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PICKET FARM. SEAR CLEMINGSTOXE. (F- miles from rirMnond and tnree trom Cowbridge). P R ELUHX AnY A X X O U X C E >1E X T. IMPORTANT SALE OF LIVE AND DEAD FYRMINO STOCK. MESSRS. W THORXE AND SOX have been honoured with instructions from Col. Frank.t-ri (who is jiving up the farm* to SELL by AL C Ti-ON. Oil MONDAY. October 5th. 1S91. the whole of ras SHEEP. CHOICE DAIRY COWS. HORSES IMPLEMENTS, icc. 15, Wvnuham-strc-ct. JMdjren-l. BARRY DOCK. IMPORTANT SALE OF C'OXTRATORs' HOUSED. CARTS, i-c. MP. 'A M. THOilAS is favoured with instructions from several Contractors whose contracts are c .r.ipleiod to SELL by AUCTION. r?far the Victoria Hotel. Barry Dock. on THURSDAY. October 1,1031. about 40 CAPITAL HORSES. COBS. POSIES. AND SEYERAL TIP-CARTS. Sale to commence at One o'clock p.m. Auctioneer's Office. Yere-street. Cadoxton. To Contractors and Others. r-r [,IF. HARRY and CADOXTOX LOCAL 1. BOARD are prepared to rcoivo TENDERS i. PRIVATE IMPROVEMENT WORKS in the following Streets, viz.:— Kenilworth-road. Quarella-street. Court-road. Oban-street. Norwich-road. Mel rose-street. P ontypridd-street. Llanovor-street. Plans. Sections, and Specifications may be seen and Forms of Tender obtained at the Offices of the above Board. Vere-r-treet. C'adoxton. upon amplica- tion to thj undersigned. from whom all further particular5: can bo obtained. Sealed Tenders, endorsed Private Improve- ment Works." to be sent in to the undersigned on or before Two o'clock TUESDAY, the 23th inst. The Board do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. Dated this 17th (lav of Son^mbcr. 1821. J. c. PARDGE* Surveyor. BARRY & CATIOXTON LOCAL BOARD >TIOE IS HEREBY GIVEN. that the above A. i Board intend to apply after the expiration of one month from this date FOR CONFIRMA- TION OF BYE-LAWS made hy the said Board acting as the Urban Sanitary Authority with re- sr-r.ect to Public Bathinsr. "AND FURTHER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIYEX. that a copy of the proposed Bye-laws has been deposited at the Office of the said Board, at Vere- street. Cad ox ton. and will he open for inspection of the ratepayers of the district without fee or reward during office hours for one month from this date. Bv Order. J. ARTHUR HUGHES. Clerk. Local Board Office. Cadoxtcn, 3rd September. ISttl. -u TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. rnHF. YSTRADYFODWG SCHOOL BOARD J. invite TENDERS for the ERECTION AND COMPLETION OF NEW SCHOOLS At CWMCLYDACH and TYLORSTOWX. Plans and specifications can be seen at the re- sidence of Mr. J. Rees. Architect, Pentre. Ystrad. Tenders are to be delivered at the School Board Offices, on or before Saturday. October 10th. 1891. endorsed. Tenders for Schools." The Board do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. W. G. HOWELL, Clerk to '.he Eoird. Pentre. July 13th, 1391. T) THE OVERSEERS OF THE POOR OF JL CABOXTON-JUXTA-B ARRY. in the County of Glamorgan, and to the Superintendent of Police for the Division of Dinas Powis. in the said County. I II ARRY PYNE WARBURTOX. of the Cadox- ton Hotel. 