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THE KING OF DEN^ABIC'S BIRTHDAY.-—Mon- day bdng the King of Denmark's sixtieth birthday, Copenhagen and the ships in the harbour were covered with bunting. There was a large attendance at the lev6e, including the Corps Diplomatique and th" highest military and civil authorities. The popula- tion greeted the king enthusiastically as he drove through the town. Telegrams were received from Marlborough House and from most of the European capitals. A court ball was given, to which 600 invi- tations had been issued. GERMAN. IRONCLADS. — The Berlin Official Gazette announces that the squadron of evolution, consisting of the ironclads Eceoig Wilhelm, Prueasen, Frederich der Grosse, Der Grosse Kurfuerst, and the despatch boat Falke, which will be commissioned as in preceding years, on May 6, will sail for the East, in the event of its being ordered thither, at the end of that month. BERLIN WOOLS and GERMAN NEEDLEWORK- The above are imported direct oy M. LEADER, 9, NEW JXXYAKD, SlICBEDITCil, LOXDOY, EC, from wboiu price lists are sent, on application, of every descrip- tion of fancy wools, canvas, filoselle, &c. A YOUNG WOMAN IN ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE UNIFORM, In the Third Police-court, Dale-street, Liverpool, before Mr. Clarke Aspinall, a young woman named Margaret Eccleston, aliis Henderson, who appeared in the dock dressed in the uniform of the Royal Naval Reserve, was charged with being drunk and riotous on Saturday evening in Great; Homer-street, and Mary Fraser was charged with attempting to rescue the first-named from the custody of the police. From the evidence of Police- constable 484, it appeared that Eccleston waa going from one public house to another about Great Homer-street at tho tioi > stated in a drunken state, and was followed by a great crowd of people. She was refused drink at every house/and she was dressed in the uniform in which she appeared in the dock. Fraser said that tbe uniform belonged to her father, and that the other prisoner put it on for a lark. She went into the street so dressed because she was dared to do so. The young woman Eccleston, who is a chairmaker, bad been before the Court four times previously, and was fined 10s. and costs. The other prisoner had been twice before the Court, and was fined 5s. and costs. THE KAN who enters into the enterprise of Manufacturing Adrated Drinks, in any district where they are required renders real service to the public, and no business offers him a better return for a comparatively small outlay. 1c thoae who propose investing in this lucrative business, the first object to ascertain is where such a district exists, the next for success is tobave the proper Machines and Appli- ances for producing the different Waters in the best condi- i tion.—Catalogue and all information sent upon receipt of six stamps to Barnett, Son and Foster, 2lA, Forston. street, Hnxton, London, N. THE ARMY RKSBRVB IN LIVERPOOL.—The 4th iost. was the quarterly pay-day of the men belonging to the Army Reserve in the Liverpool pension district. Over 300 men reported themselves as ready for duty; and they were each served with a notice tequiring them to attend at the office of the district on or before the 19th instant, on pain of being proceeded against as deserters. W OOD AHD IVBBT, LIMITED (J. W. Ivery, manager), Altion Blue Brick and Tile Works, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, manufacturers of vitrified blue bricks, garden border tiles, flooring quarries in blue, red, or buff colour. Illustrations and prices on application. NAVAL ARTILLERY VOLUNTEERS. A move- ment is on foot to establish a detachment of Naval Artillery Volunteers at Lancaster, and the captain of her Majesty's ship Resistance, at Liverpool, has re- ceived instructions to inspect the volunteers who have signified their readiness for enrolment, and to report on the advisability of erecting a battery for them to drill at. T HAVE IT W YOUR HOUSE — LAMPLOUGH'B PTBXTIC SALiiot—and use no other. The only safe anti- dote in Fevers, Eruptive Affections, Sea or Bilious Sickness, Small-pex, and Headache; having peculiar and exclusive merits. Use no substitute. See per- petual injunction against imitators; also the unani mous judgment before the Lords Justices Bramwell, Brett, and Cotton, 22nd Jan., 1878, in Lamplough'j favour. 113 Holborn-bill, London. CHASE OF A GBEEK STEAMER.—A Greek steamer with a cargo of ammunition, and having on board 360 volunteers, who were going to join the in. surgents on Mount Olympus, was proceeding towards the Gulf of Salonika, when she sighted, near Cas- sandra, two Turkish ironclads. She immediately re- vers°d her course and turned south, when the Izzedin. the flagship of tbe Turkish admiral, was observed ap- Eroaching. The Turks gave chase and, after several ours' pursuit, the Grefk ship ran for the Island of Stathos, and succeeded in making her escape. WBI«MT*B OOAI. TAX SOAP (Hayo Coro<m»» Deterjww), Antiseptic, Detergent ^Disinfectant. The raost healthful, agreeable, and refreshing Toilet Soap in the world. Bv Its daily use, freedom from infections diseases 13 secured s the complexion improved; pimples, blotches and roughness removed and the oiiu made clear, smooth, and lustrous in our hands it has proved mf<OØt effective in skin diseases —!Th< LoMMt. "It is the only true anti septto so& B Journal. ID -<-3, each nr all Chemists. W. V. WEIGHT and Co., Southwark-straet, London. ANTOINE ROURE, 30 years of age, has been convicted ef the murder of his mistress, Rose Dela. haye, at Marseilles. He had lived with her for three yearp, but her importunities for money and for the fulfilment of his promise of marriage made bim anxious to get rid of her. He hired a abed in the suburbs, strangled her while aslefp, placed the body in a trunk, and took it to the shed. He then travelled about for several days, till, becoming a prey to re- morse, he first attempted suicide and then revealed the whole story. The jury apparently regarded this asanextenuating circumstance, and be was consequently i condemned to bard labour for life. j THOUSANDS OF DELICATE CHILDREN and consumptive persons are said to have acquired sound constitutions I and permanent strength by taking that most og»*eeabl' t and efficient steel preparation, Dr. Guinle's Steel Tablets, procurable of all respectable chemists,in boxes e or post free on receipt of postage stamps for Is. lid. c or 2s 9d. by C. Allen Chemist, Kilburn, London, <


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