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llii feligan @)bStt\1tf,


llii feligan @)bStt\1tf, SATURDAY, APRIL 6, 1878. EGLWYSWRW.—A fair will be held at the above Elace on Monday next, for the sale of cattle, orses, &c. SUDDEN DEATH.—On Monday afternoon last, John Jones (formerly maltster with Mr. J. Lewis), dropped down dead whilst working at the Rope Walk, Bridge End. VESTRY.-At a vestry meeting, held on Thurs- day last, a rate of 2s. 4d in the £ was made for the ensuing half-year. A list of new overseers was submitted, and the excuse list gone through. ST. DOGMELLS.-Missionary Meetings were held at this place on Sunday and Monday evening last. Revs. J. W. Maurice, Blaenycwm, W. Morris, (C.M.) Zion Chapel, R. Price, Cilfowyr, and Seth Jones, minister, officiated. Collections were made at each service towards the Baptist Missions. NEGLECTING TO MAINTAIN.-At a petty ses- sions held on Wednesday last, at the Fishguard Arms, Bridge End, before Mr. T. Davies, Thomas Edwards, mariner, St. Dogmells, was charged by Mr. D. R. Baynes, relieving officer, with neglect- ing to maintain his wife and children, who had become chargeable to the Cardigan Union. The defendant signed over the whole of his wages to re-imburse the Union. CARDIGAN UNION SCHOOL ATTENDANCE COM- MITTEE.-The monthly meeting of this committee was held on Saturday last, at the Shire-hall, pre- sent—Messrs. R. D. Jenkins (chairman), T. H. Brenchley, Capt. Gower, Colonel Lewis, B. Rees, S. Jenkins, and J. G. George. Returns of atten- dances at school were received from the parishes of Aberporth and Llandugwydd, but as they did not contain the names of those children who habitually neglected to attend school, proceedings could not be taken in the matter. The expenses of the com- mittee for the last year was £ 11 5s. 6d. The clerk's salary to be fixed hereafter. CARDIGAN SCHOOL BOARD.-The monthly meeting of this board was held at the Council Chamber, on Tuesday last, Dr. Thomas in the chair. Cheques were ordered to be issued in pay- ment of salaries for the last quarter. The question of salary to the assistant mistress of the girls' de- partment was deferred for a month. The Public Loan Commissioners' proposal of remitting capital and interest ev.iry six months was adopted. The clerk reported that the returns of children under five years of age, in the three school departments had been duly made. PENYBRYN BAPTIST SUNDAY SCHOOL.—A tea partv was given to the children and adults of this school, at the Penybryn Schoolroom, on Wednes- ay evening last. The room was beautifully deco- rated for the occasion with evergreens, flowers, and mottoes. At the conclusion of the tea partv, the company adjourned to the chapel, where a splendid concert followed. The Rev. W. 0. Evans, Cilger- ran, was voted to the chair, and the Rev. T. Phil- lips, Verwig, acted as conductor. Various songs and recitations were splendidly rendered by the juveniles, and prizes were given for the best reading of Scripture in Welsh, and to the children who had collected towards the Missionary Society. Miss Evangeline Evans presided at the harmonium. Votes of thanks having been passed to the chair- man and conductor, and to the ladies for their kind assistance at the tea party, the most enjoyable pro- ceedings were brought to a close. PONTRESELLY PETTY SESSIONS.—These ses- sions were held at the Nag's Head, Pontreselly, on Tuesday last, before Colonel Lewis (chairman), J. F. Jones Lloyd, and M. Hartley, Esqrs. The following cases were heard:—David Michie, game- keeper, Ffynone, Manerdivy, charged Mary, a servant girl at Shiral farm, Carmarthenshire, with trespassing in pursuit of game, or conies. Fined 5s. and costs, the nets and ferret to be forfeited. -Martha Griffiths, Cilgerran, charged Hannah Rogers, of the same place, with using language to- wards her calculated to provoke a breach of the peace. Settled out of court.