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BARRY. NEW BRASS BAND.—A new band is to be estab- 1" )1<:ll at Bany, to be called the Barry Town Brass B ad." A subscription litit has been opened. The pro- moters, iu the circular which they have addressed to tLJ public, state that it is intended that the band will pi. j during the summer evenings on Barry Island. OUR READERS will remember some weeks ago that we pnnounced that the Barry and Cadoxton Companjr intended to lay a granolithic pavement from Barry Station to the bridge on Barry Island. The contract has now been let to Mr. A. Elliott, and the work has already been commenced. The pavement is to be 10 feet wide all the way. This will make a very pie.: ai:t walk for the inhabitants of Barry. TRAIN VLI'ERAT'ON3.—The following alterations wil: c'i;uo into operation on November 1 on the Barry line, and remain unt'.l further notice The 8.50 a.m. train ex Barry and the 8.38 train ex Cogan will be altered to rum as under:—Barry dep. 8.50 a.m., Barry Dock 8.53 a.m., Cadoxton 8.58 a.m., Dinas Powis 9.2 a.m. Cogan arr. 9.7 a.m., Cogan dep. 8.38 a.m., Dinas Powys 8.42 a.m., Cadoxton 8.43 a.m., Barry Dock 8.53 a.m., Barry rwr. 8.57 a.m. REV. J. OssiAN DAVIES.—Our readers must not forget the lecture on Dr. Moliatt," which is to be de- livered on Friday evening week by the Rev. J. Ossian Davies, of Bournemouth, one of the most wide knm n and appreciated lecturerers and ministers in the Principality. The lecture will take place at the Barry Congregational Church, and will be in aid of the funds of that place of worihip. There is sure to be a crowded attendance, and we promise a rare intellectual treat to all who attend. — "To BE, OR NOT TO BE, MARRIED."—At the Presbyterian-hall, Barry, on Tuesday night, a large and appreciative audience assembled for the purpose ofhea "fj a lecture by the well-known London minis- ter, the Rev. Thomas Evans, Victoria Park, on the subject, To Be, or Not to Be. Married." The chair was occupied by Air. H. Raclclifie, and the leading in- habitants of Barry were those present, young people, too, forming a considerable portiop of the audience. The rev. gentlenian dealt with his attractive subject in his characteristic style, the lecture proving very interesting, amusing and instructive, and was frequently applauded. T.ie proceeds were in aid or the building fund. FANCY FAIR AT BARRY.—This bazaar, or fancy f 'r. which is fc ly announced in another column, has for its object the getting up of funds for the erection of a chr ch at East Barry, and the Lord Bishop of L'andaff has k'ndl" pioniised to open the proceedings on Wednesday. \» e have no doubt, looking at the goodly array of its patronisers and the large number of willing workers at the various stalls and the more than usually attractive panoramas, galleries, &c., that the promoters will be enabled to secure such a sum as will enable them to proceed with their laudable object. The guide book which has been issued is neatly got up, and is creditable alike iO the printer and the committee. BAZAAR.—We are desired to state that, in conjunc- tion with the St. Paul's Church bazaar, to be held at Barry Market on October 28 and 29, Messrs. Bonn and Howard's ur que diorama, under the personal direc- tion of Mr. Albert L. M. Bonn, assisted by star artistes, have been specially engaged for the occasion. It is needless to add that this great exnibition has been received with tremendous success wherever exhibited, and will, no doubt, prove a greatt attraction. THE ANNUAL SUNDAY SCHOOL ANNIVERSARY in connection with the Presbyterian Church, Barrv, were held on Sunday last, when the Rev. Daniel Thomas, Caerphilly, conducted the services through- out the day. The rev. gentleman preached suitable sermons both morning and evening. A very interest- ing children's service was given in the afternoon by the teachers and scholars. The recitations were heard to advantage, some of them being instructive and very impressive. A notable feature was the opening recitation by Master A. Taylor who recited the 23rd Psalm. The little fellow is only about five years of age. The followng