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ALLAN LINE, Shortest Ocean Passage to MERICA, LIVERPOOL TO BOSTON VIA HALIFAX Moravian Dec. 30 I Circassian .Jan. 13 Sarmatian Jan. 6 ) Sardinian .Jan. 20 LIVERPOOL TO BALTIMORE. VIA ST. JOHN'S AND HALIFAX. Nova Scotian .Jan. 4. Through Tickets to all points at Special Rates. Pamphlets on Canada, Manitoba, and the West- ern States of America; also Special Pamphlet, em. bodying Reports of the Tenant Farmers' Delegates to Canada, free on application. Government Assisted Passages to Halifax, or through to Quebec, granted to Agricultural La. bourers and Female Domestic Servants for £5. Passengers should secure their Tickets before eaving home. Full particulars on application to ALLAN BROTHERS & Co., James Street, LIVERPOOL, Or to the Local Agents—J. C. Roberts, Observer Office, and Mr. J. Mathias, Prichard Fach. Immediate Issue of a NEW Aim THOROUGHLY BEYIBBD Edition of CA.8SJELV8 POJPULAB EjDVCATOB in v Sixpenny Monthly Parts, Cassell's Popular Educator Embodies a Comprehensive SYSTEM OF SELF EDUCATION Within the Means and Capacity of AIL AUII n BBa what wi"he The CHILD: TAOOMEP The Right Hon. ROBERT LoWE (now Lord SHER- BROOKE) a few years ago, in his speech on N Education at Halifax Mechanics' Institute, said:— If you give a child instruction, you have given "him the potentiality of possessing any amount of knowledge he pleases. Another thing I will men- "tion for the benefit of those young men who are wishful to possess that amount of knowledge—one "or two excellent books, which, if they would read would place them in a position, and give them an intelligent power of judging of the world and the things around them superior to that of many "honourable and other gentlemen with whom "I am acquainted. NOW, THE FIRST "BOOK WHICH I WILL RECOMMEND IS CASSELL'S EDUCATOR. A man who has "read, and thoroughly knows the contents of this, 18 a man who will understand the greatest "part of what is going on around him, which is "a great deal more than can be said of the best "Greek or Latin scholar, or even the accom- "plished lawyer." Prospectuses at all BooIue/ürl, or fost free from CASSBLL, PKTTBR, GALPIIC & Co., Ludgate Hill, London. W The Largest, Cheapest, and -Be*#$f COOKERY and HOUSEHOLD MANAQJE- JlCENT ever published. New Issue in 6d. Monthly Parts, Each Part containing 96 pages Royal 8vo. Cassell's Cookery. Containing 9,000 RECIPES. To be completed in 18 Parts. The best Cookery Book extant. Wo know of no equal."—York Herald. Prospectuses at all Bookseller?, or post free from CASSBLL, PKTTBR, GALPIN & Co., Ludgate Hill, London. NOTICE.—Commencement of a New Volume of each of the following Magazines, affording a convenient opportunity for New Subscribers. Now Ready. The First Part of a New Volume of The Quiver for Sunday Reading. Being PART 181, Price 6d. %• The Quiver Christmas Annual is published -under the title of The Golden Mark, price lid. 8r ENLARGEMENT of The Magazine of Art. %*The FIRST PART of the ENLARGED SERIES now ready, price Is. NOTICE.—Special attention is directed to the FRONTISPIECE which is issued with this Part, 1 consisting of an exquisitely produced Etching, entitled "The Trio," from the Paintinfl by ERSKINE NIOOL, A.R.A., Etched by LALAUZE. NOTICE.