21. Vere-street. Cadoxton-juxta- Barry. in the said County. Stafe Manager, do Hereby Give X otice that it is my intention to apply at the next adjourned Annual General Licensing Meet in 7. to be holden in and for the said Division, for a Licence to hold the Excise Licence- that may be held by a Publican for the Sale by Retail at a Hotiae and Premises situate and being the Cadox- ton Hotel. Xo. 21. Vere street, in the said parish, of and known as the Cadoxton Hotel. of vrhich premises Thomas Starkey. of Bridgwater, is the owner, of Intoxicating Liouor. to be consumed either on or off the promise*. HARRY PYXE WARBURTON. Dut-ed this 4th day of September. 1891. T) THE OVERSEERS OF THE PARISH OF i CADOXTOX-JUXTA-BARRY, and the Superintendent of Police for the Division of Dinas Powis, in the County of Glamorgan, and to all whom it may concern. I GEORGE THOMAS, now re«idin(/ at SO.New- port-road, in the_ Parish of Roath. in the County Borouarh of Cardiff. Architect and Surveyor. Hereby Give You Notice that it is my intention to appiv at the General Annual Licensing Meeting for the Division of Dinas Powis aforesaid, to be holden at the Police Court. Penarth. in the said Division, on the 28th day of September next ensu- ing. for a Provisional Grant of a Licence for the Sab- of Spirits, Wine. Beer. Porter. Cider. Perrv. and oJiei Intoxicating Liquors. to he drunk or consumed in a certain house and premises there- unto belonging, which house and premises are in course of construction for the purpose of being nsed as a house for the sale of Intoxicating Liquors, to bp consumed on such premises, situate and being within the said Parish, onasiteabuctino- on the Parish Road leading from Cadoxton to East Barry rcommonly known as the Holton Road), and on the East corner of a street called Bassett Street. at i's junction with the said Parish Road, which sit.e is J on a piece of land numbered 225 on the 25-Inch Ordnance Survey Map for the said Pari.-h, being part of th* farm of Brooks, and of which premises the Barry Dock Town Syndicate. Limited (•.vho*e registered ofncc-s are at Queen's Chambers. Queen Street, in the said County Borough of are the owners, and of which Syndicate I. the said George Thomas, am a Managing Director, and which house and premises are intended to be occupied and kept as an Inn, Alehouse, or Victualling House, under the name of the Bassett Arms. A copy of the said Ordnance Survey Map. with the site marked thereon, maybe inspected at Queen s Chambers aforesaid. Given under my hand this !'>rd dav of September. 1821. GEORGE THOMAS. TO THE OVERSEERS OF THE POOR FOR THE PARISH OF C ADOXTON-JUXTA- BARRY. in the County of Glamorgan, and to the Superintendent of Police for the Dinas Powis Division, in the said County. T LUKE YATES OWEN, of No. 2. Vere-street. i-1 Cadoxton-jnxta-Barry. in the County or Gla- morgan. Grocer, do herby give you notice that it is my intention to apply at the Adjourned General Annual Licencing Meeting to be holden rf the Police-court at Penanh. in the Division of Dviw? Powis. in the said County, on the 28th dav of September. for a Licence to hold an Exei-e licence to sell by retail Beer. Wines. Spirits, and Liquors to be consumed off the house and premises thereto belonging, situate at Xu. 25, Vere-street. in t^sk of Cadoxton-juxta-Barry. in the County of Glamorgan, of which prem's. Thomas Starkev. T\.