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ah fv, a FL°or)S IN LONDON.

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THE AMERICAN SILVER ACT. — The Jiefll York Nation says that the real silver-men have already begun to perceive the inherent treachery and fraud of the present Silver Act and the mockery of (hail' money which it offers. The House Committee Oil Banking has accordingly reported in favour of leglB; lation compelling the Treasury to issue certificates Ot par against the deposit of silver bullion, like the gold certificates now issued. This would get rid at blow of the restrictions on the injection of sil*e into the circulation created by the limits tions which the Act now in operation plac6* on the coining powers of Treasury, and 0 of any limitation imposed by the temporary scarcity of mints. It is true that the committee dõ not PrL" pose to make the certificates a legal tender for anJ thing but Government dues, but they would nefet" theless constitute a working addition to the circulation and would furnish a market to the silver dealers which they would be able to share in the profit b<& made by the Government on the coinage. It loo*: more and more, in fact, as if "the money power" got the better of the people" in this last bit legislation also. The Nation would suggest, means of making the issue of certificates a final complete measure of relief, that the should be compelled to issue them, bullion or no bul' lion, to the amount say S10 a head of population, 0 8400,000,000 in all, and divided on that basis aUlO members of Congress for distribution in their reepee" tive States and Territories, to adult citizens not lull" tics or convicts. In no other way that our porary knows of can the poor man get his share the national money, or the money be applied on verv axle of the wheels of industry." ø TORPEDOES.—In the present crisis, when may be involved in a deadly conflict with the Bar bars of the North at any moment (says a contempo- rary), a few facts not generally known about torpf does will probably prove interesting. AltboO^ submarine infernal machines of some kind or °Qa are believed to have been in use as far back as 16^ the first time the word torpedo seems to have given to these machines was in 1777. In that year 0 American, named David Bushnell, invented a desttØwø tive submarine instrument, to which he gave name torpedo, probably having in view qualities attributed to the electric ray, the scieD^ name of which fish is Torpedo vulgaris. 1777, of course, vast strides have been in this peculiar mode of naval warfare, and Amef' appears to be able to take credit for most of these provements. An American, named Fulton, gave jØ impetus to the manufacture of such appliances « 1797 by certain inventions, and again, in 1841, Col°vj Colt (whose revolvers are so well-known) mooted employment of electricity as a means of firing t»w submarine machines. So far, notwithstanding excessive destructive powers—or, it may be, J of this—torpedoes have played but a very small P in modern warfare. If war should break out bet^9 this country and Bnssia, however, there can be doubt but that they will prove most formi^9 weapons on both sides.. 00 RAISING THE PRICE CI/I TOBACCO.—MEETJ^ of the wholesale and retail dealers in tobacco in to North of England were held in consider tbe difficulties occasioned to the trade by recent imposition of an extra duty of 4d. on tobacco. The retailers resolved that all '$ tobaccos be advanced 4d. per lb. halfpen^y^ the ounce, halfpenny in the two ounces, and Jib. That all common tobacco be 3 £ d. per oZ,yM the half or., 6 £ d. the two ounces, and Is. Jib. The wholesale dealers determined to a the price of manufactured tobacco not less per lb. in all qualities above 4s. per lb. and 3d. per 10, on lower priced goods. The meeting strongly.r. mended the retailers of tobacco to make the mittito if price Sid. per oz. The nearly obsolete farthÏØg j coming into use among purchasers of tobacco- meeting of tobacconists was held at the Falstaff J change, Market-place, Manchester, for the purpoge,, to ec. considering what steps should be taken with reep aii, the price of tobacco, in view of the proposed II tional duty of 4d. in the pound. There was a attendance. The Chairman, in opening the ings, remarked that the tobacco trade had for years been a very bad one, and now was the dealers to make an advance in the price. Aftef & siderable discussion it was resolved that the all tobaccos should be immediately raised a per ounce. It was subsequently agreed that ciation of tobacco dealers of Manchester and should be formed, no organisation of any kind sent existing in connection with the trade. THE Loss or THE ETTRYDICB.—The of the Admiralty has issued the following cop?L telegram received from the commander-in-chief jjr America containing the names of certain wela Of charged from her Majesty's ship Earydice ft sailed from Bermuda, and of men discharged je# for passage to England: Ship's corporal: J. Saunders. Ordinary seamen: Charles Alfred W. Walker, Peter Lamond, Russell, Henry Underwood, John Scanlan, McDermott, James Pearce.—Discharged from before she left Bermuda. Following discharged her for passage from Terror. Ship's corporal Nye. Colour-serieant, B.M.L.I.: Henry Privates, B.M.L I.: Alfred E. Howe, Alfred John Saunders, John Graham, John Young, W, jje* Hull, Edwin Parker, Frederick Thorne, Hilbert, Henry Smith. From Argus.-O.nÍtt' seaman: J. Tozer. Late ship's F. Derrick. Late captain's cook: B.M.L.I. James Clvmo. Domestic: H. W. }(# From Bover.—Ordinary seamen: Henry well, Valentine Wildaon. From Bullfinch seaman: William Larkin. From Plover.— seaman: Edward Green. From Zephyr.jjjj»^ Edward Beale. From Martin.—Ordinary: Shascon. Also following military passengers Engineers: Captain Louis Fcrrier (already jj. Corporals: W. J. Curtis, J. Ewer. Sappersj Lairg, J. Stone, W. Lucas. 46th Regiment: < H. Mansbridge." n fri LAST TEAR 30,029 tons of fresh beef, worth £ 1,670,000, were imported from A into the United Kingdom. What became of Did the butchers buy It, and sell it, as Why, for this is the practical side of the has not the price of butcher's meat gone do*v Truth. ø DISSECTION OF A DEAD JOITRNALIST.—^ A&EJT seline, the Badical journalist who died so the other day, was a member of the Mutual A QK Society mentioned some time ago, this being death in its rankf. His body accordingly ul,(l fofU. dissection. The frontoparietal sutures were ^ity ossified, as usual at the age of 49. The Si that, were the same thing observable in the other persons living by their tyrains, it that mental activity retards ossification. *0$, | THE VINTAGE PROSPECTUS IN VICTOB1^ rally were greatly improved, excepting in the | district, where the phylloxefra had made it^ ef0r ance. Vigorous measures were being taken cate tbe pest co Printed aad published by th#j proprietor, ROBERTS, at hia General ? Printing Office, JJ> lane, Cardigan, in the parish of Saint County of Caiclig&n.-o&ty trd&y April 20, *8'