—The First Part of a New Volume of Cassell's Family Magazine, Is PART 73, price 7d. Orders for New Subscriptions are now received by all Booksellers, from whom a Programme of the Subjects to appear in the New Volume can be obtained. Monthly, price 6d. Little Folks' Magazine For Girls and Boys of all Ages. A NfJUI Volume will be commenced with Part 73. VTHE GLAD TIME; being the "Little Folks" Annual for 1881, is now ready, price (id. Cassell, Pettw, Galpin It Co., Ludgate H.11, London. New Serial Publications. t. Will be published in Monthly Parts, price 7CL Cassell's Old & New Edinburgh. A Narrative of its History, its People, and its Places. With ORIGINAL ILLUSTRATIONS, from Authentic Sources, specially executed for the Work. Ptvepectuses at all Booksellers', or post free from the Publishers. Now ready, Part 1, price 7d. An ENTIRELY NEW WORK, entitled The Child's Life of Christ. With about 250 Original Wood Engravings. "THB CHILD'S LIFE OF CHRIST will be an entirely original Work, written in simple and interesting language, adapted to the comprehension of children, relating in consecutive order the events connected with our Lord s life and minis. try, and describing fully the scenes amid which He moved, and the people amongst whom He spent His life on earth. The Wood Engravings will be entirely New and Oriftinat IHustrations, taken mainly from photographs and other authentic sources." Cassell, Plttw. Galpin It Co., Ludgate Hill, London. Now ready, PART 1. price 7d., of the RE-ISSUE of Cassell's History of the United States.. with 600 illustrations. With fart 1 is issued a large Presentation Plaû. NEW ILLUSTRATED SHAKSPERE. Mesas. CASSELL, PETTER, GALPIN & Co. will shortly publish in MONTHLY PARTS, price 7d., The Royal Shakspere, With Full-page Illustrations on STEEL and WOOD, by the first Artists, and set in bold, "clear, readable type. Prospectuses at all Booksellers', or post free front the Publishers, CASSELL, PETTER, GALPIN & Co., Ludgate Hill, London. Every Wednesday. Price One Penny. THE BOYS' NEWSPAPER. The sueeess which has attended the publication of THE BOYS' NEWSPAPER from its commencement may he gathered from the fact that of the first Number 120,000 copies were sold whilst the demand for the succeeding Numbers has justified the expectation of a more than, corresponding sale. ^•'PUBLISHING AKD ADVERTISEMENT OFFICES La Belle Sauvage Yard, Ludgate Hill, London. The FIRST PART of a NEW VOLUME, price 7dL, of Science for AIL Containing a Coloured Plate as a Frontispiece, consisting of a Map Illustrating the Distribution of Plants over the Earth. Cassell, Petter, Galpin It Co., Ludgate Hill, London. Now ready, price Is., post free, Is. 2d.; or cloth gilt, 2s., post free, 2s. 2d. Pictures to Paint. With numerous Original Coloured Plates by KATE GREENAWAY, M. E. EDWARDS, &c. &c. With accompanying Outline Engravings for Water- Colour Painting. Extra fcap. 4to. Cassell, Petter, Galpin It Co., Ludgate Hill, London. DRAWBRIDGE STORES I t'Jf" :s cots co Q = AND TIMBER YARD. "j/.t i" — DANIEL DAVIES,, -:f BEGS to announce that he has just received a very large -V. CABGD OF BALTIC & DTBEB TIMBER consisting of Oak, Pitch Pine, Yellow Pine, Spruce Planks, Flooring Boards, Oak P pe Staves, &c Also, Flooring and Ridge Tiles and Fire Bricks. IFOIECTIEZRS Sc STOTTTS- A LARGE STOCK of Porters and Stouts from the Eminent Breweries of FINDLATER & Co. and GUINNESS & Co., n Barrels, Kilderkins, and Firkins-in prime condition. A GOOD SUPPLY of CULM always on hand. AGENT FOR THE WEST OF ENGLAND :M:A.:N"CT:R,:E "W(D:R:K:S, PENRYN, CORNWALL. THE DRAWBRIDGE STORES & TIMBER YARD, O -A_ IR. ID I C3- .A. UST. Prize Medals London 1851, 1862. Paris 3, Medals, 1878. P E R US R PLE)( t 4 ATEN A The most BRILIANT, novel and n economical mode of illumina- ^1 TION ADAPTED TO DOMESTIC AND PUBLIC USE. THERE IS NO LAMP 7 COMPARABLE TO IT FOR BRILLIANCY, JM, GIVING THREE VIGOROUS AND WST. BEAUTIFUL FLAMES; THE WICKS 5^^ BEING IN A TRIANGULAR FORM, EACH WICK IS SUPPLIED WITH A A separate thumbscrew. ( .jagggg The illuminating power is equal to 45 candles, and the consumption of oil is less in I rffiyigyV' proportion than the Duplex or any other paraffin lamp. illilMnf Medceval Art Workers in Metal, Wood or Stone. Works 260, 262, & 264, nH||HraF^ E,USTON ROAD. LON DON. SHOW