Estimates for all kinds of Iron and Brass Castings Old Cast Iron and Metal Bought. GREAT REDUCTION. PURE BUTTERS CHEAPER THAN lUl JpiNEST IRISH NEW GRASS T) UTTERS, PER 1 S. LB. DAVID JONES & Co. (LIMITED) Always allow their Customers the benefit of the Market. THE jpiNEST QUALITIES AT LOWEST pRICES. Choicest Danish. Butter, PER J S. 1 D. LB. WE ARE THE LARGEST SELLERS OF DANISH BUTTER IN WALES. New American Cheese, JJD. AXD 6D. PER LB. Finest Canadian Cheese, 01D. AND 7D. PER LB. Dennys Hams AND lattersons Bacon ALWAYS KEPT IN STOCK. HAMS at 4id. per lb. HAMS at 5d. „ HAMS at Gd. „ HAMS (the Finest Imported). at GJd. „ SHOULDERS at 4d. „ DAVID JOXES AND QOMPANY <J (LIMITED), Receive daily large Consignments of New Zealand Lamb and Mutton, and would call the" attention of the Public to their New Zealand Lamb, which is arriving in splendid condition and is equal in quality to this Country's. NEW ZEALAND LAMB AT MARVELLOUSLY LOW PRICES. NOTE :— OUR ONLY ADDRESS IS AS BELOW David Jones & Co. (LIMITED), WESTIIISm STORES AND Canterbury leat llarket, W HARTON- STREET, CARDIFF. THE ROYAL STORES IN THE HAYES, CARDIFF. FORMOZA TEA AT PER 1 S. 0D. LB.. THE, BEST AND MOST LUXURIOUS IN, ENGLAND AT THE PRICE. This is wliat they say of it l. READ IT! From a Lady at Heath to a Friend at Cardiff. My dear M-, "I cannot write you a long-letter to-day but will do so very shortly. I want you to ask Mr. Griffith if he will kindly send us a Small Caddy of Tea, about 10 or 12 lbs, the same Tea as we had at your house. I think you told me it was only Is. 8d. per lb. I cannot enjoy any Tea since I tasted that. "With fondest love to all from us all, "Believe me, "Ever lovingly yours, V T II E ROYAL STORES IN THE II-A- YES, CARDIFF 1 FURNISH ON OUR NEW HIRE SYSTEM. HOUSES OR APARTMENTS II Completely Furnished on a. New System ADOPTED solely by us, whereby all publicity, x exposure, and enquiries usually made by other companies are dispensed with. WE HAVE AX IMMENSE STOCK OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE OF CHEAP AXD SUPERIOR QUALITY. All Goods sold on the Hire System at READY-MONEY PRICES. WE MAKE XO EXTRA CHARGE FOR CREDIT, AND ALL GOODS SEXT HOME IX A PRIVATE Y AX FREE OF CHARGE. No Stamp or Agreement Changes made no Bill of Sale eArerythiug private. Arrangements com- pleted without delay, and being Manufacturers, WE GUARANTEE QUALITY, And will undertake to supply Furniture, etc., At 10 per cent. less than any price list issued by any firm in Cardiff. ELEVEN SHOW BOOMS. Call and inspect our IMMENSE STOCK, and com- pare Prices before purchasing elsewhere. WE SUPPLY £G WORTH FOR 4}P. 6D. WEEKLY. £10 W0:iTH FOR 4S, WEEKLY.. r*-| r WORTH FOR ~s. WEEKLY. A t) O £ 20 WORTH FOR VvEELK1 And so on in proportion. Special terms for larger quantities. No objectionable agreements used. PLEASE XOTE THE ADDRESS South Wales Furbishing Co., 31, CASTLE STREET (Opposite the