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BARRY AXD CADOXTON DISTRICT v. TAFF VALE WANDERERS. These teams met each other on the Witchill Athletic Grounds, Cadoxton-Barry. under the most adverse circumstances. The field was in fearfully bad condition, and rain fell heavily almost all the time during the match. The Barryites played at a great disadvantage, inasmuch as they had five of the seconds playing as substitutes for first men, and another who was playing for the first time this season. Nevertheless, the contest was of an exciting character, and the game was well-con- tested throughout.. At the conclusion the scores were Taff Vale Wanderers, 4 tries 4 minors Barry and Cadoxton District, 1 try 4 minors. LL ANTWIT-IM A J OR v. COWBRIDGE. The Llantwit team played their first match with their old rivals, the Cowbrklge team, on the ground of the former on Saturday last, but in consequence of the high wind and slippery ball the game was principally confined to the forwards. The Llantwit men scored 1 converted goal and 3 minors in the first half, and 2 minors in the second half to 1 minor scored by the Cowbridge team. The play was sometimes very rough, and we trust in the future that the players will have the manliness to submit at once to the decisions of the referee. TOXDU v. OGMORE VALE. The Tondu ground was visited by a large crowd on Saturday evening last to witness the first match of the season between these teams. Rees rolled the leather for Tondu down the hill, Gregory finding touch inside the half-way. At the 25 flag Stafford lost a good opening by neglecting to pass, and the several succeeding scrums showed Ogmore to be heavier. After some stubborn plav a scrum was formed opposite the Ogmore goal- post, but the Ogmore forwards relieved, and a "free "aided them considerably. From a scrum near the 2b flag Ogmore swept the ball out, and Stafford lifted the ball over the bar amidst cheers. Alter half-time W. 1. Jones stole a pass intended for Brice and skirted the touch line, and Gregory failing to turn him in he scored easily behind the posts. W. M. Rees put a straight goal. Ogmore forwards again showed their superiority, but they were not well backed. Time after time did they send the ball out, but owing to the in- accurate and slow passing more ground was lost than gained. Sullivan and Stafford went off, and Gregory was called upon to kick into touch, near he 25 flag. Here a long series of line outs" occurred, but ultimately Osborne and M'Cale went down dangerously near the home line. Some risky passing between Hopkin, Rees, and Thomas got it out, but soon the Ogmore forwards returned, this time Stafford using a flying kick to thwart them. However, Tondu again got up, and after scoring a minor, Ogmore again were witnessed to shine forward, but failed to score. Final reading: Tondu, 2 goals (1 dropped) and 2 minors Ogmore, nil. Teams :—Tondu Back, Edgar Lloyd three- quarter backs, W. T. Jones, Murphy. Stafford, and H. Thomas; half-backs, H. Sullivan and J. IIopkin forwards, T. Rees (captain), J. H. Wil- liarns, T. Carey, T. Howell, D. Grogan. W. Thomas, R. Williams, and W. M. Rees; umpire, Mr. E. Hopkins. Ojtmore Vain Back, R. Gregory three-quarter backs, Culliford (captain), T. BricC), M'Cale, and T. Partridge half-backs. T.J. Job and H. Davies forwards. D. Davies, R. Ham, H. Tre- harne, J. Gallagan, J. Ashman. W. Ham, T. Thomas. and H. Osborne umpire, Mr. J. Chilton refereej Mr. A. J. Davies, Cardiff Harlequins Football Club. BRIDGEXD v. ABERAVON "A." While the first were engaged at Aberavon the second strings were disporting themselves at the Five Bells Field. The visitors journeyed with a strong lot, and the home team, considering their youth, are to be decidedly complimented. R. Gregory, the newly-appointed captain, marched the men out in style, and a tight game was wit- nessed by a goodly number of spectators. The result was a converted goal and 3 minors scored by Aberavon to 1 minor scored by Bridgend. ] BRIDGEXD v. POXTYCLOWX. The team to represent Bridgend on Saturday next in their match with Pontyclown will be selected from the following:—Back, E. Emery (captain) three-quarter backs, W. B. Gregory, E. S. Fell. T. Emery, B. Brice, and A. Price half- backs, Jim Richards and H. James forwards, D. R. Llewellyn, H. James, C. James, D. Mahoney, W. Llewellyn, W. Vivian, E. Davies, T. Francis, J. Luke, S. Daniells, and W. Jenkins. It will be seen that Luke is about to return to play for Bridgend, and his presence in the front will no doubt be heartily welcomed. MERTHYR v. PONTYPRIDD. This match took place on Thursday last week under very unfavourable circumstances on the Taff Vale Ground, Pontypridd. Owing to the inclemency of the weather the number of spectators was small. The field was in a most slimy condition. Merthyr having won the toss elected to play) with the wind. Pontypridd pressed the visitors hard, but the only point scored before half-time was a try got by W. John and converted by Tiley. After half-time the homesters had it all their own way, B. Lewis dropping a beautiful goal. Tiley scoring a try which was, however, not allowed, and just before call of time Raymond Watkins and Ack. Llewellyn each scored a try, the latter of which was converted. ResultPontypridd, 3 goals (1 dropped) 2 tries 1 minor Merthyr, 1 minor. POXTYPRIDD v. CAERPHILLY. This match was played on the Taff Vale ground before a large number of spectators. After a very one-sided game the score stood as follows Pont- ypridd. 