ROOMS: IJLPY MWMLWL/ London & Birmingham. WTm. IpM Catalogues, Designs &Esti- jM5f mates sent on application. Hesperus" Lamp sold eveay- where. J. R. DANIEL, Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer, PAPER HANGER, House and Ornamental Fainter, UNDERTAKER, &c., 12, ST. MARY STREET, CARDIGAN. PIANOFORTES For Sale or Hire on the Three-Years System. New Work by Dr. Henry Smith. IMPORTANT TO MEN. Now ready, by post in envelope, 2 stamps, to any part of the World. DISEASES PECULIAR TO MEN Constitu- tional or Acquired: Their Cause, Consequen- ces and Cure. It is the Book of Positive Remedies for the cure of every 'orm of Disease Peculiar to Men. All diseases of the Urinary Organs, for which Mercury and )ther pernicious drugs are employed by English physicians ;o the ruin of tbe invalid's health, are now cured by Doctor Smith's Positive Medicines. Thousands of cases have been sured by his Positive Remedies when the doctors had given ;he case up rs incurable. Country invalids, by the aid ol this look, may understand the treatment. No consultation fees. STo personal visits.—Should be sent foi by men of all ages! knd read by them with thoughtful care. DR. HENRY SMITH, 8, Burton-crescent, London, w. c. GEG>RGE8S PILE AND GRAVEL PILLS. Patronised by several eminent Physicians and Shtrttont and UNIVKMALLT held ift high esteem. Thcrtigh you have suffered and despaired for years and tried Remedies in vain, be assurod there U sriii a safe and speedy cure for you at a small coat by ueins GEORGE'S PILE AND GRAVEL, PILLS, which are now recognised by nil as bein{ the best Medicine yet discovered for PILE Aft D GRAVEL, as well as for the following ptuus, which, In Ninety-nine Cases out of every Huudred, are caused by these painful Maladies:- PAIN IN THE BACK, FLATULENCY, GRIPING, COLIO. A SENSE OF WEIGHT IN THE BACK AND LOINS, DARTING PAINS IN THE REGION OF THE HEART, LIVER, AND KIDNEYS, CONSTIPATION, PAINS IN THE THIGHS, SOMETIMES SHOOTING DOWN TO THE CALF OF THE LEG AND FOOT, SUPPRESSION AND RETENTION OF URINE, PAINS IN THESTOMACH, AND ALL LIVER COMPLAINTS. Thousand! har« b««n cured by these Piil«, and many who had M«D piononacad hopelen hav« been thoroughly reatored to health by ftieir use. ONE BOX WILL CONVINCE THE MOST SCEPTICAL OF THEIR EFFICACY. In order to mit all uho may be mffrriw fr„m ONE or B0T1F of inese Maladtst, the Proprietor »Ttkii PtaelabU Semedf in thefoUoiring Joniit» No. 1—GEORGE'S PILE & GRAVEL PILLS. No. 2—GEORGE'S GRAVEL PILLS No. 3—GEORGE'S PILLS POR THE PILES. Important Testimonies from Doctors, Chemists, and Invalids, from all parts of the country, will be forwarded to any address on reoeipt of a stamped envelope. Sold in Boxes, ]8. lid. and 2s. 9d., by all respectable Chemists; by Post, Is. 4d. and 3s., in postage stamps. aVEBY BOX IS PROTECTED BY THE GOTIRNXKNT ITüIP. NOTICE.—The title" PILB AND GRAVEL PILLS" it Copyright, and entered at Stationers? Hall. fij1 opriHetIoRrW, JAI. NE. G. LGAMEOORRGAGNESH, IRHE..&.P.S* Debility and Nervousness. Re-Issue of The Warning Voice," Dr. Smith's Celebrated Work, of which 500,000 were sold. Revised Edition. Now Ready, 152 pages, by post to all parts of the World, in Envelope, two stamps. THE WARNING VOICE; OR, DEBIL- 1 ITATING AND NERVOUS DISEASES. The Causes, Symptoms, Consequences, and Treatment of certain forms of Debility, resulting from Loss of Vital Power. By HENRY SMITH, Doctor of Medicine of the University of Jena. This Work gives Advice and Instructions, the Result of over THIRTY YEARS' special PRACTICE, for the cure of all Diseases of the Nervous System, Nervous Debility, Mental and Physical Depression, Palpitation of the Heart, Noises in the Head and Ears, Indecision, Impaired Sight and Memory, Indigestion, Loss of Energy, Pains in the