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T) THE OVERSEERS OF THE POOR OF C A DOXTOX-JUXTA-B ARRY, in the County of Glamorgan. raid to the Superintendent of Police for the Division of Dinas Powis. in the said County. I HARRY PYNE WARBURTOX. of the Cadox- f ton Hotel, 21. Yore-street, Cadoxton-jmxta- Barry. in tin said County, Stage Manager, do Hereby Give Notice that it is my intention to appiy at the next adjourned Annual General Licensing Meeting, to be hcldr-n in and for the said Division, for a Licence to hold the Excise Licences that may hf held by a Publican for the Sale by Retail at a House and Premises situate and being the Cad ox- ton Hotfl. No. 21, Vere-street. in the said parish, of and known as the Cadoxton Hotel, of which premises Thomas Starkey. of Bridgwater, is the owner. of Ialoxicating Liquor, to be consumed either on "1' off the premises. HARRY PYNE WARBURTON. Dated this 4th day of September. 1821. T. THE OVERSEER5? OF THE PARISH OF CADOXTON -JFXTA- BARRY, and the S ;ptrintondent of Police for the Division of Dinas Po*vis«. in the County of Glamorgan, and to all whom it may concern. I GEORGE THOMAS, now residing at 60. New- port-road, in the Parish of Roath. in the County Boroueh of Cardiff. Architect and Surveyor. Hereby Give You Notice that it is my intention to npr.lv at the General Annual Licensing Meeting fo- the Division of Dinas Powis aforesaid, to be holden at the Police Court. Penarth. in the said Division, on the 28th day of September next ensu- ing, for a Provisional Grant of a Licence for the S^e of Spirits. Wine. Beer. Porter. Cider. Perry, and other Intoxicating Liouors. to be drunk or consumed in a cert,*)in house and premises there- unto belonging, which house and premises are in course of construction for the purpose of bein-r 1;"2:1 :1" a hon«e for th" 0f Tntoxicnnng L auo^.to be consumed on such premises, situate and being within the said Parish, on a site abutting on the Parish Road leading from On dor ton to East Barry ("commonly known rsthe Holton Road), and on the East corner of a street called Bassett Street. at its junction with the raid Parish Road, which site is on a piece of land numbered 225 on the 25-Inch Ordnance Survey Map for the said Parish, being parr of the farm of Brooks, and of which premises the Barry Dock Town Syndicate. Limited fwho-e registered offices are at Queen's Chambers. Queen Street, irL the said County Borough of Cardiff), are the owners, and of which Syndicate I. the said Georg-e Thomas, am a Managing Director, and which house and premises are intended to be occupied and kept as an Inn, Alehouse, or Victualling House, under the name of the Bassett Arms. A copy of the said Ordnance Survey Map. with the Eite marked thereon, maybe inspected at Queen's Chambers aforesaid. Given under mv hand this dav of Ser-tomhcr. 1331.. GEORGE THOMAS, TO THE OVERSEERS OF THE POOR FOR i- THE PARISH OF CADOXTOX-JFXTA- BARRY. in the County of Glamorgan, and to the Superintendent of Police for the Dinas Pcwis Division, in the said County. I LUKE YATES OWEN, of No. 2. Vere-street. Cadnxton-jnxta-Barry, in the County of Gla- morgan. Grocer, do herby give von notice that it is my intention to apply at the Adjourned General Annual Licensing- Meeting to be holden at the Police-court at Penarth. in the Division of Dvnas Powis, in the said County, on the 28th day of September, 1S91. for a Licence to hold an Excise Licence to sell bv retail Beer. Wines. Spirits, and Liquor? to be consumed off the house and premises theretobelonginsr. situate at No. 25, Vere-street. in the Parish of Cadoxton-juxta-Barrv. in the County o: Glamorgan, of which premises