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CULLERS Barry Dock Hotel IS XOTr OPEN FOR THE RECEPTION OF VISITORS. SPACIOUS COFFEE ROOM, RESTAURANT. SMOKING AND BILLIARD ROOMS. FAMILY WIXE AND SPIRIT STORES ADJOINING THE HOTEL. CARDIFF CATERING ESTXBLISIDIEXTT: The Exchange Restaurant, CARDIFF DOCKS. The Philharmonic Restaurant, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. R. P. CULLEY & CO., THF EXCHANGE, CARDIFF. DAVIESS TEMPERANCE ROOMS, HOLTOX-ROAD (NEXT VICTORIA HOTELS. BARRY DOCK. COFFEE AND COMMERCIAL ROOMS. Accommodation for Visitors. PROPRIETOR :—D. P. DAVIES. HOLTOX PORK SHOP. JJ A VID QORNWELL pORK gUTCHER, 10. HOLTON ROAD. BARRY DOCK, AND GLEBE STREET, PENARTH. ALL GOODS OF THE VERY BEST. ,TRY THE QUALITY. PIANOS, ORGANS, PIANOS. CHEAPEST HOUSE IX THE TRADE. Pir.r.os from ICs. 3d. Monthly, Organs from 5e. Monthly. The Public are invited to inspect R. J. HEATH & SONS' STOCK OF PIANOS, ORGANS, &C., As pounds will be saved by placing their orders with them. FVMTV Instrument Guaranteed and Kept in Tune One Year Free of Charge! LARGE DISCOUNT FOR CASH. HEATH & SONS, PIANOFORTE AND ORGAN MERCHANTS, TUNERS AND REPAIRERS, 51, QUEEN STREET. CARDIFF, AXD 34, TAFF-STREET, PONTYPRIDD. BECHSTEIN PIANOS. Heoth and Sons offer these magnificent Pianos on the Three Years' System and for Cash at most advantageous prices and terms. T. 1\1. WILLIAMS, COURT HOUSE. 35, VERE STREET, CADOXTON. rJ'HE CHEAPEST HOUSE in the District for A HATS. CAPS. TIES. SHIRTS. COLLARS, DUNGAREE JACKETS anJ OVERALLS. Rffirly-made Clothing of every description. Bespoke Tailoring. Gentlemen's Garments made to measure. First-class London Style- Fit and Work guaranteed. Note the Address :— T. M. WILLIAMS. COURT HOUSE. 35, VERE STREET, CADOXTON. <F. IAV, GROCER, TEA DEALER, FLOUR AXD PROVISION FACTOR, 5IAINDY HOUSE. VERE STREET. CADOXTON. PeRE HOME-HADE BREAD. USE ONLY POTHERS-ILL'S TOBACCO AND CICTARS. 4, STUART HALL, HAYES. CARDIFF. H. W. KEEY, PRACTICAL WATCH AND CLOCK MAKER JEWELLER AXD OPTICIAN. MAIN STREET, CADOXTON. SPECTACLES TO SrIT ALL SIGHTS. WEEKLY PAYMENTS TAKEN. E. DAVID, FAMILY BUTCHER, ADORESS VERE STREET. CADOXTON. TYriSHES to thank ^.s numerous Customers for their patronage in the oast. and hopes, by continuing to supply them with the Best Goods, to merit their continued support. D/"JOX!:S &CO.,— FAMILY BUTCHERS, 95. HIGH-STREET, BARRY, AND AT HOLTON- ROAD. BARRY DOCK. FAMILIES WAITED TJfON DAILY. PLRVEYORS OF BEST GOODS ONLY. Pickled Tongues and Salt Beef. Home Cured Hams and Bacon. WILLIAMS, WT HOLES ALE AND RETAIL PORK 1 T BUTCHERS. <*6, VERE-STREET, CADOXTON. FRESH SAUSAGES DAILY. Terms—Cash. CALL AT 104, HIGH-STREET, FOR jg UTTER, EGGS, &c. DIRECT FROM THE FARM. A Chc'ce Section of pure Confectionery alway in stock. MOVE OFTEN! MOVE OFTEN! And before doing so, please consult J. JONES, WHO KEEPS VANS OF ALL SIZES To suit the Cottage as well as the Palaoe. You can have your FUPTORE REMOVED To all parts of the Kingdom without any risk or trouble to the Owner. From John O'Groat's to Lands End." ESTIMATES FREE. (gy J\~iw but E.vperiencd Packers sent owt. Orders taken at Messrs. JONES & Co., CORN MERCHANT, PENARTH., And &t The GOLDEN KEY GROCERY