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LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. BARRY. BANKRUPTCY. — George Hockley, greengrocer, Barry, has been adjudicated a bankrupt, so we notice from the Litmlon (iazette. ALTERATION OF ADDRESS. — Mr. George H. Simpson, M.R.C.V.S., has removed his residence and place of business from Windsor-road, Barry, to Arno House, Holton-road, Barry Dock. ROUNDERS.—The Gloucester Wagon Company team played a representative team of the Barry Company at Barry on Saturday last. Both teams played nine men cach. Score :—Barry Company—first innings, 7 runs: second innings, 17 runs. Gloucester Wagon Company first innings, 19 rnns; sccond innings, 36 runs. The following represented the Gloucester Wagon Company T. Griffiths. J. Prosser, W. Hoult, T. Cane, W. Morris, R. Sebright, F. Perry, F. Ware, W. Webber. THE RECENT RAILWAY SERVANTS' GATHERING. —Wc are glad to learn from Mr. Henry Woolley, the secretary of the railway servants' demonstration at Barry, on Good Friday, that the financial results have been very satisfactory. The receipts were as follows: —Subscriptions, £ 20 profit from tea, concert, and football matches, f19 total, £ 39. When all moneys are sent in it is anticipated that the committee will be in a position to forward a sum of £ 40 to the orphan fund of the Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants. A FOOTBALL MATCH WITH A BENEVOLENT OBJECT.—We specially desire to draw the attention of our Barry district readers to'a football match which is to be held at the ButiriU's Field, Barry, on Monday afternoon next, Mab'on's Day. On that day teams re- presenting the Barry and Newport coaltippers will play a return match, when the proceeds will be in aid of the funds of the Barry Nursing Association. The game will commence at three o'clock, when we trust there will be a huge crowd present. When the teams played at Newport on Mabon's Day last. the amount realised was over £50. which was handed to the New- port Infirmary. It is a thousand pities that we have not an infirmary at Barry, but in its absence probably no worthier institution could reap the proceeds of next Monday s match. The following will represent Barry :—J. Jones, back W. Murphy (capt.), J. Rees. F. Beck, and J. Davies. three-quarter backs: F. John and A. Saliss. half-backs: A. Hinton, T. Spencer, A. Hurley, H. Marsh, L. M. Rees, C. Ingram, F. Pritchard, and W. Stead, forwards. EASTER AT ST. PAUL'S CHURCH.—The usual services were held at St. Paul's Church, Barry, at Easter. In addition to the customary morning and evening services, two early services for communicants were held at 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. The services were fully choral, and the anthem, Our Lord is Risen, was creditably rendered by the choir. The church was very prettily and tastefully decorated The decorations were chiefly confincd to the chancel, and undertaken by half-a-dozen ladies, who certainly re- ceived reward in the praise that was evoked. There was a really good collection of flowers, chiefly exotics, homely ones too, such as azaleas, hyacinths, tulips, primroses, and daffodils. Three vases of very choice white exotics on the communion table were very promi- nent. The panels of the reading desk were covered with a cross of most choice flowers of all colours, well blent on a red ground with a border of moss. It was really very beautiful. The lectern was J hardly less so, the profusion of choice flowers around the foot affording a very refreshing sight. The services were well attended throughout the day. There was only one sermon, viz., in the evening, when the curate-in- charge, the Rev. J. Price, preached from the text, 1. Cor., 15 c. 20 v. A good reliable Timekeeper saves its owner time and money. The best and cheapest are X cwman's English Lever Watches. Warranted for five years. Address, High-street, Cadoxton. BARRY DOCK. A FINE DOLPHIN.—A very fine dolphin, the pro- perty of a railway passenger, could have been seen on the Barry Dock Station platform on Saturday last. The fish measured fully 15in. long and its fins about 8in. each. NEW POST-OFFICE.