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THE SOUTH WALES AND MONMOUTHSHIRE UNITY OF ODDFELLOWS. THE BOARD OF GUARDIANS AND CLUB MEMBERS. A special meeting of the" Loyal Margaret Jones" of the above unity was held on Thursday evening last for the purpose of initiating honorary members. The usual business of the lodge having been performed the ceremony of creating honorary members was proceeded with, the new honorary members being Messrs. W. Spickett. G. Evans. Ty vica-crescent, and G. R. Jones Caradog." Mr. Geo. Evans then took the chair, and a. most interest- ing programme was gone through, the first item being a song. ;i The Birkenhead Eisteddfod," by Mr. James Jones, who was heartily encored.—The Chairman proposed Success to the Order," and remarked that it was incumbent on every member of the Order to put his shoulder to the wheel, and push forward what he would term a very good case. There was no work that could be done without a struggle, and perseverance in such a good cause as they had would eventually prove success- ful. and in proposing the toast he would hope that they would prove themselves to be worthy of the cause they had adopted. (Loud cheers.) The toast having been duly honoured was responded to by Mr. John Jones (treasurer), who, speaking in Wel-h, expressed the joy he felt at seeing so many present, and hoped that every member would do his best to make the Order a success, and to obtain more members. (Hear, hear.)—Bro. W. Davies, P.N.G., also responded, and after apologising for the absence of the general secretary, who was too ill to attend, went on to say that the order was made up mainly of working men. They had. however, had a few honorary members. The order was making progress amongst the sister societies, .although as yet it was but young, having only established about four years and nine months back. They had a membership of 7,000. The Rhondda section had only been in existence for a little over a year, but it was the strongest section of the order, and had a membership roll of 578. (Cheers.) He had been once told that the registry office would not register their order because they had no graduated scale of payments, but that had now been done. It might be of interest for them to know that they did not depend upon their own resources, for all the lodges were combined to- gether, and the 119 other lodges of the order would have to contribute towards their lodge, which made the thirtieth lodge of which the order was composed, but the board of management appointed auditors to examine their books, Another point he might mention was the fact that when a mem- ber received a full benefit, say for funeral ex- penses, he would not' afterwards be expelled the lodge, as was the case in some orders, but he would be allowed to continue his subscription if he desired to do so, ahd obtain further benefits if he needed them. (Applause.) He was sorry that public bodies did not give friendly societies the encouragement they deserved, for such societies had been formed in order to encourage thrifty habits amongst working men. The members put money by in order that they might be able to live when disabled or in need, without appealing to the parish rates, yet the Board of Guardians refused, if a man was a member cf a club, to give him any relief, so that a man who was not a member of a club might obtain 12s. per week from the parish, whereas his fellow-worker would have to depend upon say 2s. 6d. per week club money. C" Shame.") He gave credit to the Pontypridd Guardians as being perhaps one of the most humane and sympathetic in the country, but yet he had to bring forward this complaint. In fact beggars and tramps from other parishes could have relief at the workhouse whilst their fellow-townsmen failed, although they had paid their share of the rates. And such boards ought also to be thankful to friendly societies, for they considerably relieved the rate- payers, and he (the speaker) fervently hoped that somebody would take this matter up and bring it to a successful issue. (Loud applause.) Mr. G. R. Jones (Cardiff) proposed the next toast. Our Lodge," and in doing so urged the members to try and get young men and youths to join the lodge. He should like to see them more ambitious, and as an example of what ambition had done he would point to the fact that a boy 80'110 of them had known as Dai Glanmydddych," a poor farmer's son in that parish, had become Alderman David Evans, and Lord Mayor elect of London. (Cheers.) He wished the lodge every success, and he was sure that each of the honorary members would do their best for them. (Ap- plause). Bro. Thos. Cousins responded, and said he was glad to be a member of a lodge, at the head of which there were a lot of good men.- Bro. D. Romerry, who also responded on behalf of the secretary of the lodge, and read a statement of the accounts for the eleven months during which the lodge had been in existence. The balance in the treasurer's hands after all expenses, such as ,ick and funeral funds and menngement had been deducted, was £ 25 12s. 0 £ d. (Applause.) The total number of members was 103. and it was to be hoped that each brother would take a great interest in the lodge, and endeavour to increase to increase the membership roll. (Cheer.)-Bro. W. Davies. P.N.G.. explained that in two cases a total of 18s. had been paid by two members who received £ 8 benefit from the lodge. (Cheers.) Master Evan Jenkins then recited most dramati- cally The women of Mumble Head." This young gentleman has a talent which really ought to be developed, and we most sincerely hope that this will be done, for his rendering of this beautiful and sympathetic piece was the best we had ever heard. Bro. John Jones then proposed the toast of the Press," which was suitably responded to by Mr. Evan R. Evans (South Wales Star.') The next item on the programme was a song, Down by the river side." by Mr. B. Ford, which was followed by another by Mr. James Jones, the accompanist being Mr. D. T. Davies. The chairman's health having been drunk the meeting broke up. We may mention that the next special meeting of the lodge will be held next Thursday, when Messrs. E. C. Spickett, D. Parry Thomas, and Dr. Howard Davies are expected to speak, and a hearty invitation is given by the lodge to all who wish to be present.


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