>a.. Oi. Taunt on. is the owner, an 1 which rtremi«es a~e occupied by me as a yearly tenant, and also fJ" an excise licenc2 to sell by retail sweet, at the said premises to be consumed either on or on *hp said premises. Given under my hand this 24th day of August. LUKE YATES OWEN. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. TTIIE GiiANb' ANNUAL 1 r- L c L EVEXIN Cf CONCERT (In connection with Bethesda. Welsh Conation*1 Chapel. Barry), will be held at I BARRY PUBLIC HAIL, OX WEDXESDAY EYESIXG, NOVEMBER 4TH. j SPECIAL ARTIST/*? E.VOAOED. I For further Particulars, see future Bills. For the Committee. JAMES EVANS, Secretary. j PLEASE NOTE J.:A. I, U THAT Tyr ASTERS & CO., the noted Clothiers, 1 'f 1 Å 2"1 l {. A re now shovying' the latest S tyles in Clotliiny of every description. STl he largest and best selected Stock" Eyer seen in or out of London. Ready-made and Bespoke Clothing- for S ](villi;' and Summer Wear. Local Address ;— 29 & 30, St. lary Street, Cardiff, 292, Bute Street, „ 1, Queen Street, „ Jotham & Sons, 26 & 27, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. JOTHAM & SONS. Spring and Summer Clothing. JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. The largest Stock JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. And best value Ever JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. Produced. JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. Separate Roons on Ground Floor JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. For Juvenile Department. JOTHAM & SONS. JOTHAM & SONS. Over 14,000, fourteen thousand square feet of JOTHAM & SONS. Show Rooms. Woollen Merchants, piers, Hosiers, and General Outfitters, 26 & 27, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIFF. Established 1838 (53 years.) WEKYOE ARMS HOTEL, OPPOSITE CADOXTOX RAILWAY STATIOX, CADOXTON FAMILY AND CONNERCIAL HOTEL. lLJ, "< EXCELLENT ACCOMMODATION FOR TRAVELLERS AND VISITOR*, GOOD STABLING, ,)'e. Proprietor :—ITEXRY CHAPI^ELL. BARRY ISLAND-The place to spend a happy day. BARRY ISLAO-ITature's own handiwork. THE MARINE HOTEL, PROPRIETOR W. DUNSCOMBE. BEAUTIFULLY SITUATED. AXD THE PLACE FOR PICNICS, fcc. DELIGHTFUL LAXD AXD SEA VIEWS. EVERY CONVENIENCE. MODERATE CHARGES. BARRY ISLANB-Easy access by road and rail. BARRY ISLAND-The prettiest & most healtful resort j THE SHIP HOTEL, BARRY, FAMILY AXD COMMERCIAL, FIVE MIXUTES" WALK FROM BARRY RAILWAY STATIOX. 7.. œ Ht r-' v L HAVlXCr BEEX EXTIRELY REBUILT IS NOW OPEXED FOR VISITORS. SPECIAL TEh38 FOR PRWME APARTHEflTS FOR CAPTAlfiS JUJD FAMiUES, A. M. LEICESTER, Proprietress, I 9 il,i ¡ 1\ ( II Ii II I, I' S U R R E Y C A R, NEW DES I G X. EASY. COMFORTABLE, AND STYLISH, FULLER BIRTILL AND COMPANY CARRIAGE BUILDERS, C1-tRDIFF. TEUuG iluis—CARRIAGES, CARDIFF. Largest Stock of NEW AXD SECOXD-IIAXD CARRIAGES of every Description in the Principality. Estimates given for Repairs, free. Inspection Invited. Carriages taken in Exchange, or Sold on Commission. Agents in Wales for the Patent Duplex—the