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PEN MARK FAIR. MONDAY, 20TH APRIL, AND NOT WEDNESDAY, THE 15TH APRIL. MESSRS. STEPHENSON AMI ALEXANDER will SELL by AUCTION at this Fair, on MONDAY, the 20th APRIL, the following VALU- ABLE FAT AND STORE STOCK 200 FAT SHEEP, 30 FAT CATTLE, 50 Very excellent Shropshire Down EWES and LAMBS. 20 to 25 STORE CATTLE, &c. Terms—Fat Stock. Cash. Ewes and Lambs and Store Stock, 3 Months' Credit on approved security. Sale at 1.0 p.m. < 3, High-street, Cardiff. VALUABLE FREEHOLD BUILDING AND ACCOMMODATION LAND. TOGETHER WITH FARM HOUSE. BUILDINGS. &c., NEAR TO BARRY DOCK, GLAMORGAN- SHIRE. MESSRS. STEPHENSON and ALEXANDER 1'.1. are instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at the New Barry Hotel, Barry, on TUESDAY, the 28th April next, at 2.30 in the Afternoon, the follow- ing valuable FREEHOLD LANDED PROPERTIES, Situate in the Parish of Merthyr Dovan, in the County of Glamorgan, viz. :— Lot 1. A Close of LAND, numbered 70 on the recent Ordnance Survey of the Parish of Merthyr Dovan, having a frontage to the road leading from the Buttrills to Merthyr Dovan, and adjoining the New Cemetery, and containing about 2a. 2r. 25p. Lot 2. Two Closes of LAND, numbered 233 and 236 on the recent Ordnance Survey of the said parish, having a frontage to the road leading from Barry to Colcott. near to the Buttrills, and containing about 10a. lr. lip. Lot 3. A Close of LAND, with the Cottage and Buildings thereon erected, and known as Colcott Vach, numbered 63 and 64 on the recent Ordnance Survey of the said parish, having a frontage to the parish road leading from Colcott to Merthyr Dovan, and containing la. lr. 35p., or thereabouts. Lot 4. A Close of LAND, numbered 50 on the Ordnance Survey, having access to the parish road from Coldcott to Barry, and containing about 0a. 3r. 20p. Lot 5. Six Closes of LAND. with the Farmhouse, Outbuildings, Yards, and Orchard, known as Colcot Vawr. having a considerable frontage to the Barry and Port-roads, and numbered 40, 52. 53, 54, 55, and 56 on the recent Ordnance Survey of the said parish, and containing lBa. 2r: 6p., or-thereabouts. Lot 6. Three Closes of LAND, adjoining the before- mentioned Lot, having a frontage to the Port-road, numbered 42, 47, and 48 on the recent Ordnance Sur- vey. and containing about 14a. Or. 35p. Lot 7. Three Closes of LAND, numbered 44, 46 and 200 on the recent Ordnance Survey of the said parish, having a considerable frontage to Port-road, and con- taining about 15a. 3r. 15p. Lot 8. Two Closes of LAND, numbered 199 and 45 on the recent Ordnance Survey of the said parish, having a frontage to Port-road, and containing 3a. 3r. 15p., or thereabouts. Lot 9. Two Closes of LAND, having a frontage to the Port-road, and also to the parish road leading from Barry to Port-road, numbered 179 and 180 on the recent Ordnance Survey, and containing 9a. lr. 6p. or thereabouts. The foregoing lots are within short distances of the Barry Dock, and afford an unusual opportunity to in- vestors in this class of property in this rising and important district, and are now in the occupation of Mr. David Howells, upon a yearly tenancy, which ex- pires in February next. Plans, Particulars, and Conditions of Sale are in course of preparation, and may be had upon applica- tion to Messrs. Stevens, Bawtree, and Stevens, Solicitors. 