-The Overseers of the poor of the parish of Cilgerran charged John Griffiths, Cilgerran, with nonpayment of poor rates. Ordered to pay, with costs. Benjamin Phillips, Coedmore, charged Thomas Phillips, Cardigan, with trespassing in search of game. Same com- plainant charged William Davies, Mwldan, Cardi- gan, for a similar offence. Both cases were ad- journed to the next petty sessions, to obtain fur- ther evidence. MARRIAGE REJOICINGS AT NEW- QUAY. On Friday, 29th ult., the marriage of Miss Maggie I Phillips, daughter of Capt. Phillips, Glyn House, New Quay, with James Arthur Jones, Esq., M.R.C.S., Llanelly, Carmarthenshire, was cele- brated amid much local rejoicing. An occasion of this nature in a family so widely kwxwn and re- Spected is well calculated to create considerable excitement in a locality so wontedly quiet as New Quay. Early in the morning the. town presented Juite a gay appearance, and there was every evi- ence of a desire to show the interest whicn was felt in the "happy event." The place was well decorated with nags and banners, beautifully and j strikingly arranged. All the vessels in the port] also put up their full colours, which produced a j Klendid effect. The ceremony took place at the ibernacle Chapel, where the Rev. John Jones, } Calvinistic Methodist Minister (assisted by the 1 Rev. J. M. Prytherch, Independent Minister, ( Llanarth), officiated, in the presence of a large number of friends. The bride's dress was of light drab satin, trimmed with Brussels white lace, and i those of the bridesmaids were olive green silk, trimmed with white. After the marriage ceremony was over, the bride, bridegroom, ana guests re- turned to Glyn House, where a sumptuous wedding breakfast was provided by the bride's father ana mother. At 1.30 p.m., the newly married couple ] left for London, via Aberystwyth, on their wedding j tour, amidst the cheers and well wishes of all as- j sembled. In the evening, bonfires were lighted, &c. | THE WHITLAND AND CARDIGAN ( RAILWAY. I ] MEETING OF DIRECTORS AND SHARE. j HOLDERS. A meeting of the Directors of the Whitland and Cardigan Railway was held at the Black Lion 4 Hotel, in this town, on Tuesday last. The fol- lowing were present :-Messrs. J. Owen, Glogue, I T. Colby, Pantyderi, Capt. Saurin, Thos. Davies, I Cardigan, and Howell Davies, Carmarthen (Secre-. ] tary.) The business of the meeting having been transacted, it was adjourned at 12.30 to the Coun- cil Chamber, to hear the result of the canvass for 1 subscriptions in the town and neighbourhood, and 1 otherwise to further the extension to Cardigan. Amongst those present, besides the directors, were I the following :—Messrs. Dr. Thomas, Asa Johnes ] Evans, W. W. Smith, Levi .James, John Lewis, L. Evans, T. Davies, Gloucester House, J. Clou- 4 gher, W. Lewis, Capt. Ellis, J. T. Mathias, E. 1 Ceredig Evans, Capt. D. Davies, Quay-street, A. M. Webb, &c. Mr. J. Owen, Glogue, was voted to the chair, who, in opening the proceedings, made a few pre- liminary remarks on the object of the meeting. Mr. T. Davies (director) said he spoke as a shareholder, and as such would give them the re- ( sult of a committee meeting held the previous day, when a good number of the shareholders were pre- sent. They had considered the position of the rail- way question, and had nothing to add to what he had said at a previous meeting respecting the sum subscribed, which was f 14,500. The advisability 1 of purchasing 1000 tons of rails offered by a firm I at Merthyr, at the low quotation of £4 per ton, I had been under consideration. The offer was not accepted, as it would not be right to do so before 4 the line was commenced. As regards the work, they suggested that it be given out to a contractor by measurement, if they succeeded in finding one willing to take it. Those offered for sale were 701b rails, while those laid from Crymych to Whit- land were only 501b, which was a great drawback. Besides, they were in favour of steel rails, as they were more durable. He felt it his duty to inform the directors that the sums subscribed in Cardigan and neighbourhood had been promised on the faith that the line would be brought all the way to the town, and not without that. Some time ago, it was boasted that the line would be brought to Bon- cath, and thus injuring and isolating Cardigan. They would not have that; consequently, unless they could fchew there was suffident money to be had to bring the line the whole length, the names of the subscribers would not be transferred for reg- istration. Only £ 18,000 was required from Cardi- gan, and they had already over £ 14,000 promised, leaving a deficit of £ 4000. The Chairman: The Rev. Robert Colby said he would