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I THOUSANDS OF DELICATE CHILDREN and consumptive persons are said to have acquired sound constitutions and permanent strength by taking that most agreeablfl and efficient steel preparation, Dr. Guinle's Steel Tablets, procurable of all respectable chemists, in boxes, or post free on receipt of postage stamps for Is. lid. or 2s. 0ri. hy C. Allen Chemist Kilburn. London. I MRS. BESANT.—A petition, filed in the Master of the Bolls Court by the Rev. Frank Besant, of Sibsey, against Mrs. Annie Besant, to deprive her of the guardianship and custody of her infant daughter, Mabel, stood for hearing, but has been adjourned, to I answer the petitioner's affidavits. The grounds alleged are atheism, delivery of atheistic lectures, de- livery of lectures against Christianity, publication of works called "GoeDel of Atheism and Fruits of Christianity," and volume entitled Freethinkers' Text Book," vol. 2; also Knowlton's pamphlet, and pamphlet on "Law of Population." BERLIN WOOLS and GERMAN NEEDLEWORK.— I The above are imported direct by M. LEADER, 9, NEW INN-YARD, SHOREDITCH, LONDON, E.O., from whom price lists are sent, on application, of every descrip- tion of fancy wools, canvas, filoselle, &c. PROFESSOR BLACKIE IN JERUSALEM.—Pro- fessor Blackie is astonishing the natives of Jerusalem, through the streets of which daily flashes a slight, straight figure, clad in a tartan plaid, with white hair flying in the wind, and a song from Homer on its lips. The Professor, in a letter written from Egypt, greatly bemoans the lack of greenness in the desert. His soul pined for grass, and found it not. On one occasion he saw some goats painfully nibbling at something, and his heart swelled within him. But on more nearly approaching, he found that what the goats were nibbling was something that seemed to be the unfulfilled prophecy of green grass." ALLEGED ASSAULT ON AN ACTRESS.—Ap- plication was made at the Bow-street Police-cour London, for a summons against Mr. D- E. Bandmann for assaulting Mrs. Rousby, at the Queens Theatre during the rehearsal of a new play about to be pro- duced there. It was stated that Mr. Bandmann had made an attempt to get possession of the MS. from the hands of the complainant, and in doing this had struck her a severe blow on the arm. Mrs. Rousby confirmed the statement made by her solicitor, Mr. George Lewis, junior, and Mr. Vaughan granted the summons. THERE ARE SERGES AND SERGES, but if what the fashionable journals say be true, the serge manufactured for Mr. Egerton Burnett, of Wellington Somerset, is supposed to be the best; and so it should be, when he has had the honour of supplying the Roya Family, and that his serge is woven from the finest elastic wools. It must not be supposed, however that this material is not within the reach of all her Majesty's subjects, for it can be purchased at as low a figure as Is. 2:!d. a yard, and the finest at 4s. 6d. It is said that neitber rain nor salt water can injure the permanent dye of Mr. Burnett's serges and when he promises to send patterns, of from 100 to 200 varieties, post free, it cannot be too strongly recommended to all intending purchasers to write for specimens, and see for themselves what they are like Mr. Burnett does not, however, supply this popular fabric exclusively for ladies, for he has a special strong-made article for boys and gentlemen's suits at from 3s. 6d. to 9.i. 6d. a yard, and we all know how very prettily and tastefully they can be made up for children; while for papa's, nothing could be more durable and light for summer wear than a suit ef the Royal Wellington Serge."



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