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E. DAVII), FAMILY ISUTC'HKR, ABORTS VERE STREET. CADOXTON. "IXTISEEa to uiank his numerous Customers for W their patronage in the past. and hope- by concin-uiug to supply oliem with the Best Goods, to merit theiv coritiniu-d rapport. I). JONES & CO., FAfvi.S L Y .;B UTCHESS, S5. A YD AT/HOLTON- UO.\f)^IACRY DOCK. FAMILIES v*vITED UPON DAILY. PURVEYORS bF BEST GOODS OXLY. .Pickled Tongues "1 Salt Beef. Home Curd iP Ha^a'- nnd BrxM.n. AVIfcLlA^S, "Al WHOLESALE AXD RETAIL PORK T lil'TC'jiEIt^. 45. VERE-STREEl. CADOXTOX. FRESH SAUSAGES DAILY. Terms—Cash. MARTIN'S MLLPEKY AX I) MILLINEEY ESTABLISHMENT, LiD j MAIN-STREET. CADOIITON. Having ENLARGED their SHOP and SIKYW- ROOM. end returned from London with t. WELL-SELECTED STOCK OF SPillJs II (ji)01)8, Including- the NOVELTIES of the SEASON, Thank the Public for the very liberal support they have received during- the last five years, and will do their best to me rib a continuance ox the .ame. MARIIXS DRAPERY AXD MILLINERY ESTABLISHMENT. MAIX-STREET. CADOXTON-BARRY. Ill OR GOOD CORN. inc.. AT LOW PRICES, 1 GO TO FY 4 V< ^UTT I [])< lj v iv JL xxllj Ijii WHOLESALE AXD RETAIL HAY. STRAW. AXD CORX MERCRAXTS. VERE-STREET. CADOXTOX. OLDEST. ESTABLISHMEXT IX THE WHOLE DISTRICT. L1' THOMAS, _kp, OLDEST ESTABLISHED TOBACCONIST WO CIGAR DEALER, MAIX-STREET, CADOXTOX. ALSO TOBACCONIST AXD HAIRDRESSER, lOS, }{IGII-STREET, BARRY. E. 0. EVAXS- IROXMOXGER. SHIP CHAXDLER. C'HIXA. -jL EARTHENWARE, and GLASS MERCHAXT. :-Nos. 17 AND GO, MAIX-STREET. CADOXTOX. AXD AT BARRY DOCK. (Close to Shipping Office). D. W. THOMAS, Cabinet Maker, Undertaker,&c., 4. VERE STREET, CADOXTOX. HOLSEHOLD FLRMTURE in Great Variety for Cash on EASY TERMS. FUXERALS COUPLETELY FI'IIXI.IKD. IIEAL'SES. STf h'LL111 IE US, and MOUllXIXG COACHES TO Oil J) Ell. GROCERIES & PROVISIONS CHEAPER THAX EVER. ALL good Housekeepers study economy, and to follow such a noble precept to perfection, the lowest price Market is not always the cheapest. Keen observers will note especially, quality before comparing prices. I do not advertise Tons of Bacon. Butter. Cheese, ccc., but respectfully invite all to call and g-ive me one trial. The proof of the pudding they say. is in the eating. Call early and invite your friends to do likewise. Note the Addaess :— B. S r M M E R S, 36, VERE STREET. CADOXTOX. W. TOWNS END, NEWSAGENT S: STATIONER, BARRY ROAD. CADOXTOX (BARRY.) CLEAX WASTE PAPER at 101- per Cwt. "Veterinary Establishment, Ban-y. RESIDENCE .—WINDSOR ROAD. GEO. H. SIMPSON, M.R.C.V.S. HORSES, CATTLE, AXD DOGS ATTENDED. Horses examined as to Soundness previous to purchase. Operations performed under the most approved and scientific principles. Horses, Cattle, and Dog- Medicine in every variety. CHARGES "MODERATE. LOXTON & CO., HIGH STREET. THE BARRY BOOTMAKERS, Are showing a Splendid Assortment of SPRIXG GOODS. Give a call and compare the Prices. Send your Repairs to LOXTOX. Xo matter where Bought. BEST LEATHER, FIRST-CLASS WORKMANSHIP, And LOWEST PRICES. "Tis not in mortals to command success but we will do more, we will deserve it.. LLOYD & COMPANY, The Largest Distributors of MEN'S, YOUTHS, & BOYS' CLOTHING in the District, RESPECTFULLY INVITE AX INSPECTION OF THEIR IMMENSE STOCK OF FASHIONABLE CLOTHING, Made to Measure or Ready for Immediate Wear. Men's Suits. Complete. 