Castle"), CARDIFF. THE GEXERAL ELECTIOX is the subject that some people arc studying just now. whether we shall have a Liberal or Conservative Govern- ment next time but what interests G. B 1 s H 0 p Most of all is how he can best supply the people of HOLTOX AXD BARRY DOCK DISTRICT With good substantial BOOTS & SHOES. CLIPPERS, LEWIXGS &c., at a reasonable price, so as to suit the pocketa of everyone. LOOK OUT FOR BARGAIXS. CLEARAXCE SALE. commencing September 19th. and will con- tinue for 21 days, to make room for Winter Goods. Note a few leading lines :— Men's Xailed Derby and Savvy Boots from 4/11 Men's Balmoral Elastic Sides and Derby Lace from 4'11 Women's Lace. Elastic, and Button from 411 Men's Oxford and Derby Shoes from 4; 11 Women's Kid Lace and Button Oxford Shoes from 311 Children's Lace, Elastic, and Button Boots from Is. Strap Shoes 10id. N.B.—This Sale- is Genuine, and everyone in search of Bargains will do well to patronise it. Special attention given to the Measure Depart- ment and Repairs of every description. Our Hand-sewn Boots defy competition both for Quality and Price. Note the Address :— Q g I S H O P', PRACTICAL BOOTMAKER AND REPAIRER, HOLTON-ROAD. BARRY DOCK. Co:-n-e early and secure the best Bargains. ESTABLISHED 1840: SHOOTING SEASON. (i'tns Guxsr Grxs! LJ f. Li :f; ALL KIXDS. ALL PRICES. I LOUIS BARNETT & SON, PAWNBROKERS AXD OUTFITTERS. [■ MAIN-STREET, BARRY DOCK TOYÇX ALSO AT 6 and 7. CAKOJ-IXE-STREET, AYD 19. AND 49, BUTE-STREET. CARDIFF, Have ahvays a Large Stock of MEN'S AXD WOMEN'S CLOTHING. NEW AXD SECOND HAXD WATCHES, JEWELLERY" GUNS, BOOTS, BLANKETS, SHEETS, QUILTS. &c,. At the Lowest Possible Prices. SEAMEN'S ADVAXCE XOTES CASHED. Most Money lent on ail descriptions ox Valuable Property, at -Id. per £ per month. -:c- ""WATERLOO HOUSET HIGH STREET, BAF RY. STATIONERY OF EVERY DI?:VRIPTION. WELSH AND OTHER ROOKS IX STOCK. DRAPERY & FANCY HOODS WOOLS AND YARPJ-3. TRY THE WATERLOO YARX. A CARD.] MR. J. CLARK FAIRBAIRN, ARTIST, 55, VERE STREET. CADOXTON. THE BARRY TRADING- CQMPAIY, LIMITED, TIIOMPSOX-STUEET. BAREr IXJCK. Household Furniture and Ironmongery. CHEAPEST AND EE ST. BEDSTEADS AND BErs, AND STANDS. SOFAS AND CHAIRS. KETTLES AND PANS Easy Hire Purchase. CORN SEEDS AND HAY. OATS AND MIXED CORN FOR HORSES, POULTRY MIXTURE, GARDEN SEEDS, kc., kc. BUILDING MATERIALS. COAL AXD IliOX. T. J. 1U IK-lute" HOLTOX, NEAR VICTORIA HOTEL. Fruit & Vegetables, Prime Potatoes. Sold at lowest prices. A All orders promply attended to. large assortment of prime Cigars and Tol-acco kept on hand. Confectionery of ai"? Vir upplied Flowers and Bird Seeds ef~ description. T.J. R. will be glad toj receive Shipping Orders. AV. TOWXSEXD, ..L' -j v, NEWSAGENT & STATIONER, BARRY ROAD. CADOXTON (BARK Y.) CLEAX WASTE PAPER at 10- per Cwt. T. PEARCE7~ HAIRDEESSER. TOBACCONIST, & XEWS- AGENT. 1 2. VERE STREET. CADOXTON. HAIR-BRUSHING BY MACHINERY.