programme was gone through :— Hymn, by the choir; 23rd Psalm, Alfred Taylor; hymn by the choir; prayer by the minister hymn by the choir; recitations, Beatrice Piper, Annie Harries, Thomas Evans, and Mary Hovells: solo, Master Basil Lewis; hymn by the choir; recitations, Nellie Evans, George" Reid, Bessie Morgan, and Edgar Llewellyn; hymn by the choir; address bj the minister: recitations, Mabel Down. Lewis Phillips, Clara Williams, and Annie Heath; hymns by the choir; recitations, Moses Wil- liams, Rose Evans, Oliver Williams, and Kate Mor- gan hymn, choir. Special hymns and anthems were rendered in the afternoon and evening services by the choir in grand style under the able leadership of Mr. J. Llewellyn. Mr. Rees Jones presided at the organ in his usual efficient way. WHERE TO GET GOOD FURNITURE.—With D. W. Thomas, Vere-strect, Cadoxton. who is the cheapest and the only experienced man in the district. Bring your rClJ:1irs to him. WHERE IS FOLLICIC'S, the Pawnbroker, Outfittei's Jeweller, itc. ?—Corner of Barry-road and Main-street. —Advt. FOR THE LARGEST and best selected stock of Watches, Clocks, and Jowellery at the lowest prices go to Newman's, Exchange-buildings, Barry. BARRY DOCK. SAFE VOYAGE OF A BARRY VESSEL.—The ss. Eureka, of Cardiff, which left Barry Dock on the 13th of October, the morning of the terrific gale, arrived safely on Wednesday at Lisbon. She having gone out in the teath of s'oh gales, fears were entertained as to her safety, and great satisfaction is felt at the news of her safe arrival. Captain "Hawken is master of the I vessel. EXPORTS AND hrpOnTS. The shipments at J Barry Dock for the week ending Saturday amounted to—Coa.1, 53.017 tons; coke, 1,822 tons 10 cwt. total 54.839 tons 10 cwt, This was shipper! on board 30 steamers anI 14, sailing vessels—total 44. The im- ports during the week consisted of 1,300 loads of timber. Sundry exports 220 tons of pig iron. TH-E RECENT INDECENT ASSAULT CASE.—At the-Glamorganshire Quarter Sessions, held at Swansea. on Tuesday. George Knill was charged with attemi-t- ing to commit a rape on Emma Ward on the 10tb October, at Holton-road, Barry Dock.—The jury found prisoner guilty of attempting to commit an assault only, and prisoner was sentenced to four months' hard labour.—Mr. Tudor Howell prosecuted (instructed by Mr. Lloyd Meyrick, Cardiff), and Mr. E. Bowen Rowlands defended. WRECK OF A BARRY-BOUND VESSRL.—The Nor- wegian barque, Altinio. which left Barry Dock with a cargo of coal for Santos about a fortnight ago, ex- perienced the full force of the terrible gales, and was driven back up the Bristol Channel, and went ashore two miles below Aberthaw, where she has since broken up. She is now lying on her beam ends, with her masts seawards, and her cargo of coal is being rapidly washed out of her. Very little of her has been saved. but it is satisfactory to state that none of the lives of the crew were lost. Mr. S. A. Williams. Barry Dock Chambers, was agent of the vessel at Barry. WHERE TO GET GOOD FURNITURE—With D. W. Thomas, Vere-street, Cadoxton, who is the cheapest and the only experienced man in the district. Bring your repairs to him. CADOXTOX. SERIOUS ACCIDENT TO A MARRIED WOMAN.— M rs.. Sarah Sharpe of Cadoxton, was admitted to the Cardiff Infirmary on Monday evening suffering from injuries sustained through falling downstairs at her house. She is progressing favourably. POSTAL NOTICE.—On and from the 26th inst. a new mail will be received at Cardiff from Dov.dris at 2.30 p.m., and the correspondence received in it will be delivered at Penarth, Caloxton, Barry Dock, Barry, itc., the same evening. DRYX ZIOS CHAPEL.-—The anniversary services in connection with Bryn Zion "\Ve1sh Congregational Chapel, Cadoxton, will be held on Sunday and Mon- day next. The preachers will be the Revs. T. Penant Phillips, Cardigan, and T. Tegryn Phillips, Pembrek. SATURDAY "POPS."—We are glad to see that Mr. Lewrs Lewis with his accustomed enterprise, is organising a series of S-.turday Pops" for the com- ing winter season at the Market-hall. Cadoxton. By glancing at the array of talent wli'ch lias already been secured, there can be no doubt of the success of the venture. CHORAL UNION.