73A, Queen Victoria-street, London, or of the Auctioneers, at Cardiff. pUBLIC HALL, BARRY. Ox THURSDAY, APRIL 2CTH, GRAXD VEXING CONCERT Will be given by MISS ALICE GOMEZ, and her Select Grand Concert Party, consisting of MISS ALICE GOMEZ, The Indian Nightingale MISS MATTIE DAVIES, from the Cardiff Popular Concerts MR. R. W. EVANS, from the Cardiff Prize Choir MR. A. H. PERKINS, Primo Basso, Cardiff Popular Concerts MASTER FRANK HUTCHINS, the Wonderful Boy Pianist, St. James's Hall. London Cardiff Popular Concerts MADAME CLARA XOVELLO DAVIES. Accom- panist Conductress of the Welsh Ladies' Choir MR. JACOB DAVIES. Conductor: Director of the Cardiff Popular Concerts. Reserved and Numbered Seats. 3s.: Family ditto, to admit four. 10s.: Front Seats. 2s.: Second Seats. Is. Doors open 7.15. Concert commence at 8 Car- riages at 10. rpo CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS. The Barry and Cadoxton Lccal Board are pre- pared to received TENDERS for PRIVATE IM- PROVEMENT WORKS in the following streets, viz. Courteney-ror.d Beverley-street Westxin-street Lombard-street Forster-street Regent-street Hunter-street Evans-street Holmes-street Spencer-street N orthcote-terrace Richard-street Jenner-street Xewlands-street Lower Harvey-street Castleland-gtreet Moxon-street Graving Dock-street Daniel-street Station-street Abington-street Greenwood-street Abington-street Greenwood-street Plans, Sections, and Specifications may be seen, and Forms of Tenders obtained at the Office of the above Board. Vere-street. Cadoxton. upon applica- tion to the undersigned from whom all further particulars can be obtained. Sealed Tenders, endorsed Private Improvement Works. to be sent in. to the undersigned, not later than Monday, the 27th day of April. The Board reserve to themselves the right of letting the work in sections, and do not bind them- selves to accept the lowest or any Tender. Dated the 9th day of April. 1891. T. C. PARDOE, Surveyor. INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL AT BARRY. THE JOINT EDUCATION COMMITTEE for -I- the COUNTY OF GLAMORGAN having offered to establish and maintain an Intermediate School in the Barry District, on condition that a freehold site be obtained free of cost, and the sum of -C 1.500 raised towards the cost of erecting a suitable building, it has been decided to appeal to the public for subscriptions towards this object. The Barry Dock Town Syndicate. Limited, have very generously offered an acre of land near Barry Dock Police Station free, for a term of 99 years, and Mr. Thurston Bassett has consented to grant the reversion, thus making the site a freehold one. The following subscriptions have already, been promised, viz :— Mr. J. Cory <,250 0 0 J. C. Meggitt 50 0 0 J. Arthur Hughes 50 0 0 Lewis W. Jones 25 0 0 O. H. Jones 10 0 0 .J. Lowdon. 10 0 0 R. P. Culley 5 5 0 .t400 5 0 Subscriptions will be received by the treas- urers. secretary, or at the South Wales Union Bank. J. CORY. rrrea<5Urera O. H. JONES, Areasurer*- J. ARTHUR HUGHES, Hon. Sec. GARDEN SEEDS, Flower Seeds, Farm Seeds, Seed Oats. Barley, Vetches. Wheat, Beans, «tc.; ARTIFICIAL MANURES; IMPLEMENTS, Carts, Wagons, Jrc., of all kinds. Catalogues Free.