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BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The usual fortnightly meeting of this Board was held at the Workhouse, on Wednesday, the 20th inst., when the following members were present- Messrs. J. T. W. James (chairman), T. H. Brench- 4ey, R. D. Jenkins, B. Rees, T. Llewelyn, Capt. Minister, L. Davies, J. Lewis, W. George, Revs. D. George and I. H. Jones. EDUCATING A BLIND BOY. The sum of 3s. per week was voted towards the maintenance of of a boy at the Swansea Institution for the Blind, Miss BoVten, Cotham Lodge, New- port, Pem., pledging herself to find the remaining 3s. THE WASTE COMMITTEE'S REPORT. The Chairman brought up the report of the com- mittee appointed to investigate the question of waste in butcher's meat in the house brought for- ward by the auditor on his last visit. The report stated that an experiment had been made upon a piece of beef weighing Bilba., which was boiled for one hour and a half, but ought to boil for two and a half hours, and the result was—bone, lflb.; meat, 4 £ lbs,; shewing a waste of 2 £ lbs., which was about the average allowance. A piece of pork, weighing 6 £ lbs., wasted lib. 2oz. in boiling. The waste might be put down for two-thirds in meat containing bone. Similar testimony was received from the Haver- fordwest and Narberth Workhouses. Mr. Brenchley: Mr. Griffiths' calculations some years ago was 75 per cent. for waste on the whole stock taken in until served out to the paupers. Clerk: My clerk made a calculation, and found a difference of only one twenty-fourth part of a lb. between the waste here and at Haverfordwest Workhouse. Mr. Brenchley From what I have witnessed, and the communications received from other Work- houses, I cannot see that the Auditor has any cause to complain. I should like to know how much does he consider enough for waste. The report was adopted, and the committee thanked for their labour. It was agreed that the Clerk write to the Au- ditor to enquire how much waste he really allowed, and whether he could recommend a better way to cook the meat than the one in use at the Cardigan Workhouse. MARRIAGE WITH A DECEASED WIFE'S SISTER. The Chairman said that a memorial in favour of legalising marriage with a deceased wife's sister I had been sent to the Board for signature. He against the BilL Mr. Brenchley: I move that it lay on the table. Mr. Jenkins: I am in favour of the Bill, and would be glad to have an opportunity to sign a memorial in its favour. Rev. D. George: I am the same. Mr. B. Rees moved that the Chairman sign the memorial on behalf of the Board (laughter). Mr. Jenkins seconded the proposition. Mr. J. Lewis seconded the original motion. The Chairman then put it to the vote, and thff original motion was carried by a majority of 2.





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