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THE RAILWAY TO CARDIGAN. It was with unfeigned pleasure we last week chronicled the result of the recent meeting in con- nection with the Railway Extension. The pro- ceedings of that meeting augur satisfactorily for the speedy accomplishment of an idea, which has long since been cherished by the inhabitants of this locality, and which is of all-absorbing interest to the general public of the district. The preliminary work has now advanced considerably, and the project brought to its more practical issue. In fact, if the wealthy people of this district verify their desire, by contributing honourably and worth- ily towards its extension, then, they are on the verge of securing to the town and neighbourhood the important advantages of a railway communi- cation. It has several times been pertinently re- marked that the present occasion is unusually favourable for its realisation; and this advantage- ous fact should by no means be lost sight of, especially when it is possible, by comparatively little exertion, to make good the opportunity. The Cardigan Committee are certainly justified in their endeavours to obtain from the directors a pledge that the line be completed the whole distance to the town, on the amount specified being subscribed. We believe, however, that such is the intention of the directors, and from an article on the subject in the last issue of the Welshman (one of the pro- prietors of which is Mr. Howell Davies, secretary of the line), we quote the following:—" The ordi- nary capital under the Act is £ 41,000. The Great Western Company, which benefits by the traffic on this line running into their railway at Whitland, have sanctioned a proposal of their directors to accept j610,000 in ordinary shares, so that the amount actually required was j631,000, and it was thought that out of this sum Cardigan should sub- scribe £18,000. The history of the under- taking shows clearly enough that a terminus at Boncath was only thought of as a step to Cardigan, from inability to go further without assistance from Cardigan. But that assistance having once been given, the directors would be bound in hon- our to go the entire distance; and that they would do so the Cardigan Committee should have known, seeing that three members of the board are elected by the extension shareholders to represent their special interests, and that several other members are every bit as much concerned as themselves in the extension." It will thus be seen that the di- rectors are resolved on accomplishing the work, and require only the substantial co-operation of the inhabitants of Cardigan and neighbourhood. The committee met again on Wednesday last, and a general meeting of the subscribers will be held at the Guild Hall, on Wednesday next, to consider the resolution of the directors to proceed immedi- ately with the line, commencing at both ends, and to determine the proposal of transferring the sub- scription lists to the Secretary of the Company for registration. We trust the meeting will be numer- ously and influentially attended, and that its result will be hopeful for the future of Cardigan.



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