—We are pleased to learn from the Cardiff postmaster, Mr. Fardo, that a new post- office for the transaction of post-office, money orders, savings' bank and parcel post business has been opened at Holton, Barry Dock. Collections will be made six times daily, and once on Sunday. LAST WEEK'S SHIPMENTS.—The shipments of coal and coke at Barry Dock for the week ending Saturday last amounted to 65,499 tons 8 cwt. This was shipped on board 33 steamers and 16 sailing vessels total 49. The imports during the week con- sisted of 1.355 tons of pitwood and 287 standards of flooring boards. The number of vessels in dock on Wednesday morning last was 54-25 steamers and 29 sailing vessels. A RECENT BAXKnrPTCY. The proceedings," says the Ercuhi// Expre* of the Cardiff Bankruptcy Court on Wednesday disclosed some very interesting details in reference to the way in which small public companies arc floated at Barry. A boat dealer, who admitted that he was to some extent insolvent, sold his business to a company. The solicitor to the company afterwards found it necessary to seize the effects in afterwards found it necessary to seize the effects in order to pay himself for costs incurred. This is an instance of what often occurs when new towns are being constructed, and those who take shares in small companies should be very careful to ascertain the facts." PROPOSED IRON CHURCH.—A further committee meeting in connection with the above was held at the Rectory last evening. Permission having been obtained from the clerk to the board it was decided to hold a concert in the Cadoxton schools on or about the 29th inst. Very satisfactory progress in the programme arrangements was reported by the sub-eommittee. It is also hoped to hold a social evening early in May in the Barry Dock district. The next committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, the 22nd April, at Mr. Bray's, Holton-road. BARRY DOCK COMPANY'S ASSESSMENT.— The Assessment Committee of the Cardiff Union met at Cardiff yesterday (Thursday). There was an appeal from the Barry Dock and Railways Company. The Barry Company made an offer that the committee would reduce the present assessment by £ 160, and would allow the assessment to continue, at its present value until January, 1893. They would agree to the present assessment. This was done. There was a large number of other local appeals. CADOXTON. ENGLISH BAPTIST CHAPEL.—A miscellaneous entertainment was given at the Mount Pleasant Bap- tist Chapel last Monday evening. Songs, recitations, and readings were given by local artistes. Miss Holloway presided at the piano. ESCAPE OF REFUGE GIRLS.—Detectives Scott and Oxley, of Cardiff, accompanied by Police-constable Roberts, arrested two young girls at Cadoxton on Tuesday evening. It appears that a couple of days previously they escaped from a Salvation Army Refuge at Roath, Cardiff, taking away with them some clothing. ELECTION OF OVERSEERS,-At a meeting of the Cadoxton Vestry held at the Board Schools on Thurs- day evening the 26th ult., Mr. Joshua Barstow pre- siding, the election of overseers was proceeded with. The retiring overseers were Messrs. George Garnett, and Rees Phillips. Messrs. Rees Phillips, Vere-street, and H. Bur bridge, Barry-road, were elected, and will 'be recommended to the magistrates in due course. THE FORTHCOMING CHURCH CONCERT.—By an advertisement in another column it will be seen that the grand professional concert in aid of the Cadoxton Welsh Church Building Fund, will be held on Wednesday evening next, the 8th instant, at the Board School in this town, under the presidency of Sir Morgan Morgan, Cardiff. A capital programmee has been prepared, and tickets are being rapidly taken up, so that there is every prospect of the concert being attended with complete success. It is intended to commence the concert precisely at 7.30, so that strangers who intends being present may be able to return home by the 10 o'clock train. During the evening. Miss Kate Morgan (a National Eisteddfod prize taker) will sing Dr. Parry's new and thrilling patriotic song Cymru Fydd," for her brilliant rendering of which she has been encored no less than twenty times in different parts of South Wales in the course of the past six weeks. PROPOSED PRESENTATION. — On Wednesday evening last a meeting was held at the King William the Fourth Hotel, Cadoxton. for the purpose of making preliminary arrangements for making presen- tations to Messrs. Edmund and William Renneslev, of the Three Bells Inn, Cadoxton, who are about leaving that house. The chair was occupied by Mr. J. McGill, and amongst those present were, Messrs. H. L. Jones, registrar of births and deaths T. Butler, E. Evans. F. W. Davies, G. Palmer, and F. Palmer. It was decided that the presentations should take the form of a valuable timepiece for Mr. Edmund Kennesley, and a walking stick for Mr. William Kennesley, which will be presented to those gentlemen on Friday night, the 10th inst. Messrs. J. McGill, H. L. Jones, T. Butler, and F. W. Davies were appointed a committee to arrange the preliminaries and select and purchase the articles. THE HOLIDAYS.—There was a very heavy fall of snow over the Barry district on Good Friday morning, which prophesied unpleasant climatic conditions during the holidays. However, the sun came out gloriously in the afternoon, and all traces of the morning visitor were soon melted away. Special services were held in several of the local places of worship. There were also a few visitor.- in the town. Trains ran every half-hour on the Barry Railway after mid-day; also on Easter Monday. On the latter day the weather was gloriously fine. Indeed, it would be impossible to conceive a more enjoyable day for a holiday. As a consequence the trains brought down visitors by the hundreds. Barry and Barry Island were especially patronised, the inhabi- tants of the district being conspicuous in good force oil Barry beach. There was almost an entire absence of drunkenness in the streets, and the police have nothing special to report. INTERESTING MARRIAGE.—The Old King-street Wesleyan Chapel, Bristol, was crowded on Easter Monday, when the wedding ceremony of Miss Anna Sophia De Witt, daughter of the late Mr. Adam DeWitt, late of 34. King-street, Bristol, and the Angel Restaurant. Vere-street, Cadoxton, Barry, to Mr. John Williams, builder, Cadoxton, was solemnised. The Rev. Mr. Cartwriglit tied the nuptial knot. Mr. Sidney DeWitt acted as best man, and the bridesmaids were the 'following :—The Misses Ada Louise, Kate Amelia and Mary Jane DeWitt, Mrs. Derham and Mrs House (all sisters of the bride.) and Miss Blanche Grossman. Amongst the relatives present was Mrs. DeWitt, mother of the bride. The bride was charm- ingly attired in a dress of silver grey, the bridesmaids wearing dresses of a darker shade. The presents were pretty and numerous. A good reliable Timekeeper saves its owner time and money. The best and cheapest are Newman's English Lever Watohfcs. Warranted for five years. Address, Exchange Buildings, Barry. DINAS POWIS. POSTAL NOTICE.—An additional house-to-house delivery has been established at Dinas Powis, East- brook. and Leckwith, and correspondence posted at the Bute Docks Branch Post-office before 12.15 p.m. and at the Head Post-office, Cardiff, bcfare 12.45 p.m. will be delivered the same afternoon. WENVOE. GLAMORGANSHIRE HOUNDS. — At Courtyralla Lodge, this (Friday) morning, the Glamorganshire Hounds will meet at half-past eleven o'clock. PENARTH. NAUTICAL SUCCESS.—Amongst those who success- fully passed the examination held by the Board of Trade, we find the names of Mr. Edgar L. Lugg(matc), and Mr. Leonard Hunter (second mate), both of Penarth. Both gentlemen were prepared by Captain Mills, Navigation Schools, Cardiff. THE CYCLING CLUB.—Owing to the severejweather on Good Friday morning the newly-started Penarth Cycling Club were obliged to postpone their trip to Whitchurch and Llandaff. A meeting of the members will shortly be held to decide upon a series of trips, and all interested in cycling will be welcomed. QUARTERLY MEETING—On Easter Sunday the usual quarterly meeting of the Presbyterian Sunday School, Plassey-street, was held, Mr. A. Travis occupy- ing the chair. The Rev. W. Francis Jones, of Cardiff, delivered a short address to the scholars, several of whom during the afternoon took part in the meeting. Much praise is due to the untiring efforts of the superintendent, teachers, and others, who had spared -c no pains in teaching the little ones. THE HOLIDAYS.—Good Friday and Easter Monday brought with them their usual large contingents of visitors, and although the rough weather we experienced on Good Friday morning kept many at home, yet in the afternoog there was a good muster of pleasure seekers. On Easter Monday, in spite of the great attractions at Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, and else- where, Penarth was well patronised. Amusements were heartily indulged in throughout the day. Steam- boats, trains, and 'buses were, until midnight, full of holiday makers. MISSIONARY MEETINGS.—On Sunday last the Rev. Josiah Mee, of Cardiff, conducted a series of meetings in connection with the Wesleyan Home Mission, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Arcot-street, and preached to large congregations in the morning and evening. The rev. gentleman also delivered a stirring sermon to men only in the afternoon. The meetings throughout were on the whole well attended, and it is to be hoped much good will be derived from the untiring efforts of the supporters of the Wesleyan Home Missionaries. RHOOSE. GOSPEL TEMPERANCE.—On Wednesday evening last week Mr. P. J. Byrne. Barry, gave a very edifying address at the Jubilee Hall on the above subject, which was characterised with an earnestness that could not fail to carry conviction to his hearers, that he fully felt the deep importance of the question he descanted upon, and was duly appreciated, and listened to with marked attention. The meeting was closed by prayer. PENMARIv. MARRIAGE.—On Saturday morning last, at Pen- mark Church, Miss Marian Morgan, of Aberthaw, was married to Mr. William Waddell, A.M.I.C.E., of the Engineers' Office, Barry Dock and Railways. The bride was given away by her brother-in-law, Mr. George Higham, A.M.I.C.E., of the Thames Ship- building and Iron Works Co, London. Miss Jane Morgan was bridesmaid, and Mr. James Lougher was best man. The Rev. J. Griffiths performed the cere- mony. Notwithstanding the fact that the time of the wecWing had been kept a secret, a large number of the inhabitants were present, and the happy couple were sent on their honeymoon with every good wish. Mr. and Mrs. Waddell will live in Romilly-road, Barry. NOLTON. ST. MARY'S EASTER VESTRY. The annual vestry meeting was held in the vestry of St. Mary's, Nolton, on Easter Monday, under the presidency of the Rector (Rev. F. W. Edmondes, M.A.) There were present: Rev. H. Morris, Curate: Messrs. T. S. Smith, J.Lloyd, G. S. Cameron, J, Cooke, J. Schwabb, D. Williams. The minutes of the previous vestry were confirmed. Mr. T. G. Smith was appointed churchwarden of Coity and chapel warden of Nolton. Mr. J. Lloyd was elected lay elector, who shall be qualified to vote in the election of lay delegates, in accordance with the constitution of the Llandaff Diocesan Conference. At the close of the vestry, a meeting of the congregation was held. Mr. T. G. Smith presented his annual statement of accounts shewing offertories £ 196 8s. 8d. expenditures, £214 16s. 6d.; balance due to church- warden, El8 7s. lOd. It was resolved that an earnest appeal be made to the congregation on Sunday next, to wipe off the debt. Messrs. J. Cooke, W. M. Richards, W. Edwards, Frank Butler, John Lloyd, and J. Schwabb were appointed sidemen for the ensuing year. The Rector expressed his indebtedness to the laymen for their cordial help at all times. LALESTON. ANNIVERSARY SERVICES.—The anniversary ser- vices in connection with Horeb Calvinistic Methodist Chapel was held on Thursday and Friday, the 26th and 27th inst., when powerful and eloquent sermons were preached by the Rev. Professor Price. Trevecea, and the Rev. D. Lewis, Llanstephan. The services throughout were very impressive. There were crowded congregations on each occasion. ST. LYTHANS. EASTER VESTRY.—The annual vestry meeting was held on Easter Monday. The Rev. Joseph Johns presided. Mr. H. Ellis Collins, Duffryn, was nomi- nated the rcctor's warden, and Mr. John Radoliffe was re-elected parish warden. Mr. Collins was also appointed lay-elector for the Diocesan Conference. LLANTWIT-MAJOR. VESTRY MEETING.—A vestry meeting was held at the School Board rooms on Thursday, March 26th. for the appointment of overseers. There was a very small attendance. Messrs. D. J. Jenkins. Great Frampton, William Andrews, postmaster, Thomas David, F. Sanders, and Edwin Davies, builder, were nominated for the approval of the magistrates. EASTER HOLIDAYS.—Good Friday opened very cold, snow falling from early morning until mid-day. The afternoon was cold but fine. Divine service was held in the Parish Church, the Yicar officiating. The attendance was very small. On Monday a number of holiday-seekers visited the town, and took advantage of a fine day to visit the numerous places of interest which abound in the ancient town. The chief points of attraction seemed to be our old church with its ancient monuments, the site of the college of St. Iitutus, and the old Town Hall and its historic bell. In the night a company of would-be actors paid us a visit. The town was placarded with bills announcing that the Strand Comedy and Burlesque Company" would give a performance of two comedies at the Town-hall, but the difficulty was for the audience to discover where the comedy finished and the burlesque commenced. Why do not amateurs have the honesty to state what they are 011 their bills, then the audience would be more lenient to them. LLANCARFAN. THE usual half-yearly vestry meeting, pursuant to notice, was held at the Fox and Hounds Inn, Llancarvan, on Thursday evening, when in the absence of the Rev. A. T. Hughes, vicar, Mr. John John. Ford Farm, presided. There were also present. Messrs. T. Price, W. Griffiths, E. S. Jenkins, M. Howells, W. Hopkins, D. Edwards. R. Davies. and R. Lougher (assistant overseer). The chief business of the meeting was the appointment of overseers for the ensuing year, and to examine the accounts of the assistant-overseer. A revision of the list of overseers having been made, it was unanimously resolved that Mr. John Lougher, Moulton, and Mr. Evan Lougher, Treguff. be appointed overseers for the next twelve months for East and West Llancarfan respectively. The Chairman, com- menting on the small number of ratepayers present, expressed an opinion that something should be done in order to try and induce the majority of the parishioners to take more interest in narochial affairs. He suggested that the time for holding the vestry meetings be changed from 7.30 p.m. to 3.0 p.m.. and as an experi- ment he would propose ihat the vestry meetings in future be held at 3 p.m. Mr. W. Hopkins seconded. Mr. Morgan Howells strongly protested against altering the time of meeting, as many, including himself, would find it practically impossible to leave their work for vestry meetings at that time of day. The motion was, however, put to the meeting, and declared carried by a bare majority. PORTHCAWL. Ax ENTERTAINMENT was held at Portheawl on Good Friday evening at Bethel (C.M.) Chapel. D. E. Williams, Esq., J.P.. Hirwain, was elected to preside over the meeting, which post he fillefl with credit to himself and the meeting. Appended is the programme —Recitations, Master Eddy James. Misses Katy and Bronwen James. Mr. Nicholls recited. How Jane Conquest rang the bell," and another recitation. Miss Blanch Rees sang twice, and secured an encore by her rendering of the Hotter Land." Mr. J. J. Harries sang, A boy's best friend is his mother." Miss Maggie Clatworthy sang in her usual efficient style securing an encore. Rev. D. Evans sang very nicely. A trio by Messrs. Peter Edwards and Edwin Harries, and Maggie Clathworthv was repeated at the chair- 91. man's request to the satisfaction of the crowded con- gregation. Mr. J. James recited •' The Lifeboa-u." A vote of thanks to the chairman brought the meeting to a close. Miss Pearce and Miss Ethel Rees accom- panied the various singers on the organ. BRIDGEND. HOPE IMPROVEMENT CLASS.-In connection with the above class a criticism night was held oil Thursday evening of last week. Mr. R. Hunt occupied the chair. iNIr. C. Brooks gave a recitation, entitled Billy's Rose." Messrs. L. Edwards. J. Lewis, and D. P. Morgans then criticised its delivery. Mr. Lewis Edwards recited the Ballad of Splendid Silence." Messrs. J. Lewis and T. H. Phillips were the critics. Mr. J. Lewis recited The Ship on Fire." Messrs. W. Lloyd, C. Brooks, and L. Edwards criticised the elocu- tion. A vote of thanks to the chairman and the singing of the Doxology brought an interesting evening to a close. THE LIYIXG OF LLANGEINOR. -The Rev. W. Coleman Williams, curate of Aberdare, has been appointed to succeed the late Rev. W. Llewellyn, as vicar of Llangeinor. The living was offered to the Rev. D. Pugh, rector of Bettws, but that gentleman man could not see his way to accept it. Mr. Coleman Williams is a good worker and is very popular at Aberdare. We wish him success in his new sphere. and hope that his coming amongst us will prove a blessing to his own flock and to the parish generally. There was a strong feeling amongst a large number of Church people in the parish in favour of appointing the Rev. W. Hughes, the curate-in-charge. to the living, but. as will be seen above, the Lord Bishop of Llan- daff in the exercise of his judgment has decided other- wise. We shall be sorry to part with Mr. Hughes. He is a gentleman well liked by all the denominations in the Ogmore Valley. YoexG PEOPLE'S GUILD.- On Wednesday, March 25th, a conversazione was held in connection wirh the above Guild, at the English Congregational School- room. Rev. J. Gwilym Jones (president) in the chair. The room had been tastefully decorated for the occasion by Mrs. E. E. Davies and Mrs. M. Davies, who very generously provided a liberal repast which was fully appreciated. The conversazione was followed by a short entertainment. We sub-join the programme, viz. Pianoforte solo, Mr. A. Vernon Davies duett, '• Anchored" Messrs. W. A. Elliott, B.A., and J. S. Jenkins; recitation. Virginia." Mr. J. Lewis spelling hee; song," Jerusalem," Mr. J. G. Jenkins: recitation, "all's well that ends well," Mr. Lewis Edwards reading competition duett. the sailor's sighs." Messrs. J. R. Jones and Mr. W. A. EIliett,B.A.; impromptu speaking; Miss G. A. Williams proved an efficient accompanist. This being the last meeting of the guild for the session, the usual votes of thanks were passed to the officers, and also to the leaders who presided at the tables, thus bringing to a close a most presided at the tables, thus bringing to a close a most enjoyable evening and a very successful session. AN ENTERTAINMENT was held at the Tabernacle Schoolroom on Good Friday. Mr. B. Lawrence (Eryr Morg.vnwg) presided. One humorous item in the pro- gramme was a mock chorus, entitled, The sheep's song," conducted by Mr. W. M. Davies. It was antici- pated that the performance of this chorus would be a rare treat, but alas the audience were doomed to dis- appointment suddenly, the choir came to a collapse, and decamped from the stage to the evident amuse- ment of the audience. We subjoin the programme:— Recitation, "YTren," Mr. J. Lewis; solo, "Cwymp Llewellyn," Mr. L. Williams; recitation, Miss M. Jones dialogue, The Welsh tailor," Messrs. Davies and L. Austin; solo, Mr. Evan David; recitation. The king of my heart," Miss S. Williams dialogue. Wanted, an English Church," Mr. J. Lewis and party; solo, The Sexton," Mr. W. C. Thomas: dialogue, Dewis Gweinidog." Mr. E. David and party chorus, Can y Defaid," Cor y Brigyn recitation, The newsboy's debt," Mr. W. Davies. Mr. W. Stradling moved a hearty vote of thanks to the chair- man, Mr. J. Lewis seconded, and it was carried unani- mously. An instructive and pleasant evening was brought to a close by singing the old Welsh hymn, "0 agir fy llygaid i weled."