—The Cadoxton Choral Union is making satisfactory progress, bnt we are asked by the conductor, Mr. W. C. Howe, to state that more male voices are required. Persons desirous of joining should attend on Monday evening at the Shaftesbury Temperance Hotel. Vere-strect, where the practices 1ce being held. ENGLISH PRESBYTERIANS. — The anniveasary services of the English Presbyterians will be held on the 23th proximo, when Professor Ellis Edwards has promised to preach. We regret to hear that Professor Prys, who made such a good impression a,t Cadoxton some time ago, will be unable to attend. On the Wed- nesday previous a tea will be given at the Presby- terian Hall in the afternoon, followed by a public meeting in the evening. THE CALL OF THE REV. J. W. MATTHEWS.— In relation to the call which the Rev. J. W. Matthews has lately received and accepted, to take charge of his old church, the English Presbyterian Church, Ca- doxton, it is interesting to find that there are only three other instances in the history of the denomina- tion in which an old pastor has been re-c;tlled, The other three are—the Rev. Mr. Williams, Argyle, Swansea; the Rev. J. B. Hughes, Birchgrove and the Rev. W. Evans, M.A., Pembroke-Dock. COMING LOCAL SALES.—We have to call our l'e11.Ùél'S' attention to two coming sales by 1I1e5s1'3, D. Jones and Co.—one of household furniture and trade effects at Holton-road to-day, End the other of desirahle residences in Harbour-road on Thursday night. Mr. W. Thomas will a'so dispose of a large quantity of household effects on Wednesday next at Radnor Villa, Cadoxton, and on Wednesday, November 4. at the Wenvoe Hotel. Cadoxton, he will offer for sale two desirables residence in Cardiff-road, Cadox- ton. Particulars of each sale may be foundin another column. SUDDEN DEATH OF A YOUNG GIRL.—At Cadox- ton on Monday, Mr. E. B. Reece, cr strict coroner, held an inquest touching the death of Alice Maud Morgan, aged sixteen years, daughter of the late Wm. Morgan, carpenter, Cadoxton.—Mrs. Evans, Old Post Office, Cadoxton Village, at whose house the girl died, said that the deceased had been at the Now House Orphanage Bristol, for fonr years, About. June last, witness had a letter from the institution stating that the girl was suffering from phthisis, and- that, in the opinion of the medical officer, a change would do her goop. 'Witness went, on June 13th, to Bristol, and ¡ brought her home, since when she had been with her. When taking her away, Dr. Salmon, the medical officer, said that all that could be done had been done, gave her some mrr1icine, tolc1 her to take cod liver oil, and told her. if any change ensued, to send for a doctor. The girl got on well until Wednesday morn- ing On that day she took breakfast in bed. After witness had breakfasted she went in to see her, when I deceased complained cf being cold and having a pain in the chest. Dr. O'Donnell was sent for, but she died as he got into the 1'o()m,-Dr, J, p, O'Donnel1 at- tributed death to phthisis in an advanced stage.—The jury (of which Mr. A. Found was foreman) returned a verdict of "Death from natural causes." The Coroner stated that the doctor had been willing t3 grant a certificate of the death, without an inquest being held, as it was evident what the deceaFed was suffering from but he (the coroner) had ordered the inquest to be held because it was such a long time since a doctor had attended her. The evidence of Mrs. Evans, however, fully and satisfactorily explained why a doctor had not been called in. CHURCH CHORAL FESTIVAL.—A festival of paroclral choirs in connection with the Glamorganshire English Division of the Llandaff Diocesan Church Choral Association, of which the Bishop of Llandaff is president, was held at St. John's Church, Cardiff. Among the choirs which took part were those from Cadoxten, Dinas Powis, Liancarvan, Arc. Among the clergy present were the Revs. E. Morris and A. T. Couch (Cadoxton), A. T. Hughes (Llancarfan), E. Morgan (Penmark), J. Lewis (St. Fagans), A-c. The service was intoned by the Rev. Minor Canon Downing, and the lessons were read by the Rev. A. T. Hrghes, Llancarfan. and Archdeacon Griffiths. Two anthems were sung during the service, the first being Teach me, 0 Lord," by Attwoo 1. and the second Haydn's "The Heavens are telling," from the Creation. WHERE TO GET GOOD FURNITURE—With D. W. Thomas, Vere-street, Cadoxton, who is the cheapest and the only experienced man in the district. Bring your repairs to him. FOLLICK'S is the Genuine Shop for all kinds of Clothing. Corner of Barry-road and Main- s reet.—Advt. IF YOU WANT your Watch or Clock well repaired or cleaned at a moderate charge take it to Newman's, High-s reet, Cadoxton. PEXARTII. LOCAL BOARD,—A meeting of the Penarth Local Board was held on Monday night and adjourned. A meeting of the Public Works Committee was after- wards held, but no Lasiness of general impartance was transacted. LATE HARVEST. — Some idea of what this wet autumn must mean to farmers, says a correspondent who was at Penmark, near Cowbrid^e, on Sunday. may be gathered from the fact that one Penmark farmer has 40 acres of barley and oats still out, some of which is growing into the ground. The correspon- dent inquired how it was that advantage was not taken of the fine week in September to get it all in, but the only reply was that the interval of fine weather was too brief to enable them to complete the harvest, and also the scarcity of labour was spoken of as a cause. ANNIVERSARY MEETINGS. — The anniversary meetings in connection with the Methodist Chapel took place on Thursday evening and Friday last, when eloquent and powerful sermons were delivered to crowded congregations. The officiating ministers were the Revs. Dr. Cynddylan Jones, Cardiff, and Thomas, Maesteg. The following ministers were also present, viz., the Revs. W. Daniels (the esteemed pastor), W. E. Evans (Carmel), E. T. Lewis (Llancarfan), and Harding (Rhoose). Collections in aid of the cause were made at the close of each meeting. Miss Davies, Llanbethery, ably presided at the harmonium. BONVILSTONE. MR. LEMUEL ROBERTS, of the Old Post Inn, is we are soiry to learn, suffering from rheumatic fever, and has been confined to his room for some weeks now ZOAR CHAPEL.—The annual harvesting thanks giving services were held here on Monday last., October 19th. In the evening an appropriate thanks- giving sermon was delivered to a large congregation by the Rev. J. H. Matthews, Cadoxton. Special harvest hymns were sun^ under the leadership of Mr. Jenkin Thomas, Lilliput Farm. LLJ NCARFAN. THANKSGIVING SERVICES.—On Friday last the harvest thanksgiving seHlces were hel(1 at the Parish Church. The sacred edifice was nicely decorated for the occasion, and the attendance, especially at the evening service, notwithstanding the anniversary meetings at Penmark, was exceedingly good. The clergymell who took part in the proceedings were the Rev. A. T.Hughes (the respected vicar of the parish), Revs. Matthews (Swansea), Evans (Peterson), and Jones (Glyntaff). The last-named gentleman preached two excellent sermons in the vernacular. The sing- ing of the choir, especially the anthem, Teach me, 0 Lord," was very good. Miss Constance Hughes, made an excellent organist. RHOOSE. ANNIVERSARY SERVICES.—The anniversary ser- vices in connection with Nurston Welsh Congrega- tional Chapel have just been held, and proved very l1ccessfuL The services commenced on Monday day cyening at seven o'riock, when there was a large congregation. Pr.yer was offered by the Rev. — Lewis, Llancarfan, the sermon being delivered by the Rev. J. Morris, Star-street Congregatioral Chape1, Caidiff. On Tuesday morning the well known prc-ache •, Rev. Dr. Thomas. Liverpool, delivered an eloquent sermon. In the afternoon sermons were de- livered by the Revs. Mr. Jones (Mountain Ash), and J. Morris (Cardiff). There was a very good congre- gation in the evening, when termons wore delivered by the Rev. J. Stowell, M.A., Barry, ii1 English, and the Rev. Dr. Thomas, Liverpool, in Welsh. As on pre- vious occasions, the ministers were entertained during their stay iu the locality by Mr, W. Jeukins, Rhcose Farm.




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