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PICTURE OF THE ROYAL FAMILY AT WINDSOR. The limes says Mr. Lachlan Ml/achlan's large composition of the Queen and the members of the Royal family assembled in the Green Drawing-room at Windsor, now being exhibited in Messrs. Agnew's gallery in New Bond-street, London, has unusual claims to serious notice among works of the kind with which it is likely to be classed. Painted in mono- chrome for reproduction by the autotype process, it is not to be set down among those huge conglomerates of clumsy adaptations of photography in which the notables of popular movements, the lions of scientific or literary gatherings, the diplomatic representatives of a Congress, or the members of a Ministry have at various times bfsn got together intoIcrowds 'or groups, tant bsin que mal, to please partisans or gratify a passing irood of popular interest. These are bona fide portraits of the Queen, her sons anddanghtera, and sons and daughters-in-law, with seme of their children, painted from sittings actually given to the painter, representing a great deal of artistic skill, not only in portraiture, but, incompo sition, grouping, and arrangement, and the well-di- rected labour of many years. The central incident which determines the action of the principal person- ages of the picture, is the presentation to the Queen by Princess Beatrice of a bouquet, which has just been given to the Princess by ber godfather, tbe Crown Prince of Germany. The Queen is sitting on a sofa near the fire, with the Crown Princess of Germany at her side. In'the right foreground flits the Princess of L Wales-a graceful and gracious figure-with some of her own and the Princess Christian's children nest- ling to her side and at her feet. As a pendant to the Princess. of Wales, in the left foreground, Princess Louise, at the piano, turns to take a sheet of music presented to her by Prince Leopold. Thus boih ex- tremities of the composition are occupied by peculiarly attractive figitftfs, both of them excellent likenesses, I gracefully and naturally introduced. The centre of the composition is filled by a table, at which are sitting the Prince of Wales in Hussar uniform and the Dnke of Connavght in the uniform of the Rifle Brigade, while beyond them stand the Duchess of Edinburgh, looking at a print, and the Grand Duchess of Hesse- Darmstadt (Princess Alice). Still further back sit Prince and Princess Christian. To combine this central group with the foreground figures, we have, on the right, the Grand Duke of Hesse-Darmstadt and the Marquis of Lorne leaning over the back of the sofa on which the Queen is seated; and on the left the Duke of Edinburgh, with his hand on the shoulder of Prince Frederick William, son of toe Crown Prince, buttoned up tight in his uniform, and looking every inch the soldier of twelve; his sister, Princess Charlotte, leans against the piano at which Princess Louise is seated.

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