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ARREST OF ITALIAN MURDERERS IN ENG- LAND.-At Bow-street Police-court, London, two Italians, named Carlo Burdetto Rusconi, blacksmith, aged 27, and Battista Rusconi, waiter, aged 22, were brought before Sir James Ingham, under an extra- dition warrant charged with murdering their cousin, Gregario Rusconi, at Noceno, in the province of Como, in June last. The prisoners, who had fled to England, were arrested by Inspector Greenham and Sergeant Smart, of Scotland-yard, on Monday last, at Macclesfield, where they were in the custody of the local police. The depositions taken abroad were read over by Signor G. Guanziroli, the interpreter, and it appeared that the deceased was assassinated while on the way to mass and close to +he church of Noceno. The elder prisoner, who at first denied the charge, told the officers on their way to London that it was useless to conceal the crime, and that they were provoked to it by the conduct of the deceased towards their sister. He said that his sister was knocked down and threatened with instant death if she re- vealed the fact to either of her brothers—a double- barrelled gun being held over her while the promise of secrecy was being exacted from her. The younger prisoner said nothing, but Carlo addressed a few words to the Court. He said that he had been gathering mulberry-leaves for his silkworms one afternoon in the summer time, and on returning home found his sister in tears. She reluctantly des cribed the assault committed upon her by their cousin, pointed to a wound on her head which he had in- flicted, and mentioned the threats which he had used. They (the prisoners) consequently resolved to waylay him and kill him. The usual extradition order was made out 8ALSACE LOBBAINE.-The North German Gazette states that it has positive information that the subject of the appointment of the Crown Prince of Germany to the post of Regent of Alsace-Lorraine, which has been discussed by some of the newspapers, has not in any way been under consideration in Go- vernment circles. WOOD AND IVERY, LIMITED (J. W. Ivery, manager), Albion Blue Brick ftidTile Works, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, manufacturers of vitrified blue bricks, garden border tiles, flooring quarries in blue, red, or buff colour. Illustrations and prices on application. RUSSIAN PRIVATEERS.—The Golos publishes a telegram from Cronstadt, dated the 11th inst., in which it states that the municipality of Cronstadt have voted 3000 roubles out of the funds of the town towards the National Volunteer Fleet Association. The members of the Municipal Council at the same time added 1000 roubles out of their own pocket to the donation in question. The Cronstadt Vestnick of last Wednesday publishes the following advertisement: The Mayor of Cronstadt has the honour to make the general announcement that subscriptions daily will be gladly received at the Town HaU in aid of the funds for fitting out ocean cruisers. The citizens of Cronstadt, as inhabitants of one of the largest ports in Russia, will no doubt generously respond to the invitation, and thus display their readiness to undergo great sacrifices for the sake of the honour of Russia." HAVE IT IN YOUR HOUSE- LAMPLOUGH'S PYRETIC SALINE—and use no other. The only safe anti- dote in Fevers, Eruptive Affections, Sea or Bilious Sickness, Small-pox, and Headache; having peculiar and exclusive merits. Use DO substitute. See per- petual injunction against imitators; also the unani mous judgment before the Lords Justices Bramwell, Brett, and Cotton, 22nd Jan., 1878, in Lamplough's favour. 113 Holborn-hill. London. THE VOLUNTEERS AND GARRISON DUTY.— Lieut.-Colonel Seely, of the 1st Notts Rifle Volunteers (the famous "Robin Hoods" of Nottingham), writes from Florence to Major Welby, of the same corps, stating that he should consider it a mistake, however public-spirited it might seem in the excitement of the moment, to offer to perform garrison duty when there is no risk of an invasion. He points out that the old constitutional force for that duty in time of war is the militia, which, he says, ought always to be kept at a sufficient strength to perform it. If, he adds, at the outbreak of a war in which there was no proba- bility of an invasion the volunteer force was expected to perform the duties of militia, the characteristic principle of the force would be destroyed, the volun- teers would become simply another form of the militia, and would have to be recruited from the same classes. Tmt itAN who enters into the enterprise of Manufacturing Afcated Drinks, in any district where they are required renders a real service to the public, and no business often him a better return for a comparatively small outlay. 1c those who propose investing in this lucrative business, the first object to ascertain is where such a district exists, the next for success is to have the proper Machines and Appli- ances for producing the different Waters in the best condi- tion.-catalogae and all information sent upon receipt of six stamps to Barnett, Son and Foster, 21A, Forston. street, Hoiton, London, N. A LARGE FREIGHT. -One of the largest freights which has been sent out to Malta left the Thames in the Admiralty's steam transport Sumatra, having been loaded in the Victoria Docks. She has on board 40 steam launches from Sheerness and other ports for the protection of the ironclad fleet against torpedoes, and a great number of masts and spars to repair possible damages. There is very little material from the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, on board, but smaller veaaela and the railways are constantlv em- ployed taking stores from Woolwich to Pcrtamouth en route for the Mediterranean. BUGs, FLEAS, MOTHS, BEETLES, and all other in- sects are destroyed by KEATING'S iNSEcr DESTROYING POWDER, which is quite harmless to domestic animals. In exterminating Beetles the success of this powder is extraordinary. P is perfectly clean in application. Sold in tins Is. and 2s. 6d. each by all Chemists. VEILED BEGGARS.—At Wandsworth Police- court, London, Maria Medwin, 79, and Maria Medwin. her daughter, 40, were brought up, on remand! charged with begging from house to house in Wands- worth. The prisoners were giv* n into custody by Mr. Eeles, the officer of the Wandsworth branch of the Charity Organisation Society, who found them in a public-house, where they were endeavouring to sell tickets for a musical entertainment to be given at Tulse-hill Institute for the benefit of an aged governess. Mrs. Emma Coleman, of the Bull's Head, Olapham, said she purchased some tickets of two females, who wore veils over their faces, for a concert to be held at Tnlse-hill Institute. She could not re- cognise the prisoners. The officer in the case said the prisoners wore veils. He produced a book, found in the pcsaeaaion of the prisoners, containing the witness's signature for the tickets. The prisoners, who had been previously convicted of similar offences, were committed to prison for three months, with hard labour. WRIOHVB COAL TAn Sopp (Setpo Carbonis Detergent), Antiseptic, Detergent .Disinfectant. The most healthtul, Wfxeeable, and refreshing Toilet Soap in the world. By its daily use, freedom from mfectioaa diseases is secured the connexion unproved; rimples, blotches aud roughness removed; and the akin made clear, smooth, and lustrous in our hands it has proved nwst effective in skin diseases. ~Tm Lancet.• Itia only true ui»tisaptio soap."—British ar«dwul'■Journal. In Tablets, 6d. and Is. each all Chemists. W. V. Waiairr and Co., Southwark-ctreot, London.



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