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OCCASIONAL XOTES FROM TOXYEEFAIL, BY AIIOSVDD. A1' j11 tms cistriet, with the exception. <> some; eleven persons who constitute the Conservative pv-tv of our village, hail with pleasure the appearance Wl tne l'olitic:èl horizon of S,'»uth Wales of your Its f-, bright beams of R,d; c,d light promise well for its future, and prove i-s T>orou*jh wort> ness of every support from those whose interests '1 will, I feel certain, well cimmplOll-tlle wo\L:ug I L -19 men. Those few exceptions referred to above appear to regard The Mar in much the same manner as our forefathers did the comets appearing f^oni time to time in the • distant- heavens, as prognos. ieatiivj rigns of pertling misfoBCune. And such to them it really is. That we c..n maintain another Radical newspaper in our division is a su 'e indication of the tprea/.l amI advance (If Liberalism. This, of course, means Dcr: unly a gradual losserlng, hllt ultimate ex- tenr; rntion vf everything obnoxious in this district to popr.'ar freedom. \Ve heartily wish The Liar every saccess while it advocates right and just principles and whilst we know all good causes shall have your best attention and able support, we believe those ques- tions wb'eh aie linked closest to "gallant little \a]e5" —that "ma'1 corner of England," as Mr. Ealtes worJd hat e said—v iii receive your riref attention. Or" Methodist friends a* Tonvrefail have .ir'y just renovated their chapel, and they have also rebuilt a wall, situate in fron: (It the sacred echiiee. Both per- formances were much needed, more especially the last named for the old wall having weathered many years must soon have fallen. But it mus-č be admitted that the stairs leading from the road to the chap 3I premises are much too narrow, and one person declared to me that the width of it is an admission on the part- of the architect that the chapel authorities have come to the conclusion that the age of great men with the Methodists has come to a close. In connection with this same chapel the- is another evil to be remedied, and this is even a greater evil than faded paint, and a crumbling white-washed wall. I refer to the scenes taking place every Sunday in the grave-yard connected with thi" plaec of worship. THs yard is every Sunday the resort of a number of boys, who seem to believe it a playground, and the tombs and headstones as having been considerately placed there merely for their amusement. 2S ot a few or these lads have I seen dancing 011 the graves, and going through a variety rA other quixotic antics, equally pleasant. It is, indeed, a pity these lads are allowed to carry on in this way, and I am sure that once the matter ha<? been brought to the attention of the chapel authorities these disgraceful ¡1}"t)c-:er!ing" will be speedily put an end to.



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