do the same as other gentlemen did in the matter. I suppose he meant Col. Lewis. That ] means JE500. Mr. T. Davies read a letter from the Rev. R. Colby on the land question, and remarked that ] Mr. Szlumper would no doubt satisfy Mr. Colby as he did Mr. Lloyd, of Coedmore. Mr. Charles Marshall Griffith had also promised to subscribe. Mr. Owen was labouring under a mistake respect- ing what was done at Cardigan, and by means of the list of subscriptione he held in his hand he could disabuse Mr. Owen's mind on the question. The Chairman: If you take out Mr. J. W. Bowen and Mr. Davies, M.P.'s subscriptions, you have but very little—about £ 4,500. Mr. T. Davies: The subscriptions of those gen- tlemen only amount to £ 6,900. We will take Mr. Davies', and you shall have Mr. Bowen's; that will give us JE500 to the good (laughter.) The Chairman: I must say that you have not done as you ought to in this locality. Mr. T. Davies: The rails being offered at such an unprecedented low quotation, it was suggested at a committee meeting held yesterday that some individuals of the committee take advantage of the opportunity and purchase them, and keep them till they are wanted. Deposit say 500 tons at Car- digan, and the same at Crymych. If that was done it would be a great saving. Should the rails advance in the market only jEl per ton, that meant JE1000, which was not to be thrown away. Mr. James Williams (Local Secretary) then read the resolutions passed at the committee meeting the previous day, which were to the following et- fect:—(1.) To ascertain the weight of the rails. (2.) Subscribers to buy them, and the money so invested to be considered as part payment of shares. Dr. Thomas: The committee delegated Mr. T. i Davies to make the previous statement as regards 1 the whole extension, and all that are present en- ] dorse his sentiments. j Mr. W. W. Smith: Mr. Davies has exerted him- i self wonderfully in endeavouring to get the line here. In every committee some differed on im- portant points, and there was a dissension respect- ing the purchase of the rails offered. The arrange- ment come to was that they be bought by indivi- duals. How would these new rails tally with the old ones ? The Chairman: The present line is laid with 501b per yard rail, and the engine is allowed to travel at the rate of 16 miles an hour. I argued for a 601b rail, as the perfection of a light railway. The company now regret having laid the 501b rail, as the traffic had increased. Before long they would have to furnish heavier rails. Having good rails was a great advantage to a line, and he re- commended that the rails in question be purchased. Mr. Smith asked if the rails of the Crymych line became useless, and the company unable to replace them, who would have to bear the expense of finding new ones ? Mr. Howell Davies (Secretary): The Stocks of the two companies are kept apart, and the wear and tear of each section must be made good by its respective company. They are represented by the A. Stock and B. Stock. The line from Crymych down is being continually repaired. The light rails will not admit of a heavy engine traffic, and they must run slower on light rails than on heavy ones. By repairing the line, the heavy rails would soon be laid all the way to Whitland. The Chairman did not agree with the suggestion to employ a large contractor to carry out the work, as they could save a great deal by letting out the work in small contracts of a quarter of a mile, half-a-mile, a cutting, &c. Mr. Smith: Would Mr. Szlumper take the rails, when ready for them, off the hands of the gentlemen who propose buying them. The Chairman: Certainly not. By doing so they would be taking the work out of the direc- tors' hands, and shew that they had no confidence in them. If they were not satisfied with the di- rectors, let them be turned out by all means. He had a proposal to make, which was as follows :— That a call of £ 2 per share be made, the same to be registered, and the rails in question be bought by the Company." That is the way things should be carried out, and not every one assuming to be a director, and pushing forward his petty scheme. You have over £ 14,000 promised that would be enough to buy the rails. Mr. T. Davies: That does not include your share (laughter.). The Chairman: No, nor Mr. Szlumper's £ 1,650. Mr.. J. Lewis: The shareholders will not advance a penny until they get a guarantee that the line will be brought the whole length to Cardigan. ml8 The Chairman: By misleading the public, you have done the evil complained oL [ Dr. Thomas: Somebody else has done it, and not us. It is traceable to the report that the rail- way would not be brought further than Boncath, consequently in soliciting subscriptions we had to promise it would be brought all the way to Cardi- gan. Mr. T. Davies: We do not distrust the directors in any way. Our intention in offering to advance money to buy the rails was for the general good of the Company, and not in any way to pocket any f rofit which might be made out of the transaction, ndividuals were ready to advance the money, the same to be registered as paid up shares, and the rails placed in the hands of the trustees. The Chairman: Why not make a general call Mr. T. Colby suggested buying sufficient rails for the whole length of the line, and thus convince the public that they really intended commencing operations. The Chairman: The proper way would be to buy the rails, and leave them at Merthyr until they would be wanted; they would thus afford the sel- lers a security for their money. Mr. Howell Davies (Secretary): The question is not one of cheap rails, but of cheap everything. If you stack your rails at Cardigan, operations cannot be commenced at the other end. It would be a great deal better to have the rails as they are required, instead of going to the expense of bring" ng them all the way to Cardigan. Mr. J. Lewis: The proposition of buying the "ails was made by a few individuals, so as to save she trouble of making a general call, and thus en* leavour to convince the public of the reality of the project. Mr. T. Davies: I believe the money is to be haa n the locality. The local committee had flagged 10 little lately in their exertions. Once the line was jommenced at this end, it would create confidence in those who promised to subscribe towards it. Opening the railway to Crymyeh has done Cardi* ?an a deal of harm, especially to the markets and fairs, and the closer it would be brought to town, unless brought the whole distance, the more tiarm it would do. The markets would be growing beautifully less. The Chairman: I do not see any difficulty in commencing both ends. The materials could be shipped at Swansea or Cardiff for Cardigan. I tiave a proposition to submit to the meeting, which is as follows:—" That the directors are satisfied that the amount already subscribed and promised is such that they pledge their honour as gentlemen to bring the line the whole length to Cardigan, commencing at each end." Dr. Thomas objected to the proposition being submitted to the meeting, inasmuch as it did not represent the majority of the shareholders. He lowever suggested that Mr. Howell Davies, the seeretary of the Company, should send a copy of the resolution submitted on the part of the direc- tors to Mr. James Williams, the local secretary, who would call a meeting of the whole of the shareholders to settle the question. After some discussion, the above suggestion was moved by Dr. Thomas, seconded by Mr. Smith, and jarried. Mr. James Williams said he would not part with ;he list of subscribers until the resolution was ad- )pted by the forthcoming meeting. He had every sonfidence in the directors. Mr. Asa J. Evans: It was a want of faith in ¡heir financial position that hindered them proceed- ng with the line. Mr. Bowen, Q.C., had said that le would not be a party to bring the line to Bon- :ath, but that it must come all the way to Cardi- gan. Was it a fact that £20,000 would bring the ailway to Cardigan, or was the amount a mere jhantom? If that amount would bring it, it was )ut a small sum that was required. The line was narked to go through his property; he was willing to take the value of the land in shares, and sub- scribe an equal sum. The gentry of the locality should take more interest in the movement, and it was a shame if they withheld their support. The directors ought to guarantee that it should be com- pleted to Cardigan. Dr. Thomas, in proposing a vote of thanks to the chairman, said they had every confidence in him and the directors; and when they elected a delegate from the central committee to the board of direc- tors, they were fully aware of his capacity as a man of business. Mr. Asa J. Evans, in seconding the vote, said that he had known Mr. Owen for many years. He had done much for his neighbourhood and country. The Chairman, in acknowledging the vote, said that he meant to bring the line to Cardigan, but that the rich people of Cardigan had not done their share in subscribing towards it. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The fortnightly meeting of this Board was held on Wednesday last. Present—Messrs. J. T. W. James (chairman), T. H. Brenchley, W. O. Brig- stocke, W. George, Capt. Minister, T. Llewelyn, L. Davies, J. Hughes, J. James, J. Lewis, Thos. Jones, W. Thomas, Rev. D. George, B. Rees, E. Philipps. Mr. Bircham was also present. APPOINTMENT OF A SERVANT. MIs. Martha Mathias, Saint Dogmells, was ap- pointed a general servant for the house at a salary of jE12 per annum. AN APPLICATION. In compliance with an application from Miss Bowen, Cotham Lodge, the sum of £2 was voted towards buying the necessary clothing, &c., for the Lad she intended sending to the Institution for the Blind at Swansea. REMOVAL CASE. In order to secure the attendance of Mrs. Daven- port, Willoughby, near Rugby, at a petty session in order to take her evidence respecting her son's birth, so as to remove his widow, the Clerk was instructed to send his clerk to fetch her. VACCINATION. Owing to the presence of scarlet fever in Cardi-' gan, the period for vaccinating was postponed for. A while. STATE OF THE HOUSE. Mr. Bircham said that he had visited the work- house, and wished to call attentionn to its state. Several rooms were used to keep stores, which were in an untidy state. By the use of shelves all the stores could be confined to two rooms, and a place arranged for everything. The infirmanr wards were overcrowded, especially the male ward, which he characterised as very dirty, the bed clothes being the same. The visiting committee should visit on other than board days, as the house was cleaned for tie occasion. The general servant should assist the matron in mending clothes, &c., as there were plenty of able-bodied to do the work of the house. The provision stores were kept in a very unsatisfactory manner. Stock should be taken every half year, and the books balanced. Inmates' private clothes should be kept in a separ- ate room, and not on any account be used, as at Sresent, to go to a place of worship on Sundays, fhe other rooms of the house were fairly clean. VOTES OF THANKS. On the motion of Mr.J. Lewis, seconded by Mr. B. Rees, a hearty vote of thanks was passed to the Chairman for his valuable service and attendance during the past year. Mr. James, in acknowledging the vote, said that nothing but ill health or very bad weather would prevent him attending. He was glad to find such a good feeling in the Board. On the motion of Mr. B. Rees, seconded by Capt Minister, a vote of thanks to the Vice-chairmen was passed and duly acknowledged. Mr. Brenchley observed that be was glad to understand that there would be but very few un- important changes in the new Board. ATTENDANCE OF GUARDIANS. The following are the attendances for the last- year :—Ex-oiffcios—Messrs. C. M. Griffiths, 0; M. Jones, 1; T. R. P. Wagner, 0; R. Lacelles, 0; J. Vaughan, 0; W. Buck, 1; Archdeacon North, Or T. Davies, 3; D. G. Davies, 0; J. T. W. James, 22- Capt. Jones-Parry, 0; Col. Lewis, 0; J. B. Bowen, M.P., 1; T. H. Brenchley, 12; T. Colby, 0; By Evans, 0; Milham Hartley, 0; Capt. J. Howell, 1; T. E. Lloyd, M.P., 1; T. Parry Horsman, 0; J. F. Jones-Lloyd, 0; Capt. Gower, 0; Wm. O. Brig" stocke, 4. Elected Guardians—T..Tanking 10 o. Thomas 16; S. Jenkins, 7; T. Williams, 11;. J. LewIs, 15; R. D. Jenkins, 16; W. Woodward, 5; Rev. I. H. Jones, 7; W. Mathias, 6; A. J. Evans, 1; Rev. J. M. Davies, 12; W. George, 11; John Jenkins, 4; D. Thomas, 10; Capt. Minister, 4; L. Davies, 17; W. Thomas, 10; J. Jones, 1; Thos. Harris, 0; T. Jones, 8; J. George, 5; J. Hughes, 11; E. Philipps, 12; Rev. H, Jones, 7; D. Jone* (Mount), 3; D. Jones (Nevern), 1; T. Griffiths, 2? Rev. D. George, 6 Capt. Bowen, 6; B. Rees, 24; T. Llewelyn, 21; J. James, 9; J. Evans,. 11 M- Evans, 2.

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