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SALE OF THE NOVAR COLLECTION. The recent sale of the Novar collection, which was formed by the late Mr. Munro, the intimate friend and executor of J. M. W. Turner, the great landscape painter, drew together a large assembly of art patrons and dealers, who completely filled the auction-room of Messrs. Christie, Mfenson, and Woods; and many persons who came were unable to get near enough tither to see the pictures or take part in the bidding. The first four works in the catalogue were by Bonington, and one was bought for 3000 guineas. This picture, the subject of which is the "Fish Market at Boulogne," was followed by the came artist's fine work, The Grand Canal, Venice;" which also went up to 3000 guineas. Twelve works by W. Rtty, B A., realised but small prices. TObe best were: The Graces," 170 guineas; a nymph with a dove, forty guineas; and The Good Samaritan," 160 guineas. Venus and AdoniB," after Titian, in the National Gallery, 220 guineas, and Diana and Endy mion," 300guineas. Then came a couple of scenes from Harlot's Progress," by Hogarth, the quarrel with her new lover, 620 guineas and the companion picture, "The Scene in Bridewell," 300 guineas. These two pictures are the only remaining works of this celebrated series, the others having been des- troyed by fire. Kitty Fisher, the celebrated actress, with dovas, by Sir J. Reynolds, P.B.A., 700 guineas. Portrait of the Hon. Mrs*. Stanhope as the personifi- cation of Contemplation," by Sir J. Reynolds, 3000 gmineas. Works by Stothard, Smirke, Wilkie, Wilson, and Cipriani followed, the prices realised being, in most instances, good, but not extra- ordinary. Then came the water-colour drawings by Turner, and they may be divided into three series. First, sixteen minute and beautifully-finished drawings, averaging Sin. by 6in. The second series was eight larger drawings, averaging 12lin. by 18in.; and the third consisted of eight drawings, which are engraved in Turner's Picturesque Views in England and Wales. As these drawings were reached there was considerable excitement, and when the firtt, a tiny vignette, was placed upon the easel, its appearance was greeted with a round of ap- plause. The first was called The Sea, the Sea I" and was bought for 200 guineas. The remaining fifteen in the first series wore as follows: The Simplon," 205 guineas; TheBellerophon," 175guineas; H&tel de Ville, Paris," 140 guineas; "H6tel de ViIle, Brussels," 130 guineas; Stirling," 304guineas; Edin- burgh," 410 guineas; "Inverness," 306 guineas; Glencoe,320 guineas; Lock Katrine," 320 guineas; Moonlight on the Nile," 250 guineas; Kenilwortb, Moonlight," 150 guineas; Valley of the Var," 400 guineas; The Walls of Rome: Tomb of Caius Sex tus," 205 guineas; Bhodes," 250 guineas; Acr°" polis of Athens," 125 guineas. Series 2.—"Lichfield*" 400 guineas; Oxford," 500 guineas; A River in Switzerlandsketch, 115 guineas; "Baths of Pfeffers: Bagalz, Pass of the Splugen," 1000 guineas; "Descent of the St. Gothard: Airolo in the distance," 500 guineas Lake of Lucerne," 590 guineas Eussnacht: Lake of Lucerne," 970 guineas; Zurich," a splendid example, 1200 guineas. The third series were: "Ashby de la Zouche," 500 guineas Chain Bridge over tbe Tef s," 1420 guineas; "Blenheim," 680 guineas Knaresborough," 1160 guineas; "Lowestoffe," 1140 guineas; "Malmes- burT," 700 guineas c. Pembroke Oastle," 600 guineas; Ulleswater," 650 guineas. The 32 water-colour drawings having been sold for the large sum of 16,015 guineas, the auctioneer pro' ceeded to sell nine large pictures by Turner. The first was "Ancient Italy; Oviat Banished from Rome," (36 inches by 48 inches), knoeked down for 5200 guineas. The companion picture, "Modern Italy," sold for 5000 guineas. The others were as follows: Bome View from Mount Aveatine," &850 guineas; Modern Bome Oampo Vaccino," 4450 guineas; St. Mark's-place, Venice, by Moonlight "Juliet after the Masquerade" (engraved), 5200 guineas; Van Tromp's Shallop at the Entrance to the Texel, 1645," 5200 guineas; Avalanche in the Valley of Aosta, Savoy," 910 guineas; "The Depar- ture of Adonis for the Chase," 1850 guineas; Kil- garrau Castle," 3400 guineas. These nine pictures sold for 41,560 guineas, so that the whole of Turner's works gold realised the enormous amount of 57,575 guineas. The result of the day's sale, comprising 105 Pictures and drawings, was .£73,519 5s. 6d., or an average of abouL£700 each.

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