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FOOTBALL NOTES. [BY THE DRUID.] What a day Saturday was for football The players on most grounds were like half-drowned rats, while many a spectator is, no doubt, on the sick list this week suffering from rheumatic or some other H atic" resulting from an hour's ex posure to the frowning elements and sloppy grounds on Saturday. The chief match on Saturday was, of course, the Newport v. Cardiff encounter in the Cardiff Arms Park. Unfortunately both teams were minus several regular players. Cardiff entered the arena without R. B. Sweet-Escott (who, rumour says. has definitely decided not to play again on account of ill-health should this prove true, Cardiff will certainly lose one of the best halves that ever danced behind a scrum), and Sid Nicholls while Monk Gould, Charlie Thomas, and George Thcmas, and T. Graham were not able to don the paint for Newport. Contrary to expectation, the Cardiff pack was quite equal to that of the "Black and Ambers in the tight scrums but they were not so agile and clever in the loose. The Cardiff backs had a strong pull, and did excellent defensive work. Swansea journeyed to Manchester to meet the Swinton" Lions." Skipper Bowen and his men were rather confident that honours would lie on their side, but it was not to be. Swansea's pack was simply" not in it" in the loose the Swinton men rushing and dribbling in fine style. But on Monday the All Whites had the satis- faction of defeating OJdham by 3 tries to nil. In this match the Welsh forwards wakened up, and played in fine style while the backs never dis- played better form. The meeting of Neaih and LIanelly at Stradey Park was productive of a fine game, the Tin- platers" winning by 1 try to nil. Neath have certainly experienced very hard lines this season. They have met Aberavon, Cardiff, Swansea. Pen- arth and Llanelly. and have lost every match, and several of them by very small scores. Penarth met Penygraig on the new ground of the Sea-siders." The turf was very sodden, and not at all suited to the tactics of the home men, who largely rely upon their backs. Both teams played in real earnest, and Penarth won by the luckiest of all points-a field goal. Penygraig had the advantage in the forwards, but were not so clever as the home backs. Con- sidering the greasy state of the ball, some good passing was witnessed, and several fine runs were made. Coslett, Morgan, Rowles, Hutchings, and Shepherd played well for Penarth, while the whole of the visiting backs tackled with great de- termination. Matthews, Brown, Edgington, and Millward were the pick of the Penarth pack, while Evans, Davies, and Phillips shone for Penygraig. Penarth A team journeyed to Sudbrook, and played a drawn game—one try each. Charles Kirby and Tom Brown showed good form for Penarth. To-morrow and Saturday the Scarlet-runners visit Penarth, and a grand game may be expected. My fancies lie with the" Sea-siders," who should win comfortably if the ground is dry but should the turf be in as bad a state as it was on Satur- day last, the result will be a very close affair. 1 Maritime did splendidly against Skewen, and so far have won every match. My firm opinion is that teams much stronger than Skewen would find the Colliers a hard nut to crack. They are essentially a "forward" team, and have a pack quite equal to some of the so-called premiers. Their backs need a little more combination and experience to render the team one of the best in the Principality. Skewen, although beaten by 2 goals and 5 tries to nil, never lost heart and played pluckily until hostilities ceased. Bridgend journeyed to Port Talbot determined to do or die." This determination caused them to play with cemmendable dash and to return with an untarnished certificate was certainly a very creditable performance. It goes without saying that the game was hotly contested, each side storming the forts in turn. But, owing to fine defensive playing, no major point was scored. Bridgend were placed at a great disadvantage by having their skipper Emery injured early in the game and although he was not rendered hors de combat, he was not able to infuse the usual amount of dash into his play. The Bridgend backs need a little more combination, and the halves should not neglect to feed their three-quarters. During the last four years athletics have ad- vanced by leaps and bounds in the Ogmore Valley, and the match on Saturday last with Tondu was certainly a very good display of football. The Valley men are a strong lot, dribble and rush well, and at times wheel to great advantage. It was the Tondu backs who won the match. They are faster, End show better combination than the Ogmore men still they are a long way from perfect in their passing, and suffer considerably in compari- son to such teams as Cardiff, Penarth, &c. The best man for the Ogmore was Davies, who was ever to the fore, and whose dash was an example to the whole team. For Tondu Jones, Rees, Sullivan, Thomas, and H. Williams were,the shining lights. A. H. Williams, who is now playing for Tondu, played several matches with the Penarth team last season, and although not considered a first team man, he was looked upon as the first reserve. He is a good forward when in form, has plenty of weight and dash, and can tackle. He is also good at half, and at one time played in that position for Monmouth. Had he stayed in Penarth, no doubt he would this season have been included in the list I of regular players. Just a word of advice to football teams ill genera', and to Tondu and Ogmore in particular. More play and less ja.w I am informed by one n-ho was present that the chatter, chatter, on Saturday was disgusting. In future please restrain your verbosity. On Thursday, last week, Pontypridd gained a substantial victory over the Merthyr team by 3 !,OLI.ls (1 dropped) and 2 tries to nil. On Saturday the same team romped round Caer- philly to the time of 1 goal and 5 tries to nil. The jame was fought under very great difficulty, as he ground was a veritable swamp. Tiley played i champion game, and was a rare example to the sther backs. Christmas Jones displayed improved 'orm, and. in fact, the whole team played with far nore energy than has characterised their play of ilte. Barry and Cadoxton District allowed the Taff Vale Wanderers to run up a score of 4 tries to 1. 3otne. Secretary Nelrnes, this is bad form. Unless ;he District team go into strict training and turn .ip for the matches, I am afraid their "result" list it the end of the season will be one-well, not to 3e very proud of. There is some good material in :he team, and, with careful handling, I don't see vhy the combination should not be a successful )ne. SEASON 1891-92. Results up to, and including, Saturday, October 17 th, 1891, of the inter-club matches between first-class Welsh teams :— 1 » o s • !? H £ NAME OF CLUB1 O O "N V-H W A -<3 S « 9 9, O I f Cardiff 3 2 0 1 5 83 (Newport 3 2 0 1 5 83 f Llanelly 3 2 1 0 4 66 Swansea 3 2 1 0 4 56 V Penarth 3 2 1 0 4 66 'ims 10 10 K Penygraig2 0 2 0 5 Nci'-h 4 0 4 0




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