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GOOD FRIDAY.—This day, as usual, was strictly observed as a holiday in Cardigan, all shops being closed, and work of every kind generally suspend- ed. Divine service was held at St. Mary's Church throughout the day. At the Guild-hall, in the evening, a concert was given in aid of the restora- tion fund of Zion Chapel, St. Dogmells. The chair was taken by Mr. James Williams, mayor, who, in introducing the programme, made some very pertinent and appropriate remarks. The order of the singing was as follows:—Pianoforte duet, Miss Jones and Miss Nicholas; Dos yn dy flaen," Mr. A. Richards and party "0 tyred yn ol," Mr. T. Llewellyn; Brawd a chwaer," Miss Lloyd and Mr. Biddyr; "Gwroniaid gwlad y gân," Mr. John Harries, Fishguard, encored and sang "The village fair Yr Iesu a ddaeth," Penybank choir; A boatman's life for me," Mr. Jenkins, Penypark, (encored); "Praise of song," Mr. J. Llewellyn and party; "Bwthyn ar y traeth," Miss Thomas (en- cored); "'Tis liberty," Mr. D. Davies; "Gipsy countess," Miss Thomas and Mr. Thomas (encored); "Y Sabboth," Penybank choir; "Sound an alarm," Mr. J. Harries (encored); "Oh lovely peace," Messrs. Davies and Evans; "O tyr'd vn ol, fy ngeneth," Mr. Jenkins (encored); "Dark through the desert, Mr. J. Llewellyn and party; Y gar- dotes fach," Mr. J. Harries (encored); "Nosda," n Biddyr and party; Finale, "God save the Queen." The concert was a pecuniary success. Mr. Harries, as usual, fully sustained his reputa- tion as an accomplished singer, and was well re- ceived. Miss Thomas, considering her age, pos- sesses great merit as a vocalist, and is making rapid strides towards proficiency. The programme was fairly rendered. Miss Nicholas and Miss Jones played the accompaniments. ST. DOGMELLS MECHANICS'INSTITUTE.—At a committee meeting of the St. Dugmells' Mechan- ics' Institute, held on Saturday, the 13th inst., the following resolution was unanimously passed:— That the best thanks of the meeting be tendered to D. Davies, Esq., M.P., for a donation of £2 2s. towards the funds of the Institution." THE NEW ENGLISH BAPTIST CHAPEL.-Those of our readers who are interested in the Baptist Cause at Cardigan, will be glad to find inserted in our present issue an advertisement for tenders for the erection of the English Baptist Chapel, in Priory-street. The Committee respectfully call the attention of builders and contractors to the adver- tisement. LLECHRYD.—On Good Friday afternoon and evening, the Sunday Schools of Cardigan, Ffynon- bedr, and Llechryd met at the Independent Chapel, in the latter place, to go through a series of con- gregational tunes, under the leadership of the Rev. W. Thomas, Whitland. Addresses were also given by the Revs. W. Rees, Llechryd; T. J. Morris, Capel Mair; L. Beynon, Hope Chapel; J. M. Davies, Tyrhos; Mr. Thomas, Parky neithw, &c. CARDIGAN ART CLASS.—This class will be ex- amined on Wednesday evening, the 1st of May in Freehand and Model Drawing, and on the fol- lowing evening in practical Geometry and Perspec- tives. The examination will be held (owing to the Guild-hall being pre-engaged), in St. Mary's Na- tional Schools. This examination will end the first session of the above class, and it will test the work done in the past and guarantee, we trust, the suc- cess of the future. This evening (Friday) the class meets for its last lesson under Mr. Marshall. say. A good attendance is requested. THE RAILWAY.—The public will learn with much satisfaction that immediately after the ter- mination of recent meeting at the Guild-hall, the directors purchased from the Dowlais Company sufficient rails for the whole distance, at the un- precedented low quotation of £3 12s. 6d. per ton. We have also been informed that the share list has been further augmented by Messrs. Wilkins & Co. Brecon Old Bank (as a firm) taking shares to the amount of £ 250. The extraordinary saving just effected in the purchase of the rails, together with the present cheapness of labour, bids well for the shareholders in the extension. HAWEN.