latest and most improved Cce Spring, suitable for four )r two wheel carriages. GREAT BARGAINS. FOLLICK, PAWNBROKER AND JEWELLER, CORNER OF Barry-road & lain-st, Cadoxton, Also 40 and 41, BRIDGE STREET, CARDIFF, HAS FOR SALE THE UNDERMENTIONED BARGAINS :— Splendid Patterns GOLD ALBERT, French make, Splendid Design, cost £ 9 10s; to be sold at a great Sacrifice 75s. GOLD CURB ALBERT AXD LOCKET, every Link Stamped, could not be bought New for three times the price: only 70s. LOXG SILVER GUARD, Double Link, Fancy Pattern, orginally cost- 30s. Price asked now only 12s. 6d. A Splendid Set of GOLD BROOCH AXD EARRIXGS, in case, Handsome Pattern, very Xeat and Splendidly Finished, a Bargain, only 19s. A Large Assortment of Gold Wedding Rings, Keepers, Dress Rings, and Signet Rings for Sale, Silver Alberts (Ladies and Gents') in Variety. Watches of all Kinds. New and Second-hand Clothing always in Stock. NOTE OUR OLD-ESTABLISHED ADDRESSES:— F IT FOLLICK, Corner of Barry-road and Main-street, CADOXTON. Also 40 and 41, Bridge street, Cardiff. TO TOURISTS. B. Evans & Company BEG TO CALL ATTEXTIOX TO THEIR MAGNIFICENT STOCK OF TRAVELLING REQUISITES AXD ALL KIXDS OF LEATHER GOODS. Leather Portmanteaux from 6/6 to 10 guineas. Leather Overland Trunks and Saratoga Trunks. Ladies' Dress Baskets, 21/6, 23/ 25/ 27/6, to 70/. GLADSTOXE BAGS, BRIEF BAGS, BRIGTITOX nAGS, SQUARE-MOUTH BAGS, FITTED BAGS, CASH BAGS, IIUXTIXG KIT BAGS, LADIES' IIAXDBAGS. CARPET BAGS, DRESSIXG CASES, BOXXET CASES. HAT CASES, WRITIXG CASES, LETTER CASES, JEWEL CASES, STATIONERY CASES, CIGAR CASES, CIGARETTE CASES, GLOVE AXD HANDKERCHIEF CASES, MILITARY BRUSHCASES, ALBUMS, PHOTO SCREENS, Lad'?* and- Qerdlempu h Fitted DRESSIXG BAGS (ill Rum a, Morocco, Cowhide, Crocodile, etc., d'C.), Pocket Boolcx, Blotter*, Work Bo.rrs, Writing Dexk*, School Bags, line, and Roy Slra/iHand Baqs, &c. TRAVELLIXG RUGS, WATERPROOF CARRIAGE APRONS. Temple-street, (\11(1 CasLlG~S^nare? Swansea, W. II. GIBBY, 85, High Street, BARRY, FURNISHING AND GENERAL IRONMONGER, FEXDERS, TRA VELLIXG TR1:SIŒ FIRE IRJXS, COAL VASES. GREA'i' LAl\IP8 IX VARIETY. BEDSTEADS GREAT VARIETY, AXD BEDDIXG OF EVERY BEST L/11' OIL. DESCRIPTIOX. &: JOIXERS' TOOLS. srPERIOR 'J'Aln,E &- POCKET CFTLERY. f-'oic Agellt 1,1' till: ALBo CARBOX LI<;}rl'. Tlw Brighest, ;)tea,1ie",t, and Most Economical üf G:1slights gTUARTS (tRAXOLITIIIU gTOXE. ASK FOR THE S°UTH WALES GRANOLITHIC I'AA'IXl^SToXii CELEBRATED JAlVIS ,,000 FEET o* AXD 1A,B1XS, I MAR1AIADES. TIEAD OFFICE: CTIURCII-ROW, LDIEHOUSE. LOXDOX, E. g017™ TTTALES JAM AXD \,TAR- LIVERPOOL and EDIXBURGH. i>J- Representative for South Wales, Mr. C. MALADE COMPANY (LIMITED), MILES, Central Chambers, Newport, Hon. j CANTON, CARDIFF New Tljcatre IJoyai, 0AE0XT0N. Lessee s.; Manager JIB, JAMES ELPIIIXSTONE. Assistant jrraiagor ME. C. J. WELCH. IMPORTANT EXGi C EMENT FOR SIX EIGHTS. Commencing MOXDAY, SEPTEMBER 21ST. IS91. IE. ERNEST E. ABBOTT'S CELEBRATED LONDON DRAMATICCOMPANY. MOXDAY. SEPTEMBER 21ST, SCHILLER'S GREAT HISTORICAL PLAY OF Marie Stuart. Miss Kate Sydney as "Queen Elizabeth." ¡ TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22xD. H. J. BYROX'S EVER-POPULARi