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WILLS ANI) BEQUESTS. The will, dated Sept. 15, 1873, of the Hon. Frances Mary Vaughan, Vicountess Forbes, formerly of No. 3, Queen-street, Mayfair, but late of No. 107, Lans- downe place, Brighton, who died on Dec. 25 last, has been proved by Miss Angela F. M. A. L. Vaugban, the daughter, the sole executrix, the personalty being sworn under £2000., Subject to some specific gi: ts of jewellery, &e to her son, the Earl of Granard, and her other children, the testatrix leaves all her pro- perty to her daughter. Tbe confirmation, under seal ef the Sheriff Court of Aberdeen and Kincardine, of the will of Sir Alexander Bannerman, of El&ick, and Crimon- mogate, who died on the 21st of April last, granted to Lidy Katherine Bannerman, the widow, Lord Saekville Arthur Cecil, and the Hon. Henry Bobert Hepburn Scott, the executors nominate, was sealed at the principal registry, London, on the 28ch ult., the personal effec's in England and Scotland amounting to upwards of £32.00U. The Will and three codicils (dated June 22.1872, Srptemt er 2,1873, September 25,1875, and November 21, 1877) of Miss Elizabeth Hoisted, late of St. John's-street, Chichester, who died on the 19th ult., were proved on the 9th inst. by George Drewitt and Bobert George Baper, the executors, the personal estate being sworn under i'90,000. The testa- trix bequeaths £1000 to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, £500 each to the Royal Hospital for Incurabhs, the National Hospital lor the Belief and Cure of the Paralysed and Epileptic, the Cancer Hospital, Piccadilly and Falham-road, and the Association for the General Welfare of the Blind £4UO to the Brighton Eye In- Srmary; £300 each to the London Orphan Asylum and the Asylum t'or ti e Support and Education of the Deaf and Dumb Children of the Poor, Ken^-road and there are many other bequests, including .£21,000 and certain property at Westhampnet to Mr. Raper. The will and codicil (dated August 21, 1871, and December 8; 1874) of Mr. Charles Herbert Ames, for- merly of her Majesty's Indian Civil Service, and late of Bemenham-place, Berks, who died on January 19 last, were proved on the 8tb inst. by Henry St. Vin- cent Ames, Frederick Ames, and Beginald Ames, the brothers, the executors, the personal estate being sworn under £70,000. The testator leaves to his executors £ 200 each; to Lis wife, tirs. Eliz* Scott Ames, £500, his residence, with the furniture and effects, and the income of £10,000 for life; and the residue of his property to be divided between all his children in such a way that each of his sons shall have double the portions of each of bis daughters. The wi!l and two codicils (dated November 1 and 16 and December 24, 1877) of Mr. Francis Wood- ward, late of Severn Stoke, Worcester, who died on January 12th last, were proved on the 12th inst. by Ed- ward Henry Pace and Thomas Farmer, tbe exe- cutors, the personal estate being sworn undergo, 000. The testator settles his property at Pensbam, Wor- cestershire, upon his great nephew, John Willoughby Wilson Woooward. There are several legacies, and the residue he gives to his nephew, Thomas Saunders, and his niece, Mrs. Elizabeth Farmer. The will (dated August 27, 1877) of Mr. Samuel Parker Bidder, late of Bersted, Sussex, colliery pro- prietor, who died on January 10 last at Southsea, was proved on the 22nd ult. by Mrs. Isabella Seymour Bidder, the widow, and John Sandilands Ward, the executors, the personal estate being sworn under .E25.000. Subject to legacies to his brother, brother- in-law, and late and present servants, the testator gives all his property to his wife absolutely.— Illustrated London News, March 30.


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