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RIUDGEND BUEAL SANITARY AUTHORITY, The fortnightly meeting of this authority was held at the Union Workhouse on Saturday, pre- sent—Rev. F, W. Edmondes (chairman), Messrs. John Williams. John Rees, Edwin Williams, W. Howell(Pencoed), Evan Matthews, R. Harmar Cox, (clerk), W, Leyshon (inspector of nuisances), Jesse Hurley (engineer), and Dr. Mellor. THE COITY CASES. The Inspector said he had given copies of the necessary printed notices to be filled in upon per- sons owning slaughter-houses, among them being Mr. John Thomas (Coity), but it had not yet been returned him.—He reported, regarding the alleged case of overcrowding at a private school at Coity. conducted in the long-room of the Oak public- house, that its dimensions were 30ft. x 16ft., with 8ft. headroom. There was also a smaller place at- tached, the total cubic feet being 4.096. There were 08 children there, and those, with one master and a teacher, brought the number up to 60 the amount of space for each person being 68 cubic feet. There were three windows in the front of the house, with two doors, one opening out to the passage. The privy accommodation was inade- quate, there being only an old urinal. The guar- dian had told him there would be a new one erected by that day, and on Wednesday last he had visited the place and found it erected.—It was explained that 3()0ft. for each person was required as sleeping room.—The Chairman said he was anxious regarding the matter that the Board should deal with it themselves in the usual way. without any expression from him, as it was .pro- bable he should have to deal with it in another capacity.—Mr. John Roes Do you reckon it is overcrowded 1 — The Chairman I have not given an expression of opinion.—Mr. Evan Matthews What is the allowance for each person 1—The Chairman I am not aware that there is anything stipulated. We might have some idea from the figures of the Education De- partment if we had them here. This school is not under the Government, but it was for the authority to consider, regarding the health of the district, whether it was not necessary to interfere with it. If it was overcrowded it was their duty to see that it was stopped.—It was pointed out that the height required would be 15 feet, whereas this only allow 8 feet.—At the instigation of Mr. Evan Mattheivs, Dr. Mellor, who had just entered the room, was asked his opinion on it.—He (Dr. Mellor) said the rule generally recognised was to require 210 at least for a sleeping compartment. In the ca?e of a sckool it would only be occupied for a few hours he took it, therefore the minimum would be very much smaller. His own opinion was that about 150 Met would be required.-—The Chairman; It is only G8 feet here instead of 150. Mr. Matthews If that is the case it is over- crowded.— Mr. Edwin Williams proposed that the clerk be instructed Ü: see what cubical area is", allowed by the Education Department for each child.—Mr. John Rees seconded, and it was carried. MISCELLANEOUS. 'The Inspector reported that he had visited and in-speeted the present drain near the Turbcrvill Anas, Llanhacran, and recommended that it be ex- tended with a 3 2-ineh pipe for a distance of 166 feet, as far as the railway, torn whence it would fall into a gutter which ran Alongside the railway for a distanee of.about 800 ysurds. The cost of the work would be to Is.—It was decided that the Inspector at once take steps to have the drain completed.—A letter was read from Mr. J. W. Edward* postmaster of Aberkeafig, calling atten- tion to the fact that two large Jieapj of paving- stones been allowed to remain opposite the Post-office for the p^.st two mostths, which, he pointed otic, was not G.'11y very unsightly but also dangerous to pedestrians.—Mr. Hmley explained that they were there whilst he was endeavouring to get stone. He had managed to get what he re- quired at last, and they would be used during the week.—This gesitlemon had also written the In- spector stating that the diiitbin he had broken at Aberkenfig had been replaced. THE ABEliKESTFIGr DRAINAGE SCHEME. Mr. Tamplin Leww wrote stating that at the meeting of the drainage committee held at the Asylum on the previous Thursday, it was recom- mended that the old scheme for dealing with the sewage of the asylum he adhered to, viz.—by re- verting to the old line of route along- the tram- road.—The Chairman read a former resolution of the authority that they approved of the drainage being carried through the asylum grounds. lu, consequence of that they had the present plan pre- pared now they would have to wait for another resolution to adopt the old line of route.—County Councillor Win. Howell pointed out that the general committee and the sub-committee did not happen to see the same way, hence the reason for the r 3appointment of a new committee at the meet- ing the previous Thursday.—Mr. Evan Matthews said the authority had come once to meet the views of the Asylum authorities, and if they were going on suggesting alterations and bringing them back again to the same place they would never proceed. He proposed that the authority adhere to the scheme laid down on the plan in red, which was the original one, and that the necessary notices for carrying out the scheme be served on the owners, the clerk to withdraw the previous notices, and that the plan be sent to Local Government Board in order to obtain an enquiry. Mr. Tamplin Lewis is aiso to be written to this effect. — Mr. Matthews pointed out that the Bridgend Local Board had already done this.—Mr. Edwin Williams seconded.—Carried.—There was no other business of importance.