COMEDY, Our Boys. Mr. Ernest R. Abbott as "Pcrkyn Middlcwick." WEDXESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23RD, My Sweetheart. Miss Ethel Lynton as Tina. M. Ernest R. Abbott as Tony." THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 21TII, Caste. Miss The. Symms as Polly Eccles." Mr. Frank Harding as Eccles," FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25TH, Pygmalion and Galatea. Miss Pauline Bernhardt as Galatea." Mr. Ernest R. Abbott as "Pygmalion." PRICES OF ADMISSIOX.—Stalls, 2s. (Half-price at <0 Chairs, Is. (Half-price at 9) Pit. 6d. (Half- price at H); Gallery, id. (Xo Half-price). LOOK OUT FOR THE GREAT BRASS BAND CONTEST AND RACES AT THE PEOPLES' Pip, PONTYPRIDD, ox MABON'S DAY NEXT, OCTOBER 5TH, 1891. For all particulars apply to Mr. A. C. BEERE, Secretary. BRISTOL CHANNEL PASSENGER SERVICE '1\ (LIMITED.) SPECIAL EXCURSIONS FROJI CARDIFF TO Watcltet, Burnhani, Portislpd, LYMOTJTH, AND ILFRACOMBE (Wind. weather, and circumstances pevmittin<r) on FRIDAY. SEPT. 18TH, BONNIE DOOX, LYNMOUTII AND ILFRACOMBE, Leave Cardiff 9.15 a.m., Ilfracombc 4.0 p.m., Lyirmouth 4.45 p.m. Channel Trip. 7.45 p.m. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TII, EARL OF DUNRAVEN, LYNMOUTH AND ILFRACOJIBE. Leave Cardiff 9.15 a.m.. Ilfracombe 4.0 p.m., Lyn- mouth 4.15 p.m. SATURDAY. SEPT. 19TH. BOXXIE DOON, HALF-HOLIDAY TRIP TO PORTISHEAD AND CHEPSTOW. Leave Cardiff 4.30 p.m., Chepstow 8.15 p.m. Portishead 0.0 p.m. Fares To-and-Fro, either place. Is. 6d. and 2s. SATURDAY, SEPT. 19TH. EARL OF JERSEY, WATCHET, Saturday to Monday, and Watuhct to return sanv. dav, I«,Y? Cardiff 7.15 a.n.1.j W.toUt 5.30 p.nt Faxes To-and-Fro Same Day 2s. 6d.. or return foliowing Monday s.10 a.m. 3s. ed. I MONDAY. SEPT. 21, LADY MARGARET, BURNHAM (for Glastonburv and Wells). LYNMOUTH. AXD ILFRACOMBE. Leave Cardiff 8.0 a.m.; Ilfracombe 4.0 p.m. Lyn- mouth 4.45 p.m.; Burnham 7.30 p.m. Fares to Burnham To-and-Fro, 2s. and 2s. 6d. NOTICE.—The Company will not hold them- selves responsible for the safety of any passenger or intending passenger before embarking on or after disembarking1 from any of their Steamers. EDWARDS, ROBERTSON and CO., Agents, 105. Bute Docks, Cardiff. BRISTOL CHANNEL PASSENGER SERVICE. LIMITED. DAILY SERVICE between CARDIFF and WESTON by the Saloon Steamer '• LADY MARGARET." or other suitable Steamer (wind, weather and circumstances permitting.) SEPTEMBER. 1891. LEAVE CARDIFF. LEAVE WESTOX. Sat. MC;,t. 19, 7.0, 8.30 a.m., Sat. Sept. 19, 8.15 a.m., 4.15 5.30 p.m. 7.30 ]Uii. Moil. Scr-t. 21, 7.15, 9.30 a.IIl., :\[1111. 21, 3.15, 10.45 6.0 p.m. a.m., 7.0 p.m. Tacs. Sept. 22, 7.45, 10.0 a.m., Tues., Sept. 22, 3.45, 11.50, 6 15 p.m. a.m.. 7.20 p.m. We 1. Sept. 23, 8.30, 10..ç5,1.1: Vol. Sept. 23, 9.3] a.m., 12.0 6.30 p.1n. noon, 7.30 p.ll1. Thur. Sept. 24, 8.30, 13.45 a.m., Tiiurs. Sept. 24, 9.30 a.m., 1.15 p.m. 12.0 noon, 6.45 ;).;]). Thur. Sept. 24, 8.30, 13.45 a.m., Tlmrs. Sept. 24, 9.30 a.m., 1.15 p.m. 12.0 noon, 6.45 p.m. Fri. Sept. 25, 8.15, 10.45 a.'11., 1'ri. Sept. 25, 9.30 a.m., 12.0 2.0 p.m. 7.0 p.m. Sat. Sept. 26, 0.33 a.m., 12.10 rsit. Sept. 26, 10.25 a.m., 1.20, 3.0 p.m. S.O p.m. Fares to an'1 fro (day of issue only), Fore Deck Is. G'l.. Saloon 2s.. Single Is. 3d. On Wednesdays and Saturdays (except Saturday May 16th). the fares will be. after 2 <>' elock, to and fro, Fore Deck. Is. 3d., Saloon Is. Gel., Single Fore Deck, Is., Saloon Is. 3(1.. and on other days after 5 p.m. Passes and Season Tickets not available on Whit- Monday. SKASOX TICKETS.