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BRIDGEND. RETURN OF MR. T. J. HUGHES.—Mr. and Mrs. Hughes returned from their honeymoon with the 7.35 train ON Priday evening last, looking both healthy and happy. T:ie bells of Newcastle rang out merrily, and.taey were receive at their new home amid grc A1: rejoicing. The heartiest good wishes are oliered both Mr. a.nd Mrs. Hughes throughout the town. NO. 15 BATTERY 1ST G.A.V.-On Saturday after- noon last the members of this battery, headed bv then- ban' conducted by Bandmaster P. Vincent, left their drill-shed to hold big gun drill on Captain F. R. CVAWSHAY s field. Various field exercises were prac- tised, and six rounds tired on the big gun. The officers in command were Captain F. R. Crawsha v, Lieutenant C. II. Price, Sergeant-major Webber, AND Sergeant- instructor Pratt. On Sunday morning also the battery, headed by their band, attended divine service at St! Mary's (Noiton) Church, all the seniarofficèrs being in command. ° POLIC'K-COUBT.—Owing to the large number of cases on the list for hearing at the Police-court on TBAT-UL'.IAY a second court was held in the magistrates' private room. It is very gratifying to observe the interest displayed by the Great Unpaid," as signified by their attendance on Saturday, and the expeditious M inner they carried out the whole reflects HIGHLY on their capabilities. D OUR IZAAK WALTON.—Mr. Jere Edwards, of this town, has been successful in landing, within the past ten days, two trout, L^Ibs. such. from the waters re- served for the Ogmore Angling Association. A first and sccond prize being offer-ID by the Assooiation for the laîges: fish lanced by any one of its members, it is very probaole that Mr. Donovan will carry the honours undivided, as the period for which the prize is given terminates next week. COMING OF AGE OF MB. J. TIIOUNE.— Mr. John Thorne, only son of our respected townsman, attained his majority about a week ago. The occasiou was the subject OF great rejoicing within the-family circle of "hia parents, and on Monday night last a dinnt-r was served at their house to the employes and friends by Miss James. An enjoyable evening was spent in toasting and speeching to the event, Mr. D. Brown (clerk to Me. Thome), presiding over the proceedings. Mr. Thorne, who is now in London, is being trained for the profession of veterinary surgeon, a.nd lie was the recipient of many hearty congratulations, as well A3 useful presents. May he live long to enjoy life. ACCIDENT.—On Monday afternoon last, whilst Miss A. }1:nr<;rw, Queen-street. wa« driving a pony and trap up the hill between Ewenny and Bridgend the two shafts of the trap were broken d'j. owing to the action of some boys in holding behind. Miss Morgan was precipitated to the ground, but was not in any way seriously injured, excepting injuries occa- sioned by the shock. She was at once conveyed home, and is now almost convalescent again. I have sutterec1:1. great deal from Bronchitis for many years, and since I was recommended to try your PECTORAL BALSAM have never known it fail to give instant relief."—Is. lid. and 2S. 9d. per bottle. TONYREFAIL. SCDDEX DEATH.—On Saturday morning Mrs. Collins, wife of Mr. E. H. Collins, painter, was found dead in bed. On the previous night she retired to bed apparently in her usual health, but when her husband endeavoured to arouse her in the morning she was found to be stiff and cold, having, to all appearances, been dead sorne hours. COWBRIDGE. BREWSTER SESSIONS.—The adjourned Brewster Sessions for õbe borough of Cowbridge were held on Tuesday at the Police-court, when Alderman John (mayor), Mr. W. A. James, and Mr. D. H. Davies presided. There were five objections to licences. The whole, however, were granted with the exception of that of Henry Trott, of the Globe Inn, where there ha 1 been two convictions during the year.—Mr. S. H. Stock wood supported tIlt: renewal, and elicited from the superintendent of police that the house had been conducted well since the last conviction, and that Trott was a respectable man.—The Magistrates' Clerk pointed out that this was an old licensccl house, and if the 11um was of good character the magistrates coidd not withheld the licence. A testimonial, signed by about 70 persons, was put in.—The Mayor said, under the circumstances, he was inclined to grant the licence, and Mr. Davies agreed with him, but Mr. James dis- sented. It was therefore deemed advisable to arlj0urn the application for a week, in order tilat evi ience might be produced as to character. WEEKLY MARKET.—At the customary weekly market on Tuesday there was a good supply of cattle Fat cattle were in demand, and realised from Gd. to 7d. per lb. Store cattle were a very slow sale. There was an average supply of sheep on oiler. Fat sheep sold at from 7d. to 8Qd, per lh. Store sheep sold very much against sellers—at from 25s. to 42s. Pigs were in average supply, and sold very well at from 10s. to 35s., according to age and condition. Porkers, from 3s. r to 9s. per score. NEATII. OUTBREAK OF FIRE;—ON Wednesday night, Sep- tember 15th, an outbreak of iire occurred at Evans's Dining-rooms, opposite the railway Station, whioa might" have been attended with serious results. It appears that the window blind of the shop, by some means or other, came into contact with the gas, and was immediately set ablazo. The names spread about the wood work with alarming rapidity, and if allowed to proceed a little while longer, would evidently have wrought great damage. Fortunately, some men passing and seeing the lire rushed in, and, with some difficulty, succeeded in extinguishing the flames. Little damage was done by the fire. EXPLANATION.