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GREAT BRYXHILL, MERTHYRDOVAX. LAND TO BE LET FOR BUILDING PURPOSES. At from 50'- to £ 7 an acre. in Plots of from 2 acres fto 5 acaes. For conditions apply to Mr. W. DASH WOOD CAPLE, Architect and Purveyor, 8, Queen Street. CARDIFF. DAVID JOXES & Co" Accountants, Auctioneers, House and Estate Agents, & Mortage Brokers. LAXDED ESTATES, HorSE AND PROPERTY OF EVERY DESCRIPTIOX MANAGED Upon the most allProTed and Xewest System. AGENTS FOR THE MERTHYR AND DOWLAIS BUTLDIKG SOCIETY. And the Leading FIRE, LIFE. ACCIDENTAL. PLATE-GLASS, & GUARANTEE OFFICES. 113, HIGH-STREET, BARRY. F. TAYLOR, STATIONER AND NEWSAGENT. ORDERS TAKEN for LOXDOX AND PROVINCIAL XEWSPAPERS And All Magazines and Periodicals. THE ROYAL STORES IN THE HAYES, CARDIFF. I. 1 < FORMOZA TEA AT PER 1 s. QD. LB. THE BEST AND MOST LUXURIOUS IX ENGLAND AT THE PRICE. This is wliat tliey say of it! READ IT! From a Lady at Neath to a Friend at Cardiff. ) My dear M I cannot write you a long letter to-day but will do so very shortly. I want you to ask Mr. Griffith if he will kindly send us a Small Caddy of Tea, about 10 or 12 lbs, the same Tea as we had at your house. I think you told me it was only Is. Sd. per lb. I cannot enjoy any Tea since I tasted that. ori With fondest love to all from us all, ■i4 Believe me, Ever lovingly yours, THE ROYAL STORES IN THE HAYES, CARDIFF » I Ifayberry Williams' GREAT AXXUAL I ) SOpEIj SALE IS NOW PROCEEDING. All Season Goods at a Great Reduction in Price. PATTERNS FBEE. Carriage Paid oq all Parcels to the value of 20s. aqd i upwards. I TERMS :-STRICTLY CASH. NOTE THE ÅDDRE85 :— MAYBERRY WILLIAMS Taff-street, I PONTYPRIDD. Xa yb err y Williams' GREAT AXXUAL SUMMER SALE IS NOW PROCEEDING. ] b All Season Goods at a Great Reduction in Price. PATTERNS FREE. Carriage Paid on all Parcels to the value of 20s. and | iI upwards. I TERMS STRICTLY CASH. NOTE THE ADDBBSS :— MAYBERRY WILLIAMS, Taff-street, ] PONTYPRIDD. j r BOOTS AND SHOES. D. FARR, 1 .¡ 2, MARKET BUILDINGS. BARRY. READY-MADE BOOTS. SHOES. AND SLIP- t PERS ALWAYS KEPT IX STOCK THE BEST QUALITY OF CHILDREX'S BOOTS AXD XLRSERIES IX THE DISTRICT. ALL KIXDS OF HAND-SEWN BOOTS M IDF TO ORDER OXLY BEST MATERIAL USED. THE ONLY SHOP WHERE REPAIRS AIlE DONE WHILE YOU WAIT. A TRIAL SOLICITED. J. & C. S.1NI(EY, jpAMILY GROCERS, B RIDGE-ND, TEA IX TIXS AT WHOLESALE PRICES. lCllw. of 1.4 Tea at 1,3 per lb. 12 6 51b tin 63 lOJbs. of 1/8 Tea at 1, 6 per lb. 15' 5ib tin 7-6 lolbs of 2 -Tea at 110 per lb. 18. 5Ib tin S2 lOlbs. of 2/4 Tea at 2 2 per lb. 213 51b tin — lr. 53 lOlbs. of 2*8 Tea at 2 '6 per lb. 25 51b tin 12 6 10Ios of 3/- Tea at 2 9 per lb. — 27/6 51b tin — 13 3 lOlbs best 3.4 Tea at 3.- JKT lb. 30, 51b tin 1: CEYLON. 1 10 & 2 PER LB. Carriage Paid for Cash. YVT. H.GOULD, JRO N AND BRASS F O U N D E R S, BARRY FOUNDRY, (Between No. 4 and 5 Tips,) BARRY DOCK. Estimates for all kinds of Iron and Brass Casting Old Cast Iron and Metal Bought. TEA! TEA! TEA! GO TO J. LLEWELLYN, 112, HIGH-STREET, BARRY, AND GET WORTH YOUR MONEY. BLENDED TEAS AT 14. 1 >0, 1*3. AXD 2~ PER LB. One Trial will Prove Them to be the Best in the District. TAYLOR & (/0.,T;.I'.(. (xtegifteied by the W orsh i pful Company of Plumbers. London), PRACTICAL PLUMBERS AXD HOUSE DECORATORS, 113, HIGH-STREET, BARRY. ALL WORKS G UARAXTEED. Estimates Given Free. A Trial Respectfully Solicited. Cheapest Place in Barry for Wall Papers. ALL KIXDS OF GLASS CUT TO ORDER. X.E.-T. and CO. employ rer/Ut,■>•<■<! plumber*. FOTXD7 Adjoining the "Barry Dock News," Offkx>, THE CHEAPEST HOUSE FOR DRAPERY AND MILLINERY of every description. CADOXTOX DRAPERY AXD MILLINERY SUPPLY, MAIX STREET, CADOXTON. J. S. DUPE, TOBACCOXIST AND FAXCY DEALER, 2, ISLAND ROAD. & 121. HIGH STREET, BARRY. BRITISH AXD FOREIGN CIGARS. ED&AR FEMELI Fishmonger c," AND Fruiterer, 84, TAEF STEEET, POXTYPRIDD, tDEGS to thank his numerous Customers for their kind Patronage in the past, and hopes )y strict attention to business to merit their 'avours in the future. Lazenby's and all kinds of Tinned Fish at the Lowest Prices. BEST QUALITY. DOTTED CREAM FRKSH DAILY In -Jib. and ilb. Po:s. \11 Kinds of Fruit in Seasoiiv ATRONISE THE TOWN YOU LIVE I-N. AND DOX'T FORGET THE ADDRESS .— SDCrARFEMELL. 84, TaU-Street, PONTYPRIDD.



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