—A limited number will be issued at £ 2 2s. each. available for the Company's entire Bristol Channel Passenger Service (including Lynmouth, Ilfracombe, and other places, Bank Holi- days excepted). Books of Family Tickets are also issued, available between Cardiff and Weston. Prices on application. Dogs and bievcles Is. each way EDWARDS, ROBERTSON ,t CO., AGENTS, 105, Bute Docks, Cardiff. QADOXTON HOTEL, CADOXTON. UXDER XEW MANAGEMENT. FDR Terms, apply to the Manager, Mr. H. P. I' WARBURTON, who solicits the assistance of Twelve Gentlemen to form an Elocution Class and Dramatic Club at the above premises. I WHY DO YOU SUFFER? WHY DO YOU SUFFER? GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Containing something ueokil by V';x who Pilfer fi-om Colds. G-WILYM EVANS' BITTERS. Contains snmetiiluif needcl tv M |>T y\yho suffer Irom llj-jAJrr.'it'HX. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Contains sometlii! ncclol hy vro.r:;x who saSf from Lwcouu. GWII.YAr EVANS' BITTERS. Contains something neeiol hy W(j: who suffer tiiiil GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS' Contains something neo.le-1 !>v ClXIl.DliEX who arc KKiiVOt'.S or FllE'l'FL'I.. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. Contains something neexle.! by CliiLDliEX who suffer from \Vkakx:,SS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Contains something needed by ;\[J:S who m¡:cI' from XKHVOI>XKSS. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. Contains something neeilo.l by Mi;x" who suffer trom LIVKK UrseliDEiis. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Contains something nee.ic.1 by VO.MKX who -nflVr from CUEST GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. Contains something nccilmi l>v VO.MIOX who «uffet twill lURrrJLHJ LITY OF TK.M !'KI'. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. Contains something needed !>y CH!>«kx who -uffer from 2S EL'H.VLfllA, GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. rYcr'M'jS''lUCt''in:=: IIC(JL!C;* '»Y CIIIJ.DUEN who arc DO YOU NEED IT? DO YOU NEED IT ? Read the following wonderful testimony of Pitiable Suffering? Relieve-! :— Hope IIuI!, liethesda, Carnarvonsliire. ^1 "tiiat I am under great vcvsoiitd ol)lig,:tioi:s to you as the discoverer of the novr \<)rid-r.u.)W!lcdQL-[X)XHj;rrTHRS.Tottt owe restoration of bodily liealtli anil'«tren"tl» GWILYM when all other remedies and doctors Juwl faiit-l to give me any Uistin-/ benefit. FeW men haY(' sufferf><l more than I have do:iP i-i V Ai\ ft and certainly t here can be but few cases which could be considered more hopeless than mine nTTTNTTV!? before I trie-l j'our invaluable remcdv. I wa> compfltal to be very careful as to what foo'l I partook of, as nearly everything I ate srav<* BITTERS me grmt pain, lly stonnieii was rlistemleil