STORES, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. CHIEF OFFICE :— GOLDEN KEY, MAIN STREET, CADOXTON. J. JONES, Proprietor of the NOTED" TAFF FUMITUKE VANS." PONIES AND TRAPS ON HIRE. HAULAGE DONF. M AWILITAMS &CJ() CADOXTON HOUSE, VERE STREET, DRAPERS, MILLINERS. OUTFITTERS. &c. A LL sroods at the lowest possible prioe in every XJL Department. We make a Special Show in Men's READY MADE and to MEASURE. We have over 500 patterns to select from all of the newest Goods and from the leading makers of the World. TROUSERS to measure 7/- to 21/- TWEED SUITS 201. to £5. We will send our representative to any part of Glamorganshire on receipt of Post iCard, with a good assortment of Cloths. All Orders executed in I Four days. M. A. WILLIAMS & Co. p.S.—Welsh and English representatives— Customers, please state on Card. DAVID JONES & Co. Accountants, Auctioneers, House and Estate Agents, & Mortage Brokers. LANDED ESTATES, IIOL-SE AND PROPERTY Of EVERY DESCRIPTION MANAGED Upon the most approved and Newest System. AGENTS FOR THE MERTHYR AND DOWLAIS BUILDING SOCIETY, And the Leading FIRE, LIFE, ACCIDENTAL, PLATE-GLASS, & GUARANTEE OFFICES. 113, HIGH-STREET, BARRY. F. TAYLOR, STATIONER AND NEWSAGENT. ORDERS TAKEN for LONDON AND PROVINCIAL NEWSPAPERS And All Magazines and Periodicals. IF YOU SUFFER FROM BILIOUSNESS, HEADACHES, INDIGESTION, OR LIVER COMPLAINT, TRY KERNICICS VEGETABLE PILLS. They are easy to swallow, being very small, re- quire no confinement indoors, strengthen the system, and have been tried by thousands, who pronounce them to be the BEST MEDICINE 15 THE WOBID. KERXICK'S VEGETABLE PILLS strengthen the system, brace the nerves, and purify the blood, and are universally declared to be the best medicine ever discovered. They are specially re- commended to females of all ages. Sold in 7}d., Is. Id., and 2s. 9d. Boxes. Sold by Chemists, •&c., or direct of KERNICK and SON, Wholesale Druggists, 12, New-street, Cardiff. GRIFFITHS. Be G. LIVER PILLS. Why do yr/a suffer from Indigestion Why de you sufer from Bile WHY do yen suffer from Degression of Spirits ? V?Ly do you suffer from Pains between the Shoulder Blades, Wind in the Stomach, Nasty Taste in yom Mouth in the Morning, Constipation, Bilious Headaches. Loss of Appetite, and Nervous Affections ? The whole of the above symptoms are caused by a ?Iuggish and torpid liver, and as a very large number of adult", suffer to a more or IPSS extent from a sluggish liver, it becomes to the public generally a matter of great necessity that ve should know of some medicine which, by removing the cause, will also remove the ellects produced by a slow or torpid liver. It would be necessary that such a medicine would have the power cf gently stimulating the liver, opening its clogged passages, and promoting the secretion of healthy hile All those properties arc to be found in GRIFFITHS' B. G. LIVER PILLS, which are prepared from purely vegetable ingredients. They will gently regulate the bowels, stimulate the liver, strengthen the stomach, and give tore ard vigour to the digestive organs. The following is one of numerous Testimonials that the Proprietor has received as to their efficacy from Mr. W. Williams, Boot Manufacturer, Griffiths