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CARDIGAN TOWN COUNCIL. A meeting of the Corporation was held on Thursday last, at the Council Chamber, the Mayor presiding. There were present:—Councillors John Lewis, Stephen Davies, O. P. Davies, Dr. Phillips, Lewis Evans, and Rev. W. Jones. THE WATER WORKS. The Mayor informed the Council they could not proceed in the above matter, as Mr. Woodward had not cpmpleted the plans. THE UPPER MARKET. The Mayor: In accordance with a resolution passed last week, Mr. Woodward was entrusted to carry out the necessary additions and improve- ments in the upper market, which are now being proceeded with. Mr. J. Lewis: I was Mot present at the last meeting, but last Wednesday I paid a visit to the Upper Market, and inspected the intended im- provements, which were being carried out. For my own part, I fail to see what good can accrue to the seller or buyer from what is done there; it is no improvement or addition whatsoever. The shed appears like a cart-house. The pine end of office should be pulled down, so as to enable the dealers to shew what they have for sale, and the buyers to see them; that is the object of a market. I suggest that iron pillars be placed under the roof, and that the pine ends be pulled down. The Mayor fully concurred with Mr. Lewis' re- marks. Mr. L. Evans: Mr. Lewis seems to be at a loss to understand the object in view, neither is he aware of the design of the intended shed. It is to be constructed in the form of the letter L, and the roof to stand as at present, which will supply the deficiency complained of by the lessee. Mr. O. P. Davies; I do not see how it can be made useful unless the front wall is taken down altogether. Mr. Lewis: I should be most happy to meet the committee and Mr. Woodward, in order to talk the matter over, and endeavour to make better ar- rangements. This was agreed to. THE RATE CASE. The Mayor The legal gentlemen, I believe, will meet to-day, in order to decide upon the counsel to whom the case will be submitted for opinion. THE SHEDS ON THE NETPOOL. Town Clerk: In accordance with your instruc- tions at the last meeting, I went on the 26th inst. to demand possession of the sheds on the Netpool. Mr. Edward Williams was willing to give up his workshop, but Mrs. Mary Davies refused to do so without compensation. Mr. J. Lewis I accompanied the Town Clerk to demand possession of the sheds, and Mary Davies refused. I beg to move that Mary Davies be served with a seven days' notice to-day, and that the Mayor be authorised to attach the borough seal to the same, prior to serving a summons of ejectment. Seconded by Mr. L. Evans, and carried. PAYMENT OF CHEQUES. A cheque was ordered to be drawn in favour of Mr. Levi James, being part of principal and inter- est, due in December last. The Mayor produced an acknowledgment from the London Life Association for the balance due to them from the borough. THE MAGISTRATES' CLERK'S SALARY. The Mayor: I and Mr. Smith have gone through the Magistrates Clerk's rook for the last three years, and found it in a satisfactory state. There are only one or two points to decide before we are able to report thereon.






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