—J. HlBBEKT it SONS, 10 and 11, Castle-street, Cardiff. gRIDGEND LOCAL BOARD ELECTION, 1891- LADIES AND GENTLEMEN*. You have for the fourth time done me the honour of returning me as a Member of the Local Board, each time with the additional distinction of being at the head of the poll. I return you my most sincere thanks for the con- fidence placed in me, and I will endeavour in the future, as in the past, to deserve that confidence by promoting what I think to be the best interests of the town without fear or favour. I am, Ladies and gentlemen, Your obedient Servant. W. M. RICHARDS. Bridgend, 8th April, 1891. c ADOXTON AND BARRY ANNUAL SPORTS. A pUBLIC E E T I X G In connection with the above SPORTS will be held on MONDAY. XEXT, APRIL 13th, At 7.30 p.m., in THE PICXIC HALL, CADOXTON, (Adjoining the Wenvoe Arms Hotel). GAS COOKERY LECTURES. BARRY AND CADOXTOX GAS AND WATER COMPANY. A COURSE OF LECTURES ON COO K I X G. Together with an Exhibition of Gas Cooking and Heating Appliances, will be held at the PUBLIC HALL, BARRY, On TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, April 21 & 22 Also at the PUBLIC HALL, VERE ST.r CADOXTON, On THURSDAY and FRIDAY, the 23rd & 24th. RS. rp H W A I T E S (Of Liverpool School of Cookery) Will Lecture daily in the Afternoon at 3, and in Evening at 7 o'clock, and give practical examples of High-class and Economical Cookery. Change of Menu at each Demonstration. Some powerful Gas Lamps will also be exhibited at the Xew Cadoxton Meat Market during the Evenings of the 23rd and 24th. R E A T gHOW. E. GRIFFITHS, EWEXNY SHOP, gRIDGEND, Is now shewing the LATEST ^OVELTIE S IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. If you want the best value in the trade in Ladies', Children's, and Infant's HATS BOXXETS, pay a visit to Ewenny Shop. Latest Styles in DRESS MATERIALS.. Latest X ovelties in Ladies' MANTLES. Latest Xovelties in Ladies' and Children's JACKETS. Charming X oyelties in BOXXETS and HATS. Xew RIBBOXS. Xew GLOVES. Latest Xovelties in FLOWERS, FEATHERS, &c. B. SEIDEMAN, TOBACCONIST, EXCHANGE TOILET CLUB, 5, EXCHAXGE BUILDINGS, BARRY. LADIES' COMBIXGS CAREFULLY MADE TO AXY DESIGN. CERTIFICATED CHIROPODIST. CORNS CAREFULLY CUT AND EXTRACTED WITHOUT PAIN. Moderate Charges. Ladies and Gentlemen waited upon at their residences. TESTIMONIAL FROM DR. GORE. Cadoxton. February 24th. 1891. "Mr. B. SEIDESIAN, Hairdresser and Chiropodist. of Exchange Buildings, Barry, removed a hard Corn for me in December last. from which I had suffered a deal of pain. I was very pleased with the way the operation was done. It was quite painless, and up to the present I have not had the least trouble from it re-appearing. • ALFRED GORE." eg- PLEASE NOTE THE ADDRESS. VV AND CRICKET VV AND j^AWN rp E N N I S. LARGEST STOCK IN WALES FISHIXG TACKLE. rp pAGE WOOD & QO., PRACTICAL GUXMAKERS, ATHLETIC OUT- FITTERS, kc. (Opposite the Castle). CARDIFF. WANTED. LONDON. EDINBURGH AND GLASGOW, ASSURANCE COMPANY, LD.—WANTED Energetic AGENTS in Barry District and Vale of Glamorgan. Salary and commission. Books vacant. Apply Davies. superintendent. Holton-road, Cadoxton, Barry: or Watkins, district manager, Caledonian Chambers, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. WANTED, respectable BOYS to sell the South Waif* Star.—Good commission to suitable lads. Apply Manager, "Star" Printing Works, Verc Street, Cadoxton. 4 PARTMENTS required by two Gentlemen.— JTJL Neighbourhood of Cadoxton Village or Old Barry, preferred.—Apply "Excelsior," South Wale* Star, Cadoxton, Barry. C, ENERAL SERVANT Wanted able to do plain JT cooking.—Apply A 21, South Walts Star, Cad- tlxton, Barry. TO LET. HOUSES TO LET, Castleland Street. Three minutes' walk from Barry Dock.—Apply J. D. JENKINS, Vere Street, Cadoxton. OFFICES TO LET.—In splendid position in main thoroughfare, gas laid on.