—Services in connection with the ordi- nation of the Rev. D. Adams, B.A., will be held at Hawen and Bryngwenith Chapels on Wednes- day and Thursday next. The services will com- mence at Bryngwenith on Wednesday, at 2 p.m., and will be continued at Hawen the following day. Several eminent ministers are expected to officiate, and the ministers of the neighbourhood are res- pectfully invited to attend. THE YOUNG LADIES JOURNAL for May is al- together one of the best parts which has ever been produced of this always excellent Journal. Those of our lady readers who do not subscribe to it, we are sure would find their account in doing so, es- pecially at this season of the year, when new dress and new fashions are the order of the day. Fashion and fancy work of the most elegant description abound in the Supplements and pages of this Journal, besides a variety of interesting and amus- ing literature, domestic recipes, &c., music, poetry, and all subjects that commend themselves to ladies generally. THE EISTEDDFOD.—The Loyal Glantivy Lodge of Oddfellows, at their last meeting, passed a res- olution that the lodge should join the procession on the morning of the Eisteddfod, all members to wear their regalia. Members of other lodges in the district, if present, are also invited to join. The procession will comprise the Mayor and Cor- poration, Volunteers, Naval Reserve, Friendly Societies, &c. The Secretaries hive received a host of compositions, &c., so that there is every prospect of the Eisteddfod proving a brilliant suc- cess in every sense. BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS.—On Monday last, before the Mayor and Mr. Thomas Davies, the fol- lowing cases were heard :-Breach of Market Bye- laws-Thomas Evans, Market Inspector, v. Thos, and Stephen Morgan, butchers, Pendre, for allow- ing forty sheep skins to remain in the market yard for three days, contrary to the market bye-laws. Defendants appeared, and admitted service of sum- mons, and asked the Bench where were they to de- posit the skins until they had an opportunity to dispose them. They should not leave them in the Slaughter-house, and if stored in their back pre- mises the Inspector of Nuisance would summon them. A place was provided everywhere else to keep the skins. The Bench said it was not their duty to provide such a place, but to administer the law. Fined one half-penny per skin, the Bench expressing a hope it would serve as a caution to them. The police fees were disallowed. Defen- dants said that unless a proper place was provided to store skins, it would be a great loss to the Cor- poration, as they would slaughter animals on their own premises, which would be a loss of some £50 to the lessee. Same v. Jacob Trollip, lessee of the Market and Slaughter-house, for neglecting to keep the Slaughter-house in a proper sanitary con- dition. As the Inspector had neglected to serve the lessee with 12 hours notice to remove the nui- sance complained of, according to the bye-laws, the case fell through. Ejectment—The Town Clerk laid a complaint against Mary Davies, for not giving up possession of the smithy at Netpool, after being duly served with a notice. Adjourned for a week. ASSAULT.—On Thursday, before the Mayor, Thomas Pavey, Llynyfelin, was charged with as- saultlng Margaret Pierce, North-gate Terrace, on the 22nd inst. The case was adjourned for a month, to enable the complainant to attend. CARDIGAN TOWN COUNCIL. A meeting of the Corporation was held at the Council Chamber, on Thursday, the 18th instant, when there were present—The Mayor, Councillors W. W. Smith, Rev. W. Jones, S. Davies, 0. P. Davies, L. James, W. Woodward, & Dr. Phillips. THE RATING CASE. The Mayor said it grieved him that this case had been delayed so long. All the points had now been agreed upon, but the difficulty now to decide was to whom it was to be submitted for opinion, as the local lawyers differed on that point. After some discussion, it was agreed that the legal gentlemen decide the matter among them- selves. THE WATER WORKS. In answer to the Mayor, Mr. Woodward said that he was only waiting for the Council to decide upon the spot for the new reservoir, and other matters connected with the scheme. He would then complete his estimate in about an hour or so. Agreed that Mr. Woodward should commit to paper the points to be decided upon, so as to enable him to make up his estimate: and that a commit- tee wait upon the Mayor respecting the new res- ervoir, which is to be constructed in a portion of his field, the committee to meet the following day. MAGISTRATES' CLERK'S SALARY. The Mayor said that he and Mr. Smith had carefully examined the magistrates' clerk's books for the last three years, and found everything in good order. For the period the fees averaged £ 30 per annum. We recommend that the magistrates' clerk's salary be fixed at £ 35 per annum, which would be a fair average. Henceforth the fees will be paid to the borough treasurer, and the Clerk's salary will be paid out of the borough funds, com- mencing from February last, On the motion of Mr. Levi James, seconded bv Dr. Phillips, it was resolved that the magistrates clerk's salary be JE35 per annum. APPOINTMENT OF INSPECTORS. The Mayor said that Superintendent Llovd had -upe, called upon him, and requested him to bring be- fore the Council the necessity of appointing an In- spector of Weights and Measures, and an Inspec- tor under the Adulteration of Food and Drugs Act. Mr. S. Davies gave notice that at the next meet- in0, he would move such Inspectors be appointed. 0, THE HIGHWAY. 698 yards of stone being required for highway purposes, it was resol\ ed that tenders be invited for supplying the same. PAVEMENTS. The Surveyor produced a copy of a notice served upon parties whose pavements were in bad condi- tion, requesting that they should repair them. Mr. Woodward suggested that the Corporation first of all put the Guild-hall pavements in order, before asking private individuals to do so. APPLICATION FOR THE GUILD-HALL. An application was made by Mr. David Miles, on behalf of the widow of James Jenkins, who lately met his death through suffocation at LlaO- elly, for the loan of the Guild-hall, to hold & ben- efit concert. Granted on payment for gas, and hall-keeper's fees. THE EISTEDDFOD. The Mayor read a letter from the SeoretanM of the Eisteddfod, asking the Council to join fa the grand procession which would be formed on the morning of the Eisteddfod, comprising the Naval Reserve, Volunteers, and the Friendly Societies m the neighbourhood. The members signified their intention to do so. THE NETPOOL RAILINGS. The Inspector was requested to have the above railings painted in dark green forthwith. SANITARY. The Inspector reported that some offals and skins had been laying iu the market four days, and that the slaughter-house was in a filthy condition. Such a condition of things could not he tolerated. Summonses were ordered to be issued against the offenders. (THURSDAY, APRIL 25th.) Present—The Mayor, Councillors L. Jamee, Rev. W. Jones, J. Lewis, S. Davies, and Dr. Phillips. LISTS OF VOTERS. The Town Clerk applied for an order upon the Overseers for the payment of the account for print- ing the lists of voters for the past year, which amounted to £7 14s. 6d. The order was granted. HIGHWAY TENDERS. The Surveyor having issued notices inviting ten- ders for supplying stones for highway purposes, three were sent in, viz.,—by Mr. Henry Griffiths, Messrs. James and David Griffiths, Llantood; and Mr. Benjamin Jenkins, Mwldan. As they did not specify the quality of the stones, the matter was adjourned for a week. THE GUILD-HALL PAVEMENT. In answer to the Mayor, the Surveyor said that the pavement in front of the Guild-hall bad not been proceeded with,, because Messrs. Woodward & Co. had no hard bricks in stock; they would be ready in the course of a fortnight. Several members intimated that they were sot aware that bricks had been ordered for the pave- ment The matter was adjourned. ENCROACHMENT ON THE HIGHWAY. The Surveyor reported having served Mr. S. Morgan with a notice for encroaching upon the highway, in building a wall close to his new pre- mises. The members of the Council visited the spot, and requested the Surveyor to prevent the builders proceeding any further with the walL THE CLAY PITS. The Mayor said that the pits were in excellent condition, but there were complaints as to getting the clay. Mr. Levi James gave notice that he would at the next meeting call attention to the working of the clay pits. THE BYE-LAWS. Dr. Phillips called attention to the necessity of having bye-laws properly drawn out and certified so as to be able to deal with difficulties that crop up continually. All plans should be submitted to the Council, and have their sanction before any one should be allowed tc build new houses or alter old ones. Water was polluted, and neighbours were quarrelling with one another, because we have no bye-laws to regulate local matters. Mr. J. Lewis hoped the Mayor would exert him- self to have the bye-laws framed, and put in force. It was agreed that a committee be appointed to consider the question. Several bills were also ordered to be paid.


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