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MADAME TEIAL AND Madame Rachel, whose real name is said to be Levison, and whose age has been variously stated by herself and other .PjfPj6 f anything between 60 and 85-she stated it, indeed, to be eighty more than ten I years ago, according to certain evidence given on a previous occasion—is so well known by name to the public that it would have been almoetan affectation to have ignored in the present trial the fact that she had stood before in a simdar position. The fact that the previous trial was referred to in the evidence of the prosecutrix, and that a curious explanation of it as a conepiracyto obtain from fcer a sum of £80,000 was given by Madame Eaehel herself, relieved tbe jury trem the nece«S)t.y ot pretending that they had never heard of Madame Bachel s name before. The cir- cumstances ot the former trial ^ere discredit- able to olher people besides the prisoner, »r,d it is unnecessary to refer to them here, as the incidents of the present fraud, of which Mr8, Per^faS,; en. aade the ™tim, were of a very different character. Mrs. Pearse, according to her evidence, made the acquaintance of Madame Bachei in part of 1876, and somewhere about the middle of last year began the regular use of certain Eastern water, of which Madame Rachel was the vendor at a guinea thej bottle. She was told, and apparently she believed, that the astute old woman wbo was convicted was the inventor of a pro- cess of enamelling or beautifying, by which aperfect complexion could be ensured to an advanced age! and that at ^dy occuPying a conspicuous position in society had paid her one if not tw £ thousand gui- neas for this costly luxury. It does not appear, how- ever, that Mrs. Pearse was sufficiently attracted by this tempting suggestion, until the use of the wash which she had obtained from the prisoner produced a rash upon her face. On her going in Bome distress to complain of this and ask for advice the impostor into whose hands she had fallen commenced the process of terrorism and extortion for which the five years' penal servitude to wbieh she was on Thursday sentenced is no whit too sejereapunishment. She was told that she was that the pores of her skin wer » ^^t even the application of soap or Pr°duce permanent dis- figurement, and that nothing but the completion of Madame Bachel s..xpensive process could save her. Upon the victim s protest that it would be absolutelv impossiweiorner to raise the sum suggested,, the ex- tortionate abated her demand from a T° hundred. two hundred, and ultimately fifty 'Pounds. Mrs. Pearse being unable to raise even the latter sum without I kev kar^«. a -uggeetion was made that she should deposit her jewels for the amount; and to encourage her in this step, Madame Bachei ^invented the most extraordi- na'T and grotmwus l,e by which even her career has been distmguisbed. It Was actually asserted that the Oountes y 8 jewels, which were supposed to havebeen stolen at a railway station, and for which a £ 1000 reward had been offered, had been in reality sur. reptitiously pledged with Madame Rachel for the lame purpoBe as that for which Mrs. Pearse was invited to do the same, and were then actually lying in the next room. One would have thought that the lady's curiosity would have induced her to ask to be allowed te look at them, especially as diamonds were spoken ef as big as the top of Madame Bachele thumb; b„t Mrs. PearB6j Pperh™a £ £ m engrossed m her own troubles, appears to have atotawed from this request. It is clear that M?8', 18 e»mpt from at least one of the foioles common to her sex. The bait, however, proved sufficiently attractive to induce her to confide'her jewels to Madame Bachel's care, and eventually to glTe her a written authority to pledge them. It was not until this last step had been taken that Mrs. he°^ /ft?f hU8band of theentanglementinto ♦wo betw^n a xd aft€r a fruitie88 lnfcerTieW ° £ gentleman and Madame Bachel thV„f £ T Wer? commenced which resulted in f injP0Btor to penal servitude for five years.

ah fv, a FL°or)S IN LONDON.

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