12/6. 14/11. 16/9. 18/6. 19/11. 21/3. 25/ 27 3, 30; to 45/ Men's Tweed and Cashmere Trousers. 3/11, 4/11. 5,11. 6/11, 7/6. 8/6, to 15/11. Youths' Tweed Suits. 7/6, 7/11. 8/6. 8/11. 10/6, 12/6. 14/6. 16/6. to 30/ Boys" Eton and Rug-by Suits. 6,11. 7/11. 8/6. 9/6, 10/9, 11/6, 12/6, 13/11, to 19/o. Bovs'Sailor. Jersey. Brighton, and Norfolk Knicker Suits. 1/11. 2/3. 2/11, 3/6, 3/11, 4/o, 4/11. 5/11. 6/9. 7/o. to 16;o Men's. Youths", and Boys' Underclothing of Every Description in Endless Variety. at Popular Prices. AT AND CAP DEPARTMENT. Includes Gentlemen's Flexible Felt Hats (Fashionable Shapes), in Black. Brown. Drab, Slate, Tan, &c. at 1/3. 1/11, 2/3, 2/11. to 5,11. Men's and Boys' Fancv Tweeds. Cloth and Velvet Caps, in Most Approved Shapes, 2id., 4id., 6 £ d., 8^d., to 3/6d. n.- ~j^J~ECH AXICS' DEPARTMENT. Is Composed of Tons of the Best and Most Reliable Makes in Cord and Mole Trousers. Cord and Mole Vests, Duck, Dungaree, Drabette, Drill, and Surge Jackets and Trousers, kc., ka. ONE TRIAL IS SUFFICIENT TO PROVE THE SUPERIORITY OF OUR CLOTHIXG NOTE THE ADDRESS— LLOYD & COMPANY, I THE LEADING CLOTHIERS AND TAILORS, MAIX-STREET, ■ CADOXTOX. EAGLE IMPLEMENT, SEED, AND I 1\1 ANUHE STORES. COWBIIIDGE. ——— }71 JOHX begs to iuform FARMERS AXD J • OTHERS that he has a large lot of HOME- GSOWX CLOVERS from the neighbourhood of Llancarvan and Penmark. imporiwl ITALIAN RYE GRASS, splendid ALSYKE WHIl'll DUTCH TREFOIL, all of good samples. Home-grown old sort SANFOIN. Growers' names given. ——— Agent for Adam's Celebrated Manures. A LARGE STOCK OF SEASON'S IMPLEMENTS. A; INSPECTION" INVITED. J. & C. SAKKEY, j JFAMILY GROCERS, JJRIDGEXD. TEA IN TINS AT WHOLESALE PRICES. lOlbs. of 1 4 Tea at 1,3 per II). — 12, 6 5Ib tin — 6 3 i 101bs. of 18 Tea at 16 per [I,. — 15 511) tin — 7 6, lOlbs of 2 Tea at 1 lo per 11). — 184 51b till — 9.2) 101b?. of 2 4 Tea at 2 2 per lb. — 218 51b tin -10,10 lOlbs. of 2 8 Tea at 2,6 per l'>. — 25- 51b tin 126 lOlbs of 3, -Tea at 2,9 per lb. — 276 51b tin 13,9 lOlbs best 3 4 Tea at 3 per lb. — 30- 51b tin — 15, I GOOD TEA, 1i- PER LB.: CEYLON, 1/10 & 2/- Carriage Paid for Cash. C^ • MARSH'S Hair Cutting is a treat to us all, JVtarsh's invites you to give him a call. .z\_ll the Buffaloes call there, he is noted to fame, 13 JRieliable always, the truth I proclaim. k Jelect his saloon, all in comfort and ease, XXair Cutting and Shaving, and all as you please. His Stock of Tobaccos are of quality rare, All his Stock is complete and beyond all compare, Inspect his Cigars, all of the Best Brand, I\are and superior your attentions command, Delightful in flavour, the best you can buy, Rare Meerschaums and Briars, the trade he'll defy. T? 1Jxtraordinary value no one will deny, Select Stock of Pouches and Purses