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BRIDGEND NOTES. THE VACANCY OX lrlE SCHOOL BOARD. Owing to the lamented death of the Rev. T. Cole there is a vacant seat on the Bridgend School Board, which it is intended t3 fill up at the next meet'ug of +'le Be rid. It has been corfidently hoped that the new member would be unanimously selected from the same church as the late member belonged to. Tais is the most natural course that would suggest itself, and it wouhl also be a tdbuto to the revered memory of the I-,t, v'ce-cha'rma'i. Consequently, the Hope Baptist Church have chosen as their nominee Mr. T. J. Hushes, solicitor. But it has since tianspired that the Welsh Baptist Baptist Chui ch desire representation on the Board. They consider that as the late Rev. T. Cole occu- pied a seat on the Board since its formation that it is only fair that a man of their selection should now occupy the vacant seat. Tney have aeco •- el'igly selected Mr. T. Evans, Wyndham-street. But it should be borne in mind that at the last contested election the relative stsength of the two churches were considered, and the numbers and importance of the Hope Baptist Church sufficiently warranted the selection of the late member i-re- spective of his personal claim. We. therefore, con- sider that the decision then arrived at should remain intact until another appeal to the electors. There can be no difference of opinion that the vacant seat should be occupied by a man who will worthily succeed the late member who was one of the ablest members of the Board. The importance of the position calls for a person of culture; posi- tion, and ability. It is needless for us to dwell on the claims of the two candidates. Both gentle- men are so well 1 iown in the district that it would be useless for us to discuss their relative qualifica- tions for the post. Mr. Waliiii-ton has rendered valuable service by drawing the attention of the Local Board to the scandal of permitting entire horses to congregate for service in the stable-yard in Queen-street, a district surrounded by houses in the centre of the town. It is a disgrace to the authorities that such a practice has been allowed to exist fcr so long a period. We trust our Surveyor will exercise his power in this matter and prevent a repetition of such scenes. The Surveyor deserves a word of commendation for tne excellent report he presented to the Local Board at their last meeting in reference to a number of uninhabitable ho-Lises-or, more properly, polluted hovels—that are found in the town. and also for drawing attention to a number of nuisances that exist owing to very defective drainage. X 0 time should be lost in compelling those persons who reap a golden harvest from the rents of rookeries to make them healthy and fit habitations for man. If this cannot be attained by strnc.1 alterations then let them be demolished, and thereby rid our pretty little town of its olack po Hurry on faithful representatives of the rate- payers with your long-talked-of drainage scheme. The summer is fast approaching, and if the ques- tion is delayed until the winter it will, as Mr. McG-anl very wisely pointed out. be a source of great annoyance, and will cost a far larger amount of mon?y. Who is to be the chairman This is the query one hears on all hands. But with a number of eager aspirants for the distinguished position, the question is difficult to answer. The chair of our local Parliament should not be a pinnacle from which to blow the trumpet of personal vanity or to attempt to win popular esteem by frothing oratorical display. One or two of the candidates have actually canvassed the members. Does this enthusiasm arise from an earnest desire to serve the ratepayers in a still more honourable position, or is it the outcome of conceited and superior notionsRumour has it that personal enmity towards certain members fosters this enthusiasm. We hope not. We are anxious that the most efficient and capable of the members should fill the chair. We disapprove entirely of the unw tse conduct of a contemporary in making bitter per- sonal attacks against certain probable candidates, more especially the unworthy criticism of the late chairman, who has done more for the town than the writer of the scurrulous I'ncs can be expected to perform. "We hop3 wise counsels w*'11 preva'T at the next meeting of the Board, and that an unanimous selection will be arrived at. There need be no difficulty in the matter. We see no reason why the late chairman should not be re- elected. but if a change is considered desirable, there are eligible men at hand. G-ratitude for long sei vice, and a deep interest in the affairs of the town, would suggest Mr. Llewellyn Wallington. But we are not aware that he aspires to the posi- tion. Then we have the indomitable captain of the fire brigade, who has strong claims upon the memuers. for the varied services he has rendered the latepayers. However, we will not dictate. May there be nnaniir:ty and peace. We desire to diaw the attention of our readers to the last paragraph in the ever-interesv" rg Tw inklings' in another column, where our valued correspondent •• Brutus" offers a prize of half-a-sovereign for the nearest guess at the popu- Jation of the Bridgend Local Board district accord- iug to tuiis years' census. The conditions are that all guesses are to be sent to the Editor, addressed to Brutus by the end of this month, and to b" L accompanieel by the paragraph containing the offer, cut out of the STAR," and the full name and address of the sender. The result will be pub- Fshed. and the prize awarded as soon as the returns appear.





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