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FOOTBALL. PEXARTH v. BATLEY. The Penarth Fifteen visited Batley last Saturday. A small crowd witnessed the match. The follow- ing were the teams :—Penarth G. Shepherd, back R. Garrett (capt.), H. Kirby. II. E. Morgan, and J. Williams, three-quarter backs F. Hutchins and George Rowles. half-backs G. Middlemas. J. Lawday. A. Williams, J. Matthews, G. Brown. J. W. White, W. Coslett, and J. Hayes, forwards. Batley D. Farrar, back J. Shaw, H. Simms, and J. Xaylor. three-quarter backs; J. Xaylorand T. Elliker, half-backs W. Farrar, J. Barraclough, C. Tanner, F. Lowry, H. Xettleton. C. Stubley, J. Oldfield. F. Bennett, and H. Banks, forwards. From the kick-off Batley rushed up. and J. Williams badly missed. Shepherd, however, pushed the man into touch. A Batley man obtained a free kick in the 25. but nothing resulted. Garrett made a run. but was brought flown before he became dangerous. Again he got off. but passed wildly. Joe Williams gained a lot of ground by a good kick. Shepherd stopped a rush, and returned well. Morgan, by well following up. scored. Matthews converted. Penarth rushed several of the scrimmages which now ensued. From a long kick Batley obtained a minor. From the kick-out Morgan gained a lot of ground. From a forward rush Matthews scored and converted his own point. Lowry here made a good run. but was pulled down in the Penarth 25. Half-time score Penarth, 2 goals Batley. 1 minor. With a strong wind against them Penarth were for a time pressed. From a good run Helliker scored, and by a splendid kick it was con- verted. Shortly afterwards Simms scored, but it was not converted. On call of time Tanner scored, but it was not converted. Final score Penarth, 2 goals Batley, 1 goal, 2 tries, 1 minor. BRIGIIOUSE RAXGERS v. PEXARTH. These clubs played at Brighouse on Easter Monday. Owing to the fact that Penarth had defeated Batley • on Saturday, additional interest was attached to this fixture. About two thousand spectators were present when Wood commenced for Brighouse. No return was made, and the Rangers at once attacked. Shepherd relieved with a clever kick, and the Rangers were driven back to their own 25. Wilson and Senior each dodged cleverly, and Penarth were forced to concede a minor. Garrett and Coslett put in some clever play after the drop out. but kicks by Wood and Firth enabled Brighouse to maintain a slight advantage. After the Rangers had twice been penalised. Coslett made his mark, and with a grand kick Matthews all but kicked a goal. A capital bit of passing between the Penarth backs was grandly checked by Firth. A long kick by Kirby equalised the points. The Rangers had much the best of the subsequent play. Firth having hard lines in not scoring. The Welshmen relieved with a splendid dribble, which caused the Rangers to defend. Neither team was able to maintain an advantage, and at half time the score was a minor each. Matthews re-started. Eastwood replying. Firth and Shepherd kicked well for their respective sides. Cosslett led a grand dribble of the visitors' forwards, but Firth, picking up from their toes near his own goal, dodged cleverly to the centre. Williams was next held with the ball in his own quarter, but Garrett relieved the pressure by sprinting finely to the centre. Brighouse hence- forward had much the best of the play. Croft and Xichol having very hard lines in not scoring. The Rangers added three minors, and during the last few minutes pressed continously. Time was called. with the score as follows :—Rangers, four minors Penarth. one minor. PEXARTH v. SPEX VALLEY. Played at Cleckheaton. on Tuesday, before a large number of spectators. Lockwood, the inter- national, was absent on the home side. Fisher set the ball in motion, and play settled in the visitors quarters. The alley just missed crossing the line. Morgan relieved by a smart run to the Spen 25. Fisher kicked to the centre, where e.Y":°luS 'play followed. The TV-ntn-tn rorwards rushed the ball to iviaiin a few yards of the home line. Matthews from his own half nearly landed a goal. Brown a few minutes later dropped on the ball over the line, but the point was not allowed. The game became very exciting, and for a time neither side could claim an advantage. Sanday. who was too eager, caused scrimmages to take place near his lines. Spen should have scored a goal from a fail catch made in front of the posts. Half-time score was :—Penarth, 2 minors Spen, 1 minor. Matthews re-started, and Fisher returned. The home forwards rushed the ball down the field, and a minor was registered. After some play in the visitors' territory. Wood passed to Fisher, who dropped the ball between the uprights amid tre- mendous cheering. The visitors now played up better, and kept their opponents in their 25 for a considerable time. Eastwood at length made off at a tremendous pace, and was pushed into touch near the goal line. Spen had the best of matters from now up to the call of time. Garrett played a brilliant game throughout. Yarley obtained a try, but Wood made a wretched attempt at goal. Thornton also crossed the line, but Blackburn failed at goal. The result was—Spen Valley, 1 goal. 2 tries, and 4 minors, to Penarth 2 minors.


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