—Apply D. Williams, 20, Caroline-street, Bridgend. FOR SALE. FOR SALE.—A quantity of SEED BARLEY, OATS from Scotland last year, and a small quantity of Home Grown Clover Seeds.—Address, D. W. Savours, Rhoose, Barry. FOR SALE.—At the Market. Barry, a quantity of GREENS: some early Kidney Potatoes: Fresh Eggs from farm house a consignment of Baskets of all sizes and shapes, and other goods.—Apply, Care- taker. EDUCATIONAL. D A,Y SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. HEBBLE HOUSE, CADOXTON, BARRY. Principal MISS BARSTOW. Next term commences MONDAY, APRIL 13th. BARRY PREPARATORY SCHOOL, ATHER- STONE, WINDSOR-ROAD. Pm NCI PAL :—MISS BURBIDGE, R.A.M., Assisted by thoroughly efficient Governesses. Thorough English, French. Music, and other Accomplishments. Kindergarten Taught. Next term commences April 21st, 1891. BARRY PRIVATE DAY SCHOOL, FOR BOYS ANI) GIRLS. COMMENCED ON APRIL 7TH. I ]%/TUSIC, DRAWING, and Rudiments of French, J3LL as well as all the Elementary' Ssbjects, by thoroughly qualified and experienced Teacher. For full particulars, apply to- MRS. COLLIER, 111, HIGH STREET. BARRY. JNTERMBDIATE GCHOOL, 113, HIGH STREET, BARRY. MISS TAYLOR WISHES by these means to convey her sincere thanks to her numerous patrons for past support, and begs to inform them that her School Resumed duties on APRIL 6TH. PROSPECTUS OX APPLICATION, [A CARD.] MR. J. CLARK FAIRBAIRX, ARTIST, 55, VERE STREET, CADOXTOX. J. JONES, (FROM BAKER B A K E R, BRISTOL,) DRAPER AND MILLINER. SPECIAL LINES IX DRESSES. I NEWEST STYLE IN MILLINERY. Note the Address BRISTOL HOUSE, 16, MAIX STREET, CADOXTOX THE GHAFTESBURY rjlEMPERAXCE AND 0OMMERCIAL JJOTEL, (LATE HOWE'S) VERE-STREET. CADOXTON, Is now Open under New Management. The Cheapest and Most Comfortable F A M I L Y HO T E L IX THE DISTRICT. It comprises also a commodious Public Room for Dinner. Concerts. Meetings. &c. Dinnerss Daily from 12 to 2 p.m. at moderate charges. PROPRIETORS DAVIES AND LEWIS. WHEX times are bad then money is scare, and everv one tries to buy in the cheapest market. If you want GOOD STROXG SERVICEABLE BOOTS CHEAP, now is your time to give G. B 1 8 H 0 P, Of HOLTOX-ROAD. A call, he having just secured a LARGE STOCK OF READY-MADE gOOTS, gHOES, AND j^LIPPERS Of every description, which he will be able to Sell at about HALF THE USUAL PRICE for Cash. Hand-sewn Boots made on the premises by ex- perienced Workmen. Special attention given to repairs. Xothing but the best material used. TERMS STRICTLY CASH. Note the Address G. BISHOP, PRACTICAL BOOTMAKER AND REPAIRER, HOLTON-ROAD, BARRY DOCK. OT ICE. TRAXSFER OF BUSIXESS. J THOMAS & CO. beg to intimate to the public < generally that that they have taken to the Premises lately occupied by Messrs. W. Griffiths and Co., where both ENGLISH AND COLONIAL MEAT will be sold at remarkably LOW PRICES. They solicit one trial only, which, they are con- fident, will suffice to ensure your continuous patronage. Shop open Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Note the Address— rpHE gRITISH AND COLONIAL MEAT jyjARKET, (Top of the Rhiew) JJRIDGEND. -+ M. G. MACGREGOR, JYJOXUMEXTAL AND GEXERAL MASON, KENILWORTH ROAD, CADOXTOX. NEW AXD ORIGINAL DESIGNS. HOLTON PORK SHOP. Jj AVID pOENWELL, pORK JgUTCHER, 10, HOLTOX ROAD, BARRY DOCK, AND GLEBE STREET. PEXARTH. ALL GOODS OF THE VERY BEST. TRY THE QUALITY. BARRY DOCK > HOTEL WILL BE Q P E N E D IN THE COURSE OF A F E w, T) A Y S. PROPRIETORS :— R. P. CULLEY 4 C°- PHILHARMOXIC AND EXCHAXGE RESTAURANTS, CARDIFF.