1 goals 3 tries 2 minors. Caerphilly 1 minor. The tries were secured by Gus Rowlands (1), Tiley (2), and Williams (2). Gus Rowlands made a splendid dribble in the first half, before scoring, and in the second half made a magnificent rUu j01? mid-territory, and was unlucky in being down when within tin ace of scoring, William Williams played a sound game. and Tiley's play throughout was beyond all praise. He kicked and ran excellently. POXTYPRIDD "A" v. CRUSADERS. This friendly match took place on the Taff Vale Grounds on Saturday on a slimy field. After a well contested game the match ended in a victory for the homesters by 1 goal 2 tries and 1 minor to 2 minors. For Pontypridd Reuben Richards, Harry and Hughes scored tries, while Billy Howells was responsible for some brilliant driboles for the visitors. PEXYGRAIG v. PONTYCLOWN. Last Saturday, on the field near Brynsaddler a pleasant game resulted in the victory of the Pontclown team by 1 goal 2 ries and 10 minors to nil. MARITIME Y. SKEWEN. The Maritimers met the Skewenites on Satur- day at Pontypridd, and hostilities were waged under tho most adverse circumstances. The visitors kicked off, and almost immediately their territory was invaded by the home team, who put in score aftor score. Vickers made two brilliant runs and nicked a corresponding number of tries, and subsequently capped this achievement by again crossing the line. Higgos also played a rattling game and scored two tried, while Sullivan and Harry Williams obtained a try each. In the second half the visitors did their level best to storm the home citadcl, and exhibited plucky form, and but for the admirable vigilance of the home backs would have scored. Final score :—Maritime, 2 goals 5 tries 3 minors Skewen. 1 minor. BRIDGEND v. ABERAVON. This match was played at Aberavon on Satur- day. Aberavon kicked off against the wind, and kept the ball in the vistors' quarters for some time, Bridgend next relieved, aed. Aberavon con- ceded a minor. The homesters now rushed the ball to mid-territory. Emery now punted, gain- ing considerably. Several scrums ensued, neither team gaining anything. Aberavon were awarded a ?ree kick, but it resulted in nothing, The visitors' goal line was now hotly assailed? After breathing time Bridgend kicked off and made a good dribble. Bridgend conceded a minor. Aberavon got a free, which resulted in another minor being registered for Aberavon. Aberavon now dribbled up the goal line, when the ball was well returned. The same team again rushed and kept the ball in the visitors' quarters for several minutes. Bridgend now endeavoured to rush, when Hendra relieved. Final result :—Aberavon. 3 minors Bridgend. 1 minor. BARRY AXD CADOXTON DISTRICT v. CARDIFF RANGERS. This match will be played at the Witchill Grounds on Saturday, at 3.30 p.m. sharp. The following will represent Barry :—Back, R. Lewie three-quarters, G. H. Washbourne. G. Richards E: LI. Morgan, and S. O. Else half-backs, C. Lane and T. Morgan forwards, W. Prothero, H. Ekers W. Ekers, Rees Davies, H. Waters. R. Blake, S.' Hosgood, and J. Mildon reserves, E. J. Roberts! A. Jones, and E. Wadrup. Results of Saturdays matches, played on the ground of the first-named clubs :— I SCORE. I. TEAMS. WINNER. UEMAKKS. FOlt. AGAINST || U. T. G. T7 | Cardiff v. Newport Drawn Both teams poorly represented I Penarth v. Penygraig Penarth 1 j Matthews kicked a iield goal J Swinton v. Swansea Swinton Ill Bancroft dropped for Swansea |l Oldham v. Swansea (Monday) ;Swansea 3 j Swansea paek played splendidly II 'Quins v. Pentre I'Quins 2 2 | ICasy win for 'Quins | Llauelly y. Neath Llanelly 1 I Neath "nave lost every match this season J Aberavon v. Bridgend (Drawn j — Bridgend showed improved form j Brecon v. Cardiir l,A" Cardiff 3 2 —. — Norman Biggs played for Cardiff j| Pontypridd v. Caerphilly Pontypridd 1 5 — Tiley played a most magnificent game || Maritime v. Ske wen Maritime 2 5 Maritime not. been defeated this season Kymin v. 'Quins A" Kymin 1 Alexander played very well Sud brook v. Penarth "A" Drawn 1 1 C. Kirby showed rare form Barry District v. T.V. Wanderers Wanderers j 4 1 Barry very poorly represented



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