Back, Constipation, Blushing, Hysteria, Timidity, Self Distrust. Dizziness, Love of Solitude, Groundless Fears, Muscular Relaxation, &c., resulting from Exhaustion of Nerve Power, the effect of overtaxed Energies, enervating Habits, and other abuses of the system. Gives advice and instructions by which thousands have been restored to health. Illus- trated by Cases and Testimonials from grateful patients, with means of cure used in each case. Notice to Country Invalids. Consultation by Letter without Fee. DR. HENRY SMITH (By Diploma of the Royal University of Jena), who has devoted 30 years to the special treatment of Diseases of the Nervous System, re- sulting from Exhaustion of Nerve Power, Local Weakness, &c., will for the benefit of country invalids, on receiving a statement of case, send his opinion, with advice and instruc- tions, which, if followed, will ensure a cure. A personal in- terview and expensive consultation-fees are thus avoided. A "confidential" form of Correspondence to assist Invalid indescribing their case sent post free. DR. HENRY SMITH, R" "'7 No. 8, Burton Crescent, London, w.c. F. N S 0 N,S S & CLOCKS WATCHMAKER&JEWELLER By Special Warrant TO THE QUEEN AND ROYAL FAMILY, And by Special Appointments to H. R. H. THE PRINCE OF WALES, H.I.M. THE EMPEROR OF RUSSIA, PRIZE MEDALS-London, Dublin, & Paris BENSON'S WATCHES I Gold and Silver Of every description, suitable -r for all climates, from 2 to Jewellery. 200 guineas. The Latest Fashions. Chronographs, Chronometers, Bracelets, Brooches, Keyless, Levers, Earrings, Lockets, Presentation, Necklaces, Chains, Repeaters, Railway Rings, Studs, Guards', Soldiers', and Pins, Crosses, etc. Workmen's Watches of I Also in Diamonds and Extra Strength. I Precious Stones. I' fot ): 1\ Benson,so Wmkran's" English Lever as above, P,5 5s. Warranted.) Benson's "Everybody's" Silver Watch crystal glass, as above, R3 3s. Warranted BENSON'S CLOCKS Silver & Electro-plate Of all kinds at 1 to 1000 guins For Presentation, etc. Church, Turret, Dinner Services, Carriage, Chime, I Tea & Breakfast Services Dining & Drawing-room Cruets, Baskets, Hall, Shop, Inkstands, Claret Jugs Library, Bracket, etc. Spoons, Forks, &c. Benson's new Pamphlet of Watches, the most comprehen- sive in the world, giving prices and illustrations of every kind. Just published, 2 stamps. Benson s new Pamphlet of Clocks, the largest yet published, with design and prices. Free, 2 stamps. Benson's new Pamphlet of Jewellery, illustrated. stamps Benson's new Pamphlet of Silver and Electro-plate, illus- trated. 2 stamps. Benson's new Pamphlet on Turret Clocks, illustrated 2d. Watches sent f ee and safe by post. Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, and Plate repaired by skilled workmen. Plate, Jewellery, and Watches exchanged lubs, Merchants, and Shippers supplied. Steam Factory and City Show Rooms— Ludgate Hill, LONDON, West-end Establishment— 25, OLD BOND STREET, Established 1749. PRINTING! PRINTING of evérydescriptiGIl executed at the I j. Observer Office, Cardigan. THE WHITB The Latest Improved and Most Perfect SEWING MACHINE Ererintroduoed to th« Kngfah Market. LUMIRICTVUDIN IK WHITE SEWING MACHINE G(L ATCLIYXLAXD, 0HI«,TR.KA. .,1 rhas been pronounced by skilled Mechanics the Per* fection of Invention. It is quite Noiseless, Bimple In Movement, never gets out of order. -A Marvel of Xasy Running; the Treadle movement so light that a Child can operate it. See a "WHITE" before Purchasing. Warranted by Legal Guarantee fOr Five Years. "Will Sew any Material. Do more than any other Machine. A great Variety of Attachments. Also the "PEERLESS" Hand Machine, Price jeS 128. The Best and Lowest Price American made Machine in the Market. Agents and Wholesale Dealers Wanted. Send for Circulars to the WHITE SEWlNC MACHINE CO., 19, Queen