—With regard to the incident which we published last week concerning His Worship the Mayor, Mr. W. B. Trick, and Mr. Henry Studt, the following fact speaks much in favour of the latter. Mr. Studt, wishing to restore good feeling, sent an oner to the Mayor to make a benefit for any good cause which he, the Mayor, might suggest. The offer, it appears, was not accepted, and Mr Stadt then calle.1 upon the ex-Mayor, Mr. John Arnold, and had an in- terview with that gentleman upon the matter. Learning from Mr. Arnold that a fund was being raised for the aid of some females employed at the Melyn Tin-plate Works, who are said to be suffering extremely owing to the present strike there, Mr. Studt generously handed five guineas towards the fund to Mr. Arnold, and expressed a wish that the money was to be divided by ill) one hut the ex-Mayor. Mr. North, another pro- prietor of travelling amusements, showed his sympathy with the cause by contributing a guinea thereto. Such generosity merits praise. SUDDEN DEATH.—Eirly on Monday morning a roadman named Stroud, residing in Hart-lane, suddenly expired whilst dressing himself. Medical evidence at the inquest went to show that death was due to heart disease. The deceased was 54 years of agy. TONDU AND ABERKENFIG. FORMATION OF A UNITED CHOIR.—At a well- attended meeting held recently the proposal to estab- lish an United Choir for those places, with the object of raising money towards the Cardiff Infirmary and Ponheawl Rest" was warmly entertained and de- cided upon. The officers elected were as follows :— President, Rev. W. J. Christopher, St. John's; vice- president. Rev. W. W. Richards (H.) treasurer, Mr. D. P. Thomas, draper: general secretary, Mr. E. Hopkin, Penyfai-road. The committee were elected to consist of the minister, conductor, and two laymen of each of the denominational churches in the place. MR. J. H. Lewis (" Llew Aber ") is the conductor, whose able musical ability is always recognised in the locality, and whose work will undoubtedly sustain his well-known reputation. '• Judas Maccabssus (Handel) is being progressed with rapidly, and we hope to SOON record their first performance in our columns. ST. BRIDE'S MAJOR. OUTING.—A most successful outing of the Church Choirs or St. Bride's Major and Southerndown toolc pLce last Wednesday. Over sixty drove in three brakes to Barry, accompanied by the Revs. F. C. Williams and T. Edwards. After their arrival there, the party visited the docks and wondered at the hydraulic power. Then they all sat down to an excel- lent lunch, provided by Mr Culley, at the Barry Dock Hotel. In the afternoon the younger portion strolled round Barry Island, while the others ran up to Cardiff to have a look at Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show. BRITON FERRY. FRENCH CLASSES, held by ML-. Nestor Robiette, at the National School-room, WERE opened 011 Monday last. THE NEW FOOTBALL CLCn, with the Rev. D. Lewis, Rural Dean, as president, and Mr. Rickard, Jersey Hotel, as "prime mover," held its opening match (Captain v. Vice-captain) on Saturday. SONS OF TEMPERANCE.—On Saturday the Order of the Sims of Temperance, PóJrt of Safety Division, held its annual demonstration. The procession was he.ded by the Congregational Drum and Fife Band, conducted by Mr. Parker, followed by the trustees of the division, Messrs. B. Thomas, George Philips, and Y7. Perrett; Grand Scribe of the Merthyr Division, Mr. Lougher; Grand Past Worthy Patriarchs, Messrs. Steel, Parker, Ho wells, and Evans Worthy Patriarch, Mr. W. Howells (jun.) Worthy Associate, Mr. J. D. Jones; scribes, Messrs. Jones, Steel, and Branch; conductor, Mr. W. Williams; sentinel, Mr. J. Francis; treasurer, Mr. J. Parker. Procession over, they adjourned tl) a splendid rcp:1st superintended hy Mrs. Steel and Mrs. Morris, Misses Jones, Perrett, Thomas, Rees, Lodwick, Jcn1.-i.ns, Davies, Parker, awl Deacon. In the evening a pleasant meeting held in the school- room at Bethesda Congregational Church. Mr W. Howells (jun.) presided. The following programme- was gone throllgtl :-v!,enil1g hymn, Hold the Fort"; address. Chairman song, The noble boy of truth," Mr. Williams. Cardiff address, Mr. Lougher, Merthyr comic soug, Mr. W. Williams; address, Mr. Phillips song, Death of Nelson," Mr. W. J. Williams recita- tion, "A walk tluongh Briton Ferry," "M1'. W. Reed: song, "■ A soldier and a man," Mr. S. Thomas; recita- tion, Stitch it on," Mr. Hewlett; song, Anchored." Mr. Williams, Cardiff; address, Mr. A. Steel; trio. "The Wreath," Messrs. Williams, Williams, and Thomas song, Mother kissed me in my dream," Mr. Dumeld address. Rev. II. Hughes. The meeting was closed with prayer. Taking this demonstration and meeting as an index one would suppose that the temperance cause is very flourishing at Briton Ferry, but a walk through the town about five minutes past eleven o'clock on a Saturday night shows the contrary to the case.





















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