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PENARTH LOCAL BOARD. MEETING OF THE PUBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE. UNFOUNDED ACCUSATIONS AGAINST THE SURVEYOR. On Tuesday evening last a meeting of the Public Works Committee of the Penarth Local Board was held at the Board's Offices, when there were present. Messrs. W. B. Bevan (in the chair). W. B. Shepherd, D. Morgan, C. Pile. D. Cornwall, and J. Court (Surveyor). THE SURVEYOR'S REPORT. Mr. James Court, the surveyor of the board. reported that he had received a letter from Mr. J. Pickford to the effect that he would let the stables, now in the hands of the board, to that body at a weekly rental of Is. per week. subject to the receipt of a week's notice at the expiration of the tenancy.. Mr. Morgan moved that the committee should accept Mr. Pickford's offer, and comply with the conditions of the letter. • ''hepherd seconded, and it was agreed to. THE STATION APPROACH. The Surveyor read a letter from Mr. H. 0. Fisher, of the Taff Yale Railway Company, asking the Board to take over that portion of the road approaching the Penarth station, leading from Westbourne-road over the bridge to the Cardiff side of the station after the same had been pro- perly metalled and channelled to the satisfaction of the board's surveyor. Mr. Shepherd thought it was a private spot which ought to be kept by the railway authorities. It was worth a lot to the company, but nothing to the board. The Chairman pointed out that the Great Western Company, in Cardiff were the proprietors of the road leading to their station, and that they z, could stop any carriage or cab (not their own) from coming there. The Taff Vale Company, if the board refused their offer, could exercise the same monopoly at Penarth. Mr. Morgan We must take care not to take it over until the place is put in proper order. Mr. Cornwell advanced as his opinion that it T 11 be too large an area for the board to "_e M Pile. however, thought it was a place of utility, and ought to be taken over, as it was the only public access to Cardiff by rail. Mr. Cornwell We shall be obliged to keep the place in good order, and yet shall derive no benefit therefrom in the shape of rates, for there are no houses abutting which can be assessed. Unless we can obtain some revenue for the maintenance of the road. why should we incur the expense of keeping it in order Mr. Morgan said they should bear in mind that the Taff Vale Company were very heavy rate- payers. Mr. Pile pointed out that the board had already taken footpaths over which were certainly less remunerative than the Station approach would be, and he would certainly support a motion for taking- it over. The Chairman asked if both sides had been paved. The Surveyor replied in the affirmative. The Chairman If we take it over we shall have perfect control over all vehicles staying there, which we have not at present. The company can even license their own vehicles the same as the Great Western Company at Cardiff do. We must also look upon the Taff Vale Company as owners of land. and as long as they carry out their own private improvements we cannot treat them but as other owners. I would certainly advise the Board to take over the station approach when the com- pany has conformed with our requirements. My. Cornwall The place -is not drained. If houses lie there how can they be drained Mr. Shepherd said that Station-road had been drained, and houses abutting the approach could be drained with the same sewer. But at the same time he thought it would be best to see the Clerk before taking further steps. The Chairman said it was hinted some time ago in the Cabs' Committee that it was a very likely thing that the Taff Yale Company would take upon themselves the power to license their own vehicles. Mr. Cornwall asked if the pavement in front of the station would be taken over also. The Chairman thought it would. Mr. Shepherd again suggested that the matter be left in abeyance until the clerk could be con- sulted. Mr. Cornwell thought it would be well if some member of the committee could inspect the spot. And after a little further discussion, Mr. Shep- herd's suggestion was agreed to. UNFAIR ACCUSATIONS AGAINST THE SURVEYOR.— STRONG REMARKS BY THE MEMBERS. The Surveyor handed a letter to the Chairman, sent by Mr. H. Huntley, which was to the effect that Hill-street was in a disgraceful condition, and had not been cleaned for at least six months. There was in wet weather a large accumulation of mud and dirt. and asking why the matter was not at- tended to. In reply to the Chairman, the Surveyor said that he had visited the spot and found that the allega- tions contained in the letter were entirely un- founded. The place wfis quite clean, and in fact was cleaned every day. and so was the lane at the back of the houses. The slope of the road in ques- tion was also sufficiently steep that no dirt could accumulate. Mr. Pile I know the street well. I pass it al- most every day, and I never saw it in a filthy state. Mr. Shepherd confirmed the statements of the Surveyor and Mr.. Pile. Mr. Cornwall This is nothing more or less than a dastardly attempt to accuse the surveyor of neglecting his duty. The letter must be taken notice of. and I think our surveyor should be cleared out of a charge like this. The Chairman concurred, and it was agreed that the clerk should be requested to write a letter to that effect to 3Ir. Huntley. AX ACCIDENT IN HICKMAN ROAD. The Surveyor reported that a pony and trap while passing over a sewer in Hickman-road met with an accident owing to the sewer giving way. The road was slightly damaged at the time. but he had since y z7, set the matter right, and it was now quite safe. APPLICATION FOR MANURE. A letter was read from Mr. C. F. Graig, the sec- retary of the West Cottages Garden Allotment Association,making application that the scavenging of West Cottages should be used as manure by the above association. On the motion of Mr. Morgan the matter was re- ferred to the scavenging committee. ROAD IMPROVEMENTS. The Surveyor reported that he was making pre- parations, in accordance with the Board's resolution, to carry on the improvements in Cogan Hill. IMPROVEMENTS. Mr. Morgan proposed that the surveyor prepare plans for the widening and improving the road from Cogan Station to the old Police Station. Mr. Shepherd seconded the motion, which was agreed to. TENDERS. Tenders were opened for a new cart. Three ten- ders were submitted as follows lVIr. Kna nmall Cl9 0 0 Mr. Allen XIS 10 0 Mr. T. Thomas C13 10 0 The latter was accepted, subject to the approval of the Board. The clerk was instructed to invite tenders for road material, repair of highways, coal, etc. FINANCE COMMITTEE. A finance committee was held on Wednesday evening, but with the exception of the passing- of a few bills, no business of public interest was transacted.



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