Victoria St., London, 10. A Certain Cure for Nervous Debility. GRATIS, a MEDICAL WORK showing sufferers how they may be cured and recover Health and Vitality, without the aid of Quacks- with Recipes for purifying the Blood and removing Skin Affections. Free on receipt of stamp to pre- pay postage. Address-Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. By a Medical man of thirty years practice, free to all for 2 stamps. A Treatise on Neruous Debility. THIS little work is a valuable Medical Friend. It gives a ± graphic description of the Cause and Cure of NERVOUS DEBILITY, Indigestion, Palpitation, Loss of Brain Power, Memory, &c. All persons who, from various causes, are de- pressed in spirits, shaken in nerves, or weakened in frame, should send for and read this work. Address—J. BAINES, 7, Tavissock Street, Bedford Square, London, W. Watch, Clock, & Jewellery Depot, (Near the Bridge,) 4, BRIDGE-PARADE, CARDIGAN, FREDK. L. MATHIAS, WATCH and CLOCK MAKER, JEWELLEB, &c., RESPECTFULLY begs to inform the Gentry, it Clergy, and Public generally, at Cardigan and its vicinity, that he has commenced business as above, and invites an inspection of his assorted stock in all its branches. Repairs neatly executed. F. L. M. endeavours, also, to combine excel- lence of workmanship, moderate charges, with punctuality (a trial solicited), as he feels assured such is the only way of gaining the support of the public. COME AND JOIN Mathias's Watch, Clock & Jewellery Club, From Is. per week upwards. ''1(,' IHOLLOW TM E NT. Old Sores and Old Skin Diseases. The seeds of these disorders are effectually expelled by this penetrating Unguent, not only from the superficial parts, but from the internal tissues likewise. Any case, even of twenty years' standing, speedily yields to its influence. A Certain Cure for Bronchitis, Diphtheria, Sore Throat, Asthma, &o. Dor caring sore throat, diphtheria, bronchitis, asthma, tight- ness of the chest, and pain in the side-which instant treatment alone prevents degenerating into more serious maladies, this Ointment has the same powers over chest complaints as a blister possceses, without causing pain or debility. Old asthmatic in- valids will derive marvellous ease from the use of this Ointment, which, has brought round many such sufferers and re-established health after every other means had signally failed. Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, Old Sores, and Ulcers. By rubbing the Ointment round the affected parts, It pene- trates to the tissues beneath, and exercises a wonderful power on all the blood flowing to, and_ returning from, the diseased part. The inflammation dimini shes, the p'tin becomes less intolerable, the matter thicker, and a cure is soon effected. In all long-standing cases, Holloway's Pills should also be taken, as they will thoroughly expel all depraved humours from the body. Gout, Rheumatism, Stiff Joints. Gout and Rheumatism arise from inflammation in the parts affected. To effect a permanent cure, adopt a cooling diet, drink plenty of water, take six of Holloway's Pills night and morning, and rub this Ointment most effectually twice a-day into the Buffering parts; when used simultaneously, they drive all inflam mation and depression from the system, subdue and remove all enlargement of the joints, and leave the sinews and muscles lax and uncontracted. Both the Ointment and Pills should be used in the following complaints:— Bad Legs Corns (Soft) I Scalds Bad Breasts Fistulas Sore Throats Burns Gout Skin Diseases Bunions Glandular Swellings Scurvy Chilblains Lumbago Sore Hcadl Chapped Hands Piles Tumour* Contracted and Stiff Rheumatism Ulcers Joints Sore Nipples Wounds The Ointment and Pills are sold at Professor HOM-OWAY'S Establishment, 583, Oxford Street, London; also