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SALMON FISHING.—The fishing season so far has proved very successful at the estuary of the Tivy, several very large hauls having been taken last and previous weeks. One fine salmon, weighing 391bs, was caught in the river. ST. DO(?MELLS.—'The Sunday schools of Beth- ania, Blaenywaun, Gerazina, and Talybont, assembled on Whit-Monday morning at Bethsaida chapel to recite their respective "pwnc" and sing. At two and six o'clock the Cymanfa Ganu" of the district was held, under the leadership of Mr W. T. Samuel, Swansea, which proved a great success, the singing throughout being exceedingly good. FUNERAL OF THE REV. HENRY JONES.—The remains of the above much esteemed gentleman were interred in Manordivy Churchyard, on Wednesday afternoon last, in the presence of an exceedingly large assembly of clergymen, friends, and neighbours. As briefly announced in our last issue the sad event took place at Llanfihangel Geneu'rglyn Vicarage, on the 3rd inst. The deceased arrived at Llanfihangel in the full enjoy- ment of health, accompanied by his wife, Mrs Jones, on Monday evening, in order to attend the annual meetings at Llanfihangel on the following days, where he was announced tc preach on the first an last nights. A few minutes before start- ing to church on Tuesday night the deceased was paralysed on the left side, and was medically attended by Dr. Jones, Borth, and Dr. Harries, Aberystwyth. He pass away quietly, at the age of 61. Great sympathy is felt with Mrs Jones and the family in their sad bereavement. INQUEST.—On Tuesday evening, at the Corner Houae, St. Dogmells, Mr Ivor Evans, coroier for the district, held an enquiry touching the death of Mr Thomas Evans, mariner, Pilot-street, who accidentally fell into Feidirfawr from Pilot-street on Sunday week, as published in our last issue. In the fall deceased injured his head, and erysipelas supervened, which proved fatal. Ver- dict accordinly. SUICIDE.—On Friday, the 3rd inst., Mr Ivor Evans held an inquest at Tymawr, Cwm Gwaun, on the body of Mrs Margaret Jenkins, wife of Mr Jenkins, of Tymawr. From the evidence it transpired that on Friday morning deceased was missed from bed by her daughter with whom she slept. Her husband being informed of the fact about 4 a.m. went in search of his wife, and found her suspending in the back room, life being extinct. Verdict-" Suicide whilst temporary insane. STURGEON.-On Tuesday a fine sturgeon was caught in the rivei; at Ferryside in one of the salmon nets. The royal fish measured 44 inches in girth, 89 inches in length, and weighed 1771bs. LLECHRYD.—The "Cymanfa Ganu" of the Independent Churches of the locality was held at Capel Isaf, in this place, on- Whit-Monday, under the leadership of the Rev. W. Emlyn Jones, Morriston. The singing was exceedingly good, and the general tendency of these meetings is to improve congregational singing, which is a very worthy object. ABERPORTH.-The Calvinistic Methodists of the Cardigan district, held their half-yearly meeting of the Sunday schools at this place on W hit-Monday. The following schools were present :-Tanygroes, Blaenanerch, Llechryd, Blaencefn, Cenarth, Cardigan, Aberporth. The examiners were the Revs James Jones, M.A., Evan Morris (Aberayron), Thos Lewis (Bethania), and T. C. Thomas (Bedlinog). The weather was beautiful, and the singing, the questioning, and the answering very good. e A BIT OF ANCIENT HISTORY. The annexed petition was found among the papers of the late Mr John Griffiths, relieving officer, and as it throws light on the trouble the writer was in some half a century ago, it will be of interest to our readers. We may further add that the writer had spent some years in London, and that it is said that it was he who first introduced an umbrella to Cardigan :— Gentleman.