Thomas Starkey, Esq., of Taunton. is the owner, and which premises are occupied by me as a yearly tenant, and also fû- an excise licence to sell by retail sweet, at the said premises to be consumed either on or off the said premises. Given under my hand this 24th day of August. LUKE YATES OWES. BARRY & CAnOXTOU LOCAL BOARD V* OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the above i Board intend to apply after the expiration of one month from this date FOR CONFIRMA- TION OF BYE-LAWS* made by the said Board acting as the Urban Sanitary Authority with re- seceet to Public Bathing. AND FURTHER NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a copy of the proposed Bve-Iaws has been deposited at the Onice of the said Board, at Vere- street. Cadoxton. and will be open for inspection of the ratepayers of the district without fee or reward during office hours for one month from t"u> date. Bv Ordf •T. ARTHUR HUGHES, Clerk. Local Board 011ce, Cadoxton, 3rd September. 1891. EBRISTOL CHANNEL PASSENC-ER SERVICE (LIMITED.) SPECIAL EXCURSIONS FROM CAHDIFF TO NINEEEAD, LTMOITTH, AND ILFRACOMBE (V. ind. weather, and circumstances permitting), on FRIDAY, SEPT. 11TH. BONNIE DOON, or LADY MARGARET, MINEHEAD. LYNMOUTII AND ILFRACOMBE, Leive Cardiff 9.30 a.m.. Ilfracombe 6.15 p.m., Eynmouth 7.0 p.m. Mmenead. 8.15 p.m. Fares to Minehead, single, 2s., to and fro, 3s. S1 TURD AY, SEPT. 12TH. LORNA DOONE, 2.45 p.m. HALF-HOLIDAY TRIP TO ILFRACOMBE(dircct) Leave Cardiff 2.45 p.m.. Ilfracombe 7.0 p.m. Special Fares this Day. Fore Deck 2s. elL Saloon 3s. MONDAY. SEPTEMBER 14 TH. LYNMOUTH AND ILFRACOMBE, Leave Cardiff 5.0 a..moo Ilfracombe 1.0 p.m.. Lyn- mouth 1.45 p.m. xcurists Tickets, 4s. fid. and 5s. M. Tickets limited. XOTICE.-The Company will not hold them- sciVes responsible for the safety of any passenger or intending passenger before embarking on or aiter k.embarking from any of their Steamers. F.Dv^ ARDS, ROBERTSON and CO.. Agents. 105. Bute Docks. Cardiff. BRISTOL CHANNEL PASRF-SGER SERYICE, LIMITED. T\ AIL Y SERVICE between CARDIFF and ESTON by the Saloon 8 teamer '• LADY J. AE.ET, or other suitable Steamer (wind, weatner and circumstances permitting.) SEPTEMBER. 1891. C CAR £ >IFF. LEAVE WESTON'. SA HEP.. 12, 9.45 a.M., 12.10 Sat. Sept. 12, 10.45 a.IU., 1.15, S..t i>.m. 7 3Q jixn ll.io a.m., 1.30, Mon. Sept. 14, 12.15, a.m., T. RUN. 2.45,5.30 P.M. 3 3'TU"'3'5'TUOS'SCPT'L5'I*45' 4*°' 7-°! W. S-JTIT. 16, 7.45 A.M., 3.15, W«L?'SEPT. 13, 2.3, 4.15, 6.30 5. J P.M. P.M. STIJIT. 17, 7.15 A.IN., 3.0, THVU-S. S^NT 17 8 15 A"' 5 2.J R.IN 4.10. 5.33 P.M. FR,. M-PT. J3, 7.45 A.M., 3.0, FRI. SENT. 13, 9J 5.3 4.0. B.]5 p.N:. 7.30 p.M. 19, 7.0, S.3C a.m., Sat. Sept. 13, 8.15 a.m., 4.15 5L3J 7-30 p.m. •b .ires to and fro (day of issue only), Fore Deck Is. G 1.. Saloon 2'3., Single Is. 6d. ^T0n.Xedr'Pd?ys anJ Saturdays (except Saturday1 y 16th). the fares will be. after 2 o'clock, to and fro, I or? Deck, Is. 31., Saloon Is. fM.. Single Fore Deck, Is..Saloon As. 3d., and on ether (lavs after 5 pm. Passes ana season Tickets not "available on Whit- MM*.LAY. • ^-v"1-Y—A limited number will be issued a* J2 2^ each. available for the Company's enure Bristol Channel Passenger Service (including Ijynmouth. Il-racomhe, and other places, Bank Holi- ,Vl5'1 excepted). Books of Familv Tickets are also available between Cardiff and Weston. Tiices on aixiacjition. Dogs and bicycles Is. each way ED A A».