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HIBERNIA BENEFIT SOCIETY. ANNIVERSARY DINNER, i On Monday night the first anniversary dinner & of the Cadoxton. Barry Hibernia Benefit Society Was held at the Witchill Hotel. Cadoxton, under the presidency of Dr. O'Donnell. Among those Present were Fathers Hyde (Cardiff) and Hyland, Messrs W. Williams (Kenilworth-road), J. D. O'Donnell. 0. M'Cann. F. P. Jones-Lloyd, Dr. Buist, J. Greener, J. McDonnell, Beattie. Morris. 0. Driscoll (president of the branch), and two sons, Dooley. Lyle, James Carey. Sullivan. Diamond, Curran, Robert Fullerton (steward of the Cardiff Hibernia Lodge). Grandon. Harrison, Wm. Red- mond, P. Redmond. Jeremiah Hayes. J. Kelly, Keoghane. Wat kin?, M. Murphy. Owen Mooney, James Sullivan, John Welsh, Pritchard. M. Collin, and MeLoughlan. After the usual loyal toast, Mr. McDonnell sang "Dear little Shamrock." z;1 Father Hyland proposed '• The Welfare and Prosperity to the Lodge." He said that he need not expatiate on the utility and benefit that were derived from joining such a society as the IlIbernia Benefit Society. He proposed the toast e°n, a more, for as a clergyman he knew how much ITOod it did to its members. The benefits such societies confer were really unspeakable, especially the most important periods in life, in sick- 11esss and at death. (Hear, hear.) The clergyman *nd the doctor saw the dark side of life, when ^en and women lay on a bed of pain and of ex- Wstion, and if there is a time when they want tnore nourishment than at other times it was at those periods. Yet at that very time people who had no benefit society to fall back upon are ex- hausted. their wages ceased, even their furniture pawned, and no provision had been made for 4 funeral. After mentiyning a very sad case of this sort of improvidence, he said that out of evil good had come, for all the neighbours within a tnouth joined a friendly society. He exhorted fcheni to persevere well for tim.: ke thofFwives 44d children, and bring those blessings to their friends and neighbours. In wishing success to that young, thriving, anp prosperous lodge-(applause) -be would like to impress on every member the duty that lay on him to bring another. It did not ^tter even that some belonged to another society. He would urge on all of thetn to belong to more than one, for then during sickness their incomes J^uld be increased, and at death their wives and families would be better provided for. He was tflad to hear that a juvenile branch was about being started in connection with the lodge, and he ^artily wished it success. (Loud applause). After Mr. Fullerton had sang Angels' Whispers." O'Driscoll (president of the lodge) responded, it \sras the first time, he said, that he had had oc- casion to speak as president of the lodge. He "çuld like to emphasise what Father Hyland had Said as to the duty of bringing others in. for his ^perience showed that a poor man without a •^Uefit society was a poor man indeed. (Loud cheers.)—Mr. "McDonnell (the secretary of the oQg-e) also responded. He said he had been con- nected with the lodge from its commencement, in April. 1890. and he had been the first president, had been secretary since last January. He Was o-lad to say that the lodge was making S°od progress. When it was started the number 'of members was 44, at the end of the half-year it 52. now it was 62 with the honorary mem- ^s. There were several members in arrears— Aether out of carelessness or owing to the fact ^at they were out of work, he could not say. If "Was because they were out of work, he would to remind them that they had a benevolent in connection with the lodge, and would be *ery glad to advance the money to keep them in ^mpliance. (Hear, hear.) It was intended to *Wt a juvenile branch, a start, he thought, in the ^Sht direction. This branch svould be started next year. (Cheers.) Another alteration shortly be made. Arrangements were made to "enable members who left for Cardiff receive the services of the Cardiff Lodge !f°ctor without any extra charge. (Cheers.) As J the finances of the lodge, £ 40 had been in- -sted at 21 per cent. at the savings bank, and l5e balance in hand was £ 4 9s. 2.Jd.—a gain 2 £ 3 10s. since the half year's end. He J^hed to thank those who were not Y^iicial members, and especially Father Hyland, O'Donnell, Mr. John Hayes, and Mr. McCann :c subscribing so literally towards the banner (Cheers.) The total amount of funds in hand' was over £ 50. (Loud cheers.) 5e hoped that within a short time they ^°lld have a good banner, and trusted that ^°se who couldn't afford it would come for- ^<1 to subscribe. (Laughter and applause.)— Jtter a song from Mr. Dooley, which was loudly ^lauded. Dr. O'Donnell briefly proposed the ijisitors." He thanked the Cardiff visitors for present, and hoped that next time there ^°tild be more members and more visitors. (Ap- j'atise.)—Father Hayde (Cardiff), in response, ^3 that he had visited Cadoxton 18 years ago in hl8 capacity as priest, and since his return to iff some four years ago lie had been often the district. When he came down to the ^teddfod some time ago, he had remarked on the ™°nderf'ul change that had come over the district he first knew it. He was glad to find that v^t progress was made as well among the Irish Population. (Applause.) He took great interest w} Irish movements, especially in progressive Jr^Ces like BaiTy) and in the Hibernia Societies he the liveliest interest. He would like to im- upon them that they should all* become jostles—(laughter)—and induce others to join s ^ell. (Applause.) He was sorry—and he was b e thev were — that Father Butler was 444 le to be there. (Hear, hear.) He hoped in a year's time their members would not J 60, but 100 or 200. (Hear, hear.) If they tha.tlted people to believe they were in earnest, fYey should get a grand, gorgeous banner. ^Ughter and cheers.) lie was glad to hear a fUTU"[ had been started, and he would be w to subscribe, and manv others at Cardiff j°Ulrl do likewise. (Cheers.) He thanked them JT the very hearty way in which they had re- ei^ed the toast. (Loud svuplause.) ^r. Buist (Cardiff) sa:d it reflected great credit J? them that so young a lodge had so many jJjUibers and so many'visitors. Referring to the lance-sheet, he congratulated the ledge on the Jj^Uce they had in hand and the smallness of sick pay during the past half-year. (Cheers.) J.J%. F. P."Jones-Lloyd, who also responded, said k/^t he was '"lad to see that the loftae was pros- so well. Its flourishing condition showed it -vvas led by most able leaders. As a w^shffian, he admired the way in which Irish- stuck together through thiek and thin, applause.) rt.^r. McOann. in a brief speech, proposed. Kin- Societies." to which Mr. FuTierton and Mr. in<ion- both of Cardiff, responded. w/^r. Grandon then sang :!The song that reached Ueart." and Master Owen Mooney sang a Oltic Medley." it t- Daist, in proposing The Press." said that » ^ras a powerful agent which conld do such b^leties much good. (Hear, hear.) It showed the fJ0^th of Barry that two papers could be supported Attie the district. (Cheers.) Mr. J. R. Llewellyn ¥r:y ftwJt Nnc»)t and Mr. W. Llewellyu yjiams f South, Walei Star ) responded. Redmond then sang The wanderer s Mr. Hodtiinott Up in the mountains," > • "Watting "Up to dick": and Mr. Harrison •T^^ed a niece of his own composition called '• The sailor." tn e Chairman proposed The host and hostess." Which Miss Hoddinott gracefully responded. 5^ ^r a few remarks from Mr. McDonnell, thank- Hoddinott for his generous treatment of fryL °%e- the rest of the evening was devoted to V^Ursing sweet music. Mr. Dooley sang •• Tell What to do." and, as an encore. My mother's qr've. Master Owen Mooney roused the enthu- the audience by a song and dance. Mr. sang. Remem'laer you have children of own." Mr. J. H. Morris sang. "Perverted w^erbs," and Fifty ce&ts." Mr. Hoddinott, I ten shillings to O'Gra&y." and I was In it." Catkins gave The Rose, the Thistle, anfi the and Mr. McDonnell. The true born h^^tUan." The singing of fee National Antkem to a close a most enjoyable evening, greatest credit is due to Mr. Hoddinott fortis eUeat catering and good service.

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