Town Pontypool :— Dear Sir,—Having suffered from the effect of sluggish liver for many years with pains between the shoulder blades, bile, drowsiness, and indigestion, and having tiied several doctors and many different lands of medicine without avail. I was at last persuaded to take some of your B. G. LIVER PILLS, and am happy to cay that they n<1ve done me mare good than any- tiling I have yet taken. I have had gTe.it pleasure in recomracc.ding ITERATE several of my friends who have suffered from the same complaints, and they have found them to be almost invaluable.—I beg to remain, dear sir, yours sincerely, W. WILLIAMS. On account of their mild, aperient, and yet meet sSectunl action, they are found to make a wonderfuilr saeceseful Family Pill. PREPARED o>;jT :r.7 R. GTTXFFCTHS, CHEMIST. BRIEGESB AS 13 PONTYCYMMER, GLAX Prices: Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. per Box. If Chemist has not got them the Proprietor will VEND them, Post Free, above for nrktes. I T T S APID (J U R •• PACKAGES (with FIXTURE, PILLS. and LOTION) 4s. 6d. Cures in a few days all DISCHARGES, either Constitutional or Acquired, Kidnev Troubles. Pains in the Back. CONTAINS NO" MERCURY, LOST VIGOUR RESTORED; BY KITT'S VITAL RESTORATIVE, THE GREAT REMEDY for MENTAL and PHYSICAL DEPRESSION. Invaluableto the Single and Married. 4s. 6d. The above can be obtained, post free, from K ITT & CO., I MEDICAL HALL, 39, BUTE-ST., CARDIFF. I STARKEY, KNIGHT & CO., LIMITED, MALSTERS, BREWERS, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS. CELEBRATED SOMERSET ALES. \ERE STREET STORES CADOXTON, BARRY. o SPIRITS OF WHOLESALE STRENGTH, Sold in Botles and Jars. ALES IX CASKS OF 4} GALLONS and upwards always in stock. MILD ALES from lOd. to 1/3 per Gallon. PORTER & STOUT from 1/- to 1,5 per Gallon. L. Y. OWEN, Agent. FOR GOOD CC RN. &C.. AT LOW PRICES, J' GO TO EVAXS & PHILLIPS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL HAY, STRAW, AND CORN MERCHANTS, VERE-STREET, CADOXTON. OLDEST ESTABLISHMENT IX THE WHOLE DISTRICT. LL. THOMAS, OLDEST ESTABLISHED TOBACCONIST AND CiGAR DEALER MAIN-STREET, CADOXTON, ALSO TOBACCONIST AND HAIRDRESSER, 102. HIGH-STREET, BARRY. THE WORKING MEN'S STORES, 3G, VERE-ST., CADOXTON, 0ONTINUES ITS NOTORIETY for the VERY BEST TEAS. GROCERIES, AND PROVISIONS. The only vendor of Pavne's justly 'celebrated WILTSHIRE BACON and HAMS in the whole district. Unequalled for the Breakfast Table. POST ORDERS RECEIVE PROMPT ATTENTION. Never visit Cadoxton without calling t-o inspcct my Varied Stock. B. SUMMERS, PROPRIETOR. JJECKITT'S ftTAttCH. JJECKITT'S BLUE. RECKirrs gLACK IjEA D. WATCHES JEWELLERY iftL ■' hj 1 if^ v4F -7 '? v V ^sssss^ WHY Go to Cardiff if you can buy equally f f Good and Cheap in your own Town by going to F. J. GREENER, UNDER PUBLIC-HALL. VERE-STREET, CADOXTON, Who keeps in Stock a good Selection of Clocks and Watches of all kinds and prices, Gold and Silver Jewellery of newest style, E. P. Spoons and Forks. Wedding Rings, Keepers. Dress and Gents' Signet Rings, at Special Low Prices. Best Place to Go for All Kinds of REPAIRS. Especially Watches of All Descriptions. TRE PONTYPRIDTI AND RHONnnA VALLEYS BILI-POSTIIG- COMPANY Have