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BERLIN WOOLS and GERMAN NEEDLEWORK.— The above are imported direct by M. LEADER, 9, NEW INN-YARD, SHOREDITCH, LONDON, E C., from whom price lists are pent, on application, of every descrip- tion of fancy wools, canvas, filoselle, &s. A DESPATCH HAS BEEN RECEIVED at Lloyd's from Lisbon announcing the loss of the steamer Ohildwall Hall on the coast of Sagres, near Cape St. Vincent. The steamer was outward bound to Bom. bay via the Suez"Oanal, and left Liverpool on the 6th inst. with a general cargo. The telegram states that two boats, having on board twenty-seven persona, had landed at Sagres, but, as the steamer had a crew of at least forty-eight men, andit is presumed a number of passengers, there is a large number of lives still un- accounted for. The steamer was the property of Mr. J. Wood, jun., of Liverpool was built of iron at Glasgow in 1876, clatBsd 100 Al at Lloyd's, and registered 2060 tons gross, 1361 net, .and 2107 under decks She was constructed with five bulk- heada. Captain Putt was the commander. The value of the steamer alone may be estimated approximately at £ 40,000. The steamer Jeanme, of and for Hart- lepool, the ether day, landed at Hartlepool Captain Butler, Oharles Fox, John Rudd, John Jacobs, and William Graby, of the smack Resolute, of Lowestoft. which vessel she ran down 30 miles from the Dutch coast on Wednesday, The smack sank so ripidl^ that-the crew .barelyjmd, time. to scramble.on b^ard the stfamer. THOUSANDS OF DELICATE OUlLIJ TIEN and consumptive persons are said to have acquired sound and permanent strength by taking that most agreeebl' and efficient steel preparation, Dr. Guinle's Steel Tablets, procurable of all respectable chemists,in boxefli or post tree on receipt of postage stamps for Is. lid- I Or ').- M. *"V n A'! -r. Chemist, Kllhurn 1J"I, MILK FROM THE COUNTRY.—At LAMBETH Police-court, London, John Richardson" milk sel!er» Tilson-road, Peckham, was summoned for sellirg adulterated milk. It was proved that, the milk wøø adulterated with water to the extent of twenty-eigbt per cei>t. A Sce-of lOa., with 129. 6d. costs, was itC* posed.^Charles Jenkins, another milk seller, JIJ Sumner-road, Peckbam, was summoned fcr a offence. The defendant was heard to call out in street, "New milk from the country," and wbe^ stopped served tbe sanitary inspector. The defendant* wife came up after the purchase and declared tb»* parncr.ed.tr,gSLCPlild notjbe taken wherujhere was onlf eight p*r (ent. of wat-^r. The milk was"now shown f° be skimmed and adulrerated with water. The tendanf, who had prtviously hefn finpd, declare that he had sold the milk as he had bought it. !fro Chance fined him E2 10s. and 12s. 61. costs. WOOD AND IVERY, LISIITED (J. W. Ivery, manage*^ Albion Blue Brick and Tile Works, West Bromwic' ) Staffordshire, manufacturers of vitrified blue bricJ>í" garden border tiles, flooring quarries in blue, red, Of buff colour. Illustrations and prices on application* THE WORD "TKAM."—"WE are indebted to 9 Frencb-eontemporary-fer a timely reminder ss to tle origin of the word tram," whose original significant is probably unknown to the great majority of tb0 thousands who travel upon tramways. It was i" I Northumbrian Colliery, about the year 1730, that .°116 Benjamin Outram first laid down a line of cast-ir^ rails, furnished with a projecting flange, for tbe tram port of tbe black diamonds hewn out there very soon the name these Outram" roads, e^ they were then called, was contracted into 'tra"1 Toads." THE MAN who enters into the enterprise of Manufacture" Aerated Drinks, in any district where they are requi renders a real service to the public, and no business offfrj mm a better:return for a comparatively small outlay. those who propose investing in this lucrative business, first object to ascertain is Where such a district exists, next for success is to have the proper Machines and APPL ances for producing the different Waters in the best tion.—Catalogue and all information sent upon receipJjL six stamps to Barnett, Son and Foster, 21A, TOrS*0 street, Hoxton, London, N. CRUELTY TO A COCK AT NOTTINGHAM Four persons, including a publican named HartwJ were charged before the magistrates with cruelty t° cock. The bird was tied to a peg in the pubHc-bo iø- yard, and the four men paid to shoot at it at » tance of forty yards. The Society for the Preventlott of Cruelty to Animals took the matter in bandt ba were unable to find the fowl, which was said to badly mutilated. As the men said the practice been carried on openly, the Bench took a favour* tit view of the case by finding them 13s including caS and administering a caution. WEIGHT'S COAL TAU SOAP (Sapo Carbcnis Antiseptic, Detergent ,Disinfectant. The most health agreeable, and refreshing Toilet Soap in the world. x\ its daily use, freedom from infectious diseases is secv* the complexion improved; pimples, blotchcs and removed and tho ekin made clear, smooth, and lustr"^ In our hands it has proved m«st effective in skin dis —TheLancet. Itis tlieonly true antiseptic soap."— .Journal. In Tablets.fid. and earh <-f all OVietf11 "W. Y. WEIGHT and Co., Southwark-street, London. INJUNCTION AGAINST A CHINESE ACROBAT-^ In the Chancery Division, an injunction was apPJp- for by a firm ot theatrical sg^nts to restrain nese acrobat, calling himself "Pongo Redivivus, ioo acting on bis own account at one of the theatres, in breach of bis agreement with them- the defendant it was pleaded that the deed of ment was void from misrepresentation; feu' ej>' Chancellor Sir C. Hall held that the entered into wit11 the plaintiffs must be carried and granted an interim injunction as asked. BA VE IT IN YOUR HOUSE LAMrroll PTRETIC SALINE—and use no other. The only sa^.jou' dote in Fevers, Eruptive Affections, Sea or if Sickness, Small-pox, and Headache; having P^ and exclusive merits. Use no substitute. See 00i- petual injunction againet imitators; also the tlocll,1 mous judgment before the Lords Justices BraO Vo Brett, and Cotton, 22nd Jan., 1878, in Lampl°''v favour. 113 Hoi born-hill, London. SOLATIUM FOB BREACH OF PROMISE.—D action in the Scotch Court of Session for payno £ lj, 0* £ 500, as solatium and damages fcr alleged t>re*c^ promise, brought by Jane Dingwall, 19 jer.rs residing with tier tathr-r, a tailor, in Elgm,$ Robert Ormiston, dentist, Edinburgh, decree, iltill, sencc of the defendant, WMH gr«.ntf d for the full The courtship ody last'd a few months. \%JHELPTOJF8 VKGGTAJJU! PURIFHNO • t during the last 40 years have prove'' value in Diseases of the Head, Chest, Liver, °> and Digestive Organs. They are a direct the Blood, and in all Skin Complaints one oj tbogo,(, Medicines known. 801M by G. WiiKwroN tr 3, Crane court, Fleet-street, and mav he ffij Ohemists and Siledicine Vendors. Sent jyrfP* part of the kingdom on receipt of 8,14, or 3o