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MERTHYRDOVAX VESTRY MEETING. INCREASE OF ASSISTANT OYERSEER'S SALARY. A vestry meeting of the Merthyrdovan parish was held at the Barry Public-hall on Thursday-, the 15th inst. There were present, Mr. J. John, overseer (in the chair). Messrs. C. J. Thomas (over- seer), J. A. Hughes. David Roberts. E. J. Robert. Rees Jones. J. Thomas (Holton Farm). D. Giiffiths, David John, and David Howells (assistant overseer).—Mr. David Howells. in making his ap plication for an increase of salary, stated "that liis present salary was £30:\ year. and that when he was appointed the number of assessments were between 300 and 400, now they were between (300 and 700. When he was appointed the rateable value was about £2,500; now it was about £28,500. He quoted figures showing that in other parishes the assistant overseers were paid about 3s percent, on the money collected. That percentage would amount to between -C80and £ ',»0 in Mer- thyrdovan. He asked for his salary to be increased to £. 70 a year.—Mr. J. A. Hughes said he had much pleasure in proposing that Mr. Howell's salary be increased to £ 70 a year. He had been intimately connected with the parish for four or five years, and he was glad to bear testimony to the very ex- cellent way in which Mr. Howells had done his work. The figures which Mr. Howells had pro- duced spoke for themselves.—Mr. David Roberts seconded the resolution, which was carried unani- mously.—-Mr. David Howells then made a further application that he should be appointed collector, instead of assistant overseer. He said it was cus tomary to appoint collectors in most parishes. If he were appointed collector, the post would be a more permanent one, because he could not be dis- missed without the consent of the Board of Guardians and of the Local Government Board. As assistant overseer, if he had offended any rate- payer by summoning him for the rates, he was entirely at the mercy of the vestry, and such a ratepayer might attempt to turn him out of his office. He had a large family, and would not like, after doing the work for a year or two. to lose his position. A considerable discussion followed.— Mr. J. A. Hughes said that he was very much opposed to the appointment of a collector. An assistant-overseer was under the Vestry, a collector was under the Cardiif Board of Guardians and the Local Government Board. He thought it would be very unwise to give up the control of their officials to a Cardiff authority on which they were not well represented, and to a Government Office in London. There was also the possibility that in the future it might be* desirable to appoint one man to collect all the rates in the town, and it would, in his opinion, be very foolish for them to do anything which would prove an obstacle to that scheme. At present their assistant-overseer was employed, say. one day in collecting rates from a certain street, and the Local Board collector. perhaps, on the following week would be collecting rates from the same houses. In his opinion, this was a waste of labour, and he believed that the rates would be collected throughout the town better if they were all collected by one man and his assistants. Mr. Howells had not been able to point out any advantage which the parish would obtain by appointing" a collector, and they were there to consider the interests of the parish. If Mr. Howells offended any ratepayer in the execu- tion of his duty he might rest assured that the Yestry would not allow him to suffer. As assistant- overseer Mr. Howells was in exactly the same position as nine-tenths of the officials in tho country, nearly all of whom could be dismissed by giving them proper notice. He saw no reason why they should attempt to bind the future, and make the appointment more permanent than it was present.—Mr. E. J. Roberts was of opinion that as they had a collector at Cadoxton. they should also have one in Merthyrdovan parish. j —air. Rees Jones said that as assistant-overseer Mr. D. Howells was in a subordinate position, and he ought to be put on a level with other collectors, —Mr. J. Thomas agreed with this.—Mr. David Roberts agreed with Mr. Hughes. He believed in home rule, and thought it would be foolish to hand over the control of their parish rate-collector to a Cardiff or London authority. Mr. Howells had been dealt with generously by the parish, and as long as he did his duty the parish would stand by him. He thought it would be foolish to take any steps which they might regret in the future.— It was pointed out that the question of appointing a collector was not on the notice calling the meet- ing, and that consequently any resolution on the subject would bo, out of order.—Mr. J. A. Hughes expressed a hope that if the matter was brought on again that posters should be printed and circu- lated through the parish so that a good attendance of ratepayers might be obtained to discuss the question, as it was one of great importance.—This was agreed to, and the meeting terminated.