with wind, which again pressed upon the other great organs of the body, such a= the FOR UinSs! liver; and lioart, upon "the MMHua, ot whose functions proper bodily health, c'onlfort- and st'-ensrtli n< -;essarily depend. INDIGES- 5° "Pat was tliis distension at times th.f.6 I often feared my heart would stop tM rnTr.beating for evcr. I f,t weak. (li3- TIOX. spinte-1, and nervous. T feared to sneak » word in pi^-lie, awl I felt I might at any moment fail dead. My breathing was difficult* rapi- and weak, while sometimes my heart beat so loudly that people who sat in the „ same POIH with me could plainly- hear it- fei >fy life was a burden to me an I a trouble an'1 3 anxiety to others. In tiiis uuliajijiy con-litioU I was persuaded to try yourQi. ixiXEBlTTEl'-S* GWILIM though from my experience of other remedies which I had tried in vain T had very iittla ^ith iu this remedy. I trie! a 2s. 9d.'bottle- EVANb ISeryre I !i»l finished taking this I felt such a decidcd change for the better that I deter- OTTT ISTT-Nn?' ur"u trying a larger bottle-4s. 6<U y U1JM iiN-t-i Hie benefit I receive*! was so evidenfe that 1 readily obtained another 4s. 64. bottk, witb have been so from that time until'now— FOR s.ronger in imnii and bodv than I had bert* tor years itreviously, an-1 all that at a cost of T"\TTvTr< t»c» 1 !s' Since tlien I ha^-e recommende-* Ix\ it to dozens of others, and I have never vefc seen anyone give it a fair trial without beiaS rri-r/r benefitted by it and perfectly satisfied with ('• -LXlJ^,• E. V. JOXKS GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS. CAUTION. Above all, see that you get the right article, with the nl111J6 G ily.M E\ AXS" on Siamp Lab•> and 1'oi'h-. without which none is genuine. Refuse all imitations and insist upon having NOTniXO BUT CrWlLYJI EYAX3' QUIXINE BITTERS. Prices 2s. 9-1; Double Size, 4=. Sd.; cases containing three 4s. Cf'* bottles at 12s. per case. SoM by all Chemists. "Agents in t'J' parts of the World. Equally suited for all climates. PnOPlUI<;TOn" :— QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY (LIMITED), LLANEILY, SOUTH WALES. f THE GLOBE FURNISHING CO., 1Q ^JRSTOR Y_JOUSE GRAEET. CARDIFF, THE MOST SUCCESSFUL FURNISHING HOUSE, THEIR GCODS RECEIVE "UNIVERSAL APPROVAL. 'THEY SELL AT EXTRAORDINARY LOW PRICES. If you are buying F-urnit,n.e of any description, it pay j ou to A,, f heGlobe," as they make & t eir speci gee g00(jg ^ey raanufH.c' tUJ: arc soundiy constructed and properly finished. ■If you purpose purchasing Upon our System oi EASY PAYMENTS, We guarantee that our Prices;, will be from 20 to 3D per cent. below those of any Hire Furnishing House- WE DO XOT CHARGE AXY FANCY PRICES. If you wish to pay CASH, Wo allow you Spceial Large Discounts. Tile splendid success and continued increase in oiif business is a proof of the satisfaction we give. We have just completed considerable extensions and alterations to our premises, and we can now guarantee orders to be executed with promptitude Our terms for easy payments arc the lowest in tb^ trade. ALL GOOnS DELIVERED FREE. THE GLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY, £ JUST03I HOLSE gTREET, CARDIFF.