«Do, ROBJSRTSON dr CO., AC;EyT°, 105, Bute Docks, Car.1:!?. Land on Brook's Farm, Cadoxton, TO LET For Garden and Ag*ri- cultural Purposes. A;>j;Iic-;ints to.send in their names to Messrs. SEWARD and THOMAS, Queen's Chambers, Or -iff, who will appoint a Ù. y to meet them at C-uorcton. • New Theatre Iftyal, I CABOXTOI. Lessee & Manager MR. JAMES ELPHINSTONE. Assistant Manager ME. C. J. WELCH. ENORMOUS ATTRACTIONS. ON NONDAY, SEPT. 14, FIRST VISIT OF Bass Challis's Celebrated Company. In the enormously-successful Comedy-Draina, by RASS CHALLIS, THE CURATE. A TALE OF TWO COUNTRIES. 1,543 T H REPRESENTATION. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21. Ernest Abbatt's Company. a CASTE." OTTR BOYS," PYGMALION AND GALATEA," &c. I Doors open each evcaiing1 at 7.30. Commence at 8. PRICES OF ADMISSION.—Stalls, 2s. (Half-price at J) Chairs, Is. (Half-price at 9) Pit. 6d. (Half- price at T)) Gallery, -M. (No Half-price). G MARK ET 11A L L CADOXTON. FOR TWO NIGHTS ONLY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11TH and 12TH. The World-Renowned F Boston Minstrels. Sole Proprietor P. R. JAMES. 20 STAR ARTISTES. Acknowledged by Press and Public alike to be the Largest and Best Christy Minstrel Troupe Travelling. Expensive Engagement and First Appearance in this Town of the Great Canadian Protean Artiste, L E M 0 X T E From the Grand Orfeo di Roma. Rome. Concert di L'Exposition, Milan, &E., ifcc. In his Unique Quick-Change and Musical Speciality, entitled— PICTORIAL LIGHTNING CHANGES. Le Monte performs eight distinct changes of character, male and female, in full view of the audience, without leaving the Stage. A most Refined. Novel and Wonderful Performance. The Bi-r 3, STUART. ADAMS, and COXy, Eccentric Comedians and Dancers, who will intro- duce their screamingly-funny BURLESQUE GLOVE FIGHT, the Funniest Act ever witnessed. The Genuine Coloured American Two, His Satanic Majesty. FRED OLRAC. (The Original Fire King), and His Imp, BILLY TAYLOR, (The Original Whistling Coon). In their Wonderful and Refined Entertainment, entitled Engaged," introducing Songs, Dances, Funny Sayings, and Peculiar Situations, also Marvellous Feats of Fire Eating. Most startling engagement of the Great Mimic," English. Dutch, and Tyrolean Artiste, VICTOR CHEW. All should hear and see him in his wonderful Farmyard Mimicrv. Nothing has ever equalled it. H. J. KEMBLE, The Boston Prima Donna. J. CARPENTER, The Renowned Comet Soloist: with many other Celebrated Artistes. A Colossal Programme. TWO AND A HALF HOURS' INCESSANT AMUSEMENT. An entirely New programme at every Performance. Every Evening at 8. Doors open at 7.30. Car- riages may be ordered at 10.:10. Children under 12 half-price to front and second seats only. Front Seats, 2s. Second Seats, Is. Back Seats, 6d. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. THE GRAND ANNUAL EVENING CONCERT (In connection with Bethesda Welsh CoTigreational Chapel, Barry), will be held at BARRY PUBLIC HALL, ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 4TH. SPECIAL ARTISTES ENGAGED. For further Particulars, see future Bills. For the Committee, JAMES EVANS, Secretary. To Mothers Only. HAGON'S Rosemary Cleanser FOR Children's Ijair UTTERLY destroys Creepers, Nits, «fcc.—Not Poisonous or Greasy. Cleanses from all impurities. Used once a week, it is a certain pre- ventative to all Insect life. Makes Children's Hair Grow Beautiful, Glossy, Curly, Soft, and Strong, If you wish to have Beautiful Hair, if you desire your little ones to have Clean and Whole- some Heads of Hair, you must use HAGON'S CLEANSER. Do not hesitate HAGON'S CLEAN- SER is certain in effect, perfectly harmless, and pleasantly perfumed. SOLD BY AGENTS IN EVERY VILLAGE OF SOUTH WALES. Price fid. per Large Bottle Post Free for 9 Stamps. Sole Maker A. HAGON, MANUFACTURING CHEMIST, 39, BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF.