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RUSSIAN PRECAUTIONS IN THE BALTIC.-It is stated that the Russian Government has despatched General Krudener to Biga to place the fortifications of the port on a complete war 'ooting. A corps of torpedo'sts will also be despatched to Riga from Cron- stadt the beginning of next week. THE MAN who enters into the enterprise of Manufacturing Aerated Drinks, in any district where they are required renders "real service to the public, and no business otleri him a better return for a comparatively small outlay. 1c those who propose investing in this lucrative business, the first object to ascertain is where such a district exists, the next for success is to have the proper Machines and Appli- ances for producing the different Waters in the best condi- tion.—Catalogue and all information sent upon receipt of six stamps to Barnett, Son and Foster, 2U, Forstou- street, Hoxton, London, N. CURIOUS TRIAL FOR MURDEB.—Advices from Columbia give particular* of a trial at the Edgefield1 Court-house on the 12th of March, when six children were indicted for murder. Four were the children of Mr. Fallow, a well-to do-plant-, r of Edgefield County, the remaining two being orphans, wards of Mr. Fallow. Four of the children were boys and two girls, the ages ranging- from nine to thirteen years. The facts of the case were as follows.: The children were engaged picking cotton in a field belonging to their parents, when a negro boy named Ellis, about 14 years of age, went to the place where they were working, and threatened to whip them. Ellis, it was stated, was of a bad dis- position, and had been warned not to go in Mr. Fallow's fields. He approached the children with the intention of carrying out his threat, when a general fight ensued, in the midst of which Ellis knocked one of the boys down with a stick. The little fellow rose to his feet and struck Ellis with a stone, causing a wound from which he died. The parents of the neero boy had the six children arrested. All the solemnity of a trial for murder was observed on the occasion. The jury, after hearing the evidence, returned a verdict of not guilty, and + v.children were restored to their parents. WILLIAM BRUNTON, one of the most promis ing of our comic draughtsmen, has been buried at High- gate Cemetery. He died suddenly, from disease of the heart, after for years affording amusement to thousands by his clever little outline sketches in the pages of, Fun, and latterly in Funny Folks. Eight or tenyars ago, when illustrating the fanciful works of Mr. Knatchbull Hugesten, he began to develop talent of no mean order, but unfortunately these growing germs were somehow never properly nurtured, and the artist returned to journalistic work. William Brunton drew the frontispieces to the volumes of Savage Club Papers—that in the last issue being a remarkably clever sketch of the New Zealander preparing to commit the ruins of London to his canvas. That in the first issue was a group of character-likenesses of members of the Savage Club, several of those represented having preceded the artist to their ead. HAVE IT IN YOUR HOUSE-L.wPLOUGH'S PYRETIC SALINB-and use no other. The only safe anti- dote in Fevers, Eruptive Affections, Sea or Bilious Sickness, Small-pox, and Headache; having peculiar and exclusive merits. Use no substitute. See per- petual injunction against imitators; also the unani mous judgment before the Lords Justices Bramwell, Brett, and Cotton, 22nd J..n., 1878, in Lamplough's favour. 113 Holborn-hill. London. LONGEVITY OF THE CANARY.—How long does the canary of our cages live ? One in the writer's possession has sung cheerily to him at intervals for over ten years, and is now once more in full son?. He has been a bachelor all his life, and time after time has dropped, had fits, and his singing days have seemed to be over; but-here is a hint for canary keepers, old though thp. pretcription is-he has always been held ligbtl; in the hand, and immersed, all but his head, in warm water, apparently enjoying it, and afterwards placed upon his perch nsar thefire. The result has in- variably been the same; Richard or Dickey has been himself again, and, saving for the loss of one toe caused by obstreperous behaviour while having his nails trimmed, he might, be taken for a two year-old.— G. M. F. in Live Stock Journal. BERLIN WOOLS and UJSiiMAN NEEDLEWURK.- I. a above are imported direct by M. LKADKR, 9, N cv? ^AU-YARD, SHOREDITCH, LONDON, B.C., from wboir price lists are sent, on application, of every descrip tio- of fjincv wools. MIoftVM. filoafOlo. &e. THE RUSSIAN BALTio FLEET.—A Crona'ait correspondent states that on the 13th March a com- mission composed of the principal Russian admirals on the active list arrived at Oronstadt to make an in- spection of the Baltic Seet. The commission bus been specially appointed to inquire into the condition and power of the Bussian navy, and will examine in detail every vessel of war at Oronstadr. On the conclusion of its labours, which will last eight or ten days, the Admiralty will determine what vessels are to compose the seagoing fleet, and fix the various ports to which the in-shore squadron will be appointed. The ice at Cronstadt is rapidly becoming weaker under the in- fluence of the warm weather that has been prevailing in the north, and the navigation is expected to open at an unusually early period this season. WRIOHT'S COAL TAK BOAP Oarovnit Detergent), Antiseptic, Detergent disinfectant. The most healthful, agreeable, and refreshing Toilet Soap in the world. By its daily use, freedom from infectious diseases is secured the complexion improved; pimples, blotches and roughness removed and the slin made clear, smooth, and lustrous In our hands it has proved effective in skin diseases. —Th<L<Mtc<t. "It is the only true antiseptic soap."—British Wt'ii/iai Journal. In T»bl«t,s,«d. ar>d ia. eaob all Chemists. W. V. WRIGHT and Co., Southwark-straet, London. <. ATTKMPTTO STEAL LADY ROSJEBERY'S JEWELS —A skillully-planned attempt to carry off the jewels of Lady Bosebery has been made at Petworth House, Sussex, the seat of Lord Leconfield, at which Lord and Lady Bosebery are spending their honeymoon. It appears that the dressing-room of her ladyship is situated in the back portion of the mansion, over- looking a retired courtyard. On the night in ques. tion, while the guests in the house were at dinner, i one of the men servants, on passing through tb»j courtyard, noticed a peculiar flickering light in the window of the dressing-room, the blinds of which were down. He stood for a moment looking at the window,! when, observing the forms of two persons moving about, it occurred to him that something was wrong. He at once, without entering the house, rang a bell attached to the exterior of the mansion for alarm purposes. This had the effect of disturbing the robbers, who escaped by a ladder placed perpendicularly against the wall, and which the man-servant who had raised the alarm had failed, in consequence of the darkness, to observe. The dressing-room door was found to be locked from the outside, and on admission being gained it was dis- covered that the robbers had not succeeded in stealing any booty. This was due to the fact that the jewel cases of Lady Bosebery were placed in a strong iron case, instead of being, as is generally the custom, left on the table. The police have failed to obtain any clue to the culprits. WOOD AHD IVERT, LIMITED (J. W. Ivery, manager), Albion Blue Brick and Tile Works, West Bromwich, Staffordshire, manufacturers of vitrified blue bricks garden border tiles, flooring quarries.in, blue, red, of buff colour. Illustrations and prices on application. IMPORTANT SALVAGE CASE.—An important (case to salvors engaged in recovering wrecked pro- perty was brought before the bench at Harwich, in which seven smacksmen and divers named Fredeiiek Burton, Joseph Wheeler, James Smith, John Glover, Henry Jutson, James Juteon, and Edward Jones, belonging to .three Bmacks named Ann, of Whrstable, Increase, of Col- cheater, and Cupid, of Harwich, were charged with secreting wreck recovered from the German barque AugusteLolscher, stranded on the Kentish Knock Sand near the place where the steamer Deutschland was lost. The aervicea of the smacks were engaged by the German Vice-Consul at Harwich to save as much property as possible from the vessel named They broughtsome of it into port and landed a portion after which the Coastguard officers visited the smacks' and found other goods stowed away in various parts of them. In one instance some shawls were discovered inside one of the sidelights, and in another case one of the crew was found to have his breast padded with them. The goods were then seized. The prosecution was conducted by Mr. Smith, barrister, and Mr. Har- grave Hamel for the Board of Trade, and Mr Jones solicitor, of Colchester, appeared for the defendants' The magistrates—Messrs. W. Groom, J. H. Vaux and' C. F. Bevan—acquitted Glorer and Jutson. and the others 40s. each. nned THOUSANDS OP DELICATE CHILDREN and consumptive persons are said to have acquired sound constitutions and permanent strength by taking that most aereeaWi and efficient steel preparation, Dr. Guinle^ Steel Tablets, procurable of all respectable chemists, in boxes i or post free on receipt of postage stamps fori, lid. I or 2s. 9d.: by C. Allen Chemist, Kilburn, London.




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