by nearly every respectable Vendor of Medicine throughout the Civilised World,in Pots and Boxes, at Is. lid., 2s. 9&, 4s.'6d., lis., 22s., and 83a. each. The smallest Pot of Ointment contains one punce; and the smallest Box of Pills four -dozen. Full prig ted directions are affixed to each Pot And Box and can be had ia aay language, even in Tm-kish, Arabic. } Persian, or Chinese. No. 16—1; "THOMAS THOMAS, BUTCHER, No. 16, Saint Mary Street, CARDIGAN. AFRESH supply of Meat daily at the above address, as well as at the Cardigan Market every Saturday, in the Stalls lately occupied by Messrs. Griffiths & Sons. Farmers and others having Stock for disposal, will greatly oblige by communicating with Thos. Thomas at the above address. BABELL OHAPEL OILGERRAN. A GRAND CONCERT WILL BII: GIVEN AT TUB ABOVE CHAPEL, On Christmas Evening, December 25th, 1880, When several Choirs and Soloists will take part. CHAIRMAN: J. STEPHENS, E-Q., CNWCKE. Admission Sixpence, and a S illingr. Proceeds towards the Chapel Fund. Worth a Guinea a Box. BEECHAM'S PILLS. ARE admitted by thousands to be worth a GUINEA A BOX for bilious and nervous disor- ders, such as wind and pain in the stomach, sick headache, giddiness, fulness and swelling after meals, dizziness and drowsiness, cold chills, flush- ing of heats, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, costiveness, scurvy blotches on the skin, disturbed leep, frightful dreams, and all nervous and rembling sensations, &c. The first dose will give relief in twenty minutes. This is no fiction, for they have done it in thousands of cases. Eveiy sufferer is earnestly invited to try one box of these Pills, and they will be acknowledged to be WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For females of all ages these Pills are invaluable, as a few doses of them carryoff all gross humours, open all obstructions, and bring about all that is required. No female should be without them, There is no medicine to be found to equal BEECHAM'S PILLS for removing any obstruc- tion or irregularity of the system. If taken according to the directions given with each box they will soon restore females of all ages to sound and robust health. For a week stomach, impaired digestion, and all disorders of the liver, they act like "MAGIC," and a few doses will be found to work wonders upon the most important organs in the human machine. They strengthen the whole muscular system, restore the long lost complexion, bring back the keen edge of appetite, and arcmse into action with the ROSEBUD of health the whole physical energy of the human frame.-These are "FACTS" admitted by thousands, embracing all classes of society, and one of the best guarantees to the nervous and debilitated is, BEECHAM'S PILLS have the largest sale of any patent medicine in the world. BEECHAM'S MAGIC COUGH PILLS. As a remedy for Coughs in general, asthma, difficulty of breathing, shortness of breath, tight- ness and oppression of the chest, wheezing, &c., these Pills stand unrivalled. They speedily remove that sense of oppression and difficulty of breathing which nightly deprive the patient of rest. Let any person give BEECHAM S COUGH PILLS a trial, and the most violent cough will in a short time be removed. CAUTION.—The public are requested to notice that the words "BEECHAM'S PILLS, St Helens,' are on the Government Stamp affixed to each box of the Pills. If not on, they are a forgery. Prepared only and sold wholesale and retail by the proprietor, T. Beecham, chemist, St Helens, Lancashire, in boxes at Is. 1 id anr!2s. Sent post free from the proprietor for 15 or 63 stamps. -Sold by all Druggists and Patent Medi- cine Dealers in the Kingdom. N.B.—Full directions are given with each box.



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