Splendid Bill Posting Stations all through the RHONDDA VALLEY, FERNDALE VALLEY, MOUNTAIN ASH, AND PONTYPRIDD. All Orders Promptly Executed. • Special Attention paid to HANDBILLS. ——— For Terms and Particulars, apply to Mr. LEWIS J. WARD, Manager. Offices MILL-STREET. PONTYPRIDD. Secretary. Mr. W. SPICKETT, Solicitor. COT:.rt House-street. Colleet.o". E. LEWIS. GREAT BRYNHILL7 MERTH YRDO VAN. LAND TO BE LET POi: BUILSIIG- PURPOSES. \t from 50 to £ 7 an acre, in Plots of from 2 acres to 5 acaes. For conditions apply to Mr. W. DASHWOOD CAPLE, Architect and Surveyor, 8, Queen Street, CARDIFF. YY ALTER J. I N D S O R PRACTICAL TAILOR & WOOLLEN DRAPER, HOLT,ON ROAD, (Near Graving Dock-street), BARRY DOCK. iKT The Favour of Orders Respectfully Solicited. Gentlemen'sown Materials made up. BOOTS AND SHOES. D. FARE, 1 & 2, MARKET BUILDINGS, BARRY. READY-MADE BOOTS, SHOES. AND SLIP- PERS ALWAYS KEPT IX STOCK. THE BEST QUALITY OF CHILDREN'S BOOTS AND NURSERIES IN THE DISTRICT. ALL KINDS OF HAND-SEWN BOOTS MADE TO ORDER ONLY BEST MATERIAL USED. THE ONLY SHOP WHERE REPAIRS ARE DONE WHILE YOU WAIT. A TRIAL SOLICITED. E. J. ROBERTS, PLUMBER, GASFITTER. SIGN-WRITER. HOUSE-DECORATOR, &c., HAS REMOVED to more commodious Premises, at 81, HIGH STREET, BARRY, where he hopes for a continuance of past favours, his being the oldest established house in the district. Thousands of Pieces of Paper from 2d. per Piece and upwards always in Stock. Largest Establishment for PAPER HANGINGS and GAS FITTINGS in the District. ESTIMATES GIVEN. VICTORIA DINING ROOMS, HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. HOT DINNERS DAILY. Accommodation for Visitors. Well-aired Beds. PROPRIETOR—C. F. ROSSER. NAISH BROS., CABINET MAKERS, COMPLETE HOUSE FUR- NISHERS, & BEDDING MANUFACTURERS. INSPECTION INVITED. 72 QUEEN C^ckherbtown, Terms-Cash. CARDIFF TEA! TEA! TEA! GO TO J. LLEWELLYN, 112, HIGH-STREET, BARRY, AND GET WORTH YOUR MONEY. BLENDED TEAS AT 1/4, 1/5, 1/8, AND 2j- PER LB. One Trial will Prove Them to be the Best in the District. TAYLOR & CO., R.P.C. (Registered by the Worshipful Company of Plumbers, London), PRACTICAL PLUMBERS AND HOUSE DECORATORS, 113, HIGH-STREET, BARRY. ALL WORKS GUARANTEED. Estimates Given Free. A Trial Respectfully Solicited. Cheapest Place in Barry for Wall Papers. ALL KINDS OF GLASS CUT TO ORDER. N.B.—T. and CO. employ registered plumbers. FOUND, Adjoining the Barry Dock News," Office, THE CHEAPEST HOUSE FOR DRAPERY JL AND MILLINERY of every description. CADOXTON DRAPERY AND MILLINERY SUPPLY, MAIN STREET, CADOXTON. J. S. DUPE, TOBACCONIST AND FANCY DEALER, 2, ISLAND ROAD, & 121, HIGH STREET, BARRY. BRITISH AND FOREIGN CIGARS. EDGAR FENNELL Fishmonger AND Fruiterer, 84, TAIT STREET, PONTYPRIDD, BEGS to thank his numerous Customers for their kind Patronage in the past, and hopes by strict attention to business to merit their favours in the future. Lazeiiby's and all kinds of Tinned Fish at the Lowest Prices. BEST QUALITY. I POTTED CPAM FRESH DAILY In :tlb. and Ub. Pots. All Kinds of Fruit in Season. RATHONISS TITT: TOWN YOU LIVE IN, AND DONT FORGET THE ADDRESS :— EDGAR fennell 84, Taff-Street, PONTYPRIDD.





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