you'll find, S [combined, imply marvellous for cheapness and goodness X^Iach one should haste and put these to the test, I/Veal value for money and all of the best. ——— Marsh's Depot for all kinds of Musical and Fancy Goods. HOLTON ROAD, BARRY DOCK. GREAT BRYNHILL, MERTHYRDOVAN. • LAND TO BE LET FOR BUILDING PURPOSES. At from 50/- to -17 an acre, in Plots of from 2 acres to 5 acaes. For conditions apply to Mr. W. DASHWOOD CAPLE, Architect and Surveyor, 8, Queen Street, CARDIFF. BARRY PUBLIC HALL (Formerly called Mission Hall, Barry). /JT^HIS HALL, which will seat over 600 people, X or either of the smaller rooms at the back of it, is now AVAILABLE for PUBLIC MEETINGS, CONCERTS, ETC. Full particulars may be obtained on application to the BARRY ESTATE OFFICE, 24, HIGH STREET, BARRY, j x JOHX SPICKETT, .IOr, ROCK HOUSE, :7 o/j!CADOXTOX. PI- C V" £ x) M ^5 x gii w XMV\, K>| Jt A K E R j *>' -10 GROCER, (/ V AND /> CONFECTIONER. VV. DIGESTIVE WIIOLEMV.AL BnEAD FlmSH DAILY, SPRING 1891. y'Y ✓/ — NEW VEGETABLE of AXD AQ FINEST FLOWERS QUALITY <c "Y AND EXCELLENCE. ——— AQ D. JENKIN8, Y CHEMIST, ø WYNDHAM STREET, II BRIDGEND. IMPORTANT TO AGRICULTURALISTS. NEW SEEDS SEASON, 1891. WHY PAY FANCY PRICES: Buy your f f SEEDS in the CHEAPEST MARKET, THOROUGHLY RELIABLE QUALITY. EVERY SAMPLE TESTED. WM. POWELL invites the special attention of Farmers to this Season Stock of all kinds of AGRICULTURAL SEEDS. SEED OATS (White and Black), SEED BARLEY, SEED VETCHES, &c., Quoted at most reasonable prices. j gj" For those who have not yet favoured me with their Orders in this Department it may be a satisfaction for them to know that the whole of the Seeds and Grain sent out by me last season turned out most favourable. W. POWELL, SEED AND CORN STORES, ROTUNDA BUILDINGS, BRIDGEND. H. GOULD, IRON AND BRASS FOUNDERS, BARRY FOUNDRY, (Between No. 4 and 5 Tips,) BARRY DOCK. Estimates for all kinds of Iron and Brass Castings Old Cast Iron and Metal Bought. SEEDS! SEEDS!. SEEDS! A SPLENDID SELECTION of VEGETABLE and FLOWER SEEDS, direct from Messrs. Cooper, Taber, and Company, the largest Seed Growers in Europe. Please apply for Catalogues, and compare with Cardiff prices. W, R. HOPKINS, PHARMACEUTICAL AND DISPENSING CHEMIST (by Exam.), HIGH-STREET, BARRY. VERE-STREET, CADOXTON. MORGAN BROS., Painters, Decorators. Plumbers, AND Gasfitters. Dealers in Plate Glass, British and Foreign Sheet and Ornamental Window Glass, and Lead Lights, White Lead, Oils, Colours, and Varnishes, Sheet Lead, Lead Pipe, Plumbers' Brass Work, and all kinds of Sanitary Ware. Largest and most varied Stock of Wall Papers (Pattern Books sent free on application. The Stock of Gas Fittings, comprising Chandeliers, Hall Lamps, Pendants, Brackets, Globes, &c., has been most carefully selected. Special attention given to Decorative Work. Experienced Workmen sent to all parts of the Country. ESTIMATES GIVEN. A I Oldest Established of the Trade in the District. -CCC=C=-=-=-=CCCCC='=='-=. =-===:==-==-=-=-.=-=- =-=-c:= Address: 1 11, VERE-STREET, Cadoxtoii, Barry Dock. < I t. i