—I hope your honour that you look over this petition, that I have Cardigan District paupers coffins to do, between John Havard and myself, and they shuffling me off, and I went to Mr Nugent and had no answer, and then I went to Mr Caleb Lewis, and he said that he had nothing to do with it, and told me to go to John Griffiths, the relieving officer, and he said that he got nothing to do with it also, and then I met Mr Griffiths, of Llwyndurris, in town, and I talk to him and he told me that they can't do it and told me to go to the guardians, and I went to Mr Jenkins, and he said that he can't believe me that they done so, also I went to Rev Daniel Davies, and he was wonder and told that they can't do so, both the guardians, and now I hope that you will look into it to take my part and your own part, also to what you done to me. The timber and nails I provide for they stand on my hands. If you disbelieve me that I can make him, I ask you gentlemen who make Mr Morgan, the clergyman coffin also Mr Lloyd, Nantgwillt, Brother D., Mr Williams, Major Bowen, brother-in-law also Colonel Lloyd oldest son. I say that I make him and great many number more for I put them down. "Again I say who did shuffle me off, Mr Nugent, 11 John Griffiths, relieving officer, Thomas Williams, Verwig Guardian, and he is brother-in-law to Havard, and this three done it without the guardians now nothing about it. Gentlemen, I hope that you take it in hand and look in to it. "Mr Nugent told in the vestry that I make a coffin that the dead feet hang over it through the street. That is a lie, and Mr Thomas, clergyman, say for shame Nugent, and told that I dident brought it to the churchyard here, and I say that is very hard to me. JOHN LADD. Return this to the Bearer." PEMBROKESHIRE BAPTIST ASSOCIATION. The annual meetings of the above Association were held at Star, Llanfyrnach, on Tuesday and Wednesday, under the piesidency of Mr Wm. Evans, Palle. The conference of ministers and delegates—representing 11,000 members of Baptist churches-began at one o'clock on Tuesday. The subject of the address from the chair was Our Distinctive Principles." The address was listened to with evident signs of appreciation, and was frequently applauded. It was afterwards resolved to publish it as the Association letter to the churches.-The Rev. W. T. Lewis, of Bethabara, was warmly welcomed into the Association, and the Rev. John Thomas, Blaenftos, was cordially commended to the Denbigh Association upon his leaving the county.—The college question, upon which a very warm discussion was anticipated, was quietly agreed upon, the proposition of the Rev W. Maurice, Dinas, That the colleges remain as they are until the churches ore prepan d for one amalgamated college for all Wales," being almost unanimously adopted.-The Rev R. C. Roberts, Pembroke Dock, was elected chair- man for the coming year, and the other officers of the Association were re-elected. The next annual meetings were appointed for Middlewell. The usual motions about Disestablishment and Dis- endowment were unanimously agreed to, and all the members of the Association were earnestly asked to present themselves at the poll at the coming general election.-After prolonged discus- sion the Colwyn Bay Missionary Institute was commended to the churches.- Votes of condolence were passed with the Revs John Jenkins, Hill Park W. Davies, Langain and W. Rees, Harmony, in their domestic bereavements.—In the evening the preaching services were com- menced in the open air, and were continued all day Wednesday. The fair weather enabled great numbers to gather together, and successful meetings were held from beginning to end. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The ordinary fortnightly meeting of this board was held on Wednesday last, at the Workhouse, when there were present :—Messrs. W. O. Brigstoeke, Lewis Evans, John Lewis, Griffith Lewis, Griffith Geor e, Thomas Williams, Ivor Evans, Evan Williams, John Mathias, Thomas Hughes, Capt. R. Harries. INMATES AND TRAMPS. In the house, 40; corresponding period of last year, 49. fiiTramps relieved during the fortnight, 19; cor. responding period of last year, 25. OUT-RELIEF. Amount expended last fortnight, JE125 18s. 7d.; corresponding fortnight of last year, £ 132 14s. lOd.; being a decrease of f6 16s. 3d. Balances in bands of relieving officers :—Baynes, £5 14s. Od.; Griffiths, E4 18s. Od. The number of paupers relieved during the last fortnight was 602; corresponding fortnight of last year, 653 being a decrease of 51. BALANCE IN BANK. The